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Over recent months this Ministry has been going through tremendous legal battles in relation to SHEILA'S CHOICE - READ THE FULL STORY - CLICK HERE

An open letter from Intercessor Brian Mason with God's Voice over the EU

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Today we are taking special offerings, thanking those who have given already into this cause to restore Pentecostal and Evangelical movements back to their original callings without higher criticism, understanding that this ministry having come through fire is well placed to not only bring movement back to God but also nations ................

Thanking you all writes David P Griffiths who have contibuted to the God Given Cause to restore the original vision of the Bible College of Wales Continuing (from where this website comes) where my dad was trained at in the 1930's whose own God Given Vision was to "reach every creature with the Gospel". Under massive persecution we are achieving that aim perfecting and training ministers of the Gospel to fulfil this Glorious Commission  ......  the enemy of souls does not like it however with agents of his army threatening by text and phone to destroy us "through official channels" in 2010.

Since then we have gone through UK government enquiry after government enquiry costing huge amounts in legal and procedural costs - but the aim is being reached - this is a crucial time for our ministry with a significant shortfall in resources to get through January 2016 -

We ask you to seek God in asking how much you should give .................

UK Tax Payers (Gift Aid Claim) may give offerings at https://my.give.net/7yearplanappeal


FAITH IS SUBSTANCE was the cry from Rees Howells as it is today.

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The Crime of Abortion of 04 04 16; & The Demize of Preaching 11 04 16; Confronting the EU Quislings Pts 1 & 2 25 04 16; 02, 09, 16 05 16;
The Sheila's Choice Intercessory Prophecies  CLICK HERE

Developing from Isaiah 59 and
God's need on earth for an
intercessor, that when the
intercession is found that is
in line with the Son and the
Spirit then certain thinks happen to overcome the darkness on the earth.
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Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 01/08/16 The Spirits are out of their Cover, & thus Afraid  
“The manifestations of evil spirits at this time, are the sure sign that they are screaming & shouting in their fear of the imminent coming of the Lord.   “For he cometh as a thief in the night; no one knoweth the time & the hour, except the Lord God, who demands total obedience to Himself. For He has set you on a pattern of New Testament Church which is shaking nations.

It is bringing to the fore that the actions of devils, in manipulating man into actions, can no longer be hidden.   “As thou comes together for a Trustee Meeting, look not at the past, but moving ahead to the high calling of God. For from here, thou art destined to make great impact in the autumn, as the world is shaken by the revelations that are going to come out.  

“For I have called thee as prophets to the nations. I have called thee to speak out the truth, & as that word goes forth, so the devils quake in their habitations. Sinners cry out as their security zones are removed.   “Thou art witnessing this already, in abuses, obscenities, & blasphemies. But thus saith the Lord of hosts: dramatic world events are to take place over the months ahead. Thou hast been going through a preparation period. Have these courses ready. I know the pressures on thy time, but take authority over the distractions.

For the enemy of souls is afraid of you. For man has placed trust in the systems of this world, its banking, its social services, medical services, & the like. Yet you have brought out the corruptions in these organisations, saying that whilst it is important to have financial stewardship & care for one another, it is significant to note that the operations of man have sought to place the people under the control of a realm of evil, that in banking controls governments & the people of nations; that in health services takes away lives that are in the womb; & in social services, takes control over the lives of people rather than gives them support.

“Now, when it comes to what is known as ‘Church,’ thou hast spotted the role of big business & banks; & ministry after ministry have fallen into their trap. “On one hand, they cry out for free movement of people, & free trade. Yet on the other hand, they restrict free movement of the gospel, & thy ability to bring in missionaries from around the world to save thy nation.

“Thou has found the thief, & he has to let go. To copyright My Word is to restrict My gospel from reaching every creature. Intercession is to deal with this & bring it into the open; & to place border controls against the carriers of My Word, is to restrict My end-time calling to reach every creature with the gospel. “How thou hast found the thief!

They thought they could be subtle, & have these controls in place without notice. It is time for thee to ‘cast the money-changers out of the Temple,’ to free the people, give freedom to the gospel, so that the monarch’s Coronation Oath may be fulfilled.”

Word from the Lord through

David P Griffiths, 23/05/16
“Sheila’s Choice: the side of Sheila’s Family that knoweth not the Lord”

“I am saying I am going to run a miracle in the side of Sheila’s family that knoweth not the Lord.

“You see, what has happened has been a group of people who have come against thee, determined to put the blame against thee, determined to accuse you of controlling & manipulating Sheila out of her fortune.

Yet, as you gave, Sheila gave; & this is the crucial point: As you gave, Sheila gave. For the oneness in the spirit has been replaced by the Court’s decision that she was not mentally capable of doing this. Yet she was capable of reading the Word & understanding it. She was capable of speaking a tongue & interpreting that tongue. She was capable of casting out devils & laying hands on the sick so that they recover. She was capable of laying down her fortune for the Lord.

“So, if she was capable of all the other things, why was she not capable of laying down her life to the Lord?

“Sheila was, & is, appreciative to the Lord. She responds even now to the Word of God. Prophesying was, & is, natural to her. So, the choice of Sheila was never a choice for the love of money or self-greed. Sheila’s choice was, & is, for others first. Sheila was prepared not only to lay down her resources, but also her life for the sake of the gospel.

The side of Sheila’s family who know not the Lord, know not the sacrifice He gave; & the fearlessness she showed during the war in Sri Lanka, in her enthusiasm to lay down her life – why should that now change, when it comes to her resources? For Sheila responded to the tremendous legal attack against the ministry, within the context of her family who know the Lord, rather than in the context of those who don’t.

“Sheila’s Choice now comes before Me, & I will judge,& every knee shall bow. For I am above every throne of this earth.

“So, be prepared for the justice of God, for I will restore her choice.”
Word from the Lord through 
 David P Griffiths, 19/05/16
“The Foundational Ministries”

“The Spirit of God will strengthen you day by day, as you take on the task of rebuilding what is seen as being Church & state. “The present scenario is of a Church of England, Church of Scotland, & Church of Ireland in complete disarray, in confusion & decline. A kingdom divided cannot stand. “Such is the NHS & education systems. They are all finished as you know them.

Kingdoms divided will not stand, & a nation that denies its oath to God, will collapse. “I come to thy preparation. A nation that forgets its ancient landmarks is a nation gone forever. But should there be the foundational ministries, it is only these that can rebuild. So this is thy preparation.

“Lindsay, be aware that My Spirit strengthens day after day, & wants to use thy classical background to bring the understanding of the context of the New Testament. The history of thy nation needs to be understood within the context of its spirituality, & the Spirit requires thy knowledge.

So be prepared to be re-establishing thy nation’s foundations within the context of re-establishing its spiritual roots. This is the area of teaching, so have prepared the courses on New Testament Survey, as well as being involved in the course on the Constitutional Acts of Great Britain. For in bringing about these understandings, there needs to be a part in that course, on how the Holy Roman Empire declined & fell.

“So, there are foundational courses to be brought to the fore, of the background to the New Testament, & the Constitutional Acts of Great Britain, that needs to include the understandings of the Holy Roman Empire.

“This is My instruction. It is time to get prepared, for it is the prophets & apostles who I bring forward, to being the conditions for all the ministry giftings to operate. “So be prepared.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 07/05/16 “Lucifer Cares so as to Gain Control, whereas God Protects those who Obey”  

“At this time, wildfires are overwhelming vast areas of Canada, a nation once under God, but now under the curse of those who care. “You see, caring is the Western strategy of Lucifer so as to gain control.

If he has a nation festooned with social care & welfare programmes, he can bankrupt that nation, for people don’t have to work to eat, they can rely on the state for all their needs. “So, what you are seeing in Canada, you will see all over the world, when a nation takes its eye off God, & places that eye to the care of individual people, now devoid of God’s protection.

“This is the socialist agenda, an agenda which on the surface is caring & loving, but in reality kills, steals & destroys. There needs to be added, a nation, an individual, an NGO, a fellowship, needs to have Christ in the pre-eminent position. When it makes that move, to place the care of others into that position, then it falls into the category of Lucifer’s plan to kill, steal & destroy.

“Thou hast seen it in Great Britain with social services & part of the health service. In their case against thee that had the emphasis on the best interest of Sheila. One can see the fruit of that, for thou in thy Attorney-ship did not resort to the care plan of Lucifer, but to the care plan of God, that always has Christ in the pre-eminent position.

So thou used Sheila’s resources for the kingdom, which is why in her right mind, she did the same; but those who place man’s best interests above God’s, have placed her in a system that kills, steals& destroys, which is why you were threatened, having cared for Sheila under God’s command.

“And so, as you lift up the banner of the Lord, so you are seeing thine enemies all around thee scatter. For thou art taking prominent positions in society, to bring a nation back to its God of its Constitution. By doing this, thou art honouring the God that provides through obedience.

As the nation honours God, so the fish stocks return, for with the care policy of the EU, the fish stocks have diminished. For placing care of the fish before the honour of God, brings about destruction rather than life to the fish stocks. When Scotland honoured God, its sea lochs were full of fish. Since the care package has come in, the fishing industry in Scotland has been diminished. “So, when a nation places care above God, so the nation is destroyed.

EU regulation after regulation is destroying the businesses of thy nation, to enable global business to take over, that has all its government care packages installed, placing the people under the god of this world. For is they say anything against the system, they believe their security will be removed. “So, at the root of this new caring society is fear, so that those who illegally proclaim ‘Remain’ are placing fear over the people, so that they will remain under the social charters of the EU, rather than elect parliamentarians who have to pray before any law-making session.

“Psalm 91 talks of the protection of the Lord; & thy nation is under great danger as it is being taken over by people who emphasise care rather than God. The societies of Lucifer declare, ‘Look at the charitable works we do.’ They emphasise care rather than God.

“So, when it comes to the EU immigrant crisis, the emphasis is on caring for the immigrants, rather than seeking first the kingdom of God, & His righteousness, which would get to the root of solving the problem, it being the strategy of Lucifer to play on the socialist policies of the EU, so that Lucifer can gain complete control of an institution that is a replica of how Rome controlled its empire so many years ago. “At the root of this Roman Empire was sexual immorality. What is at the root of the problems of the EU?

Nations that kill the offspring of those who place their own lusts before God & the stability of society. “So, what you are seeing in Canada with its wildfires, you will see all over Europe. For Europe is under the one who cares, before he destroys.”

“Scripture Verses: II Corinthians 3:6 – “Who also hath made us able ministers of the new testament; not of the letter, but of the spirit: for the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life.”
Matthew 6:33 – “But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”
Proverbs 4:20-22 - “My son, attend to my words; incline thine ear unto my sayings. “Let them not depart from thine eyes; keep them in the midst of thine heart.“For they are life unto those that find them, and health to all their flesh.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 17/03/16
Just as they gathered around the Prophets of Old,
they gather around Thee”

“Jezebel chases the prophets, Naboth clamouring to keep his vineyard beneath
the palace of Ahab, Ahab & Jezebel looking to take all from the vineyard of God, to use for greed & suppression of the people of God.

“On one hand, Ahab & Jezebel were kind & loving, working to help people. But behind all this was a destroying spirit, looking to take over the lives of people, looking to take over the government of a nation away from My prophets,
who were drained of their resources by a Jezebellic system that is of the god of this world.

“Jezebel builds up the people with a false pride, looking to build the people
up to be something, telling the people how important they are, winning election after election in modern terms by telling the people how important they are, what we will do for you, not telling the people that with the controls, there is a suppression of their life choices, a suppression of their ability to hear from God & rely on the provision of God, for by taking over the vineyards of the people, the people come afraid to take the system on, for it becomes their life source, the god of Baalim being the one in control over their lives.

“For with one hand Jezebel gives, & with the other, takes away, unless the
victim does what Jezebel says.“My prophets stand up to this, & to this day are persecuted day by day. There is no mercy with Jezebel. Those who rebel, she looks to destroy; & you, David & Lindsay, have faced this for many years.
You have had to rely on the ravens of God to provide for you. Instead of responding, you have failed to come back to those with the spirit of Jezebel with an attitude of self-grievance & hatred, seeing rather the potential of those people to be free of such a spirit.

“However, when Jezebel gets a hold, she does not let go. You see, the grave
of Marx is not the landmark of socialism. The physical landmark of a spiritual entity is the palace of Jezebel above the vineyard of Naboth.“Naboth worked hard & looked to provide for his family, but the state wanted to take over that provision, by taking over that which Naboth had. So, instead of God being the provider, & bringing the resources required for family life, the state wanted control of this, & so socialism was born, communism was born; & as a state takes over that which I have ordained in family life, so the elderly & vulnerable are placed under the controls of state rather than through the prophets of God, which is exactly what has happened with Sheila’s choice, & is happening now as they look to drain you of even more of your resources.

“Jezebel cannot stop in her determination to drain the resources of the
prophets of God, in the name of helping others.

“So the socialism spirit was born, a spirit without virtue, the spirit that takes
over governments & families & homes. And so you ask, ‘Why don’t Christians hear from God, & give to the ministries of God, the answer being that the spirit of Jezebel has taken over the affairs of state.

“So their choices have been taken away, just as Sheila’s choice was taken away
from her. So now they look to take over your choice, which is to give all to God; but with socialism, human need is higher than God’s need, whereas your ethos is, by giving to God, God can provide as Jehovah Jireh.

Whereas in socialism, if you give to the state, then the state can provide, with the controls of state, which is what you faced with the legal system of Great Britain, not under the virtue of the Constitution of the nation, but under the control of the Jezebellic palace of Samaria.

“So, what is this new season of intercession all about? It is about taking the
fire to those who control the people, for as the thief is found, he has to restore sevenfold. The people cry out for a deliverance from the regulations, & you stand as Elijah, ready to bring the fire to set the people free.
“And as you study this fire, which My prophet Malachi declared; as you
preach My Word of giving to God & God alone, so the people can be freed from the controls of state, controls of state manifesting through a royal family no longer of the palace of the first Elizabeth, but through the socialistic palace of Jezebel & its humanistic spirit, it being the role of the spirit of Elijah to restore the ethos of God over the nation once more.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 16/02/16“Thou Art Bringing Forth Life”

Thou art bringing forth life into Colwyn Bay, in a town where thou were threatened to be destroyed through official channels. Instead of responding with death, you have responded with life.

“Now, it is important you recognise from where the threat of death has come. Now, you all know from My Word that the god of this world comes to kill, steal & destroy; & one of those Words is included in John’s gospel in relation to the enemy of souls. ‘But I have come that you may have life, & life in abundance’; & it is this life you have brought into Colwyn Bay.

“To analyse therefore from where the threat of death has come, is a very simple exercise that affects small communities all over the world. The god of this world is an overseeing eye, looking to remove the heart of small communities all over the world. Thou has counteracted this in Colwyn Bay by bringing forth life, & life in abundance. Yet they still look to control you, the ‘they’ being those controlled by the god of this world, who is looking to complete his global take-over.

“So, who are the ‘they’? It is those who look to impose control, to suppress local initiative & drive. The do this by over-regulation, fear of the letter of the law, & suppression of those with vision. For without a vision, the people perish.

“So, this global control is what in prophecy after prophecy you have exposed for years. The threats you received to destroy you was from one connected with establishment Christianity. The establishment was important to him, & you were a threat to that establishment, so you had to be destroyed. It was this establishment that took Me through Gethsemane, & has given you your own Gethsemane experiences. For establishment Christianity has been one of the biggest killers of all time, particularly if combined with the establishment Judaism which came against Me.

“There is a difference between the establishment Judaeo-Christian tradition that brings forth the letter of the law & death, & those who hear My voice & obey it. The letter of the law establishment is the establishment that either calls itself Christian or Jew, but are really of the synagogue of Satan.

“This is what has sought to destroy you. A new global order is being established at this time, & just as it has been global religion looking to destroy thee, likewise it is global business, corrupt to the core, looking to destroy the local heart of communities by controlling high streets & retail parks with Satan’s global identity.

“The small businessman is over-regulated, if in profit over-taxed, & suppressed from growing his or her business.

“Likewise with charities, burdened down with over-regulation, volunteers suppressed from fulfilling their vision, in favour of global charities with highly-paid executives receiving grants from global government to enable these charities to adhere very easily to Satan’s global code, rather than the heart of the local community from where real charity comes.

“In your Charity, you were attacked over your heart, passion & sacrifice, even to the point of removing the choice of one of thy intercessors. Thou has worked for nothing, & given your all, yet those of the global order, with high wages & pensions, have sought to destroy you.

“Yet, thou has brought life into Colwyn Bay, & brought forth the Bible College of Wales into this small community. Just as Rev Hughes brought forth a College, so thou has brought forth a College to bless the whole community. For it takes intercession to break down the effects of globalism that has control & manipulation right at the heart of its thinking. And what is it the establishment accuse you of? Exactly what they are doing on a global scale, the establishment accusing Me of blasphemy; yet what were they doing, but blaspheme the name of the Son of Man?

“You see, one thing that comes out with the New Global Order is what they accuse others of doing, is actually the plank in their own eye. For what they accuse others of, is exactly what they are doing themselves.

“Hasn’t this been the case in relation to thy latest legal dealings, in which you were accused of irregularities? For what they do is exaggerate the speck in your eye to prevent you from exposing the massive beam in theirs.

“So, I have brought thee to Colwyn Bay to protect the small business person, the small community groups & charities, even political parties, who are very different on the ground to those of the global order controlling their national parties.

“I have chosen thee in this community to bring forth life, & life in abundance; & what thou hast been losing in terms of resources, has to be restored, for thou hast found the thief, the thief of intrigue & mystery, Satan, Lucifer, Beelzebub – all expression of the one who comes to kill, steal & destroy.

“But thou has brought life into Colwyn Bay, & will bring forth revival by exposing initially the god of this world & his establishment ways, & that the chapels of old can be restored again, not with establishment religion which destroyed them, but with the demonstration of the Holy Ghost & power, proclaiming Jesus Christ first, & His righteousness.

“Thou has been brought here to establish the covenant of God, so expect the resource to fulfil the mission to reach every creature. For I have called thee to bring forth revival in communities all over the world.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 29/01/16
“The Big Mistake was the Invasion of Babylon”

“Babylon is a key place in the Scriptures. It has huge dangers for those who do not hear from God. Every invasion of Babylon must be led by the Spirit, & be from a country in covenant with God.

“But thou as a nation has broken thy covenant with God. Thou applies the letter rather than the spirit of the law, & you have been found wanting. Like Babylon, you chase the prophets of the Lord, You muzzle them with your procedures & your policies, taking no heed to the vision & passion of Elizabeth the First. You have fallen to the Babylonian rule of law.

“Baal holds sway in the nations of Europe, & you have been found to be in an unholy alliance with nations far from Me, under a Babylonian system of law that convicts on perception & suspicion rather than the reality of a situation in context.

“So, as a nation you have been found to be under a curse, a Babylonian curse that only the Spirit can get you out of. The monarch has to call not only a National Day of Prayer, but a National Day of Repentance to the God-given Constitutional Acts of the First Elizabeth.

“Only being led by the Spirit of God can one invade Babylon, for if there is any hint of the invasion being for financial gain, then one will be found out.

“Why did you not save the suffering Christians of Zimbabwe? Where are the Christian refugees today? And now, you are reacting to circumstances rather than the Spirit; & oh yes, I care for the suffering children, but the solution is by seeking God, not reacting to the circumstance. That is why there is prayer in the House of Commons. But you do not have My Spirit, but you place your prophets under rule & regulation, for thy procedures & policies are high above vision& passion. And as with Sheila’s choice, Sheila placed vision & passion& the voice of the Saviour high above policy, procedure & self-interest.

“And so, if there is to be a Parliamentary enquiry, it needs to be on the basis of vision, passion & self-denial rather than policy, procedure, & best interest of the individual. All this is of Babylon, & by the rivers of Babylon, so shall thy flooded nation fall. For by thy rivers are the seeds of destruction, for you entered the land without the Spirit.

You now even place thy soldiers of war under health & safety procedures of policy & regulation, rather than with generals of the Spirit, who take the land as a united body under God. You have now placed thine own troops under the burdens of the rules of Babylon.

“And as I said to the Galatians, ‘Who has bewitched you?’ For you place the burdens of Babylon on thine own nation, of which only the prophets in My name can set you free.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 16/01/16

They Long to get beneath the Dome of the Rock: 
The True Meaning of Britain’s Coronation Oath & Service”

“Why do they long to get beneath the Dome of the Rock? Why are film-makers obsessed with the Ark of the Covenant? Why is there a fascination in this one area of Jerusalem, beneath the Rock over which there is now a Dome declaring that God has no son?

“Britain’s Coronation Oath & Service is not based on this doctrine. It has no roots in the Holy of Holies of God. Archaeologists long to get beneath the Dome of the Rock today. They wander the vaults beneath Jerusalem. Many of the treasures of ancient times are on sale in the Old City, but no one has found what they see as the supreme treasure – the artefacts of the Temple of Solomon.

“But I can tell you where these true artefacts are today.

The map of understanding is in the Coronation Service of the British monarch. From the Jerusalem chamber the symbols of British royalty come, the Crown Jewels representing the artefacts of Solomon’s Temple. Oh, how fine they look! But let Me tell you this: they are not the true artefacts of the Temple. Archaeologists dig & dig beneath the Old City, searching for these old treasures, not realising the map, the treasure map, is incorporated in the British Coronation Service & Oath.

“As you walk the Old City, you wander around the shops & bazaars showing mementos of this ancient city. The English are taking an interest in having an anthem of their own, ‘God Save the Queen’ being the British anthem, the Irish having their own, the Scots having their own, the Welsh having their own – so why not the English? The over whelming choice for such an anthem is ‘And Did Those Feet.’ Whose feet? Oh, the English have an anthem that gives Christ the pre-eminence, & that even in these days of secularism & plurality, could the English have an anthem called ‘Jerusalem’?

“Now do you see what is happening? All around you are government agencies with their secular thinking. Yet the English are choosing an anthem called ‘Jerusalem.’ But where in Jerusalem is the root of all this? Is it at the Western Wall? Clearly not, for this is not of an outer court. This all has great depth to it, as has the meaning of the Coronation Oath & Service.

Every court in the land has the crest of the monarch, but who knows what this represents? Rees Howells & his intercession covered the depths of all this. A nation at war needed the depth of understanding to get out of a horrific situation. Like Elijah, Rees Howells controlled the weather, for at Dunkirk there was a calm brought about by the intercessor. A nation at peace with itself understands its Constitution & the meaning of it; & even now, in these depths of despair & apostasy, the English are choosing an anthem called ‘Jerusalem.’ Where, & why, is Jerusalem at the root of all this?

As well as physical diggings under the Old City, there is one place to this day almost impossible to reach, even with all the modern technology. For there are spiritual barriers.

“I have no problem at all in the area of being reached today, for no longer is the Holy of Holies housed in a physical building.

“The Coronation Oath & Service of Great Britain is a treasure map. The Word of God is described as the oracles of God, & in these oracles are the treasures of heaven. Yet there are key names in this Coronation Service: that of Zadok, those who minister to the Lord, the royal priesthood of believers. Nathan the prophet is there. The in-depth meaning in the Oath is that prophets judge situations. You are seeing this with Margaret Dransfield now that with her is a passion to judge the injustice of a nation. This is not a male or female thing, for the Ark of the Covenant today is not to be found within the vaults of the Old City. It is to be found in the hearts of the believers. And so, Solomon, Nathan & Zadok are key names within the understanding of the Holy of Holies.

“Thou art to preach on this with all thy heart. For even though the message above the Dome of the Rock is of the god who has no son, all over the world are the sons of God, led by the Spirit of God, the temples of the Holy Ghost, the Holy of Holies of God.

“Yet they look to stop digging beneath the Dome of the Rock, in fear of what may be found. Yet the Coronation Oath & Service of Great Britain reveals where the Holy of Holies is: within the hearts of believers. The royal priesthood, the Zadok priesthood that constantly hears from God, is led constantly by the Spirit of God. But as you have found, those in government agencies of Great Britain have looked to muzzle the prophet; yet in Jerusalem they look to find the physical Holy of Holies. They are just a short distance away, yet all around them are the Holy of Holies of today, the temples of the Holy Ghost, & as you reveal this truth of this Coronation Service, let the nation understand it has been muzzling the prophets who are the true judges of the Coronation Oath, & I call upon the Bible College of Wales Continuing to set up a special course on Great Britain’s Constitutional Acts that includes the Coronation Oath & Service, the real meaning of the EU referendum being whether to abandon this, for isn’t it interesting that the interest in an English anthem is in Jerusalem, rather than Brussels?

“So, isn’t it time for the English, Irish, Welsh & Scots to vote for the Coronation Service & Oath, & all it represents, rather than the bureaucrats of Europe, who will sink Great Britain more into the depths of despair, a Great Britain without Solomon, Zadok & Nathan?“And should they at the next Coronation Service look to remove the Oath & Service & replace it with one of a pluralistic society, then the judgement of God will fall, for the nation would have rejected the city the English pine for in their anthem.

“Now, the answer to the question, ‘And Did Those Feet?’ - The answer is, those feet are walking today all around you. For the whole ethos of thy Coronation Service, is the Zadok priesthood, the sons of God walking as Jesus Christ on this earth today. This is the victory. For this sought-after Holy of Holies is in the hearts of believers all around you.

“It is this understanding the Bible College of Wales Continuing is called to bring to the nation of Great Britain, to the Commonwealth, & to the nation of the Mayflower.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 05/01/16

“The Background to Revival”

Introduction to the Prophecy

“‘The background to revival has come after a dream of a Mr Carson of Chester conducting a Revival Meeting, for this was no ordinary meeting. People were bowing down towards God, & crying out to God, & the background to this meeting was out & out surrender to the Lord Jesus; & it was clear that many there were prepared to give their lives to the Lord. It was full surrender, at a level that there was much activity in the meeting, & Mr Carson was going around encouraging this activity.

“But then, by one wall, lined up, was about 4 people, & one girl from amongst these people said to me, ‘What can God do for me?’ & I remember saying, ‘Nothing, unless you place Jesus first, to seek first the kingdom of God & His righteousness, then all one’s needs will be added unto, because you have to place Him first!’

The Prophecy

“A clear message is coming out here. Revival will come from a meeting where those present have given their whole lives to Jesus Christ, from whatever background.

“The requirement is full surrender. God has not changed. But standing in the outer court will be those looking on, unable to give their all, & these are those who go to Church today, looking for God to meet their need. The go week after week, looking to be prayed for. Yet they have not given their whole lives to the Lord.

“They look to be made a fuss of; & this girl in this dream was there to have her needs met. But those being blessed in the meeting were those who came to meet the needs of God.

Thus revival was occurring in a meeting being run by Mr Carson of Chester, an unlikely revival to the present-day Charismatic, who sees revival as God meeting the needs of themselves, yet real revival comes through people fully surrendered to the Lord, who look to meet His needs first, who become the empty vessel for God to take over, with those who lay everything down to the Lord. But on the outside will be those who ask the question, ‘Can God meet my need, the answer being, ‘No,’ for God’s promises are conditional, & ‘Amen & amen,’ to those who have given their lives to Him.

“This was the element of this revival. Yet there was a person standing on the outside, who still looked to have her need met, but was unaware that this is a covenant God, who demands our life, our all, so that the blessings of Abraham may flow through the seed, & that those who have truly repented, given their whole lives to the Lord Jesus, can fully expect the manifestation of God’s glory, something the present-day Pharisees will chase after for their benefit rather than for God’s, & the reason why Mr Carson, & indeed yourselves, are disliked, is because you are placing the needs of God above the needs of man; & it is the devil who has placed the emphasis on God meeting man’s needs first, hence the Community Church movement, hence the Christian Centre movement, for true revival cannot come through such operations, revival only coming through those who understand covenant. For as we give our whole selves to Him, He gives His whole self to us. But this can only come to those who seek first the kingdom of God & His righteousness, not to those coming to Church to have their own need met, but to those coming to Church to meet God’s need rather than their own.

“Exodus 15:26 is at the root of this. Will you hearken & obey the Lord today? For if you do, this is how true revival comes. Are you willing to pay the price?
“In this meeting with Mr Carson, the people were there who were willing to pay the price. But a small line of people on the outside, looking to have their own need met, & on the outside they stayed, then walked away sorrowfully, for these proceedings went against everything they knew, for they had been brought up with false revival, rather than understanding of the Bible, who demands that man gives one’s all to the Saviour, one’s life being not one’s own, for the true believer is bought with a price, & those who follow the Lord have to do the same, for we are dealing with a covenant God.

“It is on these, the true Church, fully surrendered, that revival will come.”

(Mr Carson is Pastor of Zion Tabernacle, Chester, England)

Word from the Lord through
David P Griffiths, 28/12/15
“Marks of a Totalitarian State”

“(1) When the Bible is not given its Constitutional pre-eminent position, thus allowing death rather than life.
“(2) Where the letter rules over the spirit.
“(3) Where men cannot speak in one’s trial.
“(4) Where innocents are slaughtered.
“(5) Where immorality is given priority over faith.
“(6) Where government agencies spy on & takeover the lives of people.
“(7) Where there is no freedom to preach & teach the gospel in the institutions of state, those who prevent this being guilty of high treason in Britain.
“(8) Those who are found guilty, because they have not been able to defend themselves, are indeed the innocent, for the judge has taken only one side of the story.
“(9) Where secret societies with oaths of destruction play their part in the matters of state.
“(10) Where the Christian is constantly persecuted by the agencies of state.
“(11) Where God-correctness has been replaced by that of the coarse world of reason.
“(12) Where stress & worry, & fear, have their place above the freedom that God’s Word gives.
“Now, these are marks of a totalitarian state.
This is what Britain has become, & you have been called as a remnant to expose these marks as having their roots in the god of this world rather than in the Christ that sets men free.

“This shocking state of affairs is one that came in Great Britain by selling out to a European Union that was devoid of the Constitutional Acts of Great Britain, acts given by God to protect the nation from such tyranny.
“The emphasis of entry into the EU was on the economic argument, proven by Daniel Hannan MEP to be dramatically flawed. But the seriousness of the EU is not economic, bad as that is, but in the marrying of a nation with a Treaty of Rome alien to the Puritan heritage of the nation.
“How low has one sunk, Great Britain, into the mire of treachery, tyranny, & debauchery that is at such a level that the judgement of God is upon thee, which you blame on man-made global warming & the situation in the Middle East, which can only be won by intercessory prayer, once the nation has repented of its totalitarianism; totalitarianism that has killed the baby in the womb, a far greater crime in relation to the numbers than what is being witnessed in the Middle East.

“So the message to Great Britain is clear, & other Western nations can take note too: Stop sowing death through abortion. Start sowing life by the return of the Bible to thy schools, universities & colleges, & start being led by the Spirit in relation to the conflict in the Middle East that is leading to the plains of Megiddo.

For if you continue to use the coarse world of reason in relation to your Parliamentary decisions, then you are going to be left behind, with your massacre of the innocents, rather than be taken up to heaven to be with the Christ, whose will is you repent, else Babylon will take over thee. “This is the message through My prophets. Dare you dismiss it, & pay the consequence?”

Word from the Lord through
David P Griffiths, 27/12/15  
“They Treat the Bible like Orange Squash” “– It is to be Watered Down”  

“They will have to learn the diluted gospel is not the light that shines out the darkness. It is like having a dimmer switch, where there is just a faint glimmer of light – not enough to remove the imminent threat of Babylon upon thy nation. “The true gospel requires repentance, not the ‘trying harder’ ethos of self-effort, to remove the threats upon thy land.

“The greatest threat to human life in thy land is on the inborn child. What about that darkness? The diluted gospel is not enough to remove what I see as a greater threat to human life than events in the Middle East. “The nation’s orange squash gospel is not enough to stop the sexual immorality, both heterosexual& homosexual.

The orange squash gospel does nothing to stop the rise of Higher Criticism, & the coarse world of reason endemic in government departments. “You see, the Coronation Service of 1953 was not the orange squash gospel. It demands a nation to lay down its life to Jesus Christ, one’s whole life, & nothing but one’s life.

“What My ministry based at Rhos on Sea was found guilty of, was not diluting the gospel. You see, a diluted gospel is acceptable, for it placates the conscience, & indeed is a tool of the enemy to prevent repentance, a turning away from the killing of babies, a turning away from immorality, a turning away from the god of this world, who has used the diluted gospel for his own purposes. “I am the true vine that produces full-blooded wine.

What is in My bottle is not polluted. For those in My Church produce grapes of the finest vintage, for My gospel is the finest wine the connoisseur would never pollute. But what you see in Britain are children running government ministries & charities that dilute not only the vision & the passion of founders, but like children add water to their orange squash instead of drinking of the wine of the Spirit which can only come by full surrender to Jesus Christ, who says, ‘Come, take. This is My body, broken for you; & take, drink of My cup, the cup of the New Testament that demands one’s all, & full surrender to the Lord Jesus.’ “How long are you to drink orange squash, Great Britain?

The cup that represents My blood awaits thee, if only you grow up from diluted children’s drinks to partake of My table, where Abram acknowledged victory over his enemies, & it is only through the seed of Abraham that victory can be seen again. “But there was no orange squash at the table of Melchizedek. Great Britain, you have your choice.

Which drink are you to partake of: that which represents the blood Christ, of full surrender to the cause, as Christ gave His life, so must we, being buried with Him in baptism, to be raised up in resurrection power; or are you to continue to drink the orange squash, & portray a gospel without conviction& repentance, & be as children without a father, devoid of the true Word of God that demands being crucified with Christ, so that our nation can live, but not under diluted speeches of leaders that simply glance the Bible.

What God is looking for is leaders who are full-blooded proclaimers of the Rhema Word of God, the only sword that can defeat the imminent threat from the Middle East.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 23/11/15
“Why Babylon is on the Horizon:
 The State looks to destroy
the College that Upholds its Heritage”

“There are a number of factors here, that through a threat to destroy the work of the Bible College Continuing, & now ecctv.org, the state has to realise that to remove its Biblical & classical heritage in favour of coming together with other nations of different philosophies, it has associated itself with Babylon rather than God.  

“Britain’s covenant is with the United States of America (Mayflower Compact), & the Commonwealth of nations, the determination being to bring a Common Wealth, rather than lie under the vagrancies of world bankers, who look to line their own pockets, rather than serve the people, like you have done. “You would look to give up all your wealth for the sake of others, whereas the bankers look to criminalise all those who oppose them. “This is a word for all Western nations, & I use Great Britain as an example:-  

“(1) The nation itself: by looking at Deuteronomy 28, it is obvious that those who keep not the covenant of God come under a curse, & that curse is on the horizon; & like the prophets of old, who have reminded nations of their turning away from God, it will not succeed, trying to isolate & persecute these prophets.

It will not succeed, placing them under the emphasis of procedure & policy. For it is the spirit of the law that takes their entire being rather than the letter, the letter killing rather than giving life. “Yet Babylon is on the horizon, & you think it is with your own military might that you can defeat it. Yet Babylon cannot be defeated by natural means. Babylon can only be defeated by acknowledgement that you have forsaken thy covenant with God. 
“I am pointing out to you thy obligations under the covenantal Acts of thy nation, & thy monarch’s Oath to Me. Yet thou hast forsaken this solemn promise. Thou has taken out the oracles of God from thy educational establishments; & you look to destroy My Bible College of Wales Continuing with your letter of the law applications.  “Thou art sinners without repentance; so Babylon is on the horizon. “Thou hast sown death through the slaughter of the innocents.

Thou has brought immorality into thy nation, with all its associated plagues, which thy health service cannot keep up with. The antibiotics are continuing to fail. So where do you turn now? “There is a little College that has become the David of thy nation; & you are facing the giant of Babylon. And this David has spiritual stones that can bring life back to thy nation; but you are more intent on destroying this than the impending Babylon.  

“So, what about this little College? One such lady of this College, who had given her all for its progression, along with others, you call a vulnerable adult, & I call a more than conqueror. For you are festooned with your natural training, & unaware of the Biblical & classical understandings required to run a nation.  

“This is all in thine Coronation Service. What do you know of the wisdom of Solomon & the prophet-hood of Nathan, & the Zadok priesthood? It is all in thy Coronation Service. “You see, this little College teaches all this,& all your huge educational establishments have forgotten their foundations.  

“So, Great Britain, you have joined a group of nations that is hopelessly divided, & have embraced a Babylonian legal system based on natural perception & suspicion, rather than the evidence of British common law. “Your fall is inevitable, Great Britain, unless you repent & come back to the core of thy Coronation promises.  

“(2) World banking controls: It is for thy nation to run its money supply; a nation that hears from God in relation to its spending, rather than a world banking system based on the principles of the Pharaoh of Egypt. Hence the pyramid built right at the heart of the banking system of London. “It is no point trying to hide.
Banking has been proven to be corrupt. Thine own House of Lords passed an edict pointing out major error in one sector of banking; & members of the Bible College of Wales Continuing took a stand based on that edict. Yet a behind-the-scenes deal took place, when in effect these members were the prosecutors, & it was they found guilty by a system corrupt to the core.  

“The stand against corrupt banking goes on. Yet the enemy is fierce in his opposition, not wanting to negotiate – only destroy. Gone are the days of the local bank manager, who knew his business & local area, this now being replaced by a global order of control & manipulation based on a system of falsely controlled computers, rather than the wisdom of God that used to come through the hearts of dedicated banking officials. “So, Babylon is on the horizon, & this little College in Wales, of the Rees Howells heritage, a little College thou has looked to destroy rather than embrace, is ready to encourage the return of local banking, free of the curse of global control.“And finally, morality.

What has bewitched thee, Great Britain? You pass law after law protecting the immoral, & law after law looking to criminalise the righteous. The Commission of Charity (agape) has become the Commission of global policy & procedure. This philosophy takes precedence over passion& vision; & the apostles & prophets of God are forced into a corner, held back into administration, rather than bringing vision & passion to a nation.  

“Thou hast fallen short, Great Britain, in the name of equality & diversity. For what equality & diversity is there in thine own Coronation, where we find promises made to God – promises which have sadly been broken. 
I declare unto thee this day that thou hast been bewitched, Great Britain. The opportunity is for thee to repent before God, for not having kept the promises of thy Coronation day; for the slaughter of the innocents & the bringing in of immorality; of false global banking practices, & the coming together with nations of a different legal & political background, rather than embracing thy covenant with the United States of America & the nations of the Commonwealth, which thou art called to be at one with.  

“Thou hast sinned against God, Great Britain, & the warning of the prophets have been very clear. Are you to face the judgement. Or the forgiveness of God, the protection of God, which is dependent on whether or not you repent?”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 01/11/15
“By the Blood of the Lamb & the Word of thy Testimony”

“A testimony is complete transparency, complete openness, of the weakness of man & the strength of the Lord.

“There is clear example of testimony in the Scriptures. Testimony is opening up from the heart. It tells the whole story, holding nothing back. It shows one is prepared to be vulnerable, so as to be My empty vessel, so that I can fill thee with My purity. For all human frailty has been healed, & freed by the blood of the Lamb.

“Oh! How you have become a threat to the enemy, for he cannot cope with thy openness & transparency. For his dependency is in pride, fronts, secrecies & underlies. These underlies are the haunts of devils, who separate families, separate fellowships. For underlies are haunts of secrecies, protected by human pride. What you have brought to the arenas which thou art involved in, is life, & life in abundance. You have not brought self-righteousness, a common mark of the religious system. For instead of saying what you can do for God, you are saying you can only do things through recognising one’s own inability, rather than natural skills. For there is a difference between working for God, in apparent good works, & working as God, having admitted thine own frailty.

“This is the overcoming of testimony. ‘Oh, wretched man that I am!’ declared Paul. The hymn-writer declared, ‘that saved a wretch like me.’ For until one admits one’s own wretchedness, one is in no position to take a seat of government, whether it be in a nation, a charity, N.G.O., business, organisation, or whatever. You are in no position to be in any seat of power; for without the admission of wretchedness, there is pride, & protections to that pride. There are cover-ups, & underlies, the haunts of devils.

“What you have done is say you will tell your whole story, & by doing so, you have placed the fear of God into those who are holding on to their underlies.

“The fear of God is old-fashioned conviction, from where either spirits get saved, or cast into eternal damnation. From the underlies comes a dog-eat-dog culture, which thou constantly witnesses around you. Those of the underlie will look to destroy you, for these underlies are the haunts of devils.

“How do you overcome, therefore? By the blood of the Lamb, & the word of thy testimony. What power you have in thy weakness, through thy open expression of weakness. For it is when thou art weak that thou art strong.

“You see how strong you are? Read Romans 8 again. That’s how strong you are.”

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God Given 7 Year Business Plan (Economy of Souls) to reach every creature and bring realisation of the True Body of Christ, members of His Body,
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God has challenged us now to believe for a million pounds to come in to fulfil the first stages of our seven year plan; larger premises to house students, staff and studios are needed here in Rhos On Sea whilst God too has emphasized the importance of building mission stations in developing world countries.

The miracles are happening as we bring to the fore the vision of Rees Howells to "reach every creature"!