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Word from the Lord through DPG, 21/07/13
“The time has come to move forward. Thou has been working hard at setting up the infrastructure required to fulfil My call. Thou has been purchasing property: as Rees Howells purchased mansions, you have been or are doing, purchasing property which does not belong to men, but belongs to God.
“The properties purchased, or are being purchased, are never to be put into the hands of man, but in the hands of God. Those who are trustees are to be dead men, in line with the principles of the stories of Rees Howells and his adventure of faith. For the faith walk is an adventure. It is living, not as man sees things, but it calls the things that be not, as though they are.
“And the ministry is to expand very rapidly, once thou has completed t
he infrastructure work, which the devil has sought to destroy at every possible moment.
“All he has achieved, however, is increase your reliance upon God; & the passage of Matthew 16 is particularly relevant to what is happening at this stage. It is on Peter that I build My Church, yet not Peter but Christ. For the Peter who is dead becomes alive in Christ, living by the faith of the Son of God.
“And so the Matthew 16 passage must be read in line with Galatians 2:20; hence your “one in Christ” relationship with Scott & Sylvia Pearce. For this whole message is revival; the reviving of a dead man who becomes as the Son of God, with all the perfections of the Son of God; for his own life is dead. He no longer is his own, he has been bought with a price; & I use the make gender terms, for in this context there is neither male not female, for one has become as God, who is referred to as Father, Son & Holy Ghost.
“So do not consider human gender terms in this. All the devil can do is make you more dead, & all I can do is make you alive.
“You are coming to the time of real resurrection. You are coming to the time of great increase; & this increase you have been preparing for. I have seen thy endeavours in My Name, to set up infrastructure;& thou must have “those to wait on tables.” The importance of Christine Ramakrishnan (Minister called of God from Sri Lanka) is that she can hold the fort, as thou goes forward around the world. For within My equation of growth comes a great travelling around the world.
“The studio network is to be represented in every country, in every continent; for I have given thee commission to reach every creature with the gospel. The message to portray is the Matthew 16 & Galatians 2:20passages. For the rock on which I build My Church is thee, yet not thee, but Christ, who lives in thee. For I am joined unto thee as one Spirit: hear this –one Spirit – receive it! For these so-called modern day revivals have no grasp of this. There never has been a revival with a ‘me,’ that is, a human ‘me.’ For revival is the manifestation of the great ‘I AM.’
“O, grasp this truth! Norman Grubb grasped it. He, yet no the, called it continuous revival. O, grasp this! & grasp it well; for this message is the message of brokenness revival; revival of a body gone dead, then become alive in Christ Jesus.
“Do not be disturbed by the attempts of the schoolmaster to place thee under bondage. Do not be disturbed by the attempts by the philosophies of men to place thee under the thinking of man. They study in their universities become clever in man’s philosophies; for all of this is as dung. For I tell thee, that those who study the Word of God purchased by blood– this is where thy ministry is to grow; for thou hast not sold out to the translations of men; for thou has held fast to what the dying Tyndale prayed for; a blood-bought Bible not of commercial interest, but a Bible of the “thus saith the Lord;” the Bible that continues to speak as life in a dying world that can only come alive in Christ Jesus.”
Word from the Lord through DPG, 29/07/13
“I am grieved in My Spirit by those who react to the human condition; one moment, as with Peter, receiving the revelation, & the next moment reacting to the human condition.
“I am above the human condition. The apostle Paul was above the human condition, through the dying to self, which through the admission of human frailty; for he said, ‘It is when I am weak, I am strong.’
“My disciples on the Sea of Galilee responded to the human condition. They reacted to the storm, whilst the Saviour was not moved. Not being moved by the human condition is walking in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus.
“As with Peter, they received the revelation, & then the human logic discussed the moves of God. It is from Christ the Saviour; it is there in Matthew 16 for all to see. Those who respond to the human condition put on themselves human laws & rules to control it, in an attempt to stay righteous. In other words, the human condition is suppressed, rather than dealt with. This is the religious spirit of the Pharisees. They suppress &suppress the great volcano of Satan, which erupts into destruction rather than life.
“Revival is when the human condition is recognised, rather than suppressed. This happened in the Hebrides, & My Spirit responded accordingly. The preaching of the Word opens up that which is suppressed, &some respond by more suppression, not wanting anyone to know their human frailty. But those of My Spirit confess openly their frailty, as indeed you have the openness of the apostle Paul. The confession brought the power, the dominion, the anointing, whereas the suppression brings death & destruction. Quenching the Spirit comes about through those that suppress, & live under a religious spirit of self-righteousness rather than God-righteousness. They are always the experts over what you should do. But thou art of My Spirit. You need people around you to whom you can confess thy frailty. Those who suppress are rigid, unmoveable, unable to hear what thou saith. They hide under a veil of religiosity a hornet’s nest of Satan’s cohorts, ready to erupt at any time. Their rigidity becomes obvious. They have a list of ways things should be done.
“This was the case with Peter before he was broken. Remember the issue after Pentecost? You see, My Spirit wants to do a work on those who suppress the Spirit by holding fast to religiosity, rather than confessing human frailty. Those of the frailty un-confessed fail to see the wider vision. They are caught up with themselves, whereas those with the wider vision see they have to be dead men to fulfil what God has told them to do.
“What I have called thee to do involves a lack of human thinking that is replaced by day by day obedience. Ask out openly, ‘Hast thou grasped it? Hast thou understood?’ When I said to Peter, ‘Thou art the rock,’ it meant not him, not the human Peter, but the Peter dead to self. This is the rock on which the Church is built. For men no longer live, but Christ.
“Those of the suppression look constantly to pray; but those of the Spirit are as one in Christ, knowing to speak out His words, not their own. They know not to think from the human condition, for they have become as Christ (I John 4:17). They are partakers of the divine nature; & that being married to Me, they have given their all, confessing human frailty rather than suppressing it.
“Quench not the Spirit; the Spirit responds to confession of the frailty, rather than suppression of it. That is how revival always begins: when man is at the end of himself is the point where the heavens are rended.”