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God has spoken to us on so many occasions about a Five Fold Ministry Outreach from Sri Lanka to Tibet and here it is coming into being, led by the Spirit of God.
Exodus 15:26 King James Version (KJV)
And said, If thou wilt diligently hearken
to the voice of the Lord thy God,
and wilt do that which is right in his sight,
and wilt give ear to his commandments,
and keep all his statutes,
I will put none of these diseases upon thee,
which I have brought upon the Egyptians:
for I am the Lord that healeth thee.
1 Thessalonians 5:19-21 King James Version (KJV)
Quench not the Spirit.
Despise not prophesyings.
Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.
Word from the Lord through DPG, 22/08/12
“Please note everybody: I have not changed. Over many years, Suresh & Mercy, David & Lindsay, have battled over incredible obstacles, within the Asian setting, & the British setting.
“I have not changed.
“I gave a vision from the very beginning, to you, David & Lindsay, for an outreach from Sri Lanka to Tibet, via India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, & Nepal.
I have not changed. If I gave the vision, from Sri Lanka to Tibet, I have not changed. What has happened is that every gate of hell has come against you to prevent this. But My Word declares that I will build My Church, & the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.
“Now, this is a word to Brian; David & Lindsay, Suresh & mercy, have been through many years of suffering; & as you know, I can only use the empty vessel. They have their joyful side, because they have the joy of the Lord. You have seen Manuel Scott Junior, who gave his 3 points of:-
“(1) How I am to be invited;
  (2) How I am to be obeyed; &
  (3) As in the case of Zaccheus, there was jubilation in the house, & generosity was expressed from that house. He wanted to bless everything that moved! He wanted to put on the biggest feast, for everybody he saw. He just wanted to bless everybody!
“My blessings are more than enough. Now, when it comes to this vision, I am operating under the same principles you heard from Manuel Scott Junior:-
“(1) I have to be invited. Now I am telling you now, with what I have got planned, you are going to be invited.
“Now Brian, there was times I was rejected. My heart went out for the people of Nazareth, who rationalized My vision; who rationalized My calling. But as I went out into the “whole world,” for My journeys within the context of that day, were perceived as long journeys (donkeys instead of 747s!). There was places where I was invited. My evangelist Scott Junior, an empty vessel of God that manifests My joy; that is why he jumps up & down, & wriggles – such is the joy of the Lord in him. I said through him the importance of being invited.
“Now, I speak to all of you: Suresh, Lindsay, David, Mercy, Brian, & also all those left with you in this environment of Wales: the 3 girls, who have battled too; Ken & Mary out there: get a hold of this, & understand Ken & Mary, we will have our words for Africa too; for I am planning on getting a studio in Kenya too, which at the right time this team will set up. But at this time, I am stirring up an original vision of this ministry. This vision is from Sri Lanka, where a studio is to be set up at Bellwood.
“Now listen, & listen carefully: this equipment is to be new equipment. This equipment is to be used to broadcast My Word right across Asia & the Middle East, with reports going out on western television & radio.
“Now listen, & listen carefully, for this is the second part of Manuel Scott Junior’s word; because I know you all have invited Me in – hence I am here.
“The second point is to do what I say. Now with your battles & your sufferings, the danger is, you become small-minded. Well, get this one: you do not have a small-minded God.
“When I create, you show Me evidence that I create small. I say, ‘Do not despise the day of small things, but you have been through the day of small things; & those who successfully go through the sufferings, are being prepared for the day of the big thing. But the danger is, you stay in the day of small things, rather than move into the day of big things. Hence, apostle Suresh is screaming to get the gear. For I have moved you all together for the day of big things.
“What I create, I create big! How many stars are there? The world’s scientists wonder ‘Why so big?’With all their equipment, they cannot keep up with the size of My creation. For I am not a skinflint God. When I create, I do not create enough; I create more than enough.
“Now listen to this, & you all listen hard: what I have called you to is bigger then your human thinking can comprehend. The vision for Sri Lanka through India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal into Tibet: do not think in terms of college just in Bellwood, in Wales, in Harrow & in Paris, just getting by. How many people are there in India, hungry for the gospel, just to name one country? How many people are there in India hungry to study the Word of God? I sent My apostle to Orissa, one of the poorest states in the world. Now, understand My thinking. You, yet not you but I, are going to be invited to Orissa; & government in that state is going to change, for you are going to be invited by local authorities to come to places needing the gospel primarily.
“Now, listen to what Manuel Scott Junior said. When the people obey Me, there comes jubilation into the house. The same principle works in a nation, & in an individual state. For the coming of Jesus, whether into a house, a state, or a nation, changes grief & despair into jubilation!
“Now, what are the people of Orissa going to say to that? You look at My Word. When I am obeyed, I do not just give them enough to get by; I am more than enough. Same in Britain. When the west coast of Scotland was obeying Me, they were falling over themselves in herring. They did not have enough boats to pick them up. The sea was overflowing with herring – far too many.
“What happened with the disciples? They went out on the Sea of Galilee in their own strength. Could they find a fish? When they obeyed Me, the nets were overwhelmed.
“Are you seeing how I work? Now, when the little boy came with the loaves & fishes, he brought what he had to the Lord. Now, did I feed the people just enough? Or were there ‘basketsover?’ or were there ‘baskets over?’
“Remember, I am the God who is more than enough. Isn’t it El Shaddai – the God of plenty? That is who I am – the God of plenty – more than enough. Get a hold of it! It is all over My Word. When I am invited, when I am obeyed, there is jubilation. For I overwhelm the people; as the scientists are overwhelmed, looking to analyse My creation; even building a tunnel, which was only enough to discover what they call a “God-particle”; when they only needed to understand the principle of what I an talking about to you today.
“Listen to the words of the song, ‘How big is God?’
“Now then, coming back to the immediate: in Britain there are a lot of mistrusts from ministry to ministry; & indeed this has gone on in the Asian context too. You see, where there is mistrust between brothers, then the Spirit cannot move in that situation, so men go into their earthly ways. Now these 2 initial television & radio stations being planned, are only a start. The vision to be shared is, from Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, into Tibet. Colleges, with studios, will sprout throughout these areas; & with the studio in Wales, & elsewhere in western countries too, you will be able to live stream, record – whatever it takes, as led of My Spirit at different times. For I know all the technical terms & technicalities – I will tell you what to do.
“Now, My message is to go out in all of these lands; colleges & studios throughout these lands, all connected together. For the 5-fold ministry can oversee through the technology. For this is to be a quick work.
“Now get a hold of all this; for once you have started this, you are to do this in other continents too, with others I will send you. You will find out there are those with visions for South America, for Africa, for Europe, who will come to you to model what you have done in these countries, in the countries I have called them to. You will go to these countries & encourage them.
“But what I have called you to do now, is set up a college in Wales, with studio. Now, in founder Rees Howells’ day, transport ability to send people throughout the world was very much part of the vision. So it was not just a learning college. Part of the vision – the most crucial part of the vision – was to send out missionaries in the Every Creature Commission. The world was changed through this outreach. Now, My call to you all was never just to fulfil what Rees Howells did. Since when have I given a lesser portion mantle? I do not operate that way! Since when does it say in My Word, Elisha received from Elijah a lesser portion? That is not My way. He asked for the double portion!
“Now can you see how much more effective having a studio attached to a College is going to be? The students will be reaching lands they are called to reach during the course of their studies – not just after, as in Rees Howells’ day. So the Every Creature Commission, therefore, has not changed! But the ability for increase is enormous. For just as in My day on earth, when the Word became flesh, transportation was on a donkey, today you have got fast trains, planes, & all of that. Just as in My day on earth, natural echoes were used so large crowds could hear the Word, you can get equipment where the Word can be heard miles away; & having a studio, you can broadcast to the whole world the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ.
“So invest in these 2 initial studios; but do not expect that I am going to stop there! But just as I have created the heavens & the earth, you are going to find studios all over the lands from Sri Lanka to Tibet – not only that; I am ordaining there to be satellite trucks, with the ability to go into rural areas, & broadcast meetings all over the world. So college, studio, satellite truck, is My thinking. Rees Howells would be jumping up & down.
“There are great foundational ministries throughout these lands too. In the Tamil lands, you have met Jeva. His calling is to continue. There are those who worked with him who will come to you, saying you are moving in the anointing of this man.
“So carrying on the landmark, not removing the landmark, is what this ministry is all about.
“But I am calling you – get a hold of this – to get the best equipment to fulfil My call.
“I am not a skinflint God. I am the God who created the heavens & the earth. I am the God who is more than enough.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 08/09/15“The Church Triumphant – Funding of Ministries”

“Thou hast been living, in recent years, through 3 eras:-

1) The protection of the criminal

2) he removal of the gospel, God, the Bible, from state affairs; & now, the criminalisation of the righteous, from well-funded sinners who are seeing their organisations thrive financially,& in this I include the Emerging Church that has taken over movements founded by those with the same heart as thee.

(The third is the criminalisation of the righteous, the sinners becoming prosecutors)

“The Church triumphant, My remnant Church, is one being fed of the ravens, about to face these sinners of Baal with the spiritual fire, just as Elijah faced them with a physical exhibition of God’s power.

“Now, let us gain some understanding here. What is known as the occult, that which is unseen, becomes physically seen in relation to those who have sold out to Satan in a manner in which individuals place their whole trust in the limited power that Satan has to offer.

For it is only limited in relation to how much those involved with him have given themselves over to him.“This is how he operates as the god of this world, for he offers to placate the lusts of the flesh, & draws mankind unto him, by convincing rather than convicting.

The Spirit of the one true God convicts, the spirit who operates as the Most High convinces that ‘God’ accepts sinners without conversion from the old life, so that they can operate under his control.

“This is why you see sin abounding in the Emerging Church; & as I said through Suresh Ramachandran, it is very attractive;& because people enjoy it, they give substantially into it.“The difference therefore between the spirit of the Emerging Church, which is booming financially, having stolen movements from My remnant, having gained converts to its cause by convincing that sin is OK, rather than how the true Spirit operates, by conviction of sin, the need to be washed by the blood of Jesus,& being brought into an atmosphere where the sinner is allowed to be drawn into an atmosphere of being brought to the Cross, from where he/she dies & is risen up in resurrection glory.“The latter point is the key point; for this is the Church Triumphant.

The Church Emerging is one of sin acceptance, rather than sin conviction; of saying there is more than one way to God; of maintaining sinful lifestyles & respecting the gods of religions, who are now perceived as being the same gods as their own.“The Church Triumphant, which is how I refer to My remnant Church, is one that has to overcome these obstacles to enable it not only to survive, but to go forward in My calling.“This therefore is what My Church Triumphant has to do, to overcome:-

“(1) Realise there is no point preaching Christ unless you expose the antichrist. This is why I have given you the Jeremiah 1:10 Commission, & the rest of the 7-Year Plan. It is there for you to understand, grasp, & act on by My Spirit at the given times. Now, that is there for you to move upon, whilst here I give some encouraging factors.

“(2) You are My Church Triumphant; & as such, you have already overcome all these wiles of the enemy. Thou art already more than conquerors. The anthems need to ring out; & as you proclaim this Church Triumphant, to give back the movements he has stolen, you expose the fact that what you have been accused of doing, that is, to coerce the vulnerable & the poor into giving, has been the tactics of the Emerging Church from the beginning. For the Emerging Church did not begin in the 20.century.

It began with Constantine & his takeover of that which the Early Church built; & indeed, if they find you are to give back moneys to whom they regard as vulnerable, then you say, ‘Then the Roman Catholic Church has to do the same; & to give all the riches of the Vatican to the poor.’ For this was all built through the coercion of the poor & vulnerable, in a massive scale. But thou has not acted in the way of the Vatican.

What thou has done is brought together a small group of people fully committed to the cause of God. You have done as Me in the Scriptures. Peter declared, ‘I’ve given up all to follow Thee.’ Forsaking is right at the heart of the gospel, as is covenant; & it is by these principles thou has operated, not human coercion, as with the indulgences Luther stood against.

“Bring out into the open the history of the Roman Catholic Church, & how it has operated with its separate priesthood, alien to Britain’s Constitutional priesthood of Zadok.

It is therefore clear that there is a co-ordinating line with all thy accusers; that they see God as a separate entity to themselves, whereas you emphasise the Biblical & Constitutional covenant that is, being one in Christ Jesus.“Now, what is at the heart of this covenant? It is the total giving one to another. For if God is to give His all, which he did, through His only begotten Son, then what is the demand on those who become married to him?

There is within this context an overwhelming desire of My bride to give. This is what happened with Margaret Ryder & with Sheila Standish: an overwhelming desire to forsake their worldly possessions for the good of the gospel. To take that away is an act of high treason because of the monarch’s oath to propagate the gospel, which is why all the accusations that have come against thee, & government enquiries, come from a socialistic root (government without God, the Bible, & the virtue of God, which the Constitution demands), the case against you being in shambles because the fundamental root of the Constitution is being ignored.

“So by bringing all this out into the open, you bring a conviction on those who have stolen My movements, & ECCTV.org represents a media platform not only for the fundamental expression of the fullness of the Godhead bodily, but also to expose the creeping men who have crept in unawares, who have taken over movements which do not belong to them.“This includes the nations of Great Britain & America, who have now passed laws to protect the sinner & convict the righteous.

So, what is the key message in all of this, & this is how thy ministry & all remnant ministries will be funded, by exposing the thief antichrist. For what does the Bible say about a thief being found? What does he have to do? “I hereby give thee thy fund-raising strategy. For as you seek first the kingdom of God & His righteousness, the wealth which you need to continue will be added unto you, by the power I have given you as the Church Triumphant.

For as you stand, calling back movements to God, & nations, then you will be seen in front of the whole nation, & the nations of the world, as being the ministry who has stood before the prophets of Baal, & brought down the fire of God upon situations that have been brought about through the actions of antichrist, an antichrist foe that has already been defeated by the shedding of blood 2000 years ago.”