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Hearken, Hearken are the key words here for God is speaking to His Church expecting obedience. Read on ......
Exodus 15:26 King James Version (KJV)
And said, If thou wilt diligently hearken
to the voice of the Lord thy God,
and wilt do that which is right in his sight,
and wilt give ear to his commandments,
and keep all his statutes,
I will put none of these diseases upon thee,
which I have brought upon the Egyptians:
for I am the Lord that healeth thee.
1 Thessalonians 5:19-21 King James Version (KJV)
Quench not the Spirit.
Despise not prophesyings.
Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.
Word from the Lord through DPG, 27/08/11
“Yes indeed, I have called thee to make 2 CDs; of these 2 CDs, one will depict the work of the cross, & the other of My coming, of The Midnight Cry.
“They shall be called ‘The Old Rugged Cross’ & ‘The Midnight Cry: on ‘The Midnight Cry,’ I am calling Lindsay to sing ‘Softly & Tenderly;’ & on ‘The Old Rugged Cross,’ you will find an arrangement so that Lindsay can sing with passion & compassion, & also an arrangement of ‘Rock of Ages’ in the same vogue, with atmosphere.
“Truly, saith the Lord, I have called thee, Lindsay, to be a minstrel according to My Word. I am sending thee all over the world, to sing My praise; to bring down the anointing of God upon gatherings throughout the whole world. And not only shalt thou be a minstrel, saith the Lord, & other themes for future CDs will include an intercessory CD, with warfare songs, to include ‘The Army of the Lord.’
“Behold, I am calling thee at this time to prepare, for indeed I have called thee both at this time to build up the rearguard, as indeed I have called David Owen to do the same; to prepare thy offices for major ministry, whiuch I have called thee all to.
“And Lindsay, I am anointing that voice to reach out to the lost. Be prepared for souls to be saved, through the anointing & conviction of My Spirit. Praise the Lord!
“I have called thee, Lindsay. This is thy time. Rejoice, & be exceedingly glad. For Mine hour has come, saith the Lord. Be constantly on the lookout for My Word, for what I am going to say.
“I have saved thee & prepared thee, saith the Lord, for such an hour as this.
“Rejoice & be exceedingly glad; for thou hast stood through the persecution & the testing, & thou hast shown thou ius prepared to go the extra mile.
“Prepare now, saith the Lord.
“And David, I have called thee to keep the balance of the Church ministry, with the extensions that have been going on, to keep balancing the books at this stage (i.e. not showing a loss).
“But be prepared for the funding of God to fulfil the call on your lives.
“That is why I have called thee to keep the rear guard. That is why I have called you to a season of getting your offices together.
“This is the season of preparation; & this house is to become the manse, all paid for.
“And indeed I have called you, David & Lindsay, to set up a similar manse in Stornoway, with thy ‘get-away’ along the West coast of Lewis, for thou wilt wander the beaches & hear from Me.
“And from Lewis, thou will blow thy trumpet back towards Inverness, & proclaim the victory of the Lord.
“In Lewis, thou wilt proclaim the price & power of revival; for in Lewis I am not leaving thee to thine own devices. I am bringing thee an army of prayer warriors, to destroy the religious stronghold the enemy set up after the revival.
“Be prepared for big meetings on Lewis, & to remove the religious pride in Harris.
“There is no point wearing all the finery of religion on the outside, when the inside is hard & corrupt.
“There is no point being proud of your stand on religious finery, when the hardness is holding back revival.
“There is no point in saying ‘Look at us – see how religious we are,’ without the compassion of the Lord. Without the compassion of the Lord, thou shalt not be in thy call.
“And yes indeed, I have called thee to the so-called Catholic islands. And they will say ‘What are you doing here?’
“And thou shalt put on concerts in these islands. Take the halls; set up thy sound equipment, & sing the praises of God. And the conviction of My Spirit, saith the Lord, in these concerts will move the captive of religion into life.
“And these islands will no longer be known as of the Catholic persuasion, but be known as the islands of the Lord.
“The Castle of Barra is a stronghold that has placed the island under a masonic control.
“Thou art to stand on the hill of McCaig & remove the oppressive spirit over the islands. And thou hast cried out in the past over these islands. I have heard thy cries; I am calling thee to stand on the island of Castlebay, & declare My glory.
“Rejoice & be exceeding glad; for I have called thee, saith the Lord, to prepare right now.
“Be content in this preparation period; be not frustrated, saith the Lord, for I have called thee to fulfil that which I have called thee to do.
“Thou will be offered ministry all over America & Canada; & thou art to collect the resources, & at the same time share what the Lord has callked thee to do; to talk of thesew island of the West; to talk of the vision of Sri Lanka to Tibet; to set up thine own offices in Sri Lanka.
“See – I am sending you the resources to set up the rear guard. Thou art to pay for the manse here, the manse in Stornoway; set up the Pentecostal Church of Scotland; & the get-away on the West coast of Lewis. These are rear guard activities. Be content in the rear guard setting up.
“But for you, Lindsay, I am sending you out shortly into a season of reaching out; to go & fulfil that calling in America to go & record the material.
“And I am opening doors for you, saith the Lord – mighty doors. There will be those who will want to join you in Scotland & Wales. So give heed to this call.
“Thou wilt be involved in mighty meetings in America & Canada. Give heed to My call. Pay for the manse in Rhos. Pay for the manse in Stornoway. Have the van with the sound equipment in Stornoway, as you have the van with the sound equipment in Wales.
“I will bring you those to run all of these things; but I am providing for you also the get-away on the coast of Lewis, so you can go & hear from Me.
“But remember at this time: set up thy offices; set up this manse; & yes, even within this time of setting up, Lindsay, there will a call for you to reach out; but the rear guard must be set up.
“Yes, I have called thee to set up Chapel Pentecost & to share the vision of this – of new building chapels throughout Wales, built by the sides of major roadways.
“And in Scotland, for the Pentecostal Church of Scotland. It will be My true Kirk, saith the Lord.
“Can you not see, I have brought you together, David & Lindsay, on the home ground, to save thy nations of Wales & Scotland; to go out to lands, as I have indeed sent the missionaries of old to nations all over the world.
“And indeed I have called thee to get the wealth to establish My covenant.
“So go & work with My people in the U.S. & Canada. Bring many back to thy homeland to help thee fulfil the call of God on your lives.
“I have called thee, saith the Lord, to let this time of building up the rear guards be precious to thee; for I am calling out from these places, to fulfil the call of God on your lives.”
Word from the Lord through DPG, 30/08/11
‘The “Come unto Me” Word’
“My Word gives an invitation: ‘Come unto Me, all ye that labour & are heavy laden, & I will give you rest.’
“Thou art to set out an invitation to al those heavy laden; an invitation to the rest of the Lord. Thou art to set out the categories of the invitation; the categories I am to give you now:
“Category (1): to those who are bound by religion:-
“Christ does not dwell in holy places made with hands. Invite those who are bowing at altars. Invite those who are separated by communion rails from priests. Invite those who suffer from the ‘one man band’ syndrome – the one man who sets himself up above the people, rather than being part of the five-fold ministry who perfect the saints for ministry. Invite those who worship the creation rather than the Creator. Invite thise who worship gods with a physical deity, rather than the God: Father, Son & Holy Ghost – the one true God; in Christ being the fullness of the godhead bodily. Invite all those who are part of the heavy shepherding movement; whose lives are controlled by men, rather than by God:
“Come to Me, ye that labour & are heavy laden, & I will give you rest.”
“Invite politicians, MPs, AMs, councillors, who are realising now that inb man’s strength, they can do nothing. Great Britain is on a knife edge. The role of the Christian Party is not to show its own strength, but God’s. The strain & pain of politics is affecting many eithin the political arena.
“Set out an invitation on the Christian Party website, entitled ‘Come unto Me, all ye that labour & are heavy laden.’
“The task is too great for man. How great to see politicians giving their lives to Christ; for through Him alone will come the victory.
“Come unto Me, those who are involved with social disorder, stressed out by the system. An invitation to them, instead of fighting on the streets, to cast their cares upon the Lord; to fight it out in the ballot box, instead of taking it out on already stressed-out politicians.
“Open out an invitation to those who have taken thy nation into the vagrancies of the European Union. I have not called thee to be a part of this counterfeit Union of nations. I have called thee to have a Commonwealth of nations; to promote trade with the Commonwealth nations, the rich sharing their wealth with the poor.
“Thou art to give an invitation to those afraid of their gods; to those who honour their gods with their giving, because they simply want to appease those gods. Tell them I have already destroyed the power of those false gods, & that they need not have any fear of them; for I was manifest to destroy the works of the devil.
“Hold out an invitation to those bound by secular humanism. Their universities have become a religion of their own. Thy social structures contaibn men & women of this religion of training; but not training in the Word, but training in man. So much is missing from this religion – most of all, Me. It is a very silly,very stupid religion; but those who have come under its claws suffer strains & stresses they need not have to endure.
“Hold out an invitation for them to come forward – place this invitation on your websites, with the tune ‘Just as I am’ playing in the background, the invitation to politicians being on the Christian Party website (North) which I have commanded thee to set up. Repeat the verse ‘Come unto Me, all ye that labour & are heavy laden & I will give thee rest.’
“Hold out an invitation to those involved in the big ministries; those involved with commercial giants I have not told them to be involved with. Many have allowed these commercial  concerns to extend their ministries, through the selling of commercial books & commercial music.
“And thou hast been right not to question the anointing on the individuals in these ministries. To give an invitation to those ministers, many of whom are true ministers of the gospel; many of whom are true exponents of praise & worship. Invite them to come forth; set them free fromn the strains of commercial enterprise. Proclaim My glory.
“As for the children: so many children are affected by broken relationships of parents; introduce them to the Father through Jesus the begotten Son, by My Spirit. Invite them to meet the Saviour.
“Praise the Lord.
“You see, My Word is clear – ‘Come unto Me.’
“ ‘Come unto Me, all ye who are heavy laden; I will give thee rest.’
“Invite those suffering through emotional toil; those who are bound by Gnosticism, a form of religion that denied the power; & even those religions that have a form of power; that look to combine all strands of religious belief into one; call them into a place of true repentance; a total giving up of the world, & the demonic presentation of ecumenical strands.
“You know, there are those who are mad at you, for exposing the Alpha heresy. Give them an invitation at this time. They are so mad at thee, the protection of their alpha god has made them heavy laden too. Give them an invitation to come unto Me.
“Like you have already witnessed, Alpha course leaders are to be saved, renouncing the vagrancies of a course, the false culture of ecumenical life; the false culture of the false revival movement; & the acceptance of being able to be part of the humanism of thy nation.
“Come thee apart, I say; be ye separate, I say; be ye holy, as I say, as I am holy.
“Bring forth an invitation to all those bound by this Alpha infiltration. ‘Come unto Me’ – give the path to real salvation; total giving of one’s life to Jesus Christ, through repentance & renoiuncing the things of this world – not just saying sorry, but moving into the salvation that renounces the things of this world, the alpha Cross being the cross-culturization of beliefs; the true Cross being the place of full sanctification; the place where one comes to give one’s whole life to Christ; not just a part of it.
“So draw up an open invitation: ‘Come unto Me, all ye that labour & are heavy laden, & I will give you rest.’ [Praise the Lord. Amen].”
Word from the Lord through DPG, 31/08/11
“Take heed, take heed, saith the Lord: do not muzzle the prophet’s words, saith the Lord.
“For as I spoke through the prophet in days of old, they spoke & murmured against the prophetic word, & picked up their golden calf of dead religion. But the prophet came down, shining abundantly with My Word; so My prophets today are climbing the hill with the Lord, & coming down that hill full of the Lord, to bring the message of the Lord to bring the people unto Me.
“As the day came for the prophet to lift up his rod, so today this same thing is to happen. Behold! I am calling the people out of Egypt. But as in the days of old, the people have found their security zones within the pyramidic systems of slavery. The prophet has cried, ‘Come out of this land of pagan worship & activity.’ Thy prophet has cried in the courtrooms of the land, to let My people go. To this day, if anyone should be under the oppression of Egypt, thy prophet stands for them, not giving heed to the personal circumstance; not even giving heed to the personal cost. Thy prophet is to stand in the highest courts of the land. With the apostle, he is to stand & contend before Caesar. Thy robes are to be the robes of righteousness.
“Thou hast stood on thy stone, & called the people out of the world; but they have lingered, saith the Lord. They have held on to that little bit of luxury that the world system has to offer. But I tell thee, My judgement is upon that system. I am the Lord – I change not. Just as judgement came upon the Egyptian courts, so My judgement today is upon the courts of what I will describe as Egypt. For thy nation has been observing the same courts of the ancients of the pyramidic land. They profess to be Christians, yet they worship before altars made with hands. They worship under pyramidic high altars. They worship before statues said to be of the Lord. But thou hast not been called to worship before statues made of stone. Thou hast not been called to place incense before the altars of Baal. Thou hast been called to listen to My prophets & apostles, the foundation stones of My Church, I being the chief cornerstone.
“But thou hast cried from the high place, to come & follow Me. Yet they have clutched to the strands of Egypt; the security zones of flesh; the god of the physical senses. For as in days of old, even though the prophet led the children of Israel out of the land of slavery; & even though the prophet lifted up his rod & set the people free; so when things got tough, before the place Shittim, so the people murmured & rumoured. They started following their own way. They started forming their own little fellowship, of which the prophet took no part.
“O, thou hast a murmuring people, saith the Lord. ‘You should be doing this,’ they say. ‘You should be doing that,’ they say. ‘Oh, we have heard the prophet’s words, but we are going our own way. We will have our own little fellowship.’
“Praise Him on the loud trumpet! Praise Him on the loud cymbals! Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord. Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord.”
“I have not called thee to react to the human apprehension. I have not called thee to listen to the murmurs & gossips of a people holding on to their traditions. ‘Oh, we do things this way. Oh, we do things that way.’ As they murmured against Moses, so they murmur against thee. And in the spirit comes the thrust. An idol is built, of the ways of this world – so a new golden calf is built, of the way things are to be done. So they come to the prophet & say, ‘We need to do things this way; we need to do things that way. We need to do what the murmuring people ask for. O! we have our own calf; we have our own way.’
“Yet the prophet cries ‘Come to the high place.’ He quotes My Word, forgetting those things which are behind, & moving ahead into the high calling of God.
“ ‘But we don’t do things that way. We have our own way. Egypt offers us plenty.’
“Thou hast taken the people into Shittim, knowing that from this place, the Word is to be lifted up. My Word is to separate thyselves. ‘Oh – but we must be nice to the people. We can’t go without them.’ Yet, I have brought thee a Joshua, to face the walls of thy Jericho; but going through those walls demands a price. The longings of the golden calf is to compromise to the needs of the people.
“ ‘Thou must visit the people, & show them love, & embrace the benefits of their calf. One must have tea with them. Thou must compromise towards this calf, who is quite prepared to accept your religion, as long as you accept his. For the god of the calf is very accommodating. ‘Oh! You can have your life in the spirit.’ And one becomes accommodating to the spirits of other gods too. ‘We must show them love. We bring in the gods of the J.W.s [Jehovah’s Witnesses]; we bring in the gods of masonry.’ For this calf is all-accommodating. ‘O! we don’t want to cause any trouble or any difficulty. We want to be accommodating to all men.’ The calf of one world religion is all-accommodating.
“But I am the Lord: I change not. My prophet climbs the hill of the Lord. He comes with the Word to forsake the calf; with My Joshua calling the people to consecration. But the people did not know what to do. They just said, ‘Yes – we accommodate thee. But I can’t leave the strands of the calf. O Lord, I can accommodate Thee – but I have my own feelings, my life in this world – I can not forsake that.’
“But My Joshua called for the people to repent of the calf. But there is excuse, problems, difficulties. ‘Can I give my life to the one God? I have got to give honour to my other gods too. I have got this to do, I have got that to do – I must not forget this. But the price is too high. I’ve got my life to lead; for these gods will bless what I have got to do. I pray for them to bless my plans.’
“But the Word declares: ‘If you hearken unto the Lord thy God…’ You see, the message of the prophet & the apostle is to hearken unto the Lord thy God. The God of Deuteronomy 28 has not changed; & the prophet & the apostle declare, ’Choose ye this day whom you will serve.’
“You see, the prophet & apostle are here, not to bow to the all—accommodating god, the god of this world, the architect god. For this is the god of physical buildings. Oh! How they honour & worship their building. O! they have their cathedrals; they have their places of the pyramid.
“ ‘O, but we must respect the god of these buildings.’ They go quiet as they open the doors, & they bow towards the altars of Baal.
“But My Word declares, ‘What concord has Christ with Baal? ‘ My Word declares, ‘Be ye separate.’
“And so, at the place Shittim, the people had a choice, to separate themselves, to sanctify themselves, because tomorrow the Lord will perform wonders.
“But are the people prepared to pay the price to enter into the Promised Land?
“The prophet cries out to the people, to sing out praise unto the Lord thy God. He goes into trances, not wanting to heed the backbiting & rumour; wanting to stay unto the place of the throne of God, where He sits equally, as joint heir with Christ. He brings from the throne room the message of God, they will not heed.
“Yet, there are those who will not heed. They say, ‘I have an all-accommodating god. I can do this, I can do that. I have my own free choice.’ Yet My Word declares, ‘Ye are not your own. Ye were bought with a price.’
“Yet I have thee, saith the Lord; as thy hast cried out thine own inadequacies, I have filled thee with My Spirit. You see, I have seen thee cry out before God, in intercession for the people. They will not leave their worldly security zones, to cross int the Promised Land. They have this, they have that. ‘God will bless us,’ they say.
“Yet, I have called them to Shittim, but the things of the world have their hold. My Joshua gave the consecration word. They have to discuss it, ‘We have this; we have that.’ Will there be a people willing to forsake the workd, so that thy nation can be saved?
“Revival only comes through broken people, who have broken away from the claws of this world.
“Yet, the ‘phone calls have been going on; the texts have been written; e-mails too. Oh! Can the people forsake Egypt, to wholeheartedly give their lives to God?
“In the Promised Land, there are principles those holding on to the world can not accept; which is why they have to forsake the world.
“My warning to those entering this land, is not to give heed yet again to the gods of Egypt.
“Thou hast warned of the vagrancies of the Alexandrian verse; yet in thy land, they still hold on to the bibles of Egypt. They still hold on to the strand which makes them feel secure. For thou hast been called to hold on to the one true Word, of the call of God out of the land of Egypt, & into the Promised Land. They murmured against thee; but thou still hast called for the people to sanctify themselves; for tomorrow the Lord will do wonders among them.”
Word from the Lord through DPG,
03 09 11
“Hearken, My children; hearken. The key word is ‘hearken.’ Go to wherever thou can hear from God.
“I have plans for thee; plans for thee to fulfil thy callings quickly, efficiently, & without stress.
“In thy Church fellowship, thou art to tell the people to cast cares upon Me; for I am the way, the truth, & the life. No man cometh to the Father except by Me.
“The key word is listen. Listen to the Father. When one does hearken unto the voice of the Lord thy God, thou shows the obedience required to move in the callings of God.
“But there are those who have not listened. Tell them the way to hear from God:
(1)             To cast cares upon the Lord, for He cares for thee.
(2)            Teach to hear from the inner witness, the glories of God.
(3)            To praise the Lord. When I say praise, I mean praise the Lord; let everything that hath breath, praise the Lord.
“And oh, thou hast written what the Lord doth say. Now is the time to write down the points of the prophecies given over the years, & hear from Me on the priority which thou should give to the various points.
“Because this is the hour of fulfilment, saith the Lord; for behold! I am coming quickly.
“Tell the people to fulfil the same exercise; of writing down what they have been called to do over the years. This is the hour of fulfilment.
“Warn those who have not written the vision, that this is a command of God, that they must write down. Write the vision, I say, & in the appointed time, thou shalt run with it.
“But I am telling thee now: this is the appointed time for much that thou hast written over the years.
“Be not afraid. Remember the chorus ‘Nothing is impossible, if you put your trust in God.’
“Warn about the distractions of the enemy. Call the people together. Give understanding of the importance of the word ‘hearken.’ There are those who are simply not hearing from Me. The key word is ‘hearken.’ Bring out to the front those who have not written what the Spirit is calling them to do. Tell the people ‘You are not your own; you have been brought with a price.’
“I expect My people to listen to Me daily, & fulfil what I have called them to do.
“My people are a busy people, obeying Me constantly. For I have great things for thy fellowship to do & fulfil.
“The key word is ‘hearken.’ For those who hearken & obey, the blissings of Abraham are theirs.”