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There has never been a revival without self-renunciation and this is so relevant today ..... a Holy Ghost Revival will come when man comes to the end of himself and ask God to take over having repented and cried before HIM.
Exodus 15:26 King James Version (KJV)
And said, If thou wilt diligently hearken
to the voice of the Lord thy God,
and wilt do that which is right in his sight,
and wilt give ear to his commandments,
and keep all his statutes,
I will put none of these diseases upon thee,
which I have brought upon the Egyptians:
for I am the Lord that healeth thee.
1 Thessalonians 5:19-21 King James Version (KJV)
Quench not the Spirit.
Despise not prophesyings.
Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.
Word from the Lord through DPG 27/02/11
“I want to talk to you tonight about suffering. My Word clearly shows about suffering. But there are different types of suffering: one which is self-inflicted, & another to bring one to a point of dependence on Me.
“The self-inflicted type of suffering is upon those who would seek to gain position. Out of pride, they enter a competitive race, in which their fellow-competitors seek to pull down each other’s achievements.
This we can call competitive suffering. One looks to pull the other down as they seek to reach the top. Within this context are victims & winners; yet there are no winners in this, for all come under the stresses of the god of this world. People compete to survive. There is no peace – only stress. Within this realm comes sickness, stress-related conditions; & so the Christian who has his foot in this camp, & seemingly in Me, will always suffer, because of the sin of pride.
“I can only use broken men & women. And the term ‘brokenness revival’ is simply one to distinguish it from what we can call ‘competitive revival.’ So-called churches compete against each other. They say ‘My church is doing this;’ ‘My church is doing that,’ - & in the process of going through competitive revival, they pull down My work of brokenness, because they have to flag up to the top man’s achievements in what man is doing for Me.
“I have never called man to do anything for Me, except obey. Preaching & teaching ‘the empty vessel’ is one where competition goes. Instead of flagging up man’s achievements, the brokenness church flags up Mine. My achievement was based on suffering, coming as nothing in My earthly ministry, moving only by the will of the Father.
“How leaders of world achievement hate it when Christ is given the pre-eminence. Remember My words in John 17, that thou art not of this world?
“Others have a pride in having bought their own house. ‘I’ve worked all my life for this,’ they say. But thou hast given up that which one has worked for.
“And as you see thy house paid for, you will realise it has not been thy achievement.
“As you will see all the provision for the ministry come in, you will recognise it is not what thou hast done for Me but in being obedient to what I have done for thee.
“Lindsay, thou hast been singing the song ‘Tell Me the Story of Jesus.’ It is a song based on suffering. Those who continue to try & keep a foot in each camp with self-achievement & God-achievement, will not enter the kingdom of God. The suffering cometh through competition. My glory comes through thy submission.
“As you enter this season of My glory, the base of this being submission to Me, & within this context comes the resistance of the devil with My Word.
“You see, there are ministries which seek to build up the pride of men. You become this & you become that even by paying into that ministry.
Real ministry is for the perfection of the saints. That can only come through brokenness, the understanding of inability.
“So I have called thee forward. Men’s achievements are not for thee. What is for thee is thy proclamation of It is Finished.
“Openness & brokenness; thou art right to proclaim it, for in this context is dependence on Me, a ride above the god of this world.
“So rejoice, My children. One does not have to enter the pride-based competitive world; yet one can proclaim brokenness & submission. This is the context of My revival. So rejoice. My glory is upon thee, to fulfil purposes which are of Me, which can only be achieved through the empty vessel.
“The realisation of God-dependency. Bring My joy; My anointing has already destroyed the yoke of bondage.
Word from the Lord through David Griffiths, Tuesday 28/06/11
“Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.
“There is a revival coming; the revival resulting in a divide between those that move by the flesh, & those that move by the Spirit. The principles of the Spirit are very clear. Those who move by the flesh are those who move by what they see; but the principle of the revival will be Christ Jesus at the centre, in the pre-eminent place. With those who have accepted the principles of revival not being themselves, but Him.
“There is no point praying for revival without the Evan Roberts cry of ‘bend me, bend me; ’ for revival is simply thr manifestation of Christ Jesus.
“My Word is clear, very clear, on the subject of revival: Galatians 2:20 ‘I am crucified with Christ, yet I live; I live by the faith of the Son of God.
“There are those who see themselves having an identity; yet those in the Spirit have died to the so-called pleasures of this world, & have moved into the pleasures of God. This involves the constant moving in the high places in Christ Jesus.
“Give heed to the prophet’s words; the prophet cares for thee. For he is to perfect thee for the works of the ministry, as indeed all the operatives of the 5-fold ministry are to bring perfection.
“Yet there are those who feel that they can do things their way; yet the Word declares, ‘I am the way.’
“The Hebrews passage is very important; for all those who moved in this perfection of God had died to the lusts of the flesh; not only died to the lusts of the flesh, but had also moved into manifesting the thoughts of God.
“Move out, therefore, with the joy of the Lord, which is thy strength. Continue to convict; hold a sanctification service, where men & women can come out, & not even acknowledge their natural gender, but to be a manifestation of Him – no more a servant, but a son.
“I have declared that thy move with the armour of God; the armour of God, the clothes of Christ are for those who move entirely by the Spirit of God.
“I tell thee to broadcast to the world this truth of perfection. This is why I called a people called Methodist to preach & teach this doctrine of perfection.
“My Word declares, ‘Be ye perfect, as I am perfect.’ ‘Be ye holy, as I am holy.’ That is why this Hebrews 11 passage is so significant; moving by faith & not by sight. Be ye perfect.
“I am saying these things tonight, that all should read this passage of scripture. ‘Be ye perfect.’ “
“I am bringing you to the point of how I operate. You have had to learn to die to the ways of this world, to bring you to the point of how I operate.
“My children are commanded ot study diligently; to study My Word, My written Word. My word is to study, study & study; that is My word. My word is to remove the perceptions of this world, & also the earthly perceptions of My Word.
“I reveal to thee through the understanding thou hast gained, through the study of My Word, & the removal of the perceptions of this world. This brings Me the empty vessel I require; the empty vessel that becomes known as My body.
“The god of this world does all he can to prevent you becoming the empty vessel. He gives academic thoughts; he comes with a compromise of one step in the world & one step in the spirit. And I have called thee out of this world; My Word declares you are not of this world; & within this context cmes the words I am about to give thee over the coming months.
“The rehearsals which I have called thee to have are very important. These will be times of diligent hard work, to bring the praise & worship, the individual singings, to a standard far above the standard the god of this world can muster.
“I know Satan will try to place the spirit of fear upon people; but he is defeated. The conditions are being brought to clear all debt on your property, simply by following My instructions. Thou art to broadcast to the world the work that goes on in that loft.
“It is My will for thy house to become a paid-for manse. It is My will for another paid-for manse to exist in the Hebrides, where you asre to do the same again.
For I have called you to restore My chapel movement in Wales – not the chapel of Ichabod which it became, but the chapel of those who hear from God  & act accordingly.
“Likewise in Scotland, I am calling thee to restore My Kirk, for the gates of hell cannot prevail against it.
“Yes, you are to restore revival in Wales & the Hebrides once more, remembering the perceptions of the past revivals; the ‘Bend me, bend me’ of Roberts, & the teaching of the Divine in the human of Campbell. Chapel Pentecost will be a major movement in Wales. It will be understood that this chapel movement will be one of the Spirit, rather than the will & activities of men. Like the chapels of old, it shall have no altar; which indeed was the perception of the Kirk in Scotland.
“I have called thee to build a manse in the Hebrides as well as Wales; paid-for manses, which will have the ability to reach the world.
“You see, My Word declares, Go into the whole world & preach the gospel; & from thy manses will come the preaching of My Word, with the Kirk restored in Scotland, & the chapel restored in Wales – both called to be non-conformist.
“With the Golden Jubilee of the Queen in 2012, you will have every opportunity to state her obligations under the Constitutional Acts.
You will astound politicians; you will astound the legal system, particularly with the notion of the Queen’s obligation to suppress foreign infiltration into thy legal systems.
“Beware of wolves & false prophets. They will look to bring a respectability into thy operations; & thou hast been right to expose publicly the wolves in Benny Hinn’s ministry; & thou hast been right not to pull down the Lord’s anointed; but thou hast been right to expose the wolves who have been trying to pull down the anointing in his ministry.
“Thou hast been right in thy desire to restore the Pentecostal movements, even though I am giving you a priority at this time, to bring about Chapel Pentecost, & the Pentecostal Church of Scotland. For it was always My will for the state Church of Scotland to move by My Spirit. I am bringing about the Pentecostal Church of Scotland, you are making that statement.
The Pentecostal Church of Scotland is to be a free flowing movement of the Spirit. This movement is to begin in the Hebrides, but thou art to remove that which has infiltrated in. Those movings in the Hebrides simply to receive the revival spirit are to be exposed for what they are. The Hebrides became special because of the hearts of men, not not the geographical location. And thou art to bring about another Hebridean revival; but with the old methods – that is, of an individual dying to self, within the context of a group of people determined to get right with God.
“O, thou shalt hear the cry of Isaiah 64 once more; for thou art to set up a revivalist movement; not only in Wales, Chapel Pentecost, but also in Scotland, where the Pentecostal Church of Scotland is to become the state Church.
“The present so-called ‘state church’ has failed to hear from Me & act accordingly; & thy nation, Lindsay, has become a spiritual desert.
“But I will bring back Scots to thy land from all over the world; you see, My plan is to reach them from your manse, calling Scots back to the homeland, to restore the spirituality of thy nation.
“You see the intercession which you spoke out in Scotland those years ago, has a point of manifestation in thy lifetime; & thou art to set up younger people to carry on the work.
“Chapel Pentecost is to be a movement that indeed rebuilds physical buildings; not that they are special in themselves; for they are to be built without an altar, but contain people who are manifestations of Me (I John 4:17).
“And all that thou art teaching now in Wales, of dying to self, dying to self, dying to self, I have called thee as  a group of people of the Galatians 2:20 ethos – ‘I live, yet not I’  to restore My chapel movement to its non-conformist roots; as I have called thee for this purpose in Scotland. You will find that the judgement that it upon what is known as Church will continue to expose that which has infiltrated in. You are called, as in Jeremiah, to pull down that which is not of Me.
“And so on a national scale in Scotland & Wales, you will be given words of knowledge that will open up the conviction of My Spirit, both in Scotland & in Wales.
“So prepare for this. Do not go down under the narrow-minded thoughts of the enemy, & I shall build My Church, & the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”
Word from the Lord through DPG, 24/08/11
“Be inside the showers of blessings, & outside the darkness of doubt & unbelief.
“Thou hast been right to expose the mark of freemasonry upon thy society; for what freemasonry does is form a shadow, to prevent the light of the glorious Gospel from reaching the people.
“I have called you to bring justice, love, peace to thy society, & thou hast been right to proclaim the Name of Jesus, despite the enemy’s attempts to cause a shadow upon that which I have called thee to do.
“That shadow of masonry has formed a shadow; has brought in intellectual organisation to what was once My Church. There have been those who have tried to bring a shadow on the operations of what I have caused thee to do; & thou hast brought the light of the glorious gospel to thy operations. There are those who come who have the shadowed form of Christianity; a kind of Christianity that has no joy or peace; the one that will continuously defend itself, for admitting that there is a proclamation here of another gospel.
“Thou art to continue to form a divide between flesh & spirit. Thou art right to cause there to be an exposure of what has caused the shadow. My Word is life; I am the Light of the world.
“Thou art right to proclaim the glorious Name Jesus & remove the shadow from the people. One exposes the sins of the people, for the light of the glorious gospel is an ever-shining light, & within it, one brings life – the life – Jesus Himself.
“I want thee to proclaim Jesus in all that thou doest. The sins of the people are being found out, according to My Word; for I am a God of order.
“Just as thou hast been called to bring your things together into one place, the name Jesus is to be glorified & magnified. And as one does this, the sins of the people will be there for all to see.
“Yes, the light of the glorious gospel is to shine. When one brings the light, there needs to be an invitation to fully accept the Jesus of the scripture; the One who thou hast worshipped. For thou hast restored My landmark in thy nation. The masonic chain has been exposed. Thou hast proclaimed Jesus, the King of Kings & Lord of Lords; & what this has done has exposed the sin.
“Continue to proclaim the Jesus of the Scripture. This Jesus of the Scripture brings conviction of sin; yet thou hast found there has been a hardening; an inability to confess sin. For thou hast brought light upon those who have endeavoured to hide their past life.
“There should always be a longing to give testimony at thy meetings; for thy preaching has brought forward a conviction; a conviction that exposes the unrepented sin.
“From this shall come the base for many salvations to take place.
“When thou shinest the light of the glorious gospel, one will bring forward the manifesto of the Lord. As men & women repent, so My healing power will manifest to bring deliverance & freedom.
“Thou hast been right to be conscious of personal inability; for thou hast been ignored in certain circles. For thou hast given the prophet’s warning, yet thou hast been ignored by people who have been desirous of frivolity, rather than the seriousness of repenting before God.
“For thou art witnessing the manifestation of My wrath. For thou hast brought the light of the glorious gospel; but thou hast brought forward this gospel.
“Look at the havoc it doth bring! Men have weeks to decide, yet they live in their comfort zone!
“PRAISE THE LORD! PRAISE THE LORD! O come to the Father through Jesus the Son, & give Him the glory; great things He hath done.
“Indeed, come to the Father through Jesus the Son; give Him the glory – great things He hath done.
“Proclaim the God of the Bible. Thou will find the conviction of the Lord coming through.
“The glorious light of the gospel, as thou preacheth from its pages, will bring conviction & salvation into the lives of many.
“Hallelujah! And as thou introduces those in sin to the Master; as thou proclaimest the glorious light of the gospel, one can be free to … the conviction of My Spirit upon people who have had the shadow form upon them.
“The glorious light of the gospel shall be preached, & people will respond. Hallelujah!
Preach the Word without  compromise. Proclaim My Name, the Name Jesus. Remove the darkness wherever thou goeth.
“Thou hast brought the glorious gospel; the gospel without compromise.
“Thou hast brought the light of the glorious gospel.
“Thou hast been right to bring the glorious gospel. Those failing to bring the glorious gospel…..
“Thou hast brought the glorious gospel to the people. One has brought the light of the glorious gospel into a land that resisted the glorious gospel.
“I have anointed thee to go to the highways & byways to bring the glorious light of the gospel.
“And during the conviction of the meetings, people look for natural ability, whereas I look for the empty vessel, to fill up gloriously.
“Thou hast been right to bring the glorious gospel, the true gospel - & as thou proclaims the real Jesus, so shall the miracles manifest in thy presence.
“For the glorious gospel has brought conviction. We are to bring forward the light of the glorious gospel. For I  am looking for the empty vessel to fill.
“Thou hast brought forward the glorious gospel to the eyes of the people. Continue to proclaim My Name.
“For I am come that thou should have life in abundance. The light of the glorious gospel should shine upon them. The light of the gospel brings life.”
Word from the Lord through DPG,
04 09 11
“You are to appeal again, David Owen, for full consecration of the people. The Joshua 3 message must be preached, as indeed must the Joshua 1 message in relation to My Word. For it is My Word that separation from the world must take place. Even leisure activity must be led by Me.
“I am calling a people to be sanctified, set apart; a people who will not complain of the physical entity, but will ride apart. For I have called thee to be a separate people, saith the Lord; not one that compromises to the world. The world has had its input. There are those who used to preach the separation message, who have now bowed down to the antichrist. It is antichrist who speaks of the physical entity, ‘I want this, & I want that.’
“I have given thee authority over antichrist. Whatsoever ye shall bind on earth, whatsoever ye shall loose on earth – all authority is yours, saith the Lord,  in My Name.
“Thou art to warn the people of natural prayers; praying that somebody does this, & praying that somebody does that, is not the intercession of God.
“Every prayer is to be led of My Spirit; for My Word declares that thou dost not know how to pray. Accept that reality; wait upon Me. My Word declares that in all things I must have the pre-eminence.
“At this time, the sins of governments are being found out. I know thou hast plans to take to court great institutions of thy land; for they have been led by the love of money, rather than by the love of the Constitutional God.
“Let Me tell you; you say ‘boo!’ to them at this time, & they will fall down. You know the hymn ‘The Solid Rock?’ The wind has blown, the rain has come down – the house on the sand has fallen down.
“I know you have had a lot of work to do in setting up the rooftop studio; but thou art to broadcast from here around the world. Thou art to produce programmes of high quality; I am talking about technical high quality, for thou hast learned to speak the words of God, rather than the words of men.
“I am providing for the best. I will provide ultimately opportunity to extend from thy rooftop studio; for in Chapel Pentecost, there will need to be a video & audio production area. For thou art to broadcast from here not only live programmes, but recorded programmes. Chapel Pentecost is to be a place where people will come from miles around.
“Thou art to ask thy people at this stage what they are hearing from God. If the answer is ‘naught,’ then they are to remove the blockages which are preventing them hearing from God – hence the need for full consecration meetings.
“Thou art to rejoice abundantly; abundantly. You see, the spectator sport syndrome is one of lack of separation. I am calling a people of power, to be separate from this world.
“One is right to expose the Alpha course, & its embracing of multi-faith. Tell the people I am not pleased with this course, for it leads people astray rather than bring people to God. I will let you know the point to really expose this phenomena Satan has used to bring the world into the Church.
“Rejoice, & be exceedingly glad; read the Beatitudes to find out the progress thou hast made; & as for the issue of present day Israel, I am still the only way, the truth, & the life. By being born again, one becomes of rhe seed of Abraham – a joint heir with Christ. The born-again experience turns one into being a full child of God; one who sits at the table equally, not apart.
“There is great danger for those who proclaim a nation over Me. In other words, they have in their life the love of a nation rather than love for Me.
“Remind them that in all things, I must have the preeminence.
“Expose what has been happening in Israel. My Word declares to sound a warning, particularly in the context of the Middle East. For there are those in power who are not Jews, but call themselves Jews & are of the synagogue of Satan. There are those in power who embrace the Kabbala rather than the Torah.
“You see, the key is to be led of My Spirit rather than natural knowledge. One is to teach the rhema over the logos. You know, I have called thee all to be a separated people. This is My message for today; a message that was the same yesterday, as indeed will be tomorrow. Be ye separate, saith the Lord.
“The lovers of higher criticism have taken over My colleges, saith the Lord; & David Owen, I have called thee together with David & Lindsay, to bring these colleges back, into the fold of My kingdom.
“I have called thee into Bangor to do just that. They learn academically in this city, but know not of My Spirit. They have swept away the colleges of My kingdom, & replaced them to colleges of human thinking, rather than the call of My Spirit. It is not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit, saith the Lord.
Rejoice & be exceedingly glad; for as they persecute thee, they persecuted Me. I called those of the antichrist whited sepulchres. Be not afraid to challenge as I challenged. Be not afraid to use phraseology as I lead thee. John 14:6, ‘Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, & the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by Me.’
“I have called thee a separated people. Declare My agenda, not man’s agenda. And be prepared to have a people of missions heart, for with holiness there comes a people set aside of the love of the world; a people who are prepared to go to the four corners of the earth.
“Rejoice & be exceedingly glad; go forward; be not alarmed by human reaction; & proclaim My separation message.
“In My Name, thou wilt speak to mountains. In My Name, thou shalt cast them into the sea. The Spirit of God is moving upon thee now, to proclaim this message of being led of God, rather than by the god of this world.”
Word from the Lord through DPG, 2/11/11
“God is at War against Sin Forever”
“What you are facing in the lives of people is sin: the old-fashioned word, sin.
“You have had so many come through your Church meetings, hardened against the Spirit of God, hardened against the preaching of My Word; living a double life. The more thou hast convicted of sin, the more they are communicating against thee; for they look to protect their own lives of flesh, rather than being the supernatural beings My Spirit has called them to be.
“Protecting their sinful lives is their pride. They stand before the world , wearing the clothes of being Christian. But these are outer clothes only; they give the appearance of goodness, but the truth is, on the inside there is nothing but malice, bitterness, & wrong thinking.
“When you preach the holiness message, there is the demand for complete dying to self; the demand to be pure, holy, of the royal priesthood of believers. Yet they gather in groups looking to slay thee, & as in the days of Harlech, starve thee out. They use their contacts to deal with specks in thy eyes rather than the planks in their own. Yet these specks they continue to comment about, have been removed because of being born again.
“You know, so many cannot walk the path of holiness, because they have never mourned. They have the form of godliness; they have said the so-called sinners’ prayer; but have not come to that mourners’ bench of old. They have come to that new Calvary, where one can simply say “sorry” & carry on the old life.
“But the Calvary of old is where thou hast been; the place you admit your inadequacy; the place where one’s filthy rags are washed clean.
By preaching the Cross, you convict of sin, & all over the world, this is going on. Man is choosing his own pleasures, rather than God’s; & there is a new form of Christianity that into that. It is that form that you see manifesting around thee; & the preaching of My Word has been all about taking people off this road to destruction, & placing them on the highway to heaven.
“Continue to preach My Word uncompromisingly. Do not hold back. Instead, preach the conviction of the Lord; preach the conviction of My Spirit, & bring men & women to the front to mourn at My bench, to accept the Saviour, to live the new life, & reject the old.
“A Christian is a supernatural being, washed completely clean. What thou hast witnessed around thee are those protecting the sins of the past, & living a life without repentance; having the form of godliness that denies its power. That is, having one life up front for all to see, but behind the scenes, an unrepentant heart, on its way to eternal damnation.
“You can print this Word on your website, with the chorus, “There’s a way back to God…” & invite those living the old life, even calling themselves Christian, to repent before Me, & receive eternal life.”
Word from the Lord through DPG, 01/12/11
“Thou has shown thou art prepared to give up all to follow Me, & as you go through the processes of sorting out the finances; sorting out the finances of the charity; the house mortgage, & the dealings with banks, thou hast seen how the enemy has looked to steal all that you have.
“He comes to kill, steal & destroy.
“You have seen also that there are those who have come to give, who look to control with that giving.
“But you have shown that obedience to the prophetic word takes priority over that.
“You are determined to set up thy media centre; to broadcast to the whole world. But with all the costs of this, you have begun to feel under pressure. And yes, you have recognised that cares are to be shed upon Me; yet it is obvious that to continue fully in the vision, you need a major financial input now, to fulfil My call on your lives.
“I take you to My Word; to Mark’s gospel, where you will see the financial position of those prepared to give up everything for Me. They are to receive a hundredfold, now in this time. It is My duty to see that happens. So, please expect the manifestation of My glory in the area of finances.
“You are right to call revival; those in revival are free from the corruptions of this world. You have learnt how to bring revival; you have warned of the price required for revival; & as the mail-outs have gone out; as the posters have been put up; as the websites have been brought up to date with this revival news; & as you bring to the attention of the people on thy websites, words I have spoken through apostles & prophets; as you deal with the barriers to revival, allow My zeal & determination to manifest through you all. “There is a joy that must come - & that joy is thy strength. You have shown determination to fulfil the call of God. Step up into the high calling of God.
“You have shown determination to take back the infiltrated movements. Stand up to them; convict them of the great apostasy they have allowed to creep in. Stand firm with them. Claim back the heritage.
“And Lindsay, thy word given from Jeremiah is important in this, as you will find all Jeremiah is important in this; for My pastors have gone astray & become brutish; & there are instructions for you to fulfil, given through J Edwin Orr, which thou hast on thy website.
“So, as you now complete the rear-guard; as you now go forward with setting up facilities required for the media centre, & the purchase of the manse, you can now go forward in the strength of the Lord.
“The banking community is already bowing down to thee; for thou hast stood on the foundational acts of thy nation, rather than the global thrust of international Satanism.
“Stand firm; for all other ground is sinking sand.
“For these are exciting days for thee; get excited; bring in thy harvest, & proclaim the victory of the Lord.”
Word from the Lord through DPG, 12/12/11
“Thou hast sought My face for an old-fashioned revival; & thou hast heard what I said through thy brother Orr, that revival is like Judgement Day. For indeed, this is true; for revival requires examination of self, as convicted of the Holy Ghost.
“And thou art right to ask the question, “Do I have clean hands & a pure heart?” Thou art right to differentiate between the convicting love of the Holy Ghost, in that a person receives Christ through conviction rather than the acceptance of sin “love” of Jezebel.
“So thou hast discovered those who have accepted another ministry; another gospel; another Jesus; & thou hast sought to honour Me, by placing Me first in all that thou do.
“So, revival brings division; & thou hast witnessed in thy fellowship exactly that division; the division between flesh & spirit.
“Thou can now get ready for fruit of revival, of thy congregation ready to reach the world; so much on fire, nothing can hold them back. Those who have the sin suppressed in their life, rather than out in the open’ thou now hast a congregation ready to put aside the things of this world, to enable revival to come.
“At this time, thou hast got ready the facilities for revival, where one can bring this convicting Holy Ghost to communities throughout Wales.
“This is a great work, saith the Lord, ideal for those set free, washed clean, washed in the blood of the Lamb.
“And thou hast an excitement in thy congregation, saith the Lord; & thy loft has been gotten ready for those to gather throughout the night, to intercede, to stand firm in the glory of Jesus.
“Be excited; the Saviour has come. Praise ye the Name of the Lord. Amen.”
Word from the Lord through DPG, 27/01/12
“With being at the      stage, one is seeing the conditions for revival manifest.
These are the factors to be pulled down, before the building up:
(1) The challenge of facing up to the strong men throughout North Wales, is one thy ministry has been prepared to face.
“The overall strong man being based in the so-called City of Learning, from where the secular humanism of man has manifest.
“For here comes Factor (2): the Mark 10:30.
“Who will leave the world’s perceived ‘safety’ for Me, like the disciples did? This is factor (2) – who will leave the world to follow Me?
“From this, there comes Factor (3). This is the old Keswick Convention factor. Who will come to the front, to give their whole lives to Me? Not just a part of it, but all of it. This means being available to go anywhere in the world at My calling.
“Factor (4): How many have identified the Baptism in the Holy Ghost as being for empowerment for ministry, rather than self-gratification?
“The next factor is (5). Will there be repentance in the denominations? Will the Methodists preach once more entire sanctification? Will Elim portray the Foursquare Gospel? Will the Assemblies of God be the Holy Ghost movement it once was? Or, as it is today, a movement that has forgotten its original call? Will the Apostolics return to Penygroes, My Word for them being to stay there, & not forsake the calling of its founders. Will the “Church in Wales” forsake its altars & pagan symbols in high places? Will the remaining chapels forsake their present establishment position for a return to their spirit-filled past?
“Will the politicians of North Wales gain the oratory skills of their predecessors, these skills coming out of the hearts of the people who had a passion for God?
“Will the council chambers have a passion for prayer before meetings, to seek the Word of the Lord?
“Will the young people forsake their designer clothes & drinking habits?
“These are all important questions within this factor.
“Factor (6): Will the understanding of seeking first the kingdom of God, be fully understood in this North Wales revival? For I say to you, I have found you to be sold out to My Spirit, seeking Me to obey My Spirit; & this is the time to be confrontational; to say to the Church: you are My separated Body, members of My body, flesh, & bones; & as such, you cannot be part of the world; & yes, the Hebridean scriptures will be prevalent in this revival. There will be cries of ‘Who shall climb the hill of the Lord?’ There will be cries of repentance amongst the people who have held on to earthly wealth, rather than hand it to My apostles & prophets, who use it to bring forth the evangelists, pastors, & teachers. They see their money as their own; but in revival, those who hold treasure on earth, are convicted by the Spirit of God, knowing the true hundredfold is their; walking the path of reliance on God, rather than the systems of this collapsing world.
“In revival, there is a conviction of souls so great, that the factors intimated here look so easy to see the manifestation of.
“And here you are, facing the Leviathan strong man; yet the so-called ‘Church’ does not hear. You have simply obeyed Me & faced up to this strong man of the Antichrist of nations. Within North Wales, you have faced up to the strong man of pride, & the manifestation of the Jezebel. ‘Where is the prince in me?’ they say. ‘I am a minister of the gospel,’ they say, ‘And I have no idea of the royal priesthood of believers who sit equally with Me in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus.’
“Within revival, there is such a conviction of God, that the vagrancies of Jezebel are removed; the false social gospel love is removed; & that Jezebellic smile, the lure of bringing vulnerable people into submission, that has operated in North Wales alongside the Leviathan run, that sea-monster that is exposed in My Word being bound up in My presence along the Llandudno shores.
“As you wait for repentant leaders of fellowships to come, so I have been knocking on the doors of so-called churches & chapels of North Wales for years.
“I have been refused entry with My convicting Spirit. So, just as I have been ignored, so in this context I have been ignored, operating through thee.
“’Behold! I stand at the door & knock’ is My cry to the churches in North Wales, who need to seek Me with all their hearts.
“Your internet websites, coming together now for My glory, your media centre being built for My glory.
“How I have been convicting men & women throughout the nation to come & join thee in this preparation period for revival! My revival call is knocking on doors: ‘Come – leave what you have to follow Me.’ Revival is brewing in the spiritual landscape of Wales; yet within this landscape, there are the usual false cries for revival; but I have taken thee along the old-fashioned way, of men & women & children being convicted of their sin; the preaching of the old-fashioned Word, & the manifestation of My glory.
“Thy meetings are so anointed with power. Call the people to come! Bring g them out of their shell, & declare the glory of the Lord! Cry aloud, & spare not! Remove the social gospel from amongst the people, & bring in the full surrender chapels of the past; not the dead religious form, but the new chapels I have called thee to build, full of God-anointed, devil-stomping people, that are sitting in the heavenly places with Me.
“And as you deal with the issues of the strongholds of the devil, remember I have called thee to follow Me with all of thy heart, the full surrender versus the partial surrender message. What a contrast! One message where saying a little prayer, & continuing the old life, is perceived as a born-again experience, whereas the true born-again man forsakes the world, & all its treasures, to follow Me.”
Word from the Lord through DPG, 02/02/12
“Behold their threatenings: the Church grows at times of persecution, & you need to prepare for major growth.
“The enemy move has been one to isolate you into a corner; but has been one in which you are now shouting for joy, as you have given out what has attempted to suppress what you have been called to do.
“Cry aloud & spare not, saith the Lord. For they have gathered to place you into a corner; to muzzle the prophet, & suppress the Word of God.
“But God is not mocked; for I have come that ye may have life, & life in abundance; & that signs & wonders can flourish in thy midst.
“You truly are portraying what happens when My Church hears from Me. The religious community looks to muzzle the prophet; but I am saying unto thee,
 that this prophet shall not be muzzled. He is to be open at every “street corner;” that his shouting out the Word of God people come to him to ask about spiritual things. They ask him advice, & counsel. But along come those with the Pharisaic spirit, looking to suppress him, & get him to move & get out of the community.
“But I am saying unto him, Cry aloud, & spare not. Authorities are afraid of him, & are looking how to silence him; but he has the sword of the Spirit in his hand, & is prepared to plunge it into the enemy camp.
“This army of the Lord, which the enemy has tried to suppress, is on the march. This army of the Lord takes land wherever it goes. This army of the Lord is fearless in battle, having handed over its cares & burdens to Me. This army of the Lord is to take the land, & declare it to be of the Lord. This army of the Lord is to broadcast to the nations the truth of My Word.
“The anointing to preach is upon thee. Thou hast preached mightily in My Name, saith the Lord. My Church are not to be afraid. The enemy shall not muzzle the prophet. What the prophet has been saying shall be heard by a much wider audience; & so you can declare, saith the Lord, My glory, might & dominion. You can declare, saith the Lord, that this is the hour of the Lord’s coming; coming to judge that which has come against thee, coming to judge the corruption in government & institutions of thy nation. For thou hast exposed the infiltrations of the enemy; thou hast come with an anointing to purify My Church; to remove the Higher Criticism ministry training system; to remove the high altars of buildings known as churches; to remove the communion rails which signify the separation between man & God & priesthood.
For thou art the royal priesthood, the holy nation, which is standing up boldly in thy community, unafraid, going forward, & taking the land, so once more Britain can be great; a nation under God, with a monarch keeping every aspect of thy Constitution; moving in My glory, the 1534 Act of Supremacy being kept to; the nation being aware of what the monarch swore in 1953; & the Act of Settlement being fully understood: that this is a Protestant nation under God; & that all those who come to settle in this nation, need to accept that this is a nation of Christian heritage: not Moslem, not Hindu, not Buddhist; not any earthly philosophy; not evolutionist; not utilitarian; not philosophy of any kind; only Protestant Christian. And as the Australian leader has said, those who cannot accept the Christian heritage of Australia, should leave that country, how much more should Great Britain, the motherland of Christianity to so many nations of the world, including the United States; how much more should this nation demand, that every citizen bow the knee to the God of its Constitutional Acts; that if a citizen cannot do this, that citizen should leave this nation.
If a politician of any of the Houses of power in the nation cannot bow the knee to the God of the Constitution which he or she is legally obliged to uphold, then he or she should leave the post he or she is in. If school teachers cannot uphold the God of the Constitutional Acts to the nation’s youth, then that person should be relieved of their post. If a member of the legal profession, whether that be police person, lawyer, or judge, cannot bow the knee to the God of the nation’s Constitutional Acts, that person should be relieved of their post.
And this Constitution is not to be syncretized with other religion; for the demand it gives itself is to increase the virtue of Christ’s religion, thus making it law that every subject of the monarch should not only uphold the Constitution of the nation, but also increase the virtue of Christ’s religion. Vendetta groups throughout the nation have been set up to suppress & muzzle those who are standing for the old paths. The enemy’s paths have been exposed. The corruption thou hast discovered has been exposed; & when a thief is found, he has to restore sevenfold. Thou hast found the thief in thy nation. Thou art to call men, women & children from all over the world to come & join us in this glorious proclamation, of calling the North Wales brokenness revival.
For in brokenness thou hast become the mouthpiece of God.”
Word from the Lord through DPG, 6/02/12
“The Great Falling Away”
“You have heard of the great falling away. You heard last evening the preaching of Maynard James in regard to the end-time apostasy.
“There are certain areas Maynard preached on, which come under the banner, in today’s world, of ‘politically incorrect.’
“Remember, I called you back to portray the preaching of Mission Hall days? Preaching that convicted, & made the sinner uncomfortable; but what has occurred since then, has come a comfort zone “Church,” where no one is to be offended; where God loves all, even to the point of accepting their sin; whereas the truth that was portrayed by Maynard James, was that his God loved all so much, He gave His life to enable the true preacher to show this supreme love, so that the preacher through the Holy Ghost, can convict of sin, to save the sinner from an eternity in hell.
“Certain subject therefore, in this apostate church, is never covered. They never preach on the reality of hell for the unrepentant; they never preach on the consequences for those left behind at My coming again; they never preach on the subject of sodomy, which is great sin, rather than a chosen lifestyle. They never preach on non-covenantal sexual relationships, which was at one time called “living in sin.” This is never mentioned in this apostate church.
“There should be a huge outcry over the number of babies the nation has slaughtered, & the breakdown of law & order in society; but how can a government pass laws to bring order in society:-
1)     That are against the Constitutional base on which the society was built;
2)   Laws against violent activity in the society.
They (the laws) do not mean a thing anymore, because they are made by those guilty of supreme violence against society, through the crime of abortion; the cure for this, bringing all those to justice who instigated the Abortion Act, or allow it to flourish, as present-day politicians do. They are breaking the law constantly; & so, the vast majority of what are known as churches in thy land, are part of this non-offending, politically correct entity of ecumenical fellowships that have no idea of the true gospel.
“This is why I took you back, initially to what the early Pentecostals of the 20. century stood for; & then I took you back to your Mission Hall days, & asked you to combine the two, to continue the two, to combine the two; & in Maynard James last evening, you heard the excellent presentation of what I have called you to preach: Pentecostal  holiness, to continue it.
“Those in the system of non-offending church, strangely enough, get offended. ‘You can’t talk about Romanism, as we’re all one together now,’ they say. But I say, ‘What concord has Christ with Baal?’ ‘You can’t bring politics into church,’ they say. But I say, ‘I called My Church to go onto the whole world, & preach the gospel. I called My Church to bring division in all aspects of society, between that which is of Me, & that which is of the devil.’
“And I have called you together, as a small group at this stage, to test if you would compromise My Word, so as to get people back, who have been offended because of My call on you all, to go back to the principles of Mission Hall days.
“You have shown Me that not only are you prepared to stay in the position you were in, that you have asked Me to deal with your 80% differential between how the Early Church was, & how you are. So many perceive Church as a spokesman of this apostate society; simply accepting the end-time falling away. But you see yourselves as an Acts of the Apostles Church, asking Me how you can get closer to being as they were.
“So, I have called you to make your stand. I have given thee directions. Do not be moved or motivated by this end-time operation of Satan, that comes to kill, steal & destroy.
“There is a conviction of sin upon those who have made commitment to thee, & have broken the covenantal agreement.
“Go further in Me, saith the Lord. Do not look back, except to the ancient landmark of belief, on whose foundations you are now growing.
“In a time of the great falling away, you have shown you are not prepared to compromise to the system, but to seek Me.
“So rejoice, & be exceedingly glad. For thou hast portrayed the Rock on which the Church is built; that is not moved by modern immoral acts of Parliament, but is portraying the higher laws of thy nation; laws that have to take precedence in court, over the modern laws of successive governments, who have failed to hear from Me.
“So continue to stand, in My Name, & the gates of hell shall not prevail against you.”
Revival that is to COME TO SCOTLAND
Prophecy through Rev Dr Cllr E M Lindsay Griffiths
29 December 2012
“There is a mercy-seat, which none but the just shall see. It is My throne, saith the Lord, on high. Angels rescue and bring to it those who are weary and heavy-hearted, but only My Holy Spirit shall baptize, convict, convert. It is not a work of the creation, but the Creator. Heaven is My throne, and earth is My footstool.
“Obey Me in this My calling for thee, and carve thy name in the Lamb’s book of life. It is written that many shall cry ‘Lord,’ but only the righteous man or woman shall see God, and know His truth, righteousness, mercy and peace.
“There is a mighty move beginning through you, saith the Lord; so mighty it shall overtake you like a tidal wave. You will ride the crest of the wave, though at first it will feel engulfing. The tidal wave of My Spirit of revival sweeps away all debris, all filth, all human refuse, and purifying the earth.
The tidal wave of My spirit plunges many beneath its waves. Only those who surrender to it shall survive. Those who refuse it, fight against it, or turn away from it, shall not survive the hour of My power and glory.
“But those who do not perish, but surrender to My power, will be carried, and lifted higher than they would ever have thought possible. For with God, all things are possible. Therefore, seek not to do in thine own strength what I can do far beyond all measure, in Mine.”