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Assemblies of God (Continuing) Churches in Stoke On Trent?
Pioneer and Founder of Assemblies of God Churches in Stoke on Trent that had a profound affect on the development of
Pentecostal Churches in North Wales
Rev Charles Harthern
It is a great honour to have on our Council of Reference i a lady who talks so passionately about her Uncle Charlie.
This is Sheila Standish formerly Speight who knew Uncle Charlie when he was a coalman in Stoke On Trent. Around and about the running of a coal business came a overwhelming passion to develop Pentecostal churches in Stoke On Trent.
After a miraculous healing over five years ago, the Lord Jesus called back Rev Charles son Roy to restore the mantle of his father in Stoke On Trent. At first many people gathered to hear his message but the usual backbiting and gossip had its toll! We too have witnessed this kind of spiritual attack in UK but the gossip in Stoke On Trent was ridiculous.
God had placed on my heart to expose the infiltrations into the Pentecostal movements that had attacked visions and callings like that of Uncle Charlie, the Uncle of Sheila Standish who is full of God's anointing is to be part of the battle to bring back the AOG churches in Stoke back into the mantle of her uncle.
Sheila Standish on PHCCI mission to Sri Lanka
Oh yes! the days of the Emerging AOG are over as we expose on this site the disastrous infiltrations in the Pentecostal Movement. Those holding the original mantle are standing up!
AOG Church after AOG Church has been taken over by Charismaniacs and those affected by the un-Biblical teachings of higher criticism. We have word in UK of many leaving the AOG New Emerging Fold!
God has ordained this ministry to make a stand in Stoke On Trent and restore the Landmark with "AOG Continuing".
Old Time Pentecostal? Are you going to sit back and watch your movements fade away into the Charismatic Acid Cloud? Please E Mail now! phcc4219@aol.com
It has been wonderful getting to know Roy and Pauline and working with them on a conference we put on at Northwich, Cheshire. "The AOG was a simple free flowing fellowship in those days", Roy told me. I remember prophesying he would only last a fortnight at Ball Green AOG where he had become Pastor. I believe he was gone in about that time, even less. He had stood up to Jezebel as every good Pentecostal Minister has to do with elders taking the Emerging Church perspective. Disgraceful - on a movement Roy's father founded - the new AOG thought it had had its way.
Well - no way Jose. The old time Penties are stirred up and ready to roll!
Get ready to step aside - all who stand in our way in our call to restore the mantle of Uncle Charlie in Stoke On Trent.