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Word from the Lord through DPG, 15/10/14
“The Urgency of the Situation”

“Now, in your business meetings, emphasise to all the Trustees the urgency of the situation.

“I cannot tell you the exact hour of the day, the exact month of the year, the exact moment when the sky will be visibly filled with My angels. I cannot tell you the exact moment the white horse & the red raiment will appear in the sky; the exact moment of the coming of the Lord. But I tell you this: if you did know, you would realise the urgency of the situation. Indeed, thou art working hard, at a certain level of understanding, & indeed, thou art prioritising the going forward of My ministry. But that which is holding you back, the unconstitutional, letter-of-the-law politics of British government, the unconstitutional application of law to suppress rather than give liberty, has brought the conditions where thou has had to spend resources on legalism & insurances, rather than use that resource to go forward with the gospel.

“Now, this message comes with no condemnation; & neither should anyone criticise thee. For what thou hast done has stopped the ministry from being destroyed. So thou hast been right to spend that resource; & indeed, thou art right to continue to spend that resource to cover thyselves from a secular state of self-righteousness, in which the monarch has bowed down to the onslaught, rather than take the constitutional stand I have called her to do.
“Now, take this understanding: thou art not in condemnation, but in blessing; but now that thou has set forth these policies to appease the world, you must now understand the urgency of the situation. In this context, one follows each word the Lord doth give unto thee. I know thou has had to spend the time on all of these things; but now there must be in you all, a realisation of the urgency of the situation.

“Whilst there must be certain time spent on the administration, pray for those to ‘wait on tables.’ I understand this having to release you all, & indeed, much time has been taken on actually handling the resources, the handling of the selling of houses, getting the breakthroughs to cover all the costs. All of this has taken much time; but you should not feel condemned about this, but thoroughly blessed that you have overcome every situation in My Name.

“But what this emphasis is all about, is the urgency of the situation. Now, there needs to be a breakthrough in relation to the selling of these houses. Now behold, I am standing with thee in the intercession of this breakthrough; for there is an urgency of the situation. The devil still comes to kill, steal & destroy; but I have come that you may have life, & life in abundance.

“In this portrayal of life, & indeed now through television, thou art quickly reaching every creature with the gospel. Thou can be excited about this; & as you prophetically deliver My Word in each programme, I am telling thee, portray the reality of My imminent coming. As you deliver My words, let them come with an urgency; considering the realities of the present situation, Psalm 91 is extremely important. For those who call themselves Christian to walk in the shadow of the Almighty, they have to put aside the world, & walk those heavenly places in Christ Jesus.

“One cannot call oneself Christian & continually walk the secular plain. One cannot call oneself Christian by having one’s own plans, & asking God to bless them. One can only call oneself Christian by understanding covenant. You see, there are those who have come in covenant with thee, & from covenant understanding, have given heavily into thy ministry. It is interesting to note that there has been 2 ladies of prophetic insight who have given their all into thy ministry. There has been question over that giving. It has been giving of the heart, rather than natural consideration. Both ladies spoke out prophetically; one now with Me in heaven, & another about to be, both having given from the heart in covenant; both going through terrific demonic onslaught, but both understanding the urgency of the situation, in which they gave all their resource. The prophetess that was once in the house in Old Colwyn, she would plead with you to take her resource, for she knew the urgency of the situation. The one that came from Cheshire would scream out in tongues the urgency of the situation, giving resource after resource to reach the lost; overcoming natural & mental barriers to join thee on the mission field. All this is in the understanding of the urgency of the situation. She would break down demonic barriers so as to reach the lost.

“So I say to thee, God is well pleased with thee over the handling of these resources; & no man should place condemnation on you over the handling of what I have given unto thee through their obedience; for it is not they who gave, but I.

“From here came the resources, through an intercessor determined to reach all the world with the gospel. He can think no other way, such is his determination. And thou has come together with Trustees, with a passion to do likewise. Goods are being sold to cover losses. Passions are being expressed. A coming together of remnant ministries is occurring, which will grow more & more through the internet.

“But you need now more who will come in covenant with thee, rather than manipulative control – for there are those who have given with that agenda, & indeed have tried to destroy thee with their giving. But I tell thee that the giving thou art receiving now is of the pure heart; but thou needs more to come, with the heart of those who move by the Spirit, in covenant with thee.

“Now, this must happen quickly; for there is an additional factor in the giving of resources. There are those who have stolen from thee, going back many years. But thou has found the thief. This is what the  is all about: finding the thief. Governments not keeping to the Christian Constitution are stealing from the people - & you have found them. Banks not keeping to the Christian Constitution you have exposed on the Christian Financing site. You have exposed their wicked ways, the wealth of the wicked being laid up for who, the thief having to restore sevenfold.
“So all that is on that website is a huge resource, not only for thy ministry, but for all those who have been abused by those who have not kept My Constitution, which is thy nation’s covenant with Me.

“You see, thy nation keeps making laws, with understanding of regulation, but no understanding of covenant. So all these laws under that category are laws that cannot be applied under the British Constitution.

“So you ask, are these laws under the understanding of the covenant the nation has with God, or under the so-called new global order, a term that is a lie in itself. For it is Satan’s old world dis-order. They cannot say that is conspiracy theory, for My Word declares a conspiracy of Satan going back to the Garden of Eden.

“It is that eating of the tree that is at the root of what is known as the New World Order. For they eat of the tree of knowledge, applying law with that root, rather than the Constitutional way of applying law, with law & justice in mercy; & it is that heart you are bringing to the people, rather than the policies & procedures they have looked to bind you up in.

“Now, in conclusion of this particular word today: thou hast witnessed thousands falling at your side, in the concocted viruses of a Satan intent on destruction. Thou art witnessing signs of the Tribulation with the sign of a black flag rather than a blood-stained one. For I tell you, it is those carrying the banner of the blood-stained one who will overcome these times leading up to the coming of the physical sight of My angels in the sky; of the physical sight of the huge white horse; of the blood-stained raiment appearing in the sky; of the return of the Saviour, to lift the overcomers up into the sky. The graves shall be opened, & the sight of the saints of glory being lifted up. But there will be those looking up & seeing this manifestation of heaven; looking up, longing to be part of this demonstration of glory. If only thou had reached them! This is the urgency of the situation.

“There are signs of the times all around thee. Prophecies are being fulfilled. Oh yes! Thou will reach out to the people of Asia. They will turn away from their false gods. Africa too shall look up to Jesus. But what about the countries of the intellectual West? My Word, through the poorest of the poor, for thy will perfect, through the training of the old, true Bible College of Wales; the one of full surrender abandonment; the one that says, revival starts in you; revivals like I spoke through J Edwin Orr, the Wesleys, Gladys Aylward, Maynard James, Leonard Ravenhill, Jonathan Edwards, Duncan Campbell, Evan Roberts, the saints of total surrender.

“Oh, I tell thee – it is with these hearts I move, to get over the urgency of the situation.

“Have no fear as plagues increase; as wars & rumours of wars develop; as the coming together of natural armies against My people develop throughout the world. Have no fear, for thou art not of the world.

“But as Noah pleaded to the people to come on to the Ark, so must thou plead with the people; for there is soon to be a day when it will all be too late.

“This is the urgency of the situation.”