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Chapel Pentecost  

Instead of mourning over lost chapel buildings, God has called us to build a Chapel on hills above Bangor, a media Chapel from where programming can reach the World. Intercession has taken place to bring the conditions for the "impossible" to happen!

Word from the Lord through
Rev Dr Cllr David P Griffiths,
Chapel Pentecost Meeting, Pendalar, 10/02/13
“I have not forgotten, saith the Lord, to build the Chapel of Pentecost on the hill above Bangor; not that that building will be a temple of the Lord, but shall be a place for the temples of the Lord to gather as one temple of the Holy Ghost unto Me.
“So shall the witchcraft be scattered from the hills, saith the Lord. So shall the false ‘Church’ be exposed for what it is. For I am building My Church, & the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.
“Thou hast studied Rees Howells, as he stood in the queue to pay his ticket, without at that time the physical resources to purchase that ticket. But thou hast gained the ground of intercession. Thou hast stood in intercession in that place, & the ground has been claimed.
“Yet there is an aspect of this you must not forget: that you have already brought in the architects. You know from them how much approximately the project will cost, which is about £1,000,000. One needs to contact the County Council Planning Department & ask about those fields, & state a claim on the ground through the planning office.
“This is My Word today. I am Jehovah Jireh. I will never let you down. And as you step out on this project of Chapel Pentecost, so shall the enemy be confounded; for he has looked to destroy & remove your resources; & here you are, stepping out on a major building project.
“You need to contact the kit builders, & tell them of your interest in this. See their reps. Just as Rees Howells stood in the queue, you are acting on the Word & trusting God by putting this project into practice.
“From here you will broadcast from Wales all over the world. For as in the Rees Howells book, Wales is to be known once more as the land of revival.
“So you will have restored once more Spirit-led chapel. & removed the dead religious form.
“Your enemies are already confounded, as was written through John Bunyan. How much more shall they be confounded, when they see a huge building being erected, notto be a temple of God; for the temples of God as one temple shall be as one within it.
“My Word to you is the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. The enemies have scattered; & they will come from all over the world to this place, not to receive revival, but to learn how they can bring aboutrevival wherever they may have come from.
“For thou wilt sing the hymn I gave to J Edwin Orr, ‘Search Me, O God - & start the work in me; & they shall confess their sins, saith the Lord, & the people of North Wales shall see a mighty revival. For as they confess their sins, as they did in Africa in Rees Howells’ day, so shall My Spirit fall down; for I shall rend the heavens.
“Truly I have called you to bring Chapel Pentecost unto the people…is
“Then fancies fly away
I’ll fear not what men say
I’ll labour night & day
To be a pilgrim.”