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Word from the Lord to DPG, 21/08/14
“The Rise of Babylon”

“Babylon is having its influence over the world. Those who are called into the Mayflower Compact have neglected their role in bringing Christianity into the world. So what is happening is that a destructive Babylon has come to take over that influence to bring terror & fear, not only to the countries of the Middle East, but also the entire world.

“Those of My remnant have laid down their lives for the salvation of the Arab nations, all of whom I call unto Me. For not only did I lay My life down for My chosen people; I laid My life down so that all may come unto Me; so that all may become sons of God, joint heirs with Christ.

“But the nations I have called into the Mayflower Compact have become destructive nations themselves, through the slaughter of the innocents & their covenants without increase. If you sow destruction, you reap destruction; & whilst the world is amazed at the horrors of the rise of Babylon, the nations of the Compact need to look first at the horrors they allow in their own country. The horrors of abortion are even greater than the horrors of Babylon; & this great sin has removed generations of those who would have continued the Christian heritage. And so, the sowing of horror is bringing Babylonian horror so great the world knows not what to do.

“So I say to the countries of Britain & America to come back to My Compact; that is, My covenant that brought you as one nation, with an Empire now Commonwealth, so that you may bring the one God, Father, Son & Holy Ghost, to the attention of the world. No longer will days of prayer, as in the Second World War, be sufficient to overcome a horror. For today, you have a greater Hitler rising, that unless you overcome it, you will be under greater bondage than what Hitler ever thought about.

“Did not I rise to help the soldiers of Dunkirk? Did I not rise in answer to the King’s call to pray? Did I not rise to save the horror of the gas chamber? Will I not rise again in reply to the repentance of Britain & America? For this time I not only call for days of prayer; this time I call for days of prayer & repentance, with men & women & children on their knees before Me, repenting before Me; & instead of trying to muzzle the prophet, take heed of the warnings, all of which can be overcome by simple repentance: bankers repenting before Me; those in government repenting before Me; & before you condemn an enemy rising from Babylon, make sure you have examined yourself first; for I see the sins of Babylon as a speck in comparison with the great beam of the sin of your aborted children. Horror brings forth horror; life brings forth life. To overcome Babylon, you need to examine yourselves first.

“They pray before their god in Mecca, when you have turned to the gods of materialism; to the green gods of decrease rather than to the God of plenty, of increase, of life & not death.

“I say to Britain & America: watch what you sow, for what you sow, you shall reap. And Babylon is there on the horizon. So remove the horror from your own countries, & I will return My protection. So that you can once more bring the influence of Christianity to a dying world.”