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Revivalist VII: Rees Howells
 In his book about Rees Howells Rees Howells Intercessor Norman Grubb writes of Rees Howells’ experiences of revival in South Africa.
Joining up with the South Africa General Mission Rees Howells and his wife arrived to question as to whether they had brought the Welsh Revival blessing with them, a concept of transference being talked about with the modern “revivals.” Rees Howells taught them rather than transferred “the spirit” telling them that the source of all revival is the Holy Ghost.
Rees Howells preached the Word using the word “Pentecost” as this was the most suitable word for translation into their own language.
 …..that it was God who had come down then, moving upon the hearts of men and women, and had swept multitudes into the Kingdom; and that he would do the same with them, if they were willing to repent.
 Rees Howells continued to talk about revival, there was not a sudden transference of “the spirit” to bring revival, there was a consistent preaching and teaching of God’s Word. Within six weeks the Holy Ghost began to move, Mrs Howells teaching the chorus, “Lord send a revival, And let it begin in me.” Being brought into a stillness of God followed a concept the Howells recognized from the Welsh Revival.
As one reads this African accounts one sees again the Holy Ghost moving upon people to confess and be open about their situation, there being weeping on occasions and affects on the community with scores being saved in isolated communities.
Taken from Rees Howells – Intercessor by Norman Grubb.
My father was trained under this man of revival and I can recall the great nights of commitment band passion in the Mission Hall where I was brought up as a child and I declare today that this great passion of God for souls to come clean before him and repent of their sin is a Cornerstone doctrine so powerful that the misinterpretation of “new thing” can devour. I cry out to God for a revival like this one.