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God is so calling the people of Britain back to himself that he is using Prophets to speak out HIS WORD. The same is true in USA and all over the World. Return Unto me, HE crys!
Exodus 15:26 King James Version (KJV)
And said, If thou wilt diligently hearken
to the voice of the Lord thy God,
and wilt do that which is right in his sight,
and wilt give ear to his commandments,
and keep all his statutes,
I will put none of these diseases upon thee,
which I have brought upon the Egyptians:
for I am the Lord that healeth thee.
1 Thessalonians 5:19-21 King James Version (KJV)
Quench not the Spirit.
Despise not prophesyings.
Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.
Word from the Lord through DPG, 27/06/12
“The prayers which have been set for Parliamentary sessions, are a period of time where parliamentarians are to hear from God & act accordingly.
“As Church & state are constitutionally not separate, the judgement of God is well & truly upon parliamentarians right now. Their decision to place the nation under foreign princes, away from the constitutional monarch, is one that is bringing God’s wrath upon the nation.
“I have said before that the spiritual covering upon the nation has gone, & the nation is open to attack from any quarter. Whilst My protection is still on My people, whether they be in Parliament or not, there is huge danger in relation to the parliamentary buildings, wherein it has to be remembered that the Gunpowder Plot as foiled.
It does not mean it will be foiled today; for the protection of God is not upon that building at all. There is, of course, huge natural protection; but the problem with that is, that those intent on bringing destruction, are spiritually motivated. For the one responsible, as those spiritually motivated in his hands.
The country has now to repent before God; to repent of multi-faith, modern laws, inconsistent with the Constitution; the serious slaughter of the innocents; & placing the nation under foreign princes.
“The nation’s error in putting on the Olympic Games, will be clear for all to see. These Games have pagan roots, & are operated by those who give allegiance to Baal, rather than God.
“The nation itself has been kept ignorant of its Constitution; & you, My children, are constantly reminding the nation of it. Those who have run the banks of thy nation must realise banking is local, not global; & that bank managers are not to be bound by rules preventing proper business relationships.
Banks are to pull down their altars to Baal, & start coming under the Christian Constitution of the nation, it being significant that when banks turn away from God, & adopt love of money philosophy, they collapse, financially & administratively. The reality is, they are in trouble, because they have forgotten God.
“So I am calling you, My children, to continue to expose that which has infiltrated thy nation. What has come in are demonic forces intent on bringing destruction. For every moment an M.P. stands in Parliament overseeing the slaughter of innocents, it is a sowing into death, rather than life.
“I say unto thee, that each M.P. supporting the slaughter should be brought to justice accordingly, for being an accomplice to murder. Every M.P. who supported the move of coming under a foreign power, should be brought to justice for high treason.
“And I have called thee, as clergy of the land, to return the nation back to God, under His protection, & under His law, which the head of state stated on oath that she would ensure it was kept in the nation.
“This has not happened. Hence the wrath & judgement of God is upon establishment Church & nation.”
[see also Hosea, chapters 7-9]
Word from the Lord through DPG, 04/10/12
“My apostle’s brother wrote the words ‘Amazing love! How can it be that thou, My God, should’st die for me?’ My apostle, on horseback, rode this land to remind the nation of the God who died for thee. He came across many dangers, toils & torment, surrounded by those who would try to muzzle what God was saying. What he gave was not his word, but Mine. What word did he give, but ‘Amazing love! How can it be that thou, My God, should’st die for me?’
“You see, he presented the Cross of Calvary. My prophetess, who recently came home, sung of looking to the Calvary hill.
“Oh! How the nation has forgotten to look to the Calvary hill, to cast its burdens upon Me, & move in My strength, power, might & dominion, rather than bow down to a foreign prince, that has controls in the way he gives his resources.
“The nation has forgotten God. Instead of seeking God, it looks to the next round of European funding, European funding that has controls over the lives of the people.
“How the nation has forgotten God! My Word declares that in all things, I must have the pre-eminence, yet I tell you this: there shall be not one man saved, lest he looks his eyes to Calvary. There is no other way for man’s salvation, on this earth & in the world to come, lest he looks his eyes to Calvary.
“The message of the Cross is for all those who come to seek God; for by no other way is there salvation, unless blood has been shed. For without the shedding of blood, there is no remission.
“So remind the nation of the pre-eminence of Christ; & like My apostle & like My prophetess, I place thy ministry & political careers on the same platform, to preach the pre-eminence of Christ.
“No other message but Christ, & Him alone, for men to turn to Calvary, to be saved both in this world, & in the world to come.
“Now, I want to talk to you about world events. The world is about to get hotter, in the sense of its apparent imminent destruction. Man has the capability to blast the world in half; & there has been & will be nations who will look to control people through the threat of nuclear weapons.
This is a difficult situation for any government. On this occasion, instead of a National Day of Prayer, the solution is to have National Days of Repentance, repenting for the slaughter of the innocents. For if a nation slaughters its innocents, it will reap death upon itself, the solution being Days of Repentance for slaughtering the innocents, & teaching immoral relationships, both heterosexual & homosexual; there being no form of sexual activity permitted by God, unless it is in the marriage bed of a husband & a wife.
“I tell thee: I require repentance of a nation that has allowed both heterosexual & homosexual activity outside of what I have said in My Word, the Word which thy monarch swore on in 1953. Give heed to this warning of God, lest thou shalt die, in the context of this world, & the eternal torment reserved for thy nation lest it repent this day.”
Word from the Lord through DPG, 2/11/12
“The nations that embraced the sexual revolution of the 1960s are in absolute chaos this day. What these nations did is promote out-of –marriage sex amongst its youth; & in the 1960s, governments actually promoted the sexualisation of children.
“So from the activities of government came forth the paedophiles, the homosexuals, & massive rings of pornography that has caused massive harm to generations from the 1960s onwards.
“The root cause of it all is government policy; that is, in the natural sense. For behind this natural activity, is the root cause of all evil: the one who appears to bring freedom, but in reality binds the people in chains.
“Government action over the years has slaughtered more children than Herod ever thought about; has taken away the childhoods of successive generations; has brought about the breakdown of many families; resulting in nations reliant on other nations for  their manufactured goods, & even fuel supplies; each of these nations of the sexual revolution having serious drink & drug problems; yet we find, in the case of UK, USA, & the Commonwealth nations, Christian heritage completely ignored for the lusts of the flesh.
“How stupid is that: to slaughter innocents, break up families with free sex, with all the economic consequences that entails. For a stable nation, with families together, will prosper above all of the nations bound by the sexual revolution.
“Now, in UK, there are high-profile figures being sought after in relation to crime; yet these high-profile figures are victims of government policy.
Governments promoted the use of the pill. They even used the term ‘safe sex’ when it comes to condoms. Governments have educated children into sex under the age of 16, thus encouraging these children to chase after high-profile personalities, who are now being seen as the criminals in the piece.
“The real criminals are those who promoted the activity in the first place. This comes down to the activities of successive governments.
Not only has government promoted sexual immorality; it has promoted it in its youth, with encouraging & allowing media advertising, media programming, promoting out-of-marriage sex even amongst its so-called under-age youth. Politicians themselves have embraced the sexual revolution, with divorce rates high in government circles, elected & unelected personnel of government being honour bound to keep the laws of God.
“Whilst paedophilia is appalling, it is no more appalling than removing a child in pain from its mother’s womb. At this time, government agencies in UK are chasing high-profile personalities in relation to the sexual revolution of the ‘60s. The law of God declares the beam to be in the eye of government, the victims simply following government policy, it being government who promoted sexual revolution of youth in the first place.
“So government now looks to imprison victims of its own activity. The widespread use of the pill, paid for by the NHS, (is?) completely contrary to the original vision of that movement.
“South Wales, from where the NHS was born, had a chapel culture that promoted family life, not immorality. It was never envisaged by the founders of the NHS the huge bill it would get with the breakdown of family, the promotion of sexual immorality. The NHS, which was designed to bring life for all, has been used as a slaughter-house for those who have embraced government policy of sexual immorality; & that is what it is: babies being placed in buckets, left to die after being taken out of wombs.
“You decadent, evil, godless generation of perverts, who have taken from thy nations the God-given manifesto of success: that is, a man leaving his parents to be joined to one wife, & have children in the family context.
“So, what is the solution? Can a sin-stained government system really chase all the victims of the sexual revolution? How many new prisons are they to open? For the number of those who have engaged in so-called under-age sex, this activity of the 1960s on, being promoted by governments.
Look at the pop songs, going back to that era. Look at the way young girls screamed at the Beatles; & in more recent times, the way young girls swooned at so-called boy bands. All this has been promoted by government authorities.
“Now government is chasing those who embraced this culture.
I speak to governments of the nations of the sexual revolution: you are the ones with faults in this. You are playing the moral high place; yet you do not have enough prisons to put all the victims in.
“So where is there room for the victims to go? Where is there room for the victims of government policy that has not only promoted under-age sex, but has also painfully slaughtered millions of innocent children in the womb. Where is there room for government personnel to go, who have promoted abortion & immoral behaviour?
Is government now going to go after NHS staff, & other medical agencies around the world? There is no room in the prisons for them all. There is no room anywhere for them all, except one place. There is room at the Cross.
“You cannot go locking up all the victims of the sexual revolution. Government has no ability to find everyone who has engaged in under-age sex, because its own promotion of it has been so successful, introducing the pill, & so-called safe sex, the only safe sex there is, being within the marital bed.
“So there is only one solution; only one way for salvation; only one way to avoid an eternity in the torments of hell. There is still room at the Saviour’s Cross for all men to come unto Him, repent of all manner of sin. Over the generations, millions have come to the Cross; have become new creatures in Christ. Old things have passed away.
Everything has become new, the new birth bringing forth new attitudes, new ways of thinking; a man being joined to a woman, within the confines of the marital bed; my call to governments being, ‘Look at the beams in thine own eyes. Remove the acts of thy various parliaments & seats of government that have slaughtered innocents, promoted out-of-marriage sex. Remove these beams in thine own eyes before chasing after the motes in the eyes of the victims; victims who have behaved in accordance to government policy, & are full of sin because of it.
“My call today is to come to the Cross. Despise not the prophesyings of My prophet, whom you have looked to lock up into a corner. My prophet is declaring today, ‘Government, you have sinned before God; there being a place for you too at the Cross,, where you must go & repent of sin, & go back to thy seats of government, & declare a Christian revival, removing the policies of Satan from these seats of government; & in the case of Britain, bring prophets into the House of Lords, who speak out the Word of the Lord, rather than bishops who have accepted the confines of the sexual revolution, rather than spoken against it.
“I know there are those who have been faithful to the Biblical cause in the House of Lords; & they will be rewarded for that. Likewise in the Commons there have been those who have stood for the old paths. They too shall have their reward. But for those who instituted the sexual revolution, I am calling at this time to account; & even though you may think you have escaped prison on earth, you will not escape the fires of hell, unless you repent at the foot of the Cross, & remove so-called acts of parliament that have brought death & not life.
“In Britain & the Commonwealth’s case, & in the USA because of the Mayflower Compact, these immoral statutes of parliament have never been legal in the first place.
“Bring thy governments to the Cross. Listen to My prophets. I have never changed. I have spoken through prophets from the earliest times; & if thy look at the New Testament, you will see God Himself manifest in the flesh, who went to the Cross to take the sins of the world, on condition that man would repent before Him, & enjoy everlasting life.
“Now, the choice for governments is clear: is it to be a continuation of the sexual revolution, or the beginning of a Christian revival, based on the principles of Ephesians 5, where a man leaves his parents to be joined to one woman in covenantal marriage, that base being the stability of a nation that will have little use for prisons, whereas present government policy promoting sexual immorality, meaning you ain’t got enough prisons to take everybody?
“Which path are you to choose: the path of repentance & life, or the path of immorality & death?”
Word from the Lord through DPG, 28/12/12
“I am very concerned in Britain that the nation is suppressing the people to behave under the auspices of a global totalitarian world. In this, free speech is supressed. In this, the ability to defend in a court is taken away; and what happened at the Olympics was a handing over to powers who had looked to take over Britain for some time. These powers look to change Britain into a totalitarian state; a state where people can no longer make their choices, for they will be forced to bow down to the god of this world, rather than the God of heaven.
“The monarch has failed in her obligation to uphold the Protestant religion established by law, as she said she would do in her oath to God. This failure has come due to a bowing down by government to a global legal structure, rather than the one that came about through the Protestant Reformation, which she promised to uphold. The Elizabethan Settlement seems such a long way away now; but the freedoms the nation has enjoyed through it are still available for those who make a stand for the Christian nation, rather than the totalitarian one.
“Those who plot to remove the Constitution of thy nation must be brought to account; for this is high treason, to remove all the auspices of the nation’s Constitution, so as to give power to the gods of the Olympics, rather than the God of heaven to whom the Queen swore.
“The nation is under a curse, of breaking its promises towards God; and because of that curse, the God of heaven demands full adherence to the One who took the curse for the nation, if the nation would only repent. Repent of the innocents being slaughtered from the womb, id the very first step. Repent of the lying together of man with man, rather than embracing the Ephesians 5 model. Repent of the way elderly people, disabled people, are treated in the context of removing from them the ability to follow God. The removal for the elderly people to pass on the faith to the younger generations, and to the disabled people, the widespread use of the cures of the occult, rather than the healing power of Jesus Christ.
“Yet the nation goes through its festivals and days, and observance of days, which mean nothing to Almighty God. What makes the angels rejoice, is a man accepting Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour; of a woman bowing the knee to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords; and of a child being taught the faith and Constitution of the land. On putting these matters right, we can then look at Britain being prosperous once more, and having a world-wide position, with its own manufacturing base, rather than having to bow down to totalitarian rulers, with their global brands and infiltrations.
“You have observed the coming in of foreign systems into the courts of the land. Your work in correcting the courts is vital; for unless the court upholds the meaning of the crest above the judge’s seat, then each conviction is void, because of the lack of adherence to the monarch’s promise to God.
“Totalitarianism; or the Protestant religion established by law. Totalitarianism, and the god of this world, versus the blood-releasing power of God, of a Saviour who shed His blood to enable man to be set free from the powers of a totalitarian state.”
Very Serious Word from the Lord Jesus through Rev Dr Cllr David P Griffiths
31st. December 2012
[To go on Christian Justice UK, Christian Financing, & the Pentecostal Continuing sites]
“When a prophet warns a nation, it is wise for that nation to give heed; for a prophet will not go on & on about a situation. He will simply give his warning from the throne-room of God; & it is this warning that the nation needs to get a hold of.
“Part (1) of the warning:
“Foreign powers are making laws for thy nation, which is strictly forbidden by thy nation’s Constitution. This puts questions over the decisions of thy courts. The Christian Financing web-site clearly illustrates a case where foreign infiltration took precedence over an edict of thy House of Lords. The web-site has given warning of this, & the prophet again illustrates the point for the web-site Christian Justice UK to come into being.
“This warning is to the nation, that it cannot accept foreign law above its own legal processes. It is highly illegal, & against the covenant the nation has with God.
“The nation is in great danger of serious civil unrest, because it has removed its unity with God that has kept the nation together in times of trial. An un-united kingdom cannot stand. For how can there be a United Kingdom when foreign powers have influence & control over the law-making of thy nation, when I am asked to guide law-making before sessions of Parliament?
Whereas foreign laws, I have nothing to do with; for these foreign laws are of the god of this world. Thus you had foreign gods being worshipped at the Olympic ceremonies that welcomed the god of this world to control thy nation.
“Part (2):
“What is God saying about abortion? Has that question been asked in Parliament? My instruction is to immediately stop the cull, the original Abortion Act being illegal in Britain. Babies need to be saved, & this is My justice: all those involved in the cull must be given opportunity to repent before God; & a court case to be shown live on television, under British justice, where everyone involved with the cull: medical staff, mothers, politicians, who have been involved with this enormous sin, be invited to repent before God, failure to do so resulting in convictions for murder.
“Part (3):
"The pre-eminence of Christ above all other gods
“My prophet has illustrated that there is no way the nation can be described as multi-faith constitutionally. Such a declaration is blasphemous & treasonable. People must be allowed a free choice, but only those prepared to accept the Protestant religion established by law as the state religion, can be allowed to stay in these shores.
“My prophet has stated freedom to choose from My Word, which declares, ‘Choose you this day whom you will serve.’ But to go against the very Coronation Oath of the monarch must not be permitted within thy shores.
“Part (4):
“Immorality, binge-drinking & drug-taking: this all needs to be stopped.”
“Part (5):
“The bringing forth of a Revival
“My prophet has already exposed the barriers to revival. Take heed, for My prophet’s team will bring forth a revival, using the principles of old.
“Take heed that the so-called modern revivals are not of God, but of the enemy of God.
“But the team which I have assembled will thwart the enemy’s plans in continuing to control what he sees as his religion in Britain.
“My word to My team operating from Rhos on Sea: get ready for a great harvest, for thou art to bring in the sheaves, as thou obeys My command to reach every creature with the gospel.”
Word from the Lord through DPG, 03/01/13
“If you look at what came through the prophet Malachi, the principle being established by the prophet was that blessings would be poured out if I was given the pre-eminent position, the windows of heaven being open to those who honour Christ first, & closed to those operate otherwise.
“So to the nation of Great Britain, the windows are closed; but to those who honour Christ first, the windows are open to them.
“Now, let us analyse this more closely. Instead if the propagation of the Protestant Reformed religion established by law, which is a reference to a time Protestants were prepared to give their lives so that the mask of religion, with all its corruptions, be replaced by a loyalty to Christ.
“Britain has placed itself under that mask again, of secret deals behind the scenes, to bring in the global order of the god of this world, rather than the transparent order of the Protestants, who looked to expose the corruptions, & give the pre-eminence to Christ Jesus. This over the years has brought huge blessings from an open window from heaven.
“Politicians have ignored the Constitution of the nation, by conducting secret deals with both the EU & the globalization agenda. This has affected court cases, as you have exposed on the Christian Financing site, as well as there being a huge impact on the people of the nation, who now live without the blessing they had been accustomed to.
“So, what has been happening in Britain is this: the god of this world has gone about his business, killing, stealing & destroying; & he does this initially by destroying the foundations. The 95 Theses of 2007 were about giving an opportunity to the nation & religious movements who had forgotten the importance of the Protestant Reformation; for ignoring these was to bring great peril to the nation & the religious movements of the nation.
“My Word in these Theses warned the people of imminent danger if they ignored the God-given heritage of the nation. The warning was given, & widely ignored, for the judgement has come, & the windows of heaven shut on a nation that has disobeyed Me.
However, in that nation has come a remnant who gives the pre-eminence to Me, to whom the windows of heaven are truly open.
“Expect great growth in thy ministry, & in other ministries like thine. These are to be exciting times for those who have not neglected Me.
“I therefore declare that thou art to lead the nation back to Me by exposing the financial corruption like you have done on the Christian Financing site; challenge the new legal processes, which as you have pointed out, have included suppressing House of Lords edicts; & remind the nation of its legal obligations in the area of finances & justice.
“No foreign power can legally influence the nation of Britain in its legal & political structures. No wonder councillors, MPs, AMs, politicians etc. all look bemused; because nothing is going right. For the windows of heaven are shut.
“My prophets have given the way forward for the windows to re-open; but this requires a deep repentance, & confession of all the secret deals behind the scenes, which My prophets are exposing anyway. Confession must come from the top of government downwards. The question needs to be asked, if the monarchy has given pre-eminence to Christ, or the new global order, this new global order having caused havoc in the ranks of the royal family.
“So there has been a period of British history where the pre-eminence of Christ has been forgotten, that has closed the door to the blessings of Abraham coming upon the nation.
“O foolish nation! The list is endless; yet it simply needs a confession & repentance from the actions of state alien to the ways of God. Thy monarch promised to keep the laws of God, propagating the Protestant Reformed religion established by law; yet she has signed laws ordering the slaughter of innocents & the lying of man with man, putting the nation on a path to destruction, with the windows of heaven well & truly shut.
“To open up the windows requires a deep repentance, & turning back to God.
“Choose ye this day whom ye will serve: the begotten Son of God; or are you still going to use the term ‘multi-faith Britain?’
For I am a jealous God, who has shut the windows of blessing & glory to Britain until it repents before Me.
“Until then, the windows are truly shut. I have, however, maintained a powerful remnant, that have been refined according to the principles of Malachi. They are shining before Me, walking the heavenly places in Christ Jesus, to whom the windows of heaven are truly open.
“What a time thou art having! The victory of Christ Jesus is thine.
“Now, for those many viewers to thy web-site from the United States of America: what I have said for Britain applies for thee too. The Mayflower Compact has all the principles of the Protestant Reformation that are in the British Constitution. You do well to read it; for what has affected Britain has affected thee.
“The time has come for this nation of America to repent before God; in the same way that Britain has been called to repent too. For years My window was open for thee; but now, well & truly shut. And look at the crises you are in! Well, there is only one way to open the windows. The example of Britain is the example of America: repent before Me, save the children, & come back to giving Christ Jesus the pre-eminence.
“As in Britain, save those babies & have marriage according to the Ephesians 5 pattern.
“Both nations have altars to Satan to remove too. I will come to that on another day, once thou hast restored the pre-eminence to Christ.
“This is the Word of the Lord, the principles of this prophecy being in line with that which was given through the prophet Malachi.”
Word from the Lord through
Rev Dr Cllr David P Griffiths, 20/01/13
“A realisation has occurred that in society you cannot live by the principles of the world 50 years ago and the world today, because society norms have changed. The society norms of Rees Howells’ day are not the society norms of today.
“The philosophies manifesting today within society are very different than those of the grandparents of people alive today.
“A Welsh village would be very chapel-oriented, just 100 years ago, instead of being computer- and shopping- oriented, as it is today. Things shut down to honour God. This needs to be revived as a society norm.
“The devil is trying to close you down from every angle he can think of, but is frustrated with your lack of interest in society norms, which he has changed, and looks to change further.
“What you are looking to do, is reverse his changes in a modern way which will benefit the nation, improving its moral fabric, turning the nation away from laws that bring death, to laws that bring life; and because you have chosen to follow God, your society norms are different to those who have rebelled against the culture of 100 years ago.
“What is happening now is that you can prove that the nation can become more prosperous if it returns to its ancient landmark principles. Sunday can become everybody’s day of rest, with all professional football being at 3 o’clock on a Saturday afternoon, with pay-per-views being much higher than now, as all the family will be able to watch. It will be a set time for a set activity.
“Likewise on a Sunday, chapel will become the society norm again, without the distraction of worldly activity; and families will be able to rest, with all shops being closed except those of essential supplies. This will reduce the stresses and strains on society, saving a fortune to the NHS. The NHS ethos of saving life can return, so that babies, instead of being aborted, become major income earners for society, with mothers in marriage having happy babies, rather than going through a lifetime of guilt through aborting their baby.
“You see, the devil is mad at you for seeking to reverse his changes.
So, you are standing in society as a norm of the past, the devil not liking his norms of today being challenged. But all those partaking in the devil’s norms of today are going to have a norm of the future in the fires of hell; and whilst there is no opportunity for the devil to escape this, there is every opportunity to change back, and come to the Cross, where the society norms of today are passed away, and everything becomes new, as a new creation in Christ.
The devil is defeated; and if he is defeated, so are his society norms.
Word from the Lord through
Rev Dr Cllr David P Griffiths , 14/02/13
“The time has come for a great show-down in politics, between those who stand up for Biblical morality & those who do not. Those who support & back up the slaughter of the innocents must be exposed, saith the Lord. So expect to see more exposure of sin in the political realm.
“Chris Huhne is just the beginning of the next group of politicians to be exposed; for if a man or woman supports the slaughter of a child, then that person is not suitable for political office in Great Britain. Also, those who have stolen the childhoods of so many are not suitable for political office in Great Britain.
Those who take oaths or affirmations showing loyalty to the Queen, who have not read or studied the Coronation Acts of the nation, are not worthy of political office in Great Britain.
“So expect to see more politicians being exposed of their sin; for if they cannot fulfil the basic demands of their office; if they are there as a career, or using the office as a symbol of pride, then they too will be exposed. For God is looking for empty vessels in Parliament, & I am building you up to take charge of the United Kingdom, free from European suppression & the global Antichrist.
“For thy time of preparation is such, I am preparing thee to be major figures in thy land, knowing that through the suffering you have been through, the major figures will not be thee, but be Me.
“Prepare for major positions, both in Church circles & in the political arena.
“Prepare! Prepare! Prepare! For as you have been sowing life, these politicians I have described have been sowing death; & so whatsoever a man or woman shall sow, shall reap. For to bring death to an innocent makes one a murderer before God; & that includes the politician who has apparently legalized the death of an innocent child.
“This is before I talk of the so-called redefinition of marriage, which was apparently carried in the House of Commons, making the place a Sodom & Gomorrah, awaiting judgement. For if one reads Ephesians 5, you will know what marriage is, for I speak Christ & His Church.
“For by redefining marriage, they redefine the relationship between Christ & His Church, for which I am crying ‘Blasphemy!’ on which the judgement has already come.
“Legally, you have every right to walk on Downing Street & claim the seat of power. For the politicians I have described in great sin, have betrayed the nation.
“My judgement is to come. There must be a prepared people, ready to take over. Keep preparing. Get ready. The time is short. I have been preparing you, & those in covenant with you, to take over from the prophets of Baal, & be the Elijahs to the nation.
“Be prepared.”
Word from the Lord through Rev Dr David P Griffiths, 04/05/13
“By turning away from God, these nations have turned away from constitutions that relate to the Word of God. Hence you have situations which completely do not make any sense whatsoever.
“Gone is the wisdom & direct application of law. Gone is the understanding of the Christian heritage in both nations; & because of this, there is a crying out for something that makes sense.
“Successive governments have continued to slaughter innocents in the womb, despite warning after warning through My prophets. Such prophets are treated as people to be kept in a corner, away from society, because of the damage they may do. But the damage is already done through ignoring the prophet, who continually looks for the nation to come back to God.
“Now, America has been proud of being a nation under God; but now it is a nation under many gods, particularly the god Baal; & as such, America has been enduring the consequences of strange bush-fires, the result of strange weather patterns. For as the nation stirs up its worship of Baal, so Baal comes to kill, steal & destroy. Can you not see, America, by returning to Me, your land would be safe, your shores protected, & babies saved from further slaughter in the womb?
“In Britain, a false moral philosophy is coming out from the nation which is now deciding to visit the sins of a generation changed by the 60s revolution. Are the high profile legal cases against famous people in the media & entertainment business going to include investigations of the actions of government in initially passing an act to slaughter innocents, that brought the spiritual conditions for many people to act violently against children? These actions today has to include the politicians who voted to slaughter children in the womb; for the politicians who voted to sexualize children in the schools, taking away their childhoods, & have them screaming at their pop idols. No wonder many of them fell, under a Britain that was turning from God, & like America, coming under Baal.
“Today the courts of Britain & America are not recognising the importance of placing legal cases into context. They say to you, ‘keep things brief, & don’t be long-winded,’ meaning ‘do not place what you are saying into context, for we have the letter of the law that can get you.’
“Look at the communities of Britain & America. Under the letter of the law, they are dying. The prophet always puts things into context.
“Look at the prophecies in My Word. They are all into context; yet as these legal cases of high profile people are showing, they simply say a person did something, but not the context in which they did it, which was the free sex for all teaching of the 60s, which government allowed, allowing the moral decay which we all witness today. Visiting those who fell under the moral decay of the 60s with court cases relating to the 60s, 70s & 80s has to include the context which was the nations of nations of Britain & America, from previously showing high standards in government, bowed down to the new youth culture that included immoral behaviour, rather than the teaching of the Christian heritage of both nations.
“The solution for both nations today is to repent before God, & have those who perpetrated crimes under that moral stance, repent before God today, with the monarchy in Britain leading the way in this. For we know, if a government leads in immorality, there will be huge numbers of people who follow that lead; & this prophet is warning Britain that you have not got enough prisons to continue on this investigative road that you are doing; for the truth is, so many fell into immorality; so many abused children. But today I speak to the governments of Britain & America, for if you continue to slaughter the innocents,& take the high position against the abusers of the 60s, 70s & 80s,when government itself in both nations has been the biggest abuser itself, by giving children a painful death from the womb.
“You hypocrites & whited sepulchres! The wrath upon you will be far greater than what you inflict on old men in their 80s, preparing or time in prison. For it has been government action that has brought the conditions for this to happen.
“My prophets simply call for repentance; but rather than admit your sin, you would rather isolate them as being very strange. Yet it is not them who took these nations away from God; & by doing this, they have legal structures which call long-winded the prophets who put law into context, in ignoring the constitutional demand, under Christian constitutions, to apply law with law & justice in mercy. For without this application of law, those who have become victims because of government actions will simply die under the letter of the law, when the prophets are crying out for governments to repent, so that the victims of government actions can repent too.
“For governments, I speak to you today: you have not got prisons big enough for these people. For if you are to chase the apparent sinner of the 60s, 70s & 80s without examining government first, you simply are going to go bust, under the god Baal who has trapped you into his narrow thinking of letter of the law, rather than the wide aspect understanding that the spirit giveth life, the spirit being the God of the Bible, which is completely in context & needs to be read by government every day, the Holy Spirit guiding the paths of government, rather than bowing down to the New Age philosophies of immorality, which came into being in the 1960s.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 28/02/15 
(This Prophecy refers to the "Celts for Christ Jesus Programme" being broadcast live on www.ecctv.org from Saturday 7th. March at 2.00 p.m. UK TIME)

“The Celts for Christ Jesus Programme”“I, who am the way, the truth, & the life, will be speaking continuously to bring life to parts of Great Britain, Ireland & Brittany, to enable the Celtic nations to receive Christ Jesus as Lord & Saviour.

“Thou will be restoring the paths of apostles & prophets, who stood against the rebellion of paganism; who stood against the worship of the created, rather than the Creator; & indeed today, I speak into Wales, which as long as it has its flag that honours its pagan past, rather than godly foundations, will always be a nation reliant on others to succeed.

“The flag represents defeat. Indeed, the nation is so blinded to see that the apparent rival, England, has a flag that represents defeat of a dragon. So why should a nation want a flag of defeat, when its apparent rival has a flag of victory? Why should a nation not want representation on the Union flag, preferring to stand it out alone, & wallow in the defeat of one thrown out of Heaven because of rebellion?

A nation who has a festival wallowing in ancient Druidism, honouring a created power source, rather than the Creator of that power, will always have intrinsically in its systems the mode of defeat. For as a nation worships the created rather than the Creator, its education systems will be dramatically flawed, government will express itself through dead monuments, rather than lively projects which bring enjoyment to the people, rather than the Egyptian phallic symbols those in Wales’s leadership have longed to portray over many years.

“Along with the flag comes ancient monuments that either honour the god of this world, or symbolise the suppression of the Welsh by the English. These standing stones & castles are symbols of defeat. So when will the Celts of Wales realise that it is time for the nation to rise up behind the Christian flag of Wales that symbolises the victory of the cross; that spends no more money on the preservation of ancient monuments to honour the devil; that no more has a national Church that has altars made with hands,& no more has a national festival that honours the god of a physical deity rather than the God who gave His only begotten Son, that through Him all men can be saved.

“You see, thy television channel has a radical element that no other channel is taking up. For thou art constantly facing strongholds, in line with Jeremiah 1:10, the commission that demands that you do, to bring the condition for there to be a nation of life, rather than death.

“Through Chapel Pentecost I have called thee to re-establish the chapel movement. Oh, & how dead it has become! For this was My movement of Non-Conformist belief; of those not willing to conform to the norms of a society based on defeat rather than life. So I have set up this television channel with its passion to reach every creature, the commission of God including the pulling down of strongholds: the dragon flag, the standing stones, the acts of paganism in the National Eisteddfod, all needing to be removed for Wales to become an obedient nation under God, rather than the symbol of death it portrays in its symbol of defeat.

“The ‘Celts for Christ Jesus’ programme is therefore key in the bringing of revival into Wales; & of course thou knowest that as strongholds are removed, people’s reliances must change, which is where thou cometh in to preach the Cross. For Wales must this day choose whom the nation will serve: the god of the sun, or the God who sent down His only begotten Son. ‘Which Son will you serve?’ is the message for Wales.

The sun of the standing stones, or the Son of the living stones?“As for My Every Creature Commission television channel, its people have made their choice; & as you walketh with Me in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus, high above principality & power, one through the ministry of Rees Howells have sent out a call in Wales for those who desire to bring in the reaping of the sowing of My Word, back into Wales from afar, to bring the people to the Cross, which is the return of My Non-Conformist chapel movement, separate from the vagrancies of those under the defeated flag, so Wales once more can be a land of true revival, rather than the Charismatic counterfeit it embraced at Cwmbran, it being a showpiece of the doctrine of devils.

“For there to be a true revival, there has to be a digging out of the weeds; & it is this I have called you to do in Wales, so that one day true revival can come, & that there be those prepared to pay the price so that My power can manifest through the empty vessels prepared to put their own lives on the line to enable Celts to come to Christ Jesus.“Thus saith the Lord: Be prepared for victorious, wonderful programmes, as you give Christ Jesus the pre-eminence in the programme I have called thee to present.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 06/03/15

“Celts for Christ Jesus: the Continuation”

“Celts refer to the gathering of physical stones as being the oldest religion, & in one sense, they are right; but in the true sense, completely wrong.“You see, you can be right in one context, but completely wrong in the wider context. Indeed, the cross changed everything, & became the threat to those who gather round the physical stones. For these worshippers worship a physical entity: the sun. But the only begotten Son had descended to earth, & died for the sins of mankind on the cross. So in history, so as to placate this change, the cross was brought into the worship of Druids around the stones.

“So what you have today is a cross with a sun around it, known as the Celtic cross. All over so-called Church buildings you see this compromise cross, the cross of Baal. It is not the cross of Christ.“So you have the lifestyle of the Celt, honouring the god of the physical stones onemoment, whilst apparently accepting the cross of Christ at the same time; honouring the pagan trinity of IHS, with crosses that honour Satan rather than God.“Oh, thy programme ‘Celts for Christ Jesus’ will deal with all these issues.

By bringing all of these things out, you bring the conditions for Celts to come to Christ. And what you are dealing with is syncretisation. The religion of the Canaanites has been combined with the apparent honouring of the true God.“I am not to share My throne with Satan; for this is what the Celts have actually done, & brought a massive curse upon their lands, of negativity rather than progression.“I remember the days of Columba on Iona, that island today being a dead monument, honouring Satan & witchcraft rather than the apostolic achievements that I brought about through this apostle of God.

“The syncretised Celts look to bring about monuments of dead stones, rather than living stones of the true gospel. The live it in everyday life. They erect obelisks honouring the gods of Egypt, placing death over whole areas, areas that become known for suicides rather than lively young people.

You have seen the oppression increase in Llandudno, a town of obelisks, stones & domes honouring Satan rather than God.“They look to make a monument out of the pier in Colwyn Bay; a monument of dead columns, rather than have a living expression of Victoriana.“They want to build a monument of commemoration to Madoc, rather than have a living playground for children, who would learn a living story, rather than have to stand quietly by a monument.“This obsession with monuments comes from this syncretisation of the apparent religion of Christ, & standing stones, monuments, domes to the devil.“Yet they argue that the religion of standing, physical stones came first. In the true context, this is a lie of the devil.

For by Me were all things created, including the sun which they worship. So, if I created the sun, how could their religion come first? For I remember Satan being cast out of Heaven. It was at that point the religion of the stones took place. For following had cone the sin of Adam. It was at that point on earth the religion of the stones began.“But I am everlasting to everlasting, the Alpha & Omega. So nothing took place before Me. So, to the Celts you can proclaim that I am the Alpha & Omega, the beginning & the end, for by Me were all things created. So to say that the honour of the sun is the first, is a lie of the devil.

“And yes, the cross came later; but I, Christ, have always been in existence, I being the fullness of the Old Testament And so to proclaim Christ Jesus to the Celts is to proclaim the One to be worshipped, rather than the created of the Most High God.

“You see, what you have begun with ‘Celts for Christ Jesus’ is a programme of the Spirit to break down the bondages of Satan, to being the conditions for men, women & children to receive Christ Jesus as Lord  & Saviour.”