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1) Divine Mandate for the Pentecostal Church of Scotland
through Rev Dr Cllr David P Griffiths
“As soon as thy media suite is complete, & you are starting to make you first television & radio programmes, thou art to start the Pentecostal Church of Scotland, to broadcast into a nation that is now devoid of its covering of God.
“The Scottish Parliament is nothing less than a house of rebellion towards Me. It has brought curse to the land, rather than blessing; it has refused to acknowledge the principles of the Reformation & its apostle of faith, John Knox.
“Scotland is a Protestant nation that stood against the Papacy, but has now very courteously bowed down to a throne of Satan, its covering now being removed. For government to acknowledge the homosexual sin is an act of treachery, an act of treason; a Parliament continuously going against the principles of the Act of Union & the Constitutional Acts of the nation, which forbid this very activity.
“Scotland has lost its covering, saith the Lord. It stands in a vulnerable geographic position, but has been blessed by the covering of God. Now it has the curse of the shortage of fish; now it has the curse of adverse weather conditions; & you will see the nation become devoid of its economic power.
“It has been blessed with natural oil & natural gas; yet the affluent behaviour of oil-rich states seems far from it.
“Had the whole nation, i.e. the United Kingdom, listened to Me, & developed its trading partners on free trade agreements only, rather than the curse of political & legal integration, then UK would be rich today, & particularly Scotland, with its great natural resource, & protection of God.
“All this has now been lost, its nationalist party not being a nationalist party at all, but one which has bowed down to the wizards of Brussels. Wizards, because they control & manipulate; & because of this, Scotland is losing its national identity. Scotland is now anathema to Me. It is a nation of filthy rags, a nation that has thrown its Christian inheritance far away, as it even allows man to marry man, woman to marry woman. So it will do down in history as a nation that has lost its way, its decadent government selling its birth-right to the devil.
“So, what is My message to My remnant, the ones crying aloud in the wilderness? Thou art to be My Elijahs, crying aloud in the wilderness; calling a nation on its knees toward God.
“Thy national Kirk is an absolute disgrace before Me. I have told thee before of the abomination of Dunkeld, which must be removed.
“How often in My Word does it declare not to syncretize a pagan religion of Baal with the most holy God? How often in My Word have I said, “Thou must not syncretize the pagan religion of sinners with the most holy God?”
“Thou art of filthy rags. The curse of thy nation is great; but My word to My remnant is clear: continue to cry aloud. Psalm 91 applies to thee. A thousand shall fall at thy side; but it shall not come nigh thee.
“Its vulnerable geographic position, once under the protection of God, will now be wide open to wild weather flows; to amazing things happening to affect the economy of the nation.
“Thy houses of learning are an abomination towards Me, saith the Lord. Thy universities, colleges, & academies have turned away from Me, & brainwashed the people into being members of the cult of university prowess. This has been the case over all of the UK; but people so brainwashed into secularism, the people seem incapable of witnessing what has beset them; that when a nation gives credence to the activity of strange flesh; when a nation gives up its sovereignty to a foreign power, against My Constitutional Acts; when the prophets of God are scorned & laughed at; then that nation leaved itself open to all the effects of a great curse.

“The nation of Scotland has been proud of its industrial heritage, its great inventors, great entrepreneurship; its military history being acknowledged all over the world. But also, it has been known for its betrayal amidst the people of the clans.
“How much more shall it count against the nation, when it betrays God?
“The nation of Scotland has rapidly lost its identity. The curse of globalization has taken away the once-great shopping street of Edinburgh, that once bubbled with local identity, but has now fallen foul to the global intrusion of foreign powers.
“I have called thee to re-establish the Pentecostal Church of Scotland. Constitutionally, church & state are together in Scotland, & whilst the Kirk does not have to push a particular political party, what it can do is identify those parties who would proclaim the Lordship of Christ in the nation. That is the legal criteria for all political parties in Scotland. All those parties are able to do this, being in rebellion to the Most High God.
“Scotland, a nation with a national costume well known & acknowledged throughout the world, now wearing the kilts of rags, rather than the fine material of a nation under God.
“Its entertainment was once innocent folk groups, fine comedians, strong national identity; now replaced by the abomination of Edinburgh, a festival devoid of moral fibre; of pagan adherence; a disgusting spectacle; a disgrace before God.
“Scotland is now a nation in disgrace; yet I am calling thee to stir up My remnant, saith the Lord, to cry out as John the Baptist cried out in the wilderness, for the nation to repent.
“What would John Wesley say if he visited Scotland today? What would Mary Slessor say of her home nation? The big question being, “What would John Knox do?” The answer being to remove the foreign infiltration; to bring a nation on its knees.
“So, I am calling thee to begin a media Church to a decadent nation. The Kirk I am calling thee to begin will gather remnant saints from around the nation, to come together, to be My John Knox. Yet I am calling this remnant not to be as effective as Knox, but to be four, five, six, seven, eight-fold more effective than Knox.
“This remnant will comprise the suffering saints, to move in resurrection power. Thou will see, through the saints of God, the miracles of the early saints who came to Scotland.
“I will restore, saith the Lord, the mantles of the past. Thou will stand towards the strongholds of evil, & declare the victory of Christ Jesus.
“No wonder thy media suite has become under such great attack! The enemy is afraid of thee.
“From the loft studio, thou will issue warnings into Scotland. Thou will edify & exhort My precious remnant.
“I have called thee to physically visit the land; for I will establish Kirk meetings throughout the nation; & I am calling thee to train & perfect the saints for the work of the ministry.
“This is a mighty work, saith the Lord; for I am bringing forth the Pentecostal Church of Scotland, of remnant members, washed with My blood. They will be members who cry aloud into the nation; & that website can begin now. And I will intercede & pray all over Scotland. Bring together intercessors from all over the nation. They can have the website as a forum.
“And as for the Hebrides: I have called thee in the past to preach the old=fashioned gospel in what is known as the Catholic islands. The funds will come, saith the Lord, designated for mission to these islands.
“Thou shalt take with thee thy precious brother Freeborn, to these islands he prayed over, years ago.
“There will be a great victory, saith the Lord; for My heart is to bring revival to the Hebrides once more; but not only to impact Lewis & Harris, but also all the islands to the south: Benbecula, the Uists, Barra; going all the way down to Rathlin, saith the Lord.
“The islands shall fall to the Lord. Shetland & Orkney shall fall to the Lord. You will see the abominations of paganism withdrawn from Orkney, saith the Lord.
“And as you take this nation of Scotland, now waving the flag of a foreign power, will now discover the Lion of Judah is rampant. Its flag of Andrew will bring the realization of the Cross of Christ, where the nation must fall, to enable it to be a nation once more under God; a nation that passes law in line with God’s Word.
“And now, a word to the established Church in Scotland: thou art hopelessly divided amongst thyselves; a kingdom divided cannot stand. There is only one Church. And I will reveal Myself to My remnant, saith the Lord; not through those of the religion of good works, which has become a curse within thy nation.
“So remnant, be encouraged. The Spirit of the Lord is upon thee; but upon thy nation has come a curse so great, only repentance towards God will bring thy nation under God’s covering once more.”
2) Revival that is to COME TO SCOTLAND
Prophecy through Rev Dr Cllr E M Lindsay Griffiths
29 December 2012
“There is a mercy-seat, which none but the just shall see. It is My throne, saith the Lord, on high. Angels rescue and bring to it those who are weary and heavy-hearted, but only My Holy Spirit shall baptize, convict, convert. It is not a work of the creation, but the Creator. Heaven is My throne, and earth is My footstool.
“Obey Me in this My calling for thee, and carve thy name in the Lamb’s book of life. It is written that many shall cry ‘Lord,’ but only the righteous man or woman shall see God, and know His truth, righteousness, mercy and peace.
“There is a mighty move beginning through you, saith the Lord; so mighty it shall overtake you like a tidal wave. You will ride the crest of the wave, though at first it will feel engulfing. The tidal wave of My Spirit of revival sweeps away all debris, all filth, all human refuse, and purifying the earth. The tidal wave of My spirit plunges many beneath its waves. Only those who surrender to it shall survive. Those who refuse it, fight against it, or turn away from it, shall not survive the hour of My power and glory.
“But those who do not perish, but surrender to My power, will be carried, and lifted higher than they would ever have thought possible. For with God, all things are possible. Therefore, seek not to do in thine own strength what I can do far beyond all measure, in Mine.”