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Exodus 15:26 King James Version (KJV)
And said, If thou wilt diligently hearken
to the voice of the Lord thy God,
and wilt do that which is right in his sight,
and wilt give ear to his commandments,
and keep all his statutes,
I will put none of these diseases upon thee,
which I have brought upon the Egyptians:
for I am the Lord that healeth thee.
1 Thessalonians 5:19-21 King James Version (KJV)
Quench not the Spirit.
Despise not prophesyings.
Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.
Word from the Lord through DPG, 22/08/12
“Please note everybody: I have not changed. Over many years, Suresh & Mercy, David & Lindsay, have battled over incredible obstacles, within the Asian setting, & the British setting.
“I have not changed.
“I gave a vision from the very beginning, to you, David & Lindsay, for an outreach from Sri Lanka to Tibet, via India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, & Nepal.
I have not changed. If I gave the vision, from Sri Lanka to Tibet, I have not changed. What has happened is that every gate of hell has come against you to prevent this. But My Word declares that I will build My Church, & the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.
“Now, this is a word to Brian; David & Lindsay, Suresh & mercy, have been through many years of suffering; & as you know, I can only use the empty vessel. They have their joyful side, because they have the joy of the Lord. You have seen Manuel Scott Junior, who gave his 3 points of:-
“(1) How I am to be invited;
  (2) How I am to be obeyed; &
  (3) As in the case of Zaccheus, there was jubilation in the house, & generosity was expressed from that house. He wanted to bless everything that moved! He wanted to put on the biggest feast, for everybody he saw. He just wanted to bless everybody!
“My blessings are more than enough. Now, when it comes to this vision, I am operating under the same principles you heard from Manuel Scott Junior:-
“(1) I have to be invited. Now I am telling you now, with what I have got planned, you are going to be invited.
“Now Brian, there was times I was rejected. My heart went out for the people of Nazareth, who rationalized My vision; who rationalized My calling. But as I went out into the “whole world,” for My journeys within the context of that day, were perceived as long journeys (donkeys instead of 747s!). There was places where I was invited. My evangelist Scott Junior, an empty vessel of God that manifests My joy; that is why he jumps up & down, & wriggles – such is the joy of the Lord in him. I said through him the importance of being invited.
“Now, I speak to all of you: Suresh, Lindsay, David, Mercy, Brian, & also all those left with you in this environment of Wales: the 3 girls, who have battled too; Ken & Mary out there: get a hold of this, & understand Ken & Mary, we will have our words for Africa too; for I am planning on getting a studio in Kenya too, which at the right time this team will set up. But at this time, I am stirring up an original vision of this ministry. This vision is from Sri Lanka, where a studio is to be set up at Bellwood.
“Now listen, & listen carefully: this equipment is to be new equipment. This equipment is to be used to broadcast My Word right across Asia & the Middle East, with reports going out on western television & radio.
“Now listen, & listen carefully, for this is the second part of Manuel Scott Junior’s word; because I know you all have invited Me in – hence I am here.
“The second point is to do what I say. Now with your battles & your sufferings, the danger is, you become small-minded. Well, get this one: you do not have a small-minded God.
“When I create, you show Me evidence that I create small. I say, ‘Do not despise the day of small things, but you have been through the day of small things; & those who successfully go through the sufferings, are being prepared for the day of the big thing. But the danger is, you stay in the day of small things, rather than move into the day of big things. Hence, apostle Suresh is screaming to get the gear. For I have moved you all together for the day of big things.
“What I create, I create big! How many stars are there? The world’s scientists wonder ‘Why so big?’With all their equipment, they cannot keep up with the size of My creation. For I am not a skinflint God. When I create, I do not create enough; I create more than enough.
“Now listen to this, & you all listen hard: what I have called you to is bigger then your human thinking can comprehend. The vision for Sri Lanka through India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal into Tibet: do not think in terms of college just in Bellwood, in Wales, in Harrow & in Paris, just getting by. How many people are there in India, hungry for the gospel, just to name one country? How many people are there in India hungry to study the Word of God? I sent My apostle to Orissa, one of the poorest states in the world. Now, understand My thinking. You, yet not you but I, are going to be invited to Orissa; & government in that state is going to change, for you are going to be invited by local authorities to come to places needing the gospel primarily.
“Now, listen to what Manuel Scott Junior said. When the people obey Me, there comes jubilation into the house. The same principle works in a nation, & in an individual state. For the coming of Jesus, whether into a house, a state, or a nation, changes grief & despair into jubilation!
“Now, what are the people of Orissa going to say to that? You look at My Word. When I am obeyed, I do not just give them enough to get by; I am more than enough. Same in Britain. When the west coast of Scotland was obeying Me, they were falling over themselves in herring. They did not have enough boats to pick them up. The sea was overflowing with herring – far too many.
“What happened with the disciples? They went out on the Sea of Galilee in their own strength. Could they find a fish? When they obeyed Me, the nets were overwhelmed.
“Are you seeing how I work? Now, when the little boy came with the loaves & fishes, he brought what he had to the Lord. Now, did I feed the people just enough? Or were there ‘basketsover?’ or were there ‘baskets over?’
“Remember, I am the God who is more than enough. Isn’t it El Shaddai – the God of plenty? That is who I am – the God of plenty – more than enough. Get a hold of it! It is all over My Word. When I am invited, when I am obeyed, there is jubilation. For I overwhelm the people; as the scientists are overwhelmed, looking to analyse My creation; even building a tunnel, which was only enough to discover what they call a “God-particle”; when they only needed to understand the principle of what I an talking about to you today.
“Listen to the words of the song, ‘How big is God?’
“Now then, coming back to the immediate: in Britain there are a lot of mistrusts from ministry to ministry; & indeed this has gone on in the Asian context too. You see, where there is mistrust between brothers, then the Spirit cannot move in that situation, so men go into their earthly ways. Now these 2 initial television & radio stations being planned, are only a start. The vision to be shared is, from Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, into Tibet. Colleges, with studios, will sprout throughout these areas; & with the studio in Wales, & elsewhere in western countries too, you will be able to live stream, record – whatever it takes, as led of My Spirit at different times. For I know all the technical terms & technicalities – I will tell you what to do.
“Now, My message is to go out in all of these lands; colleges & studios throughout these lands, all connected together. For the 5-fold ministry can oversee through the technology. For this is to be a quick work.
“Now get a hold of all this; for once you have started this, you are to do this in other continents too, with others I will send you. You will find out there are those with visions for South America, for Africa, for Europe, who will come to you to model what you have done in these countries, in the countries I have called them to. You will go to these countries & encourage them.
“But what I have called you to do now, is set up a college in Wales, with studio. Now, in founder Rees Howells’ day, transport ability to send people throughout the world was very much part of the vision. So it was not just a learning college. Part of the vision – the most crucial part of the vision – was to send out missionaries in the Every Creature Commission. The world was changed through this outreach. Now, My call to you all was never just to fulfil what Rees Howells did. Since when have I given a lesser portion mantle? I do not operate that way! Since when does it say in My Word, Elisha received from Elijah a lesser portion? That is not My way. He asked for the double portion!
“Now can you see how much more effective having a studio attached to a College is going to be? The students will be reaching lands they are called to reach during the course of their studies – not just after, as in Rees Howells’ day. So the Every Creature Commission, therefore, has not changed! But the ability for increase is enormous. For just as in My day on earth, when the Word became flesh, transportation was on a donkey, today you have got fast trains, planes, & all of that. Just as in My day on earth, natural echoes were used so large crowds could hear the Word, you can get equipment where the Word can be heard miles away; & having a studio, you can broadcast to the whole world the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ.
“So invest in these 2 initial studios; but do not expect that I am going to stop there! But just as I have created the heavens & the earth, you are going to find studios all over the lands from Sri Lanka to Tibet – not only that; I am ordaining there to be satellite trucks, with the ability to go into rural areas, & broadcast meetings all over the world. So college, studio, satellite truck, is My thinking. Rees Howells would be jumping up & down.
“There are great foundational ministries throughout these lands too. In the Tamil lands, you have met Jeva. His calling is to continue. There are those who worked with him who will come to you, saying you are moving in the anointing of this man.
“So carrying on the landmark, not removing the landmark, is what this ministry is all about.
“But I am calling you – get a hold of this – to get the best equipment to fulfil My call.
“I am not a skinflint God. I am the God who created the heavens & the earth. I am the God who is more than enough.”
Word from the Lord through DPG, 21/08/12
“You are involved in a massive world-wide move of God, which will involve taking on the issues as to how so-called Church got into a state into which damnable heresies have taken control of people under the philosophies generally known as seeker-sensitive & purpose-driven.
“In amongst all this, you have already exposed Jezebel & Absalom, & already you have exposed a massive spirit of betrayal; already exposed false revival. You have also shown what true revival is; & now is the time to go forward; expose those new philosophies & belief systems, as well as getting government back on track with the Lord.
“Government has no hold on you, because it has broken its covenant with God. To prosper again, Great Britain has to call national days of repentance (not prayer); for the nation has to turn away from false gods & philosophies; repent from suppressing the role of the Christian minister; & rather than modernize the House of Lords, go back to where it originally was, with the role of bishops being paramount.
“Now these bishops need to understand something very important: instead if coming under the New World Order, come under God’s established order of apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor, teacher. As a Town Clerk is to a Town Council, so the five-fold ministry is to you.
“You can look to rule Britain, & as the Upper House, you have responsibility before God to immediately do the following things; & this is My prophet telling you to do this immediately. This is My priority:-
“(1) You stop the slaughter of the innocents. How can you possibly deal – & I am speaking to the bishops; you constitutionally are responsible under God – how can you deal with youth violence, when you yourselves are responsible for the greatest violence on youth the world has ever seen? Now you bishops are higher than the House of Commons; higher than the other lords; because you are there to protect the Constitution; & you have left My prophet to cry in the wilderness, perceived by many to be out of line with society. Of course he is out of line, because he cannot respect a society that kills its youth! This is why the nation’s legal system bears no resemblance to the way it ought to be. This is why there are many miscarriages of justice. This is why you are looking for minor breakages of law in others, when you are responsible for a massive plank in your eye; for you are overseeing a House of Lords & Commons not capable of conducting its business, because it is guilty of blatant murder & disobedience to God.
“Now, My prophet knows he has to train the people in the Constitution of the nation. What kind of nation does not teach its people the Constitution? By teaching the Constitution, you bring stability to the nation. Do you not know, there are higher laws, & lower laws? Your monarch, who has ecclesiastical as well as national position, is obligated under God to keep the laws of God. Yet you have forced her to sign laws out of line with her oath to God. You have put the nation under foreign powers. What right have you got to do that? You are obligated to your Commonwealth; & whilst you are told to love your neighbour, you have not been told to marry your neighbour. Your marriage is to the Commonwealth of Nations, some of which you have allowed to come under dictators of suppression & oppression. Your army is to grow, not decrease; for your army, navy & air force are there to protect the Constitution of Britain, having a monarch not only head of Britain, but the whole of the Commonwealth.
“My prophet has recognized this, but you have tried to place him in a cave, by making him so unpopular within your modern culture, that he has had to rely on My ravens to keep him going. Have you noticed how the weather has been bad for business? You notice how the fish in the sea have mysteriously disappeared? Business often relies on weather. If it is raining on a bank holiday, business figures are down. There is only one way to prosper, & that is to obey God.
“And now, there is a world-wide move of God around Mount Carmel.
Now listen here, & listen now: you cannot run a country, & judge others, while you slaughter innocents, & reject your covenant with the Commonwealth. Now this is the Word of the Lord: your nation has to have national days of repentance. Those in the nation who will not accept the Constitution – that is the 1534 Act of Supremacy; the Elizabethan Settlement in its entirety; the 1690 Act establishing the Coronation Oath; the 1700 Act of Settlement – accepting these acts needs to be a condition of British citizenship. Oh yes, people have a free choice to believe what they want; but they do not have a free choice to slaughter innocents, & they do not have a free choice to come against the Constitution of the nation; for without foundations, the nation will fall.
“And you bishops are the ones responsible for that. For you have the Constitutional power to do it, & have neglected it.
“Now a word to you Church leaders in Britain: you have embraced Jezebel with your over-emphasis on ministry & control over others. You have embraced Absalom, in taking the prophets of God to authorities under a spirit that destroys the innocents, & suppresses the people through over-regulation.
“The nation is guilty of a great crime. The plank of the nation is the issues, not the specks in the eyes of the people.
“Now, I have authorized a massive move of God, to bring Commonwealth nations on their knees before Me. I have called there to be repentance in the national Church of England, for having one that stands around stones, rather than have one that embraces the real Word of God. My prophet has been crying in the wilderness, & is now bringing a move amongst Commonwealth nations, for the citizens of those nations to rise up, accept Christ Jesus as Lord, & come to Britain to clean up the mess of the covenant-breakers; to bring to justice those who have embraced the abortion massacre; & teach the nation its Constitution under God.
“This is the calling of God. No man can come against this & succeed. For the prophets of Baal are being exposed for what they are: covenant-breakers, & suppressors of people. By allowing the innocents to live; by restoring the covenant with the Commonwealth, Britain can use its title Great Britain again – but nor before it has repented before Me.
“Throughout the Commonwealth nations, colleges under the Mount Carmel umbrella will flourish & grow. All the Commonwealth nations must give freedom for Christianity to flourish. Many have tried to oppress it through persecution; & many Commonwealth leaders know the higher the persecution, the greater the growth. For within the context of Mount Carmel colleges throughout the Commonwealth, there is to be an understanding that God is counteracting the slaughter of the innocents nations, to bring them back to God; life rather than death.
“Now, I speak to the people of America, that you are part of this because of the journey of the Pilgrim Fathers. So get a hold of this move of God: that young people are to be perfected for ministry throughout the world. This is about to happen. Justice is about to return.”
Word from the Lord through DPG, 25/08/12
“The nation of the United Kingdom: England, Ireland, Scotland & Wales, are to be kept together with its Commonwealth & Mayflower Compact with the United States of America. Any attempt to divide this is to be resisted in the strength & power of the Lord.
“The incident in Old Colwyn shows the small-mindedness in the Welsh. Wales needs to become a nation on its own, yet part of the United Kingdom & Commonwealth. By refusing the currency of Scotland & Northern Ireland, Wales sees itself as entirely under the English, unable to produce currency of its own. Wales needs to become so economically viable that it can support itself, that it can more than support itself, so much so that it has so much over to help the poor in Commonwealth countries to have equal wealth with the nation of Wales. Hence the term “Common Wealth.”
“Bowing the knee to globalization is a surrender of the nation of Wales. Nationalism is about having a national identity, it being no compromise to nationalism, being part of the God0given United Kingdom.
“Yet the Welsh seem to enjoy their defeated status, awaiting on the grants of others, rather than building up business plans of their own. Their flag signifies the ultimate defeated one, which cannot be part of the Union flag. Yet the yellow & black of David could well be incorporated in the Union flag, if the Welsh would wake up to their Christian heritage rather than their pagan one.
“You are to raise up a national Church in Wales, just as you are in Scotland. The Scots are easily roused when it comes to nationalism; & whilst all nations of the Union are equal before Me, at this time are to take a lead, in relation to the future of the Union; which is why I am giving Lindsay place to stir up the Welsh, this issue over currency giving Lindsay ample scope to support her nation in Wales. For I have called her as a Scot, to stir up real nationalism in Wales – not being under to anybody except God. I am calling her to stir up chapel-going, making the chapel the national Church; to kick out Church in Wales paganism to remove this “under the English” syndrome, it certainly being an insult to the nation of Scotland to refuse its money in Wales; & Lindsay, you must say so. For Wales should have its own bank producing notes; & just because it has not done this, there is n0 excuse to refuse that of other equal United Kingdom members.
“To say the notes may be fraudulent, is saying less care is taken over Scottish notes than English ones. There are fraudulent notes in all nations of the world – so why should Scots be singled out as more fraudulent than others?
“Wales needs to growup as a nation. You have the North Wales coast, revelling in a poverty spirit, when God’s plan is that it should prosper under God. Young people need to be taken off the streets, & be put into building a nation under God; not under EU grants. For the United Kingdom to place money into a corrupt system, & then beg money off the corrupt system, is ludicrous.
“Wales should have its own bank, & way of doing things, under God, the true nationalist party being the party that wants to uphold the nation’s Christian heritage, with the flag of David, as an equal partner in the UK, a partner whose wealth is clear for all to see, building up other nations who are poorer than its own.
“This is My policy for Wales to grow up. The infrastructure of the nation is ancient, there needing to be better roads from north to south, from east to west.
“Yet they will cry over the environment. Well, I created the environment, & called man to subdue it; & it is an obvious economic policy to bring all the peoples of Wales together; yet if you try & build a road from North to South Wales, they will all be crying there, talking of harm to the environment.
“You small-minded, pathetic people! You notice the small nation of Switzerland has no trouble building roads through mountains, giving more people the opportunity to see God’s creation? People of Switzerland build restaurants on the top of their mountains, & cable cars up to them. I have given man ability to build, & create wealth; & there is every opportunity in Wales to build & enhance the environment by allowing more people to see the beauty of God’s creation, at the same time improve transport links between all parts of Wales.
“How ludicrous is it that a railway journey from North Wales to South Wales spends much of its time in England, when the people of Mid-Wales could benefit from the traffic moving from north to south, & vice versa.
The nation of Wales needs to grow up; & I will give strategies for the nation of Wales to grow under Me, rather than the stars of Mary. Some Scots have seen the Union as being under the English, which has never been My plan. My plan is for Scotland to be a nation under God, & always has been.
“Now, Scotland, & its relation in Northern Ireland: you have superior education systems; you have superior legal systems; you have superior social care systems; & you have a superior health service. Throughout history, your people have stretched technology right to the full. Your inventors have changed nations. You have had superior monetary systems, & would always have had the best banking systems, if its corrupt bankers had not bowed the knee to globalization.
“The Scots are to rise up as a nation again. It was at one time, you had the best footballers; & Scottish managers are legendary. It was at one time you had a great rugby team. It was at one time you had a nation with the ability to impact the world; yet many of your leaders were forced to leave the shores because of ludicrous behaviour from representatives of a neighbouring nation, with whom there has been many wars & battles.
“But now I am calling the nation of Scotland not to fight the English, or the Welsh, or indeed Ireland, which still has a place in the United Kingdom. I am calling the nation of Scotland to save the other nations of the United Kingdom; & Northern Ireland can be included in this too:-
“(1) Scotland has a superior national Church; not in its present behaviour, which is denying the Knoxian landmark; but in its structure. England & Wales need a fully reformed national Church; & it is far weaker than the Scots, because it has not got one. Because of the state of the present-day national Church in Scotland, hopelessly divided over a ludicrous issue of God’s plan for the world in relation to human relationships; but the structures of a national Church are still there; & I have instituted the Pentecostal Church of Scotland to embrace the Reformation, Reformation however not being fully completed in Scotland; & so the Reformation continues with the bringing in of the 5-fold ministry & the use of bishops (not the Episcopal bishops of history, but the Biblical bishops of the Word of God, that are under the 5-fold ministry, alongside elders & deacons). The Pentecostal Church of Scotland will continue the Reformation, with the Foursquare Gospel. This will bring excitement to the nation of Scotland.
“For I am setting Scotland alight, saith the Lord. I am setting this nation on fire, saith the Lord. The religious freaks will holler & cry; the politically correct nationalist party will say, ‘Oh! We need Europe.’ But the truly nationalist people of Scotland will say, ‘We need God, not the stars of Mary.’
“A nation with the flag of Andrew flying proudly from its ramparts, going forward, not to fight the English, but to save them.
“England has become a spiritual wasteland, & the warring Scots are to fight the powers that bind the English, & set the English on fire too.
“As for the Welsh, they had the opportunity to do this at the beginning of the 20. century. Yet they continued to wave the flag of paganism, rather than the flag of their Christian heritage.
“So today, the Scots have a leading role in the Union; not that they should see themselves as a people more equal than the other parts of the United Kingdom; but at this time, that they take a leading role in the United Kingdom, the nation’s prosperity being in God, not the stars of Mary, Mary having been the mother of Jesus on earth, not someone to be worshipped & embraced, but as a lady of history, who became a joint heir with Christ, like everybody else who is born again. One is no more special than the other.
“The important factor of Mary at that time in history, was her virginity; a simple physical fact, important spiritually for the history of the world.
“So Scotland, you are to go forward with your Christian flag, & a Christian anthem, leaving aside the anthem of the past one-upmanship over the English, but having now an anthem of the nation of Scotland that shows the nation’s anchor is in God, rather than the globalization surrender of the SNP.”
Word from the Lord through DPG, 03/09/12
“There are 2 systems of law competing against each other in Britain, as in the cases you are involved with. You stand on one system, & your opponents stand in another. This is why you are a million miles apart in coming to a conclusion over the issues you are involved with.
“You stand for legal system number (1), that relates to the laws & customs of thy nation over many centuries; that relates to the monarch’s oath to God; not only in what those laws are, but also in what the monarch promised God, in relation to how those laws are to be applied, & the suppression of foreign influence over them.
“This is what you stand for.
“Your opponents within the global context, do not give heed to what the monarch promised God, but rather give heed to the many treaties so-called British governments have signed, giving away to a foreign power all that which you hold precious. For what you stand for relates to what the Head of State gave oath to God about.
“So your legal system, which we will call legal system number (1), is in God & cannot fall. Legal system number (2), that relates to foreign power overruling that which you call precious, is falling all around you. It cannot stand. It is on sand. The god of this world can only ever build on sand; & what you have done is challenge the legality of legal system number (2), which you are legally entitled to do, because of the powers given to Protestant Reformed ministers under the Constitution.
“So let us analyse each legal system.
Legal system number (1):
“Under the background that the original referendum, apparently voted for by the people, was for a free trade area relating to trading, rather than legal & political integration; since that date, there has been vast immigration from European countries, with people from these countries now seemingly able to vote, & influence through these votes, anti-Constitutional perspectives, into Parliament & future referendums. So the European order illegally has ignored the democratic referendum of the terms of entry into the Common Market, by adding all the over-regulatory powers of successive treaties British governments have signed, all these governments guilty of treason, for ignoring the restraints of the original referendum, which was for a trading union only; but more importantly, ignoring the God-given demand on the monarch to suppress all foreign influence on our political & legal processes.
“Legal system number (2), as you have found out, makes decisions over the people before giving them a hearing in a British court; & because legal system number (2) is now ruling over legal system number (1) in practice, the British people can no longer expect law in justice & mercy, as demanded in the British Constitution.
“This is why the banks you have taken on are so confident in winning their case against you; for they are operating in legal system number (2), their faith being in men’s manoeuvrings, whereas your faith is in God.
“Legal system number (1) relates particularly to the Elizabethan Settlement, Elizabeth I having removed the treachery of legal system number (2).
“Legal system number (2), as you saw in the Olympics, has allowed a phoenix to come out of the ashes & dominate Britain, the people at the Olympics looking up to rings of fire coming together, which depict the god of this world bringing together the continents of this world under him, the god of this world mesmerizing the people to look unto him & his rising forth out of the ashes, into what he is calling ‘fresh fire.’ In ‘churches’ today, they too talk of ‘fresh fire.’ They talk of a new thing God is doing. This is all part of legal system number (2); for the landmark of what God did in the Elizabethan Settlement, is now ignored for the worship of the phoenix rising out of hell.
“You however are standing on legal system number (1), which demands all error & heresy be suppressed, the monarch giving power to Protestant Reformed ministers to see this occurs. You are doing this day by day, but you are not getting the support you deserve, for the people have been mesmerized by the god of this world rising up out of the ashes, showing he has a way better than the ancient landmark of thy Constitution.
“So this is the base of legal system number (1): the demands of the 1534 Act of Supremacy, the Constitutional demand to suppress & repress heresy, the rights given to ministers to ensure this happens, the demand on the monarch to increase the anointing in Christ’s religion, Elizabeth I restoring all this back to thy nation; the age-old right under the principles of Habeas Corpus, to await the result of a court hearing before pronouncing guilt on an individual. This principle is being removed from the legal processes of Great Britain, which is why the banks are confident that they have legally been able to blacken thy name, without waiting for the results of a court.
“I am declaring, saith the Lord, that this is illegal under thy Constitution; an act of treason against legal system number (1), the only solution being a repentance of the nation before God, in allowing foreign power to come in & take away what is precious in the Constitutional Acts of Britain, the effect of which being a ‘walking on eggshells’ by the British people, now afraid of over-regulation, the jobs & prosperity given to a foreign power; local councils bowing down to the regulations of the foreign powers, their begging for funds from these foreign powers, for the funds they have to beg for, are only the funds the British taxpayer has paid anyway; but to get the money back, they have to agree to the rules of legal system number (2), & ignore the Queen’s promise to God.
“No wonder the system is at breaking point! It does not work; & the consequent stress levels on government workers, business people, professional people, charity workers, is such that there is so much strain on the NHS, dealing with the physical & mental tortures of an over-regulated society, that that system is at breaking point too.
“Legal system number (1), therefore, which is the Elizabethan Settlement, gives freedom to the monarch, constitutionally head of legal & political processes, as well as head of the national Church, to apply law & justice in mercy.
“Legal system number (2) decides guilt before a hearing is heard in court. This is the illegal system of corpus iuris that has dominated foreign powers for years, Britain for years being protected from this.
“So as in the banking cases you have encountered, there is no need of awaiting the result of a court hearing. Your name is blackened before you have had a chance to give your say. So suddenly under the new British law, you have to pay an account even if that account is in dispute.
“Thus saith the Lord: to take away the demands of Habeas Corpus is not only an act of high treason before the nation; it is an act of blasphemy before God, the people being mesmerized with the ‘fresh fire’ of the Olympic rings, looking up to them & the phoenix rising from the ashes, rather than the ancient landmark of thy Constitutional Acts.
“They have shown they can do what the prophets of Baal before Elijah could not do, in getting the people to look up to the fires of Baal, they being able to bring forth fire from the sun, through technological know-how; & transferring that fire with runners all over Britain; the people looking up to a flame that has brought forth a phoenix over Britain that has undermined the Constitution of the land. The people have cheered the flame of Baal, mesmerized under its hold, that phoenix representing legal system number (2). In a recent case in Llandudno, the prophetic minister was not allowed to speak, thus being the influence of this new system of law, that was not able to question the reliable of a man-made machine; but that which man makes is now infallible; for this phoenix encourages pride in man’s achievement, rather than adherence to the Constitutional Acts of thy nation, & to the One which the nation is obligated constitutionally to worship: Almighty God.
“The god of legal system number (2) has mesmerized the people to accept foreign influence in court cases. They talk of their own human rights, & relate this to the European Court of Human Rights; yet in World War 2, the nation admitted before God that it could not manage without Him. This was when Britain was at its strongest. When it was weak, it was strong.
“So this phoenix has encouraged pride in what man has done in Britain. Hence the Olympic opening ceremony was pride in man’s achievement, rather than in adherence to God.
“ ‘Look what we have done!’ Britain says to the world, as it celebrated the Industrial Revolution. But where is that industry now? Given to foreign powers, along with the nation’s legal processes & political systems!
“So the banks are confident they can beat you. The have all this going for them. They have pronounced you guilty, even though a dispute was clearly established. Collaboration ignored a House of Lords edict, which banks could not adhere to, a judge under European law being brought in to take out cases which the Upper House had clearly established in law. But this was legal system number (1). Legal system number (2), based on corpus iuris & utilitarianism, which is the greater good of the people who have looked up to the fresh fire of the phoenix, rather than that which is written in the nation’s Constitution.
“ ‘These are ancient laws & irrelevant,’ they say from legal system number (2). But you say in the anointing of God, ‘It is written.’ They say to you ‘We own the kingdoms of this world. We have brought the continents together, under a global system of law. You have to bow down to us & our ways, because we are so powerful. We have the fire now.
“Likewise in ‘church’:  ‘We have brought all the faiths together. We have made new Bibles; for no-one is to be offended any more. We have made a powerful unit, with fresh fire ministries, that give adherence to the phoenix, rather than to God.
“The ‘fresh fire’ of the charismatic movement – that is where all the people are going, the people being mesmerized under this fresh fire. So Satan is saying ‘I now have Church & state in my hands. Behold! I am showing you the kingdoms of this world. All you need do is bow down to me& worship me, & embrace my systems of law.’
“But since when has what you see taken precedence over the ‘It is written’ of God’s Word that in the British sense, includes that which is written in the British Constitution.
“You declare, ‘It is written.’
“Now, the fire of the Olympic rings came about through technological know-how, rather than through the ability of Satan.
The fire of God requires no technological know-how. The prophets of Baal have not changed. They are incapable of bringing fire; Elijah, restoring rule to Israel, just as you are called to take charge in thy nation, bringing to justice all those leading under legal system number (2), that denies the Constitution of Great Britain, in favour of foreign rule; whereas you stand under legal system number (1), that has Christ Jesus in the pre-eminent position.
“In these banking cases, you have shown European decisions taking precedence over a House of Lords edict. What is established under British law, is the demand on the monarch to suppress all such influence – Christian Justice UK is all about restoring the Constitutional demands back to everyday practice, & extinguishing the flames of the Phoenix, a Phoenix that has risen to bind the people to hell on earth through over-regulation, you holding your hands out to bring life to those people, by proclaiming the gospel the Queen promised to propagate in her reign; a gospel that brings forth life. For the letter of the law, so commonly used under legal system number (2), killeth; but the spirit that comes under adherence to legal system number (1), giveth forth life.
“Choose ye this day whom ye will serve: the phoenix of global suppression, or the God-given Elizabethan Settlement of thy nation, that forth life to the people, rather than the death of the letter of the law.
“Go forward & set free the people, by proclaiming the Name of Jesus. You shall refuse the kingdoms of this world offered by Satan by declaring to him ‘Christ Jesus rose from the dead, the resurrected Jesus being the One thy Constitutional Acts give adherence to.
“The victory is thine.”