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Throughout history as nations have accepted sin into their laws, have promoted immorality and sexualised children - then those nations simply fall ...... this is happening in Britain and Prophets warn of this.
The intellectuals of the nations who do not heed the Prophets warnings fall too .... Britain has been told and needs to act on the Prophet's cry ......
Exodus 15:26 King James Version (KJV)
And said, If thou wilt diligently hearken
to the voice of the Lord thy God,
and wilt do that which is right in his sight,
and wilt give ear to his commandments,
and keep all his statutes,
I will put none of these diseases upon thee,
which I have brought upon the Egyptians:
for I am the Lord that healeth thee.
1 Thessalonians 5:19-21 King James Version (KJV)
Quench not the Spirit.
Despise not prophesyings.
Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.
Word from the Lord through DPG, 14/09/11
“Stay calm, stay calm. The conditions in the world are getting worse; & My message to you today is to stay calm. Am I not the Saviour who calmed the storm? And you have the authority, dominion, & power to call in the wealth you need to fulfil the callings of God.
“There will be times in this build-up to My coming, when thou will witness such a change in the spiritual atmosphere, it will seem there is no way through; but am I not the one who opened up the Red Sea?
“And as you go through the work you go through today, you will see I have prepared you through it all, to be the ministry I have called you to be.
“The prophetic ministry is one, not of compromise, but of determination. You will not be moved by the imminent collapse of world-wide economies. You will not be moved by earthquakes & wars, & rumours of wars. You will be moved by My Word, which declares My people to march in the Promised Land, this land being a land where one is able to stand, in the Name of the Lord.
“The Lord loves thee; & as you hear from Me, go forward; be not afraid. The land is for the taking. The wealth of the wicked is laid up for the just. For I have called thee to continuously walk in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus; & the world has to come in line with My Word.
“But My message to thee is to stay calm. There will be those who need to be calmed down. And there is to be wars & rumours of wars. But thou will stay calm. Aquaplanes – which is My way of walking on top of the rough waters, unmarked, unscathed, & confident of victory.
“Be alert for My Word. Take up thy rod; completely drown the oncoming army, in My Name.
“We are talking of spirits, of course; for when a thief is found, he has to restore. You, being founded on the Rock of the Lord Jesus. This is victory; for thou will build this chapel & college, in amidst the battles of adversity. But thou hast been called to build through the power of the Living Christ. You see, I have called thee to be above the natural circumstances. I have given thee all authority, might & dominion.
“So rejoice & be exceedingly glad; they say all manner of evil against thee, but I have called thee to be strong in the Lord & in the power of His might.
“This is your position: the heavenly places in Christ Jesus.
“Rejoice, & be exceedingly glad; for the victory is thine. I won the victory two thousand years ago. Thou hast the victory.”
Word from the Lord through DPG, 29/09/11
“Remember the hymn, ‘Praise, my soul, the King of Heaven; to His feet thy tribute bring; Ransomed, healed, restored, forgiven’?
“Explain to the people the two gospels. My Word declares there is another gospel. You have been brought into the understanding of the other Jesus; & so, if there is another Jesus, there is another gospel. The other gospel is presented exactly like the real gospel. The wordeology is the same.
“But thou hast been given revelation of the massive differences between the two. The hymn-writers of old were clear in the theology of the real gospel. The hymn-writer of old would clearly identify the message of My Word; but today, there has been brought into being songs with little reference to My Word, & it is these songs I have called thee to identify, pull down, & expose.
“You know when the hymn-writer of old declared, ‘Ransomed, healed, restored, forgiven,’ he meant it.
“The hymn-writers of the other gospel honour a god so far away from Me. There is a clear distinction between what is becoming known as the old-fashioned gospel, & that which is being portrayed in “churches” today.
“The apostle Paul pleaded with those at Corinth. He discovered at Corinth that an infiltration had come in. He cried aloud, he spared not. And I know the attacks of the mind, looking for you to compromise from the teaching of the real gospel. I call thee to resist the devil in his attempts to conquer thy minds. Do not compromise to the social strata of today. Continue to expose those “Bibles” that look to present a Jesus who has an origin day. Show to the people in thy mail-out those false scriptures – expose them – that show Me to have an origin day. Show to the people those scriptures – false scriptures – that show Joseph to be My father. Show to the people those false scriptures that give the same title to Lucifer & to Me; those false scriptures that declare Me to be the capstone rather than the corner-stone; & warn the people that adherence to these false scriptures takes them to the knowing of the other Jesus.
“Show the people the false scriptures of progressive salvation; & emphasise at the end of this short piece that those who have truly repented have been saved to the uttermost, rather than go through a period of progressive deliverance.
“Dear Lindsay, the course thou art preparing on the other Jesus, coming through one of its religions of Roman Catholicism, a religion of altars made with hands: do not hold back in declaring the Jesus behind the altar-rail as being one of the imaginations of Lucifer, rather than the begotten Son of God, Who reigns in the born-again believer, their bodies being the temples of the Holy Ghost.
“You see, there is a difference between the Jesus of the man-made altar, & the Jesus that reigns within thee.
“Yes: place this prophetic word in thy mail-out, exposing the false Jesus; & in contrast, show those that walk as kings & priests on this earth, ‘ransomed, healed, restored, forgiven,’ like the old hymn-writer said they would.
“You know, as I am, so art thou. Praise Me; praise Me. I cry out for those who have been taken in by the false scriptures. Bring them back to My blood-bought Word; bring them back to My blood-bought Word; bring them back to My blood-bought Word.
“Write these words; these are words I gave to a hymn-writer of what thou perceives as old: ‘Would you be free from the burden of sin? There’s power in the blood, power in the blood. Would you o’er evil a victory win? There’s wonderful power in the blood.’
“Show the people how many times the NKJV has removed the word ‘blood.’ Show how many times the word ‘repent’ has been removed; & show how many times I am referred to – or, the supposed ‘I’ – as a son, rather than the Son. Include the NKJV references as well as the other so-called “Bibles.” Show how the supposed ‘I’ cannot grasp equality with the Father, whilst the true scripture declares the co-existent, co-equal Godhead.
“By placing this prophetic word in thy mail-out, My Spirit is calling back those of the other Jesus, with his other scriptures.
“Show the people My warnings on taking away, & adding to, My Word. They are not to resist the calling of My Spirit back to the reading of My true Word, & back to the hymns of sound theology, rather than today’s hymns of adherence to another Jesus.
“Yes, I know thou hast found modern hymns that give reference to the real Jesus; but there are so many who have taken upon themselves adherence to another Jesus, through the singing of sloppy songs that have referred to another Jesus; another Jesus being an imagination of the one who fell.”
Word from the Lord through DPG, 18/10/11
“I have brought you together, David & Lindsay, as prophet & prophetess to the nation; & that role is being recognised, as you take authority within this nation. Indeed, by bringing to remembrance the Constitutional Acts of the nation, & the obligations before God to keep them; & how they are relevant to every aspect of society, & every aspect of law; & how you have been brought together to expose the sin of the nation; the sin of governments; the cover-ups of many years; & how that which has been hidden for many years, thou is bringing to the surface.
“Public trust towards its politicians within the modern era is at an all-time low. Government is unable to govern. Banks are unable to provide the service like they have been doing, in keeping the businesses of the nation going. All this is because of lies & deceit, right in the hearts of government, & of course in the banking profession. The exposure of this is well known.
“You have been called to expose the sin. When you have done this, peole have run, afraid of what is going to happen next; & as with the prophets of old, they have sought to discredit the prophet & prophetess. But you have stood firm; you have stood on My Word; you have understood it is the conviction of My Spirit that brings men to repentance. No earthly discussion can do that.
“What you have been called to do, & will continue to do, is to expose the sin. In the case of MBNA, you are to bring out the relevances. They cannot cover up any more. They have ignored the Constitution of thy nation, thinking it can bring its worldwide agenda, & ride roughshod over the laws of other nations.
“The prophet & prophetess will never fail. With the abundance of revelations, as with Paul, thou art buffeted day after day; but thou hast stood firm on the rock.
“The enemy is trying his best to remove you from that position – but thou hast been called to stand firm on the Rock; to not be moved by circumstance; & that which I have called you to expose, I have called you to expose to bring the kingdom understanding to thy nation.
“Constitutionally, I am in charge, & I have an order of government; apostles & prophets; which is why in Wales I have brought you together with Jeff & David, as apostles & prophets together, to perfect the saints for the work of the ministry.
“The people have been kept away from these understandings, for the education system has brainwashed people into other ways. They show off about how great the education system is; yet it has been brought to failure by the pride of man; the ignorance of man, particularly in the field of science. They talk of a big bang, not realising the simplistic understanding. Even in man’s apparent creations, their own bombs have had to have a manufacturer. Someone has had to make their own bombs; yet they teach in the universe something just happened by chance!
“Nay: everything made in the universe has had a Creator. There is no such thing as having created without a Creator. Yet they teach this to the young people of thy nation; & they believe it. What nonsense!
“And so, the base of understanding in thy nation is at an all-time low.”
“Those in the banks have failed to understand that a building has to have a foundation. They have removed ancient landmarks, & are paying the consequences. They think local business can be run & decided upon within a global framework. How foolish!
“You are simply exposing the foolishness of man. Your campaign to bring back the local bank manager, who understands the local environment, who becomes a trusted part of the community, is so obviously the best business decision to have. But what banks have done is to form a worldwide cult of worldwide control; closing down local bank branches, the people will think in a global way, without care for the local community.
“This, within the context of business, has made local business people without a husband. There used to be that local help, & a local decision;  & been replaced by a worldwide control & manipulation, to promote global business brands, above the local business man.
“What you have said to banks, however, is that there are national laws in Great Britain, that demand adherence to what the prophet says, & that rights have been given to the clergy of the realm, simply to speak out what God is saying. Thus you have a House of Lords / House of Bishops.
“In the cases thou hast with banks, you have simply given adherence to what the Upper House has said; but banks operating a global agenda have little time for what they see as localised law. They are building a framework of global law, seeing thy nation’s Constitution as archaic & irrelevant.
“But you, as prophet & prophetess, are declaring from My Word to remove not the ancient landmark which thy fathers have set. You are saying that an oath to God is higher than a signature to the new global order. In fact, you have brought the wind of judgement on the banks which you are dealing with. These cases you are dealing with, all have national repercussions; for what you are bringing in is My own ancient landmark of the Year of Jubilee! Initially, you are setting the people free from the present-day Pharaohs of Egypt; but as with Egypt, it is the prophets carrying the rod.
“They try & chase after you, but it is you with the upper hand; for as with Egypt, My judgement has come. Plagues are afflicting nations which have come under this new global rule. Governments are falling, unable to handle the pressures of government without foundation. Behind the scenes today, there is panic in this coalition government. They put on a front of having it together & well-organised; but when a nation allows its people to come under laws that allow man to lie with man, woman to lie with woman, then that nation is under a curse.
“But those who have stayed faithful to Me; so faithful that they stand on the ancient landmark of law which I have given to thy nation; who proclaim My holy Word through the art of preaching; thou hast authority over the new Pharaohs of Egypt. These are they who think they can operate without Me & My ancient landmark; & as they chased after the children of Israel, it is thee with the rod of authority, & can pull down that which has come against the landmark; for I have called thee to call the victory in all these cases thou hast with banks.
“You have been called to be prophet & prophetess to the nation of Great Britain, & to impact the nations of the Commonwealth too, standing on the reality of a Christian heritage that has brought stability to generations of old; the removal of the Acts in everyday modern thinking manifesting in the instability you find in every aspect of business in the nation.
“I have mentioned the plagues; I have mentioned the judgements; I have mentioned the instabilities; & what I mention to thee as thou stand on the Rock, is all those things of judgement. I have shown thee before their main manifestation, which is happening now, the truth of Psalm 91: “it shall not come nigh thee.”
Word from the Lord through DPG, 23/11/11
“The enemy is afraid of you – very afraid – of many areas with you – but one particular area he is most afraid; that is, in the area of picking up of mantles. He has successfully taken so many movements away from the mantles of their founders, & through thy 95 Theses, thou hast challenged those movements to return to their original call, the Theses also calling Government to return to its Christian root – indeed, through hearing of the Christian roots of banking in thy nation, thou hast been calling banking back to an ethos they now describe as archaic to thee.
“For example, Elim’s spiritual decline is through its non-proclamation of what I gave to Jeffreys & Macpherson. In fact, its leaders have had a ‘but’ clause in relation to how the movement was founded. They say, “Oh – that was all very well then, but…” But I say unto them, that I am the Lord – I change not. What I gave them is to be taken up by those with the mantle, who move in the double portion. So there is an increase in the manifestation of truth; not decline, as you are witnessing now.
“New security zones have been built by those in charge of apostate movements. These are their new foundations, which they desperately defend – for they are shaking on sand. Instability is everywhere, in this new-found “Church.” So they muzzle the prophets; they attack the apostles; & every effort of the enemy is in keeping apostle & prophet apart. For you know that the apostle needs the prophet, & the prophet needs the apostle.
“This is what has happened in thy fellowship here. Your ministry has been called “Continuing,” that “continuing” being from the visions I gave to the founders of Pentecostal movements. You have the enemy very afraid.
“So continue thy path; do not forsake the calling; pull down that which is not of Me. The course on Catholicism is very significant, as you are doing it right on the coast of Llandudno, where the spiritual Jezebel is referred to as being the Lady of the Sea - & you are aware of all the spiritual significance of that.
“Your media suite is to be used for developing communications throughout the world, so that apostolic & prophetic ministries can come together through the available technology; & though you feel alone now, this will not be long as you develop what I have called you to do in relation to media.
“So continue onwards, My children; be not afraid. Speak out the truth. Take on the institutions which have turned away from their original call. I tell you, they are of sand.
“And enjoy your salvation in Me; & enjoy setting people free, through what I have given to movements. For you are to continue in the base of the founders of Pentecostal movements, & to receive the double mantle – the double portion - & move fearlessly on.
“Remember My Word to rejoice & be exceeding glad, when they speak all manner of evil against thee? Well, rejoice.”
Word from the Lord through DPG, 02/12/11
“At My disposal have been prophets I use to warn & give direction. This is under the five-fold ministry heading of prophet, whose role is to make perfect the saints for the work of the ministry. The prophet’s heart is always to make perfect the saints for the work of the ministry.
“The prophet sees what is going to happen before it happens, the prophet giving warnings to ministries & individuals alike, prophets also giving rebukes, so as to bring the body in line with God’s purposes & will.
“For some time thou hast warned & warned & warned about Llandudno & Conwy; about gathering in these areas. And thou hast heard there have been those that gathered in seats of masonry, where thou hast seen spirits that thou hast warned about.
“Thou hast also warned about analyzation. The Word of God is not to be prayed about – simply obeyed. The Word of God needs to be understood, within the context of its being a living Book – a Book from which the Spirit gives direction & impetus; & where the Word says “Go,” this is in the context of the Spirit giving direction as to where to go; or even, where not to go.
“Thou hast spoken word of warning after word of warning over what spirits are doing in Llandudno & Conwy. They have their “Churches Together” movements, which thou hast warned about. Thou hast warned about the false translations; thou hast warned about the covenant-breakers & the gossipers; thou hast warned against the speaking in the flesh, rather than by the Spirit. There has been warnings, too, given through Apostle Owen in relation to the judgement of believers; & within the context of these domes of freemasonry, false “words from God” will manifest; false assumptions will manifest; & even a counterfeit glory will manifest; that those under the spell of these spirits will genuinely believe they are hearing from God themselves.
“The life of a prophet can be a very lonely one; for he sees things others do not see, & sees people walk into the traps of the enemy. If he had not warned, they would come back & say “Why didn’t you tell me?” But you have told them, time after time after time.
“So now, you have a ministry being attacked by rings of Jezebels. The darts of the enemy are getting greater & greater; for, not only have they not heeded thy warnings, they now seek to starve the ministry out into submission, so they can lure you with their loving-kindness into the hands of the Jezebel.
“You have seen this happen so many times before.
 “On the subject of direction, thou hast given word over what decisions people should do, which they argue is not in line with Scripture. And how can they understand Scripture, in its form of revelation, in its form of rhemas?
“You see, Joshua gave direction; & prophets give direction to enable believers to enter their Promised Land. So the prophet’s direction word is in the context of edification, exhortation, & comfort. Studying Joshua, you will see that warnings were given in line with the direction. Looking in the Word, you will discover these warnings were not heeded, the warnings being not to syncretize the Word of the Lord with the word of other spirits. This is exactly what has been happening in Llandudno & Conwy. That evangelical/Pentecostal Christianity is syncretized with Catholicism & masonry.
“On top of that, there are high places where satanic rituals are spoken in relation to the control & manipulation of so-called “churches.”
“I have told thee not to start Church in Llandudno & Conwy; but I have also told thee to have warning meetings, where people can come & be set free from the cult-like activity of those under the spell of bringing together Christ & Baal.
“Oh, how thou hast warned & warned & warned! Continually thou hast warned. But they enjoy their freedom. They enjoy having fellowship one with another in the land of false fellowships. They do not understand how you keep out from mixing with such company.
“You have sought to protect the flock from devouring wolves; but they have chosen to go into seats of Satan, to bring down the work God is doing.
“You see, the prophet’s warning needs to be heeded. The prophet’s direction needs to be acted upon, the prophet taking the people to a place of sanctification, which thou hast been preaching week after week after week in relation to I doing wonders amidst a broken people.
“Thou hast announced a revival, which I have seen already they laugh at & scorn. But I have seen already brokenness within thee; a crying out; a weakness, which I can turn around for My purposes.
“Thou hast warned & warned & warned; but the prophet’s warning goes unheeded, through the flesh impulses of those with opinion, rather than those who are broken, like thee.
“I have warned through thee, time after time; & thy role has been to listen to Me, & simply act on what I have said; & around thee, there has been given a thorn in the flesh, because of the revelation thou hast been receiving, the grace I have given thee being sufficient for thee.
“One must continue to speak from the heart, rather than the reaction to flesh responses. Give the warning again this Sunday; for they are crowding thee out.
“The prophet receiving the Word being on the mountain with Me continuously, whilst the others enjoy their golden calf of entertainment, fellowship & amusement; thou hast heard how serious the time is; so serious, they need to understand the prophet & his warnings. As Babylon comes to bring the whole nation under bondage, the prophet, with his direction word, brings the Church to its rightful place: the heavenly places in Christ Jesus; the spiritual Promised Land of My Church.
Now, I want to give another prophecy under a separate heading; & this heading is entitled:
“I realise how much you need to fulfil the call of God on your lives. It is as if you need the resources which you can only dream about, rather than get a hold of. With money in thy nation, comes control. Ministries suffer so much; resources are quickly lost, to bring ministries under the control of the Jezebel. That way, they can control ministries that have reached brokenness point; but instead of being drawn by God, they have been drawn by the physical lure of the Jezebel, who offers to help them through loving-kindness; & whilst you are being broken at this time, you are encouraging the confession of faults one to another. The Jezebel lingers to give comfort to that confession. That is why so many Christians hold back from making themselves vulnerable – because they have witnessed the Jezebel making the most of that situation.
“This is why I have prophets to give warnings, & give direction, the drawing of the Jezebel being one of destruction rather than life. This is what has been happening; & thou hast warned & warned the consequences of being lured by the comfort of Jezebel.
“The prophet stands firm; but who shall be with him? He lifts up the Word of God; yet they ignore his direction.
“So, continue speaking out My Word; continue giving the warnings; keep giving the warnings; keep giving the direction; for by doing this, thou art telling the believer; yet now, believer who ignores, rather than obeys.
“You are living in awesome times, when the ministry of the prophet needs to come to the fore. You are doing this by giving warnings & direction."
Word from the Lord through DPG, 31/08/11
“Take heed, take heed, saith the Lord: do not muzzle the prophet’s words, saith the Lord.
“For as I spoke through the prophet in days of old, they spoke & murmured against the prophetic word, & picked up their golden calf of dead religion. But the prophet came down, shining abundantly with My Word; so My prophets today are climbing the hill with the Lord, & coming down that hill full of the Lord, to bring the message of the Lord to bring the people unto Me.
“As the day came for the prophet to lift up his rod, so today this same thing is to happen. Behold! I am calling the people out of Egypt. But as in the days of old, the people have found their security zones within the pyramidic systems of slavery. The prophet has cried, ‘Come out of this land of pagan worship & activity.’ Thy prophet has cried in the courtrooms of the land, to let My people go. To this day, if anyone should be under the oppression of Egypt, thy prophet stands for them, not giving heed to the personal circumstance; not even giving heed to the personal cost. Thy prophet is to stand in the highest courts of the land. With the apostle, he is to stand & contend before Caesar. Thy robes are to be the robes of righteousness.
“Thou hast stood on thy stone, & called the people out of the world; but they have lingered, saith the Lord. They have held on to that little bit of luxury that the world system has to offer. But I tell thee, My judgement is upon that system. I am the Lord – I change not. Just as judgement came upon the Egyptian courts, so My judgement today is upon the courts of what I will describe as Egypt. For thy nation has been observing the same courts of the ancients of the pyramidic land. They profess to be Christians, yet they worship before altars made with hands. They worship under pyramidic high altars. They worship before statues said to be of the Lord. But thou hast not been called to worship before statues made of stone. Thou hast not been called to place incense before the altars of Baal. Thou hast been called to listen to My prophets & apostles, the foundation stones of My Church, I being the chief cornerstone.
“But thou hast cried from the high place, to come & follow Me. Yet they have clutched to the strands of Egypt; the security zones of flesh; the god of the physical senses. For as in days of old, even though the prophet led the children of Israel out of the land of slavery; & even though the prophet lifted up his rod & set the people free; so when things got tough, before the place Shittim, so the people murmured & rumoured. They started following their own way. They started forming their own little fellowship, of which the prophet took no part.
“O, thou hast a murmuring people, saith the Lord. ‘You should be doing this,’ they say. ‘You should be doing that,’ they say. ‘Oh, we have heard the prophet’s words, but we are going our own way. We will have our own little fellowship.’
“Praise Him on the loud trumpet! Praise Him on the loud cymbals! Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord. Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord.”
“I have not called thee to react to the human apprehension. I have not called thee to listen to the murmurs & gossips of a people holding on to their traditions. ‘Oh, we do things this way. Oh, we do things that way.’ As they murmured against Moses, so they murmur against thee. And in the spirit comes the thrust. An idol is built, of the ways of this world – so a new golden calf is built, of the way things are to be done. So they come to the prophet & say, ‘We need to do things this way; we need to do things that way. We need to do what the murmuring people ask for. O! we have our own calf; we have our own way.’
“Yet the prophet cries ‘Come to the high place.’ He quotes My Word, forgetting those things which are behind, & moving ahead into the high calling of God.
“ ‘But we don’t do things that way. We have our own way. Egypt offers us plenty.’
“Thou hast taken the people into Shittim, knowing that from this place, the Word is to be lifted up. My Word is to separate thyselves. ‘Oh – but we must be nice to the people. We can’t go without them.’ Yet, I have brought thee a Joshua, to face the walls of thy Jericho; but going through those walls demands a price. The longings of the golden calf is to compromise to the needs of the people.
“ ‘Thou must visit the people, & show them love, & embrace the benefits of their calf. One must have tea with them. Thou must compromise towards this calf, who is quite prepared to accept your religion, as long as you accept his. For the god of the calf is very accommodating. ‘Oh! You can have your life in the spirit.’ And one becomes accommodating to the spirits of other gods too. ‘We must show them love. We bring in the gods of the J.W.s [Jehovah’s Witnesses]; we bring in the gods of masonry.’ For this calf is all-accommodating. ‘O! we don’t want to cause any trouble or any difficulty. We want to be accommodating to all men.’ The calf of one world religion is all-accommodating.
“But I am the Lord: I change not. My prophet climbs the hill of the Lord. He comes with the Word to forsake the calf; with My Joshua calling the people to consecration. But the people did not know what to do. They just said, ‘Yes – we accommodate thee. But I can’t leave the strands of the calf. O Lord, I can accommodate Thee – but I have my own feelings, my life in this world – I cannot forsake that.’
“But My Joshua called for the people to repent of the calf. But there is excuse, problems, difficulties. ‘Can I give my life to the one God? I have got to give honour to my other gods too. I have got this to do, I have got that to do – I must not forget this. But the price is too high. I’ve got my life to lead; for these gods will bless what I have got to do. I pray for them to bless my plans.’
“But the Word declares: ‘If you hearken unto the Lord thy God…’ You see, the message of the prophet & the apostle is to hearken unto the Lord thy God. The God of Deuteronomy 28 has not changed; & the prophet & the apostle declare, ’Choose ye this day whom you will serve.’
“You see, the prophet & apostle are here, not to bow to the all—accommodating god, the god of this world, the architect god. For this is the god of physical buildings. Oh! How they honour & worship their building. O! they have their cathedrals; they have their places of the pyramid.
“ ‘O, but we must respect the god of these buildings.’ They go quiet as they open the doors, & they bow towards the altars of Baal.
“But My Word declares, ‘What concord has Christ with Baal? ‘ My Word declares, ‘Be ye separate.’
“And so, at the place Shittim, the people had a choice, to separate themselves, to sanctify themselves, because tomorrow the Lord will perform wonders.
“But are the people prepared to pay the price to enter into the Promised Land?
“The prophet cries out to the people, to sing out praise unto the Lord thy God. He goes into trances, not wanting to heed the backbiting & rumour; wanting to stay unto the place of the throne of God, where He sits equally, as joint heir with Christ. He brings from the throne room the message of God, they will not heed.
“Yet, there are those who will not heed. They say, ‘I have an all-accommodating god. I can do this, I can do that. I have my own free choice.’ Yet My Word declares, ‘Ye are not your own. Ye were bought with a price.’
“Yet I have thee, saith the Lord; as thy hast cried out thine own inadequacies, I have filled thee with My Spirit. You see, I have seen thee cry out before God, in intercession for the people. They will not leave their worldly security zones, to cross int the Promised Land. They have this, they have that. ‘God will bless us,’ they say.
“Yet, I have called them to Shittim, but the things of the world have their hold. My Joshua gave the consecration word. They have to discuss it, ‘We have this; we have that.’ Will there be a people willing to forsake the workd, so that thy nation can be saved?
“Revival only comes through broken people, who have broken away from the claws of this world.
“Yet, the ‘phone calls have been going on; the texts have been written; e-mails too. Oh! Can the people forsake Egypt, to wholeheartedly give their lives to God?
“In the Promised Land, there are principles those holding on to the world can not accept; which is why they have to forsake the world.
“My warning to those entering this land, is not to give heed yet again to the gods of Egypt.
“Thou hast warned of the vagrancies of the Alexandrian verse; yet in thy land, they still hold on to the bibles of Egypt. They still hold on to the strand which makes them feel secure. For thou hast been called to hold on to the one true Word, of the call of God out of the land of Egypt, & into the Promised Land.
They murmured against thee; but thou still hast called for the people to sanctify themselves; for tomorrow the Lord will do wonders among them.”