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These are indeed very strange times, the very role of God in society being put aside for the idealism of man.
As a result we witness the signs of the times with the Church looking to its Bridegroom coming for what the Church is - the Bride without spot nor blemish .......
Exodus 15:26 King James Version (KJV)
And said, If thou wilt diligently hearken
to the voice of the Lord thy God,
and wilt do that which is right in his sight,
and wilt give ear to his commandments,
and keep all his statutes,
I will put none of these diseases upon thee,
which I have brought upon the Egyptians:
for I am the Lord that healeth thee.
1 Thessalonians 5:19-21 King James Version (KJV)
Quench not the Spirit.
Despise not prophesyings.
Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.
Word from the Lord through DPG, 15/04/12
“There is a factor here you need to know about, which is warned about in My Word. This is the factor of many antichrists. They wander, & they roam, looking to place on others their Pharisaic, & even Jezebellic, form of Christianity on to others.
“They look for those whom they can devour. They are obsessed to try & make people come under their particular form of religion. This is the overpowering form of the antichrist, who looks for a commitment from others, to come under them.
“So, what they do is promote their own particular form of religion. They have their own way of doing things. They are obsessed with their own religious order.
“The Christian’s complete knowledge is in knowing that he is the body of Christ, connected to the head. The antichrist activity is connected to their own selfish head; in other words, they operate through their own feelings & emotions – their own way of doing things. Just as it was in My time on earth, they would come with a whole heap of accusations against those anointed of God.
“Now in Great Britain, this antichrist spirit is running riot within government circles, because they have not given heed to that which was written in relation to the nation.
“Now, this means this spirit makes laws, which makes those in government manic to see these laws are adhered to. For example, with these apparent road offence issues you have successfully dealt with: they issue an edict to say a machine is infallible. That is an edict of antichrist; for it is Constitutional in thy nation, that if an offence is committed, it is dealt with at the time; but antichrist will set up a whole legalistic machine, based on what a machine says, which can never give the context of the offence. For example, a lady may be giving birth, & her husband “breaking the speed limit,” yet under British law, not breaking the speed limit. For the law has to be applied legally- with mercy.
“You see, antichrist takes away the mercy element; & that is what is destroying thy country. The letter of the law killeth, but the Spirit giveth life.
“Such as it is in ‘Churches.’ They jump on those moving in the anointing, by quoting all manner of Scripture against them; & Scripture was never written like that.
“But these are the antichrists of the letter of the law; & I have warned that even now, many antichrists have come. This is the problem in education. This is why you have problems with ACE. It uses Scripture to bind, rather than set free. It uses Scripture to tell the child, “You do this, or else.” That is a burden of antichrist. What the Word of God declares, is little children as the kingdom of God. It is what the child hears from God, in a personal relationship, that is encouraged in real Christian education – not the letter of the law that kills.
“You see, I have warned many antichrists have come; & you have them all around you: manic, obsessed people; contending for the faith, they say; yet they place people under the schoolmaster, rather than the freedom that comes through Christ Jesus.
“Your critics are those of antichrist; that is, those of the anti-anointing. Antichrists insist every letter of the law is kept to. The Christian insists he cannot keep to every letter of the law, & confesses faults, that he/she may be healed.
“But in Christ, the Christian is faultless. He or she has had every stain removed through the blood of Jesus. But those under antichrist are chained with their doctrines of ensuring that everyone else keeps to the letter, just as they apparently do. But what antichrist does, is ensure his followers suppress their sin, & place burdens on others, & have the form of religion on the surface, that suppresses all the filth of the antichrist underneath.
“Antichrist is ready to pounce, to put the sin of their own selves on others, as they continuously look for a scapegoat, instead of having their personal relationship with Christ. It is the religion of dealing with someone else’s specks, rather than the planks in their own eyes.
“This is the spirit of antichrist. It is all around you, ready to pounce at any moment; of a nation obsessed with the letter of the law (look at the nonsense come in with Europe), rather than the law & justice in mercy your Constitution demands.
“Now, here is My instruction to you. You are to run, as councillors, lessons in the British Constitution. Invite all the councillors to come to it; & during those lessons, expose the spirit of antichrist, & set the nation free, in the Name of Jesus.”

Word from the Lord to DPG, 27/09/14
“The Signs of the Times”

“It is all there, wars & rumours of wars; & Babylon has come up again on the horizon, with nations coming together to take on the Babylonian threat. But the Babylonian threat is united, whereas the nations that have come together, lack the openness & trust between them; & so the Babylonian threat is very real.
“And all this is part of the build-up to the Tribulation. You are living in the very last days.

“Just look at what you have been witnessing. Brother would turn against brother, sister against sister, nations being overrun by global rule, doctrines of lack rather than the doctrine of plenty. Little is said of the God who is more than enough; & plenty is said of the Green movements of lack.

“The end-time apostasy is all around you. What was known as My Church has become a mishmash of philosophy, business technique & witchcraft. For too long My remnant has hidden in a cave, bursting to get out, but without the resource to do so. My ravens have fed thee, but you have needed more than this; for thy movements have been stolen.

“Your nation fails to acknowledge God the Creator, with made-up theories of man using human logic rather than the Spirit. This has meant whole generations have been educated by fools who do not acknowledge God, fools who do not acknowledge the signs of the times, because they have failed to read My Word.

“Thy College has been set up so as to teach the people the fundamentals of My Word; yet they reject you. Yet you minister life, & the fools now have taken on Babylon without the covering of God. Self-righteousness is what they are all about. They have their intellect, they have their education, they have their military, they think they have what is required to defeat a spiritual force. The immorality of Western countries, the amount of babies whose blood has been shed, the formula of decrease within their new marriage ceremony – what does My Word say about sowing & reaping?

“They say they are taking on a cult of death, when they wear those clothes themselves in relation to the slaughter of the innocents. They seem to know everything, yet the simple principle of sowing & reaping seems to be unknown. You sow death, you get death. You sow decrease, you get decrease. But I have raised you up as a ministry, yet they attack you with law after law, accusation after accusation, you being pinned down in a quagmire of policies, procedures & regulations. Yet in your hands, you have the key to defeat death.

“Thou hast given prophetic warning after prophetic warning over these things, but they fail to acknowledge those warnings.

“And so, the cry from My heart this time, is for thy backsliding nation to come back. Consult the prophets, not the military, over the defeat of Babylon. What will the prophets say? Humble yourselves and repent: to save the babies in the womb, have marriage of increase, not decrease, acknowledge the God of plenty, rather than the Green doctrines of lack, & no longer be a nations of the letter, but rather of the spirit, as thy Constitution demands.

“Overcoming in the end times means complete reliance on Me & thou art a remnant, whose resources are used for the gospel. What I have said, the price has already been paid. Yet they choose to spend their money on military action, when a repentant nation would have the covering of God & come to no harm.
“With man’s ways, the price has yet to be paid. By coming to God, the price was paid 2,000 years ago, the blood was already shed. But today, they choose to spend huge amounts of taxpayers’ money. They choose to shed more blood. 

By coming back to God, He has already paid the price & already shed the blood, that whosoever believeth on Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

“It is all there in the Coronation Service of thy monarch. It is there in the monarch’s promise. Yet, as in the Scottish Referendum, you failed to acknowledge your Constitution. What happens to a building that fails to acknowledge its foundations?

“The way is clear. I am the way, the truth & the life; the only way. Will you acknowledge the God of thy Constitution, or run on sand?
“The warning through My prophet has been given. Come back to God, the Creator. Thou spends millions on research on how the earth was formed, when all you ever needed was the Word of God.

“You see, it is all about foundations. The Rock on which the Church is built has never changed.

“And now, with these signs pf the times clearly evident, thou hast a mission to fulfil. Be ready. Work through the jobs thou has to do; but remember, what is around you is on sand. The professionals around you have been taught the foolishness of man rather than the foundations of God. Yet there is a big difference now; that unlike the Second World War, thy nation is in conflict without God & His protection. In World War II, there was no slaughter of the innocents in the womb. In World War II, there was no marriage of decrease, only increase. In World War II, National Days of Prayer were called.
“You see the difference? You even acknowledged the weakness of your military, thy acknowledgement bringing such a covering of God that even the weather at Dunkirk was changed in your favour.

“You go on about global warming, yet the weather at Dunkirk was changed in your favour. Do you not see? If you came back to God, the weather would be changed in your favour. Yet you choose the Green movement’s doctrine of lack & over-regulation rather than the God who changes weather in your favour.
“You foolish people! You fail to see the signs of the times & act accordingly. You have been warned, again & again & again. Those warnings remain on the web-sites of this ministry. They spent a whole day in Parliament debating whether they should go to war. Yet let Me tell you, the war was won 2,000 years ago. Yet thy Parliament begins sessions in prayer; yet they do not give the God they pray to the pre-eminent position in their debates.

“The monarch & Prime Minister can call you. You can go to Buckingham Palace & Downing Street & tell them what I am saying. It is not complicated. It is the gospel message; it is the words you commonly quote. You say, ‘Attend to My words; they are life unto them that find them & healing to all thy flesh.’
“Come back, oh backsliding nation! Thy military in World War II was covered. Where are they now? Under a nation that kills its innocents, that over-regulates its people, has doctrines of lack rather than increase, & has re-defined Ephesians 5.

“How foolish can a nation become? These are the most fundamental of issues. Acknowledging these issues, repenting before God, is the key to defeat Babylon.

“Now, a message to My Church. Thou hast already defeated Babylon in My Name. As you stand in a nation that knows its own ways are best, there will be casualties of the present conflict; & be ready for those who are coming to Me for My rest. Be ready for the harvest. Keep preparing. Remember the words through Bunyan of labouring night & day. Thou art in preparation for the great harvest of souls. For as man’s comfort zones are taken away, they will look for the answers. In the anointing of God, thou shalt populate heaven with souls [=spirits] previously destined for the abyss.

“Oh, thou art preparing for a great harvest! Be not discouraged. As I wrote through the hymn writer, as I declared in My Word, ‘It is finished; the battle is over. The prisoners of war must come home.’

“Oh! What a message thou hast, of a Saviour who died that thou would have life, & life in abundance.

“Behold, I am alive for evermore. And this is the life thou hast. Be prepared for the harvest.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 31/05/15
“The Signs of the Times”

“The sinners have become the prosecutors, the pure in heart the defendants.“All over the world, the sinners are taking over as the prosecutors, & the pure in heart have become the defendants. Those in the past who would have been convicted of gross indecency, are now winning cases against bakers looking to uphold family values.

“The sinner has become the prosecutor, the pure in heart the defendant. Those who are upholding charities in the name of love, ‘charity’ meaning agape, sacrificial love, have become the defendants, whilst those who uphold the letter of the law that killeth, they have become the prosecutors against those who sacrifice in the name of charity, which means love.

“Letter of the law has become more important than sacrificial love; a concept unknown, for example, in the British Constitution.“Prophets are being persecuted all over the world, for speaking the word of the Lord against those who are speaking politically correctly in the name of a legalistic Lucifer who is taking his opportunity to suppress righteousness that only comes in submission to a holy God.

“In Britain, the Parliamentarians swear on the King James Bible to become an MP. Yet they make laws to put those who uphold its contents behind bars. Those who do not conform are imprisoned, suppressed & rejected. Those who speak out are alienated, as people who are ‘not quite with it.’

For they do not fit into new politically correct societies, equality & diversity laws that make sinners more equal than the righteous. “Those with the religion of Guy Fawkes, a religion that has slain the righteous for centuries, have now become the prosecutors against those who protest.

Yet protesting is what the monarch of Britain promised to do in her oath to God. Yet those who protest have been the defenders rather than the prosecutors, as in Guy Fawkes’ day.“Those who speak out the word of the Lord in the Middle East are being crucified, beheaded or burnt alive, as in Tyndale’s day.

The criminalisation of the righteous by the sinner, is taking place all over the world, the foundations of decency being destroyed, in the name of a legalistic god of this world that continuously torments those who uphold traditional values, the only perspective that is not included in equality & diversity legislation.

“The sinners look to manipulate scenarios to win over those who have not been educated in righteousness, as old Education Acts used to demand. In the forthcoming referendum in Britain, economic policy will be manipulated to give the benefits of European membership, which is exactly what happened during the last referendum over Europe, so that one year can show the benefits of being in Europe, at the cost of many tears of slavery to an organisation of corruption from top to bottom.

“Yet, if the righteous speak up, they become the defendant in front of a sinning prosecutor.“Do they not know, righteousness is about to appear in the sky – the coming of the Lord Jesus? Are they not in fear at His very name? For the tables are being turned. For I come quickly, saith the Lord; for all shall have to meet a righteous God.

“For the sinner who has prosecuted the righteous, faces an eternity of torment & hell-fire. For what they sow against the righteous, the will reap in an eternity of constant torment in hell.

“Yet, the sinner has removed hell form the Scriptures in the hands of so many ‘churches.’ To remove this word from Scripture will bring eternal damnation on those of the Nestle-Aland Committee that have brought the conditions for the sinner to become the prosecutor, & the righteous, the defendant.“Behold! I come soon, saith the Lord.

You do not know the hour or the day; but thou hast the signs of the times all around you, to know that My coming is imminent, when the righteous shall be filled with My glory, as indeed they are, even today, under the persecution of the unrighteous judge.  “For I have made them strong. From their cries of desperation & weakness, they have become as Me on this earth already.

For upholding the Book the Parliamentarians swear on to become MPs, is an action that makes null & void all laws contrary to the pages of this Book.“So, who are the real prosecutors? Only those who uphold that which the Parliamentarians of Britain have sworn upon; which is why Constitution Keepers must have its own court, & pass judgement on those not upholding the pages of this Book, whilst giving opportunity for a pardon through the blood of Jesus, that makes the prosecuting sinner a defendant like you, upholders of righteousness of the Spirit rather than the letter.

“Thus you have the whole of the Word of God on your side, & the Constitution of Great Britain. In America, tell them you have the Mayflower Compact, to free those that used to bake cakes from being bankrupted by those ignoring the contents of My holy Word.”