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PENTECOSTAL HOLINESS CHURCH CONTINUING - Remove not the ancient landmark, which thy fathers have set
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Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 07/12/14
“The Exposure of the God of this World” - Part 2 of the Prophecy

The following drop down pages contain key videos of intercession through Intercessor Brian Mason in relation to the pulling down of the "Emerging Church" and its Roman associations ........

Thus saith the Lord:

Now I deal with the role thou hast played with the Emerging Church:-
Thou has gone right to the heart of the Emerging Church. They may shout & scream from their position in the false unity movement, over what thou hast done. Thou hast removed that which had stolen My landmarks. Movement after movement has been stolen from Me. The Foursquare Gospel can once more be preached in the Alliance fellowships of Elim & the Foursquare movement in the States. Holiness can return to WEC, the Methodists, & the Nazarenes. And so the list goes on. Movement after movement has been taken over by the curse of the Emerging Church.
“The compromise of Alpha has been removed. The domination of false apostles & prophets has been removed. Those who manipulate money through charging for elderships, that whole ministry of wizardry, has been removed. The curse of the altar rail & separate priesthood, has been removed.
“Now, I could go on & on over what thou hast done. For thou has removed the seed of Satan from Pentecostal & evangelical movements.
“Now, one can expect a backlash of movements that have had their false foundations shaken. For thou will stay firm upon what I have called thee to do. For the rebels of witchcraft are being removed from these movements, & are being found guilty before the throne of God.
“But thou will be used, with old-time conviction preaching, to bring conviction of sin to these movements, that those within it be given opportunity to repent before God, & return to the landmark of their founders.
“But thou will insist on a return to the one Book; the Book that came as a result of not only My blood, but the blood of many martyrs; the one Book that declares the begotten Son of God; the one Book that declared the perfecting of the saints for the work of the ministry; the one Book that is the completed canon of God, from which can come My rhema word, for a given situation. Yet prophecies have not ceased; & your call for the Protestant Reformed movement to receive the empowerment of the Holy Ghost, is indeed an invitation from the very throne of God, so that this movement, along with the restored evangelical & Pentecostal move-ments, can be as one in reaching every creature with the gospel.
“This is My call; & as you watch these intercessions, featured now on My websites & on YouTube, please understand these are of Me. For I have caused My intercessor to bring about division; to pull down the infiltration of Satan, so as to bring about the understanding of the true Rock on which the Church is to be built, & is always being (or has always been?) built; but now we can look forward to My movements returning to Me. My Bible College of Wales, with the return of the intercession that gave to Rees Howells being continued in the mantle of the Continuing Bible College.
“And I speak now to all those involved in this continuing ministry: Prepare for government. That is your call. Do not be distracted. Thou art called to prepare for government; for thou has repaired the breach through these intercessions, which have all been of Me.
“Now, understand this: in preparing for government, get ready for true revival.
“Rejoice, & be exceedingly glad. Thou hast come before Me, & experienced My victory. All principalities & powers are under My feet; & thou hast been raised up with Me. This is thy position in Christ.”