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Word from the Lord through David Griffiths,
Rhos on Sea, Thursday 24/02/11
“Thou art to go forward, My children, & not look back. What is happening amongst thee is in Joshua 3. The people have murmured against the prophet, & those who have murmured will wander for eternity in the wilderness. They will continue to look back; they will continue to wear the robes of slavery; they will continue to be at the beck & call of Pharaoh.
“And so, you have a group of people who insist on being slaves to the system; who insist on being at the beck & call of Pharaoh; who insist to be at the beck & call of the one who was defeated 2000 years ago  - the one who manifests as Pharaoh in the Old Testament context.
“Remember My word in relation to Lucifer? “I shall be like the Most High.” Remember he was able to produce signs & wonders, like the Most High?
“There have been those who have bowed down to the golden calf; but as Moses came down from the mountain with his Rhema, so they have been afraid of thee as thou hast lifted up My Word. As you have lifted up My Word, so have diseases gone, as in the wilderness, as Moses lifted up the brazen serpent, the devil has been afraid.
“But you have sought to bring a people far above even those things. As Moses looked to the day of My Spirit being poured upon all flesh, & as you have come to My place of sanctification as in Joshua 3, there are those who continue to be slaves under Pharaoh.
“And there is another group of people: these are the victims of Pharaoh; the victims of false prophethood; the victims of those who have performed signs & wonders, yet not in My name. They have placed their wealth in the hands of the Pharaoh, who hath performed like the Most High [Isaiah 14], but have confused & manipulated the minds of saintly victims. Within materials sent by post have been spirits of manipulation & mind control; spirits that have stolen the very energy, the very – even the ability to hear from Me. These are the spirits which Luther stood against in his Theses. And I have given thee My theses, over those summer nights, which the whole Church was to pay attention to.
“But as they went through times of murmuring & dishonouring to the prophet of old, so have they dishonoured thee.
“There are three types of people: the slaves, the victims, & those who enter the Promised Land.
“My Word declares to forget the things which are behind; yet those who are victims continue to be tormented day after day, moment after moment, by the hurts of the past. They cannot come & stand on the high ground, for they have been thrown down to be unworthy. They cry out to God rather than manifest God. They wallow in self-pity.
“Yet thou have reached the point of preaching week after week on holiness, on sanctification, on separation. Thou hast taken all of the people to the place Shittim; & there is a river out there which thou art to cross, lifting up My Word as they lifted up My ark.
“Thou hast gathered around the walls, which thou hast called the gateways of North Wales; & some have wondered what thou hast been doing there, which thou hast known to be the  breaking down of the barriers to revival.
“There is a factor here: those who are slaves to the system of the veil; they have seen you removing their security zones. The Church is the building of God, not the building of man. And you have been right to portray the removal of buildings which have become idols to the Pharaoh of Egypt. Yet the victims stay with their wanderings of mind, with their self-pity, having placed their trust in those who perform signs & wonders, rather than place their trust with those who proclaim My Word; who allow the Spirit of God to confirm with signs & wonders, such as it is with your place by the River Jordan. You have trumpeters to go out to your places of intercession, of warfare; yet there are those who are victims, & those who are slaves, who cannot go forward. The victims see the Promised Land, yet they see it as far away. The slaves still wear the clothes of past traditions.
“Yet I have called thee to go forward, for tomorrow the Lord will perform signs & wonders amongst thee. Blind eyes will see; the dead will be raised. You see, thou hast brought the people to the place of sanctification, of separation. They have to choose between remaining a slave, remaining a victim, or going forward into the Promised Land.
“What art thou to do? My Word declares “Come out from among them; what concord has Christ with Baal?” Thou art to walk in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus; to go forward, & not look back.
“Thou hast told the people to write the vision. Your last year was about making the vision plain. You have now reached the point of entering the Promised Land. Choose thee this day whom you will serve.
“The victims & the slaves think in their natural senses; it is as if they cannot hear from God for themselves. Yet you are to go forward.
“Place your trumpeters at the remaining gateways. Take those of the heavenly places over the Jordan into the Promised Land, where thy way will be clear; & praise Me; proclaim My Word. As they lifted up My ark, so must thou proclaim My Word.
“Thou hast sounded an alarm in Zion. Go forward; go forward; be in My strength & My glory.”
2)  Word from the Lord through DPG, around 04/03/12
“The suffering you have endured, the torments, the agonizing, the weepings, the calling upon My Name: now, David, remember when I called you to use My Name in Andhra Pradesh? You were right in the middle of a massive scam of those looking to gain riches from those who were giving their lives for the gospel.
“They look at you constantly, looking to hang on to something you have got; & they look to behave like you behave. But their agenda is not to set the people free, like youragenda is, but they look to control the people, through a kind of copied anointing. They then wait until you fall, when they can then take over your ministry, with the copied anointing, rather than the real one.
“Isn’t that the way the devil has operated since he fell from heaven? What has happened to you, happened to the Father, the devil copying the real anointed, with a copied anointing, rather than the real one.
“You have had those come in looking to copy your anointing; rather than go through the process of losing everything. They look to gain the kingdoms of your world, just as the devil did.
“Were there not those in your fellowship, who simply wanted to observe your actions, & then put their observations into practice, by adding on to the anointing a human side, which of course is corrupted by sin? Such as it was with the devil. He looked to copy God, stole what God had, through mixing a copy anointing, to steal what you have gained. This means as the devil stole the kingdoms of My created world, gaining men on his side through temptation of the flesh, such as occurred in the Garden of Eden, where the sin of the tree of knowledge was the placing of academic understanding into the anointing.
“Since then, a human logic has been placed into what people perceive to be the anointing, into the majority, in Britain, of what is perceived to be Church life.
“So, the sin running through the copy anointed, is the original sin of Adam, where human rationale is placed into the copy anointing.
“So, in your fellowship have been those looking to watch your every move, so they can emulate that in their own ministry, & become the copy-anointed. But they place the copy-anointing into the human framework, & will only operate within the human framework; for within their rebellion, they have eaten of the tree of knowledge; & just as Adam & Eve were thrown out of the garden, combining human knowledge into the anointing throws people out of the kingdom of God; because I am a holy God.
“Now, if you look in the New Testament, there were those looking to copy the anointed. Things have not changed much, have they? Going back to the devil – remember Lucifer spent his time observing in Heaven; places his own thoughts, & combined it with the purity of God, as he saw it; brought his selfish ambition into the anointing; he brought his pride into the anointing; & he who looks to copy today, has occurred in your fellowship, the emphasis being on discussion of things, rather than surrender to God; through their discussion, are in fact eating of the tree of knowledge. The Age of Reason, known as The Enlightenment, came about through those eating of the tree of knowledge.
“This rationale runs through nearly the whole of your earthly society. So thinkspiritually of what the devil did. It is all in My Word.
“Selah. Meditate on that for a moment. All he wanted to ever do, was to be Me. So all of his operations, in witchcraft, mind suggestion techniques, hypnotism, yoga, was to bring about a spectating copy-anointed, who would look to grab what God has got, without the suffering, the loss of property, which you have gone through.
“So, what the devil looks to do through his copy-anointing, is not to set the people free, to send them on their way to hear from God – oh no! There is a price to be paid in the copy-anointing.
“The devil uses healing techniques to hold people under bondage to him. How many healing operations of the devil are there? But you will see from the early Church, those healed were sent on their way praising God, gaining the ability to hear from God. But those moving in the copy-anointing, place themselves in position for they themselves to hear from “God” for the individual, which is where you have got your heavy shepherding movements & all the rest of it.
“What those who have eaten off the tree then do, is not start movements of their own. They look to steal those from your own fellowship group, through false rumour, lies, & deceit. They then start a group with those who they have tempted to eat of the same tree they have eaten off. They do this through human rationale; & because of the Age of Reason, they have a fertile ground to move into.
“So they steal your flock, tempt them as the serpent tempted Adam & Eve, & then look to completely remove you from the position you have in the anointing.
“They do this by placing doubt in people’s minds, over what you have been preaching; particularly when it comes to holiness teaching. The copy-anointed then say, ‘Well, we’re only human. This stuff on perfection’s not Biblical.’ They become deniers of the Blood. They accept sin as being part of the anointing. But you have preached that a Christian is a supernatural being; but they have eaten of the fruit of the tree, & have a human rationale.
“You are looking to have an audience to preach the true message of the gospel. Why do you think the devil has stolen the money to keep you off the TV screens? You are dangerous to his counterfeit (look up Word II Corinthians 4:4). He is there as the god of this world, luring continuously the true Church, with the same temptation he gave to Eve: to move in human rationale, rather than dying to self, & being moved by the Spirit of God.
“So what you have now, in so-called churches, in the majority of cases, are ministers of the academic rather than the spiritual Word. They shall not enter the kingdom of God.
“And within the equation of their luring into the tree of knowledge, they then look to steal from the real anointed, & ultimately destroy them. This is what has been happening to you. John 10:10 – what does the devil do
“So, in today’s terminology, the devil stole from God, part of God’s congregation. For with him, fell other angels, known as the fallen angels. These are the spirits which control the minds of those eating off the tree of knowledge.
“Now, you know there in My Word, it declares there were many more miracles than what is contained in this book; then consider this: in the anointing, there comes a follow-on from what academic knowledge can even begin to comprehend. The revivals of the past brought about great signs & wonders; & so, the real anointed go continuously being under threat of those who have eaten off the tree. For they are out to kill them & destroy them. They make human observations of you in the anointing, & let humanity check them out, rather than God.
“So here you are, having lost congregation; & I lost congregation in Heaven. So today, your battle-ground consists of those copy-anointed who are out to kill, steal, & destroy you, & have their own heavy-shepherding group that cannot even begin to comprehend the price you have paid for the anointing.
“Do you understand? They their spectating includes human rationale explanations. Rather than having Church led by the Spirit, they just copy the gifts by placing them in the human perspective, rather than God’s.”