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Word from the Lord through
David P Griffiths, 13/12/14

“The Sacrificial Remnant”

“I have spoken My Word over My suffering remnant, who has sacrificed their houses, homes, families for My sake & the gospel’s; & that they shall have the hundredfold now at this time, to walk in the fullness of God, with such power & authority that every devil from ‘hell’ – for hell-fire is their ultimate home – should flee to such a degree that this remnant should take charge of world affairs, the god of this world being bound up by them; My intercessor having gone to the seats of the Emerging Church, seats that indeed are thrones, but thrones of false authority over millions, this false authority having been taken up by those who run movements through witchcraft, like you witnessed those years ago at Elim.

“Thou art to name these movements, stolen from Me. For I am an angry God, whose movements & resources have been stolen from My remnant.

When thou spoke at Lowestoft those years ago, at the Lowestoft Elim, the cripple came out of the chair, after the proclamation of the foursquare gospel.

“You spoke as Jeffreys spoke, with the same result. If you spoke like that on entire sanctification in a Methodist church, you would get the same result as John Wesley did: the separation of flesh from spirit.

“For thou art to restore the mantles from rebellious movements; Elim & the Methodists are just two. You uncovered the cross of Baal at the Assemblies of God. You entered the graveyard of the Apostolic Church, & found out that the whole vision of the founders had been stolen. You pointed out the decadence in their ranks; but with stolen resources, that movement moved out of the place of its founders, to squander the founder’s resources on the trivial words that their god has placed among them.

“In thy position at this time, you personally have little of family resources to give them, should they sue you for the words of My prophecy. But you can back these words with hard facts. You saw the Egyptian gods in action at the Elim College. You saw the Egyptian scriptures being adhered to at the Elim College. Even then, you knew that College & movement had been stolen from Me, from the founder’s

vision – a stolen movement. Same with the Assemblies of God, the visions of Carter, Harthern & Wigglesworth – stolen.

“In the Apostolic Church, the vision of D P Williams – stolen. But thou hast found the thief. What must he do?

“Then I took you back to your Mission Hall; no longer proclaiming the vision of Walter Crocker, & his wife, known in those days as Mrs Crocker. The vision to preach Christ & Him Crucified – no longer applicable, now the vision of a false Christ movement taking over a building many had sacrificed their lives for.

“That building belongs to thee. For it is your ministry that carries the mantle of Walter Crocker, & all the pastors that followed him, including Ted Scott, William Griffiths, Norman Gates, & George Harrison. You carry that vision & mantle; but the thief has stolen it.

“The intercessor cried from the graveyard – but the biggest grave there was that of the Mission itself.

“For I have called thee to be an Isaiah 58 ministry, to restore the breach; to set the people free from the controls of false leaders.

“Thou stood outside Boland Mission in Bradford, the whole city being stolen from the influence of Smith Wigglesworth, not just the Mission. You held a meeting to restore that mantle. You interceded, & cried out from the graveyard too; but the biggest graveyard was the Mission itself.

“Thou art called to be the restorer of mission halls; mission halls that have become graveyards, from their former glory. But thou art called to raise them up, to restore the mantles of the founders.

“The list goes on. Thou art called to restore the Southport Convention. You can hold the Southport Convention today, by using the recorders of its speakers; & have a programme called ‘The Southport Convention Continuing.’ After all, you have restored Keswick, so why not Southport?

“Oh, Hallelujah! You are restoring My movements, My mission halls, My conventions. Not only this: you are restoring My seminaries, My colleges – taking them out of the hands of the rebels.

“It was right you went to Fuller first; for what I showed you at Fuller was pulled down through the intercession of the intercessor, who came to you seeing your heart to restore. My little army stood outside the gates of

Fuller; & as Gideon pulled down the forces of the Midianites physically, so you spiritually pulled down the forces of the Midianites of Fuller, through the loud voice of the intercessor, who cried aloud & spared not, thy Telethon not just being a matter of two television programmes, but a loud cry to bring the resources back to the people of God.

“This is thy Telethon. Thou hast an immediate need of £25,000 to thy ministry; but thou is aware of needs of other remnant ministries; & you cry aloud for them as well as yourself.

“This is the sign of a true ministry: it sees not only its need, but the needs of others too; & you cry aloud for them as well as yourself. For this Telethon is about bringing back resources to the people of God, away from those of the rebellious movements.

“The holiness movements have been infiltrated too, My College at Birkenhead being made into a citadel of Satan. Thy ministry sends those of older years to the mission field, just as Emmanuel did. For I have called thee to carry the mantle of J D Drysdale & Stanley Banks; not the rebellious movement that placed that College under the Higher Criticism of Manchester & Professor Peake.

“You stood outside the gates, from where missionaries were sent out, choruses & hymns being sung, & those laying down their lives to preach the gospel.

“You stood outside those gates; for what had they built but a fortress of Satan, to deny My Word that youth is to be restored to those of years which the world would call a pensioner.

“Oh, but oh yes! No more a pensioner, but a child. This is thy call: to raise up pensioners with wings like eagles.

“You formed a group called ‘Pensioners with a Mission’; & that is indeed what you became. But the forces of this world came against you, seeing pensioners as pensioners, & young people as young people; whereas in My eyes, there is no differential.

“So the Nazarene movement  - stolen by the organisers, with the policies & procedures of the god of this world, to whom they reported you to, so that you might abide by the policies & procedures of Satan, rather than the freedom & liberty of the living God.


 “What safety procedures did you have, when you crossed the minefield to Batticaloa? Oh, but one did have a safety procedure crossing the minefield. They say that you had no policies & procedures; but your policies & procedures were that of an ancient landmark. Mark 16 was your policy & procedure; & these new policies & procedures they have made you take, have stolen resources from My kingdom, which you must now claim back from a Commission placing you under law, rather than the liberty of the Spirit – an action illegal under the British Constitutional Acts, which thou art teaching to government, governments not honouring the oath of the monarch to God Almighty.

“Thou hast placed governmental prophecy after governmental prophecy on the internet; but they give no heed. As in the days of Noah, they laughed at My prophet, they laugh, & still slaughter the innocents, which they will pay for in hell, unless they repent. The hell-fire is being stirred up for those that slaughter My children, all politicians & medical staff facing an eternity in hell, unless they repent of their sin.

“For re-defining marriage, they re-define the relationship between Christ & His Church. The fires of hell are awaiting those who voted in favour of such a blasphemy – that is, unless they repent.

“On thy Christian Financing site, thou took on the banks which did not heed a House of Lords edict. They ignored thy court cases, & blamed thee. Yet all the blame was on their side; & thou has called a judgement against them; for they owe thee the resources to fulfil thy call.

“You are to continue the cases they have thrown out. You were right not to accept the return of court fees; for by doing this, you continue the cases against those stealing the very Constitution of thy nation – see www.christianfinancing.org

“Now, finally for this prophetic word: thou hast been to Fuller, thou hast been to Saddleback; thou hast been to the money-changer of San Diego; thou hast been to Knock & to Mexico; even to the stronghold of St Paul’s, to restore thy nation & its national Church; a national Church embracing the Emerging movement through Alpha, rather than the mantle of J C Ryle, & other bishops holding to the truth; & in amongst all of this, comes the Bible College of Wales – rightfully yours.

 “And now, the Every Creature Commission television channel; how you have seized the opportunity of the internet, & its possibilities of reaching every creature.

“Thou has looked to restore the Word of Faith movement back to Biblical Word of Faith, rather than the selfish lusts.

“In amongst all of this comes the Bible College of Wales – now Continuing. You carry the mantles of its missionaries; those of sacrifice rather than selfish gain. Thou has looked to contact the owner of its physical buildings, but to no avail. But it is you who walked those South Wales valleys those years ago. It is you who stood in Aberfan; you who stood in Treorchy; you who stood at Blaengwrach; you who stood at Moriah; you who stood in the seats of revival, even to the Hebrides, where you held a meeting in the Barvas Kirk, to restore the mantle of the lady intercessors & Duncan Campbell.

“It is you who did this on a limited budget; not those who come from the Charismatic world, with their stolen wealth & indulgences.

“So it is you who have the keys of the Bible College of Wales; not those of the Emerging Church background – but thee.

“You must continue to challenge them, & take back into the kingdom that which is rightfully yours.

“This is thy Telethon. Have you grasped it? The vision is big, isn’t it? Ha! Ha! Ha! The victory is assured. The intercession has been gained. Claim back into the kingdom that which is rightfully yours; for thou does not operate under thine own name, for thou art My body, My body carrying government on its shoulders; My body having the name above every other name; the body of Christ, that has only one name – the name, Christ Jesus.

“At His name, every knee has to bow, as you claim back My movements & My resources back to My remnant Church, the body of Christ.

“As thy brother Oliver would say: ‘The sons of Zadok, & not the sons of Eli.’ “