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Word from the Lord through Rev Dr David P Griffiths, 02/02/14

“Every day you see the resources before you. They are in the hands of those who have moved astray from the original visions of movements. They are in the hands of those who move by the natural mind rather than by the spirit. The sons of God, led by the spirit of God, have legal right to those resources, but those led by the natural mind, who stray from the vision of the founder, are indeed in witchcraft; for that is the sin of rebellion.

“I brought together the people Methodist for one purpose & one purpose alone: to portray My holiness. Entire sanctification simply means entirely Me. This is just one movement that has gone astray from the vision.

“‘Continuing’ means to continue from the original vision of movements; & so, you make claim to the resource publicly by continuing the original vision.

“What has happened is, the natural mind organizers have made these movements into a business. They have their pension schemes. They have their employment rights. Yet if you read the scriptures, those led by the spirit of God have no human rights whatsoever. They are forfeited at the foot of the cross.

“The Church of England has massive resources to fulfil the Every Creature Commission call. They have massive resources to uphold the Protestant Constitution of the nation, which they legally are obligated to do. Yet they spend their resources on buildings they call ‘churches,’ which are nothing but synagogues of Satan. For the true building of God is the body of Christ, not a holy place made with hands. For where there is a separation between priesthood & laity, there is always with those caught into that system, a manifestation of devils when a prophet should stand up to that newly built veil.

“Let it be known that I do not dwell in holy places made with hands. What I do dwell in is the hearts of the believers, the true body of Christ, the temple of the Holy Ghost.
“It is to these I have given this resource that is in the hands of the people of Vanity Fair rather than the true body of Christ, My remnant.

“The Pentecostal denominations now come under the same category, denying My Word through allegorical approaches. They hold the resources of the founders, which are rightfully yours. They too think with the natural mind, having the audacity to ask God to bless it. For on these movements is an agenda that is not of God. These movements were brought about by those led by the spirit of God, not by those led by the natural mind, who ask God to bless it.

“Thou saw the result at Lowestoft, where thou simply proclaimed the Foursquare Gospel, moving in the calling of George Jeffreys, Elim being a movement which has forsaken the vision of its founder to become another movement of what Bunyan declared as Vanity Fair. Yet it has the resources to fulfil that call, yet uses those resources to manifest revivals that have no association whatsoever with the early revivalists you portray on your web-sites.

“Movement after movement has gone astray from their original visions; & so at exhibitions, you are seen as a strange remnant, a cult to the natural mind, kept in a cave awaiting your day to face the Baal of masonry that has taken over these movements. Each one is bound by the ‘good works’ ethos of the natural mind rather than the manifestation of Him.

“If those led by the spirit of God are the sons of God, then those led by the natural mind, who emphasise the good they do, can only be the sons of the evil one.
“For thy suffering has been noticed, saith the Lord, for thou represents the original visions of movements, therefore legally being entitled to the resources of those movements; not only the resources of those movements, but to the resources of nations who too have gone away from their original visions known as Constitutions.
“By proclaiming the heart of the Pilgrim Fathers in America, you claim the resources of that nation to fulfil the Compact which they have proclaimed. By proclaiming the Constitutional Acts of Great Britain, you make claim to the resources of Great Britain.

“So the resources are all around you. How do you make claim to those resources? It is very simple. My Word is made complicated by men, not by My Spirit.

“You make claim to those resources publicly. By doing this, the Church of England will cease to be a movement of a Rocking Bishop & its ever-embracing of charismania, to become a serious movement upholding the nation’s Constitution which it is called to do.
“And likewise with all the movements & nations that have gone astray from God-given callings: you make claim to those resources by putting on line your legal claim.

“For I am the Lord: I change not. And to those who have abused My Word by blaspheming God, for proclaiming a ‘new thing’ out of context from the Scriptures, then one needs to know that the original vision of movements & nations which are called of Me never changes, & the resource is the entitlement of those led by the Spirit of God to fulfil original visions, those resources having been taken by the spirit of rebellion, which indeed is witchcraft, which is why so many people are hurt by coming under those rebellious sons, moving by the natural minds, who have become the sons of Satan rather than God.”