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PENTECOSTAL HOLINESS CHURCH CONTINUING - Remove not the ancient landmark, which thy fathers have set
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“This is a very serious word, saith the Lord, for thy nation has had government after government keeping secrets from the people.

“It is one thing to keep a secret under the guise of national security, but it is totally another thing to keep a secret in relation to deceiving the British people.
“I want you to put forward an Act of Parliament that will bring forth the understanding that official secrets are not there to hide the lies & deception of government, but are there at times to protect national security. There is a huge difference between the two. The British Constitutional Acts protect the people from lies & deception, the government dishonesty in Great Britain being that these Acts are not taught to the generations growing up, for they give them all the protection they need from organizations like banks, who have deceived the people for years, governments working with them, rather than regulating them to stop them abusing the British people.

“The abuse & deception the nation has suffered under the hands of the banking institutions, if exposed, will set many people free from bankruptcy orders, from having lost their homes & businesses - the list is endless. For banking institutions, instead of serving the people, as old-time bank managers did, have placed the people under manipulative banking systems which bring death rather than life.

“Your own banking cases are clear examples of this, of banking institutions hiding under laws that are influenced by global powers rather than democratically elected MPs of thy country.

“So within this equation of secrecy, is the god of this world’s plan to hold the people in fear & bondage to unknown dictators who have hidden behind Official Secrets Acts which are there for national security rather than hiding the sins of unknown dictators.

“One needs to praise the Lord that secrets do not exist in the kingdom of God. I have opened the veil to bring understanding of the glories of God’s kingdom; & I have called thee to the heavenly places in Christ Jesus, & given you My spiritual gifts, that you may discern what goes on behind closed doors.

“I use the term ‘you’ as an expression, rather than a literal ‘you;’ for thou art one in Christ Jesus; & nothing that is done in secret will not be uncovered.
“So I am calling you to expose by word of knowledge & word of wisdom & discerning of spirits, what goes on behind closed doors.

“Now in relation to national security, you need the wisdom as well as the knowledge of God in relation to these matters; but the people should not have to wait a number of years to read government papers in relation to deception. 
These need to be open now; & this includes all government papers in relation to the apparent banking crash, which you know was one of maneuverability, to place people under greater laws of oppression, rather than the Constitutional demand that all law needs to be applied with law & justice in mercy.

“It is for this reason the ministers of God in thy country to uphold the demands of the Constitutional Acts, which clearly declare all law is to be applied with law & justice in mercy. Yet the banks have even defaulted those who have had the gall to take them to court, with government backing them up by taking away the demands of those who have worked to protect the people, from edicts which have come from the Upper House, these edicts bringing liberty & justice from British peers, rather than unknown global powers.

“Through My Spirit thou hast exposed the secrets of corruption, it being known today through release of papers relating to the Miners’ Strike that a government can lie to the people, yet by My Spirit thou can expose today the lies of government hidden in files that you can demand be opened up.

“Thus saith the Lord: that unrepentant spirits that come before God are destined for an eternity in the fires of hell. And your call is to point this out, & bring them to the Saviour, who died to set all men free, that there no longer be activity in secret to deceive the people. On One hand they say everything must be open & transparent, yet they cover their own deception in the name of national security. That deception My ministers are called to expose.”