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Word from the Lord through DPG, 28/09/14
“The Philosophies of Men (yet not men), 
No Longer under the Schoolmaster, & 
The Money-Changers in the Temple”

“Now, this is what I tell you about the Emerging Church. It is pulling itself apart with division. It has its philosophies, keeping its form of order. It has its schoolmasters, that is, its pastors, keeping the people suppressed & under the system, their freedom only being allowed when devilish spirits are allowed to take over meetings.

“Then there is the control of the money-changers in the Temple; that is, their publishing & media operations, which are there to bring profits to shareholders & companies rather than to be there for the Every Creature Commission. It is clear to see the move of money is the root of all evil; & this is the motivation behind these publishing companies.

“The Emerging Church is based on the sin of rebellion, which is witchcraft. You have studied what happened at Fuller, the Assemblies of God & Apostolics, & have witnessed what happened at Elim, & know the whole story of ICA, Kansas City Prophets, Toronto, Lakeland - & all this has brought destruction rather than life.
“Those who have been under all of this are now afraid to go to ‘Church;’ afraid to be involved with Christians; & many have died through this ministry of Satan rather than of God.

“Locally, you have warned people not to be involved with charismatic groups. Globally, on the internet, you have shown where they have come from, how they operate, & have been in God’s favour in your quest to save those under this destructive spirit.

“There are so many out there that will not go near any fellowship now, because of the corruption they have witnessed.

“And you have been standing almost alone, exposing this now for many years. In one context, thou hast built an Ark, with a hand out for those who have suffered in this mishmash of witchcraft & commercialism. Yet the leaders of these movements stand firm. They have so many people under their control, taking the chains off at meetings so they can wallow in the manifestation of devils. The Vanity Fair exposed by the prophet is all around you. Yet thou hast chosen to follow Me. Thou hast chosen to lay down thy earthly goods before Me.

“All around you is this commercialism; pastors with their pensions & secure jobs, in the context of this mishmash of schoolmasters’ control, philosophy & blatant commercialism.

“Let Me tell you, it is pulling itself apart. In this context, you see the government of the UK pulling itself apart, for a grass-roots movement is beginning to stand against those who have destroyed the heart & passion of the original visions of political parties.

“Labour is no longer Labour; Liberal the same; & the grass-roots of the Conservative Party is nothing like its leadership.

“Now do you see the parallel? Political parties forgetting their vision will fall; & you are witnessing this at this time.

“As in politics, so in this Emerging Church. This Emerging Church is pulling itself apart. Why do you think you have materials ready, not only in the Church arena, but in the political arena too? To teach Christian ethics to all the political parties; to restore the family values in the nation; to make the nation God-fearing. You have all the material necessary to teach all parties the truth. Likewise, the Emerging Church, the Vanity Fair of Christendom. You witnessed the worship of other gods whilst at the Elim College; & you knew to obey Me by not taking their degree of philosophy rather than Christ.

“These lost movements you have a passion for, just as you have a passion to restore all political parties to their original calling; & your dear Bible College of Wales, with those now in charge of the Swansea buildings having looked to take over a movement that has suppressed the vision of Rees Howells, having introduced Higher Criticism, being part of a worldwide charismatic movement of destruction rather than life.

“Thou hast issued the challenge as to which side the present ownership are on: the philosophies of men, the money-changers in the Temple, the blatant commercialism of the charismatic global operation; those who control over masses of people.

“This is serious business. But there are those now realising what is going on; & I have tested thee whether one will be able to take those who are hurting so bad, so as to introduce them to the visions of movements again.

“Thou art called to restore the Bible College of Wales, the Nazarenes, WEC & CLC bookshops, Pentecostal denominations; & not only this, but the political parties, who have strayed from their original visions; who have introduced laws of suppression upon the people; who have introduced immorality at a level founders of these parties would not believe.

“Restoring the ancient landmark is what you are all about; ancient landmarks which should never have been removed. And so, you move on in this calling of God, & you will witness these movements quaking in the judgement that is upon them.

“Likewise in politics, they are pulling themselves apart. But you can go forward, confident that you are built on the rock of the Lord Jesus Christ. You can have no fear. It is them who are falling, & you are lifting out that hand for those wanting freedom from the rebellious witchcraft of modern-day movements, whether political or of what is known as ‘Church.’ “