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MARY SLESSOR (1848-1915)
People today seem to challenge us saying that in modern society you will not find the full surrender like that of this heroine of faith, Mary Slessor.
Yet in amongst all this God is saying He Has Not Changed and his demands on us have not changed, and so we in the Pentecostal Church of Scotland present this lady as an example of a life fully surrendered to God.
Mary was a little Scots lady, a missionary to Calabsr, Nigeria setting off from Scotland in 1876 to land that would become her home for thirty nine years.
In the Pentecostal Church of Scotland we are looking to train up missionaries from the same background as Mary for overcoming hardships is very much the way of the Christian Missionary. Mary was one of seven children whose father was an alcoholic, a shoemaker by trade. Her mother was a weaver and Mary was forced to work in a mill, her mother however believing God that at least one of her children would serve God as a missionary.
All the children died except Mary before they reached the age of thirty, but God answered prayer through Mary. Mary faced a society ravaged by the slave trade, a people riddled in witchcraft and superstition that even included human sactrifice at the whim of tribal chiefs.
What she said was, "God and one are a majority" so she knew her authority in Christ Jesus. She believed mighty things would happen if just one individual was in agreement with God. Her whole life was a testimony to this.
God works through those who surrender their whole lives to be empty vessels for Him. This is the message of the testimony of Mary Slessor and we in the Pentecostal Church of Scotland encourage those called of God to join us and set up this media Church.