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Word from the Lord to DPG, 07/10/14
“The Cry of the Prophet”

“The true prophet reaches the depth of despair. Now, if you look at the Scripture, you will see that the apostle Paul was a prophet too; indeed, such was the anointing on his life, all the forms of the 5-fold ministry came out of his mouth. He was an apologist, like you are, in that he knew the philosophies of his day, just like you do, in that you have looked to gain understanding of the blockages within society; in that you have looked to place Brian in strategic places, in his intercessory role. You have also looked to get to the root of the financial issues affecting your (My) ministry.

“The root you have discovered, which is a far deeper root than that of not being provided for at this time; the root you have concentrated on, rather than take personal offence & upset, the root you have concentrated on, is this:

“(1) You have not chosen to manipulate monies from individuals, but have known that those in covenant with you will listen to My Spirit in relation to their giving. It gets left at that. It is for the Spirit to reveal giving.

“The real root of the financial battle is that the resources the founders of movements fought for, like you are fighting for, have had their resources taken into the enemy camp, & it has come through the Alexandrian curse of Higher Criticism.

“You have constantly seen that as the real issue over your lack of resources; & that is where you must continue. The initial approach is one of Satan, for I speak faith & not doubt. That is the root of the problem. That is where you place your resources, in exposing the Higher Critical spirit, rather than the spirit of offence & upset.

“However, the wealth of the wicked is laid up for the just. You see, this is the real root of your financial problem. When you went to Elim, you went to what they called then, a Bible College. It cost you substantially to go to that College, the assurance being that it was a Bible College you were going to, but they never used the Bible of the founder of that College. You have come to use that Bible, that denomination becoming one of Higher Criticism, having gained the inheritance of the founder & used it for philosophy rather than faith. It is the people of faith who deserve that resource – not who has it at the present time.

“Such as it is with WEC, the Nazarenes, AOG & Apostolic, as well as Elim. The crux of the issue is this: These movements have taken over the resources of their founders, but have removed the ancient landmarks the fathers have set; & you have challenged these movements, & challenged government, who has failed to back you as it should. For they, in rebellion too, have failed to uphold the Constitution of the nation. Likewise, because you have upheld the Constitution of the nation, you are entitled to the resources of it. So the 95 Theses is for government too. This is your role in re-sending these Theses out again, after the 7-year period is over. For these movements will suffer hardship, obvious in their reactionary behaviour, rather than reliance from God. In the build-up to the Election, parties are showing what they can offer the people, rather than what they can offer God. 

Likewise, from the Higher Criticism base of rebellion, the movements we have mentioned of Christendom set up their community churches to give the community what it wants, rather than what is the will of God at that time.

“So when it comes to resource, you have laid everything down before Me; whereas those working in the establishment have their personal reliances on their pensions & house price, etc.

“You have nothing, it would seem; & indeed are so reliant on Me. All I can say is, I have heard the prophet’s cry. But there is this barrier to overcome; a massive barrier. For this massive resource has been stolen from you.

“So what is the answer? Expose, expose, expose. What does My Word say, when the thief is found? For you know where the resources are, My Theses being called to put the resources in the hands of the obedient, rather than the rebels of witchcraft.

“So this is the real issue.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 24/12/14

“The Throne of Satan”

This is from where what is perceived as being My Word of God is continuously changed. Now, if the codices of the throne of Satan are so accurate & original as they claim, why is it they have to have a committee to continuously change the scriptures of the throne of Satan? The 27th. edition of the Nestle-Aland text underlying all "new translations" in its introduction admits this: 

The text shared by these two editions was adopted internationally by Bible Societies, and following an agreement between the Vatican and the United Bible Societies it has served as the basis  for new translations and for revisions made under their supervision. This marks a significant step with regard to inter confessional relationships. It should naturally be understood that this text is a working text (in the sense of the century-long Nestle tradition): it is not to be considered as definitive, but as a stimulus to further efforts toward defining and verifying the text of the New Testament ......... 

“This throne refers to these scriptures as having to be worked on continuously, this bringing the lack of stability so prevalent in the Emerging Church. The fact that I am the Lord, that changeth not, & that I, Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today & forever, is little thought of in the Emerging Church, with its experiences based on fantasy, rather than the true Word of God. This causes instability in the minds of those in the Emerging Church, for the renewed minds of the true Church are based on the Lord that changeth not, & the completed canon of Scripture, whereas the mental problems so prevalent in the Emerging Church, for which they continuously give themselves ‘deliverance,’ & continual praying for each other, rather than fulfilling the Commission call, is one based on the fact that their god is unstable, for he is the god who continuously changes.“In one edition of the NIV, its ‘Jesus’ is the capstone, & in another edition, ‘cornerstone.’ So the ‘Jesus’ being presented here is the ‘Jesus’ who continually changes, the continually changing ‘Jesus’ being the root of mental instability in the Emerging Church. In previous editions to the present one the NIV referred to its counterfeit Jesus being the “Capstone.”

 IV: I Peter 2:6 For in Scripture it says:
   "See, I lay a stone in Zion,
      a chosen and precious cornerstone,
   and the one who trusts in him
      will never be put to shame."
7Now to you who believe, this stone is precious.
But to those who do not believe,
   "The stone the builders rejected
      has become the

“Let Me deal with the point of mental instability. The true Church presents itself to Me with a holy body, the temple of the Holy Ghost, with minds renewed based on Scripture that never changes. This is stability. The false Church, based on ever-changing scriptures - & here you can show the admission of Nestle-Aland – is responsible for the huge amount of mental disorders that is destroying lives & families throughout the Emerging Church.

“Does it not say in John’s gospel that I am the Word? So how can I change, Nestle-Aland? This committee of experts meet in the throne room of Satan, to destroy the lives of those who give credence to these ever-changing scriptures of Satan’s throne. Now, let Me tell you this, & this is why I have re-instated the Bible College of Wales, with a staff that has suffered to the point of the Gethsemane experience: you have a heart to set free the hurting people of Nestle-Aland. It is with this heart that I set you free with thy African & Asian diplomas.

For these diplomas are designed by Me to bring stability to Africa & Asia, so that the moving of the Spirit can be of Me, rather than the ever-changing word. For if the Word changes, the spiritual experience will change along with it, which is why at Toronto & Lakeland, you saw apparent revival experiences, out of line with the Word of God, & therefore out of line with the revivals of Wesley, or Campbell, Roberts, etc. etc. So much out of line, in fact, that the extremity of Satan’s throne brought about sexual immorality in the houses of these ‘revivalists,’ including the ‘revivalist’ television channels that portray this instability of the throne of Satan, that your little channel has been built up by Me, to bring the true Word of God.

The joy manifesting in your meetings on-line so that the world can see, is indeed your strength, because that is what the joy of the Lord is, the new ‘revivalist’ movement, with all its instability, having taken over movement after movement of the true Word of God, now has members attached to these organisations, deeply rooted in paganism & instability.

“Now, to My intercessor I say this: the Romans 12 passage, so portrayed by Rees Howells, is so important in relation to bringing these movements back to Me.“These movements need the stability of the finished Canon; & the people who have been engulfed in this cloud of deceit need the teaching of Romans 12. This is what thy African & Asian diplomas are all about: to bring this stability to these continents.“Now, let Me talk about Europe, America, British Commonwealth, the Middle East, South America: you need this stability too; for antichrist will walk all over this false Church, which continuously gives ‘deliverance’ to each other, rather than with the heart to reach every creature with the gospel. This is the word I gave through Oliver: the distinction between the sons of Zadok & the sons of Eli.

“Reaching every creature is the heart of every true believer. This is why intercessors stood at the gates of Fuller & Saddleback, to restore the heart for the Every Creature Commission. For the people need setting free from the ever-changing word, from the cloud of deceit & deception. And so, this will be at the heart of thy international diploma, to bring a deep understanding of what has happened to the world-wide Church, there now being a clear division between the ‘Church’ of Satan that ministers to each other, wallowing in the lusts of the flesh, to the Church without spot nor wrinkle, that sacrifices all to reach every creature with the gospel; this pure gospel that has never changed; the gospel that was revealed through Isaac Watts, who declared boldly that this never-changing Jesus demands our all, the whole of our lives, so that He can manifest through the empty vessel, the true temple of God, that stands on the Rock, who is the never-changing Word, rather than the ever-changing word of Nestle-Aland.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 29/09/15
“The Price of Prophet-hood”

“Prophets are never defeated, but they pay the price of prophet-hood. “Now, what I am about to say goes right across the Ephesians 4:11-12 giftings; but I concentrate today on the prophet, including of course the prophetess. “There are a number of headings:-

Number 1: To the outside world, they are a strange group of people, for they have separated themselves unto Me, to be My voice crying out in the wilderness. John the Baptist was such a prophet; & first of all, they come under attack from those maintaining the religious order.

As they looked to crucify Me, they look to crucify them. “But being a prophet, they do not see themselves as being a separate entity to Me, but see themselves as being the manifestation of Me. The prophet is not afraid to manifest the truth, & will take every opportunity to do so.

Number 2: The prophet brings conviction to society. There is no in-betweens in society. Society will either repent, or look to place the prophet under its legal system. But the prophet knows from where legal systems begin, & is more knowledgeable on law than the accusers. In the prominent case thou art involved in today, the accusers are having to face the truth, which they look to narrow down into their own systems, which are inadequate for the truth. The truth is a person & not a thing.

Number 3: Regulation is higher than the Spirit. The law determines the result. But this does not satisfy the prophet, for he does not see justice in the law. He sees justice through the One who has redeemed us from the curse of the law. The prophet does this through manifesting the truth, which is a person to whom the pre-eminence must be given.

This is why British law insists on the Constitutional Acts being given the prominent position, for the Romanist system of law (Great Britain placing itself under the Treaty of Rome) is inadequate in finding out truth & justice, truth being a person who brings justice; & this person always offers opportunity to those who accuse, to repent from coming against the prophet, who is standing on the truth.

Number 4: The prophet is unassailable. The prophet does not budge one inch from the foundation he/she is built upon, is unmoveable in times of crisis. But the prophet’s mind comes under great attack. The enemy looks to stop revelation, for this is the prophet’s sword.

His/her faith hasn’t moved, for this is the faith of the Son of God; but his/hers mind comes under great attack, as with the apostle, from outside the arena of apostle-hood & prophet-hood, no-one understands the price being paid here. “The enemy targets with his highest demons, in attempts to stop this revelation going out. Paul complained of this to Me, My grace being sufficient for him, as it is for you.

For thou comest from a nation where God was given the pre-eminence in 1953 by the present monarch. For a nation to move away from that oath to God, to attempt to sign this away to Romanist power, is one which the prophet will always stand against; & in Great Britain, they are planning to have a referendum based on  whether or not the nation should break its promises to God.

Number 5: The prophet will always be lengthy in speech & in writing. The nation’s Constitutional Acts are contextual by their very nature. They are based on a monarch hearing from God & acting accordingly. But when a nation refuses to hear the Word of the Lord, laws are passed that bring death, rather than life, & all manner of Constitutional breaches come out of laws that have not heeded God.

So they tell the prophet the laws & regulations he/she has constantly broken; but the prophet establishes the Spirit over the letter, for the letter killeth, & the Spirit giveth life. It is the nature of the prophet to forsake his/her all for the cause.

This is normal in prophet-hood; but remember what I tell thee, that My Word is all-powerful, & the prophet knows it, yet comes in humility & weakness to give the word of the Lord, because he/she knows it is not him/her, but Christ Jesus, the King of Kings & Lord of Lords, the prophet giving all praise & glory to the One who has manifested Himself through the empty vessel, there being neither Jew not Greek nor male nor female; & the prophet is always prepared to go all the way, pointing out the pre-eminence of Christ in all areas of judgement. For the prophet always fights for justice, & I provide My sword, to be pierced into the enemy camp when I call thee to do it.”