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Not listening to the Prophets of God and pouring ridicule on their prophecies is a supreme blasphemy again the King of Kings and Lord of Lords and consistently Britain has been warned through the Prophetic cry of this ministry ......
Exodus 15:26 King James Version (KJV)
And said, If thou wilt diligently hearken
to the voice of the Lord thy God,
and wilt do that which is right in his sight,
and wilt give ear to his commandments,
and keep all his statutes,
I will put none of these diseases upon thee,
which I have brought upon the Egyptians:
for I am the Lord that healeth thee.
1 Thessalonians 5:19-21 King James Version (KJV)
Quench not the Spirit.
Despise not prophesyings.
Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.
Word from the Lord through DPG. 22/02/12
“The nation is under judgement; its banks are under judgement; & what is known as My Church is under judgement.
“I am bringing My remnant together to stand against (in My Name) the infiltrations in government, banking, & what is known as My Church; yet not My Church, for syncretisation removes the covering of God.
“As regards to the nation; seven plagues have already begun:-
Plague (1): the fish in the sea.
“This is in My Word. When a nation turns from Me, so shall it lose its fish. Repent! Have a booming fishing industry, from places where My Word is preached; where there is a consciousness of My presence. Through national repentance will come an invigorated fishing industry. Without the illegal restrictions of foreign powers, they will fish in abundant fishing grounds. This will benefit islands, as well as mainland ports.
“Also, the waters around thy shores are contaminated, repentance bringing a cleansing to the sea.
Plague number (2):
“There is to be a drought in thy land. \they make excuses why there is a drought, instil hose-pipe bans, & talk of shortage. Shortage is because of sin. Abundance comes through holy living.
“What you have had within the water industry has been those who have the love of money, run it so it has become an industry, rather than a resource of God.
Water is a God-given resource, as a blessing to the people. It is not a product that can be sold commercially. It is there for the people, to bless the people, to have an abundance in thy land, with water charges being on a non-profit basis.
“Previous generations understood this: & whilst I am in favour of industry, I am against excessive industry; & commercializing water, the resource of God, has been an abomination to Me.
“And so, despite of all the proclaimings of water companies, & all the apparent great work they have done, they still present the people with drought, & hose-pipe bans. This is contrary to My will.
“So, plague number (2) is drought; & associated with this plague is, of course, famine; for famine follows drought, & whilst technology will relieve the effect of famine for a while, I am warning you, this is only for a while; for within the equation of the plague of drought, comes the follow-on of famine, as well as the next plague.
“The next plague is disease & blemish in farm animals. They have pumped farm animals with substances, looked to boost food production, have brought together a food chain, boosting the size of animals unnaturally, added unnatural additives to all kinds of foods in the nation, that has affected the health of the nation. Battery hens are an abomination to Me. Chickens were created to run naturally. Crops were designed to grow naturally. And so, on food production, there is a plague, not only affecting the health of farm animals, but the nation as a whole.
“Again, this has all been done for the love of money.
“And as you place these warnings on your Christian Financing website, you are to witness how the nation’s turning against God. They will say, you are abusing your Charity status. You will say, you are simply doing what the monarch promised to do; who promised to propagate the Protestant Reformed religion established by law; a Protestant holding the keys of being the state religion, with state charity status. And if the monarch has given rights to the Protestant clergy of the realm, to keep the nation on track with her promise, then you are the ones with the keys; not the keys of the system, who have transgressed against me, with their love-of-money policies, rather than having the heart to save the people.
“Following on from this plague, will be the continuation of strange epidemics, sicknesses, blemishes, amongst the people.
“But let Me say to MY remnant who is obeying Me: Fear not of the poison you eat; fear not of the contaminations. Just as I saved the Israelites from Pharaoh & the plague; just as I saw the physical blood upon the houses of My people, so today, I see the blood covering of Jesus. It shall not come nigh thee.
Plague number (4): Wars & Rumours of Wars:
“Behold, I say unto thee, the Babylonian crisis has held thy nation in bondage for some time. There is rumour of war in the South Atlantic. There is rumour of war with Persia; & the Plague (4) is that under this threat of world-wide turmoil, including the threat of world-wide conflagration, thy nation has had to reduce its military resources. So it makes sense to replace these natural resources with the ability of God. How else can thy nation face oppressors; which today have a spiritual root to them, rather than a natural one.
“You face oppressors who believe they go to paradise, by killing thee. This is a spiritual phenomenon. And because thy nation has not upheld  its covenant with Me, its security services, who have tried to counteract spiritual phenomena with now limited natural resources, are in a quandary over what to do.
You know what to do: you call the nation to its knees before Me. You state, There is a national religion established by law. And so, to God, the nation repents; a nation which is now divided, becomes a nation now united in Christ Jesus, able to resist any global threat.
“For without this repentance, thy oppressors will have the upper hand, making thy nation slaves to other gods.
“Hear the warnings of the prophet, who brought down the judgement at Boscastle, for the sin of blasphemy against My Word.
“How much more does the nation blaspheme Me, by giving preference to natural knowledge , over the sacred oath of thy monarch.
Plague number (5):
“You are already witnessing this plague manifest; that is, the inability to keep up with the demands of the modern era. This is the plague of frustration. Children are frustrated, when they cannot have the latest piece of technology. Even young children, instead of having the simplicity of past generations, enter the rat-race to have this, & have that.
“So, even from the youngest child, up to the struggling pensioner, there is frustration in thy land. To solve frustration, social unrest occurs. You have already seen demonstrations outside thy cathedrals. You have already seen violence & discontent on the streets; & this plague will continue, saith the Lord, & intensify, saith the Lord, until the nation understand the significance of giving Christ the pre-eminence.
“Again, the nation has limited resources to cope with this unrest. There is only one solution: His name is Jesus.
Plague number (6):this is the runs of Antichrist.
“With no anointing, there is no hope. Where there is no hope, there are depressions, & mental illnesses on a scale that has never been seen before in thy nation.
“The surgeries are full of those with stress-related conditions. Depressions are at their highest; for within Antichrist comes Ichabod. A once glorious nation has become inglorious. A nation with momentum has become a nation without hope. Depression is a plague; & how much depression is there! The nation needs to be on its knees before God.
Plague number (7): the Neglect of My Word.
“Because thou hast failed to teach the new generations with My Word; because thou hast taught theory, rather than the truth of My Word, so shall the plague of illiteracy come upon thy people. For if thy people become ignorant of the Creation story, they become ignorant of everything. This results in lack of production; inability to get skills; & huge depression.
“So thy nation must be on its knees before God, return to the monarch-authorized Bible, & believe the Word, over the imaginations of scientists obsessed with theory, rather than the truth of My Word.
“These are the plagues upon this nation. Thou hast heard the Word of the Lord. Warn thy nation to take heed; for successive governments have taken thy nation on the path to destruction, rather than honour the God of thy Constitutional Acts.
“These plagues are upon thy nation. Invite the leaders of thy nation to ‘phone thee, not to discuss these plagues, but to repent before My prophet, who is there to lead these leaders to the Lord Jesus, repentance to Him bringing a removal of the plagues, during a prolonged period of national mourning, the nation having to grasp the understandings given on My Sermon on the Mount.
“That is the seven plagues to the nation.
“I now deal with the abominations that have come from the City of London. This is a word to the banking, & associated political activities, that comes around the looking after of thy nation’s money.
“Around the City of London you have built buildings that are an abomination to Me. My prophet has been called to stand before thy strong man; & even though you have been found out in your dealings with the people, you congratulate yourself with bonuses, rather than cover yourself with sackcloth & ashes, as a sign of your repentance towards the people.
“You have become the Pharaoh to the people, holding back the resources required to run business in the nation, to protect your interests, rather than the interests of the people.
“These are the sins I have against thee. My prophet is standing up before you, listing the sins of thy community:-
“(1) You laugh & pour scorn on the prophets. In this, you think through the grandeur of your buildings, you have it all.
“The wind of My Spirit is touching thy nation, & you are an abomination to Me. Just as the Egyptians built buildings of grandeur, you hold the people under suppression. The small businessman looks for the next penny; & you have built your buildings of grandeur & strength. You are under a curse, saith the Lord; & just as Egypt has plagues to deal with, so you have to deal with the plagues upon the nation, which you cannot do without God.
“(2) You charge excessive interest & charges to the people. This is listed as a sin in My Word. By charging excessive interest, you hold the people in bondage. You take them to court, bankrupt people; remove their livelihoods, because of your greed in charging excessive interest.
“My prophet speaks the judgement against you now.
“(3) The playing with people’s pension funds & investments: you are no greater than the bookie’s runner of the old St Trinians films. You are a joke before Me. You gambled the nation’s resources for your own gain. You are nothing more than bookie’s runners. You are a disgrace & abomination before the nation. Yet, have you repented? Nay. Found guilty, but living off the fat of the land.
“But these days are over, saith the Lord.
“(4) Your behind-the-scenes liaison with government: the nation knows it. You have had protests outside the cathedrals; & while I am not against capitalism to benefit the people, it is excessive capitalism that suppresses the people I am against. There is such a thing as ethical business. My prophet is available to teach it to the nation; & whilst you have lived in your palaces of grandeur, built on the profits of hard-working business people, you must prepare for an eternity in the hell fire, unless like Zacchaeus, you repent before God, & make good your excesses with the people.
Then the Saviour can come & sup with thee. For you have become the tax-collectors of old. My prophet has done great work in listing thy transgressions; many words exposing the many breakages of the Constitution of thy nation. Yet you have chosen to pour scorn on these ancient Acts of history, one of you even calling these Acts archaic. Yet they are the ancient landmark on which thy nation has been built.
“Point (6): look around you. Why was your nation called “Great Britain”? Because of the cleverness of bankers, or because of the provision of God?
“You have failed to acknowledge the landmark, & must now pay the consequences.
“Number (7): My prophet has discovered your Antichrist. Your operations are based in a very significant part of London, steeped in history. And as we come to the points relating to the false church, you have seen the dome of St Paul’s as one of your own buildings, this dome housing the spirits which run thy operations; spirits that bring destruction rather than life.
“The building of God is no physical temple; the building of God is the body of Christ. It is this body you face today, the prophet calling down the judgement of God upon thy community.
“And now, My Word to the false church. This is My Word in relation to the financing of the false church; My Word in relation to on-going operations will come later, but at this stage I am drawing the attention to the nation of your corruption in financing.
“My prophet has shown that he is prepared to give his all; give all his personal wealth into the running of My ministry. But look at you: you have made church into an industry, rather than a ministry. You are the modern-day whited sepulchres of Pharisaism.
“God is not mocked. You have not given heed to the landmark religion of the nation. You have gone after other gods, & have made My Church into an industry, to please people rather than God.
“I give to you My Theses of 2007. Act upon them now. Remove the ecumenical, syncretized religion of Papacy, & return to the Protestant Reformed religion established by law.
“My prophet will continue to bind the spirits behind thine altars. He is to teach on the coming together around the Table of the Lord, as one body in Christ, the royal priesthood of believers, whose five-fold ministry have simple clerical wear, rather than the finery of a religion with its links to the City of London, the national Church of England needing to be fully reformed, the first step being to remove the holy places made with hands, this step coming after repentance before Me.
“Now, a Word to movements which have come away from their original call. By removing the landmark of thy movements, thou hast removed the foundations; & the wind & the rain is blowing.
“So this is My Word this day, to the nation, the banking community, & what is known as My Church. I am not mocked. My judgement is come.”
Word from the Lord through DPG, 04/04/12
“This is a very serious scenario for a nation. You will know this from My Word; when Israel turned away from Me, it became captive to another. It ceased to prosper, & sickness, disease & infirmity was evident amongst its people.
“What has changed? Nothing has changed, the answer. A nation turning away from God will fail to prosper, & cope with the plagues put upon it.
“The prophet will cry aloud, & spare not, & point out the error of the people.
“In Britain’s case, the failure to obey God has been there a very long time. The failure to heed My command not to swear, & build altars made with hands, are two elements of the Protestant Reformation you must put right in relation to Britain. There needs to be affirmations in the courts, Parliament, & in the Constitutional Acts; in other words, the Queen will affirm that her yes is yes, & her no is no; & all Anglican altars must be removed, physically & spiritually.
“Also, this nonsense of placating God by closing shops on Easter Sunday. Placating God does not work. Complete obedience to God is what is demanded; & the removal of prayer from Council chambers of the land is an abomination towards Me.
“The prophet is issuing this warning, to heed this word, Nation of Britain. Repent now, or face the consequences. Not only repent, but remove the altars of stone, & I shall heal thy land. Living under the regulations of Europe is an abomination to Me; for I have made thee a Christian land. A Christian land is one where God is in His pre-eminent position; a land in which the monarch & its government waits on every word from God.
“Where does that leave Britain? A bankrupt force, unable to manage its own affairs; a nation bankrupt before Me.
“And you, My prophet, have warned about these for a number of years; & not even those of Church have taken heed of My prophetic warning.
“Political party after political party have forgotten Me, & they sit in their poverty, wondering what to do. My prophet declares the solution.
“So, as you take charge in your nation, I have given thee the rod of authority, O prophet, to lead the followers of Christ into a Promised Land situation.
“I am sending you people, saith the Lord, so you can stand as a remnant against the errors of the people. This is so important. The word is Repent, & turn away from the altars. Affirm faith in Christ; & be not disheartened nor dismayed; for Psalm 91 applies to My remnant. Make the stand you need to make. Proclaim the error of the nation’s ways.
“As you stand for government position, do not compromise. Simply say out My Word. Be prepared for great miracles.
“And so, as you make your stand, you must lead those of the remnant into Promised Land living. It is Jesus who is Lord; & it is His Name you shall proclaim. This nation is called to be a nation under God, not foreign power.
“Rejoice, & be exceedingly glad; for I have called you into position to call this nation to be on its knees before God.
“In your position of government, immediately stop the slaughter of the innocents. To take away a child’s life is an abomination towards Me.
“There must be no re-definition of marriage.
“There is gross sin in thy nation, & I will give word of the corruption going on behind the scenes in Government, & in the national Church.
“I have called thee to be My prophets to the nation, to express the error of their ways, only repentance to God being sufficient for thy nation to prosper, & be made well again.
“Constantly warn the nation of its errors. This is the great day for the prophet; for he shall be as Moses was before the Egyptian army. For he took out a great governmental force.
“As you proclaim My Word, you are opening up opportunity for individuals to receive Christ, & be protected from the plagues of the nation. Your word is a serious word, for it will preside over downfall of government after government, unless thy nation repents before Me.”
Word from the Lord through DPG, 16/04/12
“With droughts & famines come prophets; for in My Name, prophets can even control the weather. For I have given them the rod of authority.
“They can even control the positioning of the sea; & thou hast warned the nation of drought & famine, if it continues to turn from Me. For, if the nation continues to remove the on-going seed in the mother’s womb, & blaspheme against God for re-defining marriage, then the nation shall see the seed removed from the ground; for without water, how can the seed grow?
“Now, the Government is grand, with all its international contacts, & can bring food in from other countries. The Government has its emergency plan.
“But I say to Government: by having faith in Me, you need no emergency plan. You have sinned abominably against God, & so must now pay the consequences as a nation.
“My prophet is here to lead you out of the mire; but he has only got My Word to do this, once you have called National Days of Repentance, re-established the nation’s Constitution, & saved the lives of children in wombs; & understood the very simple point of the Ephesians 5 passage; for, Great Britain, you are in big trouble.
“You refused the theses of God; you attack & persecute the remnant Church; & you need to understand, by breaking the Constitution of God which you have in your nation, you are breaking the ability of your nation to grow.
“Now, My prophet is to have meetings to teach the Constitution. I warn you not to ignore these meetings. For as you come towards the Diamond Jubilee of thy monarch, My prophet is to explain exactly what she promised, & expose what has come in opposite to the promise.
“The consequences of breaking an oath to God are there for all to see in My Word. You politicians look for your sound-bites. Well, you have one today: it is drought & famine. You dare go around looking for votes, from a population that are disheartened, when you should be wearing sack-cloth & ashes.
“Our prophet warns you to repent before the people. My prophet, with his rod of authority, can take the Christian to a place of provision. But the so-called “Church” has abandoned My prophet, & so must bear the consequences with the rest of the nation.
“Thus saith the Lord: take note of My prophet. Now, do not be silly & say, ‘prophets are finished.’ They are the foundations of a Church. What can stand without foundations?
“So, Great Britain, you have your way out. Great Britain is to be the land of famine & drought, unless it comes back to Me. And how does it come back to Me? After repentance, you leave the seed in the womb, & you allow the population to increase, by having marriage between a man & a woman.
“You have been warned.”
Word from the Lord through DPG, 20/04/12
“You failed to heed the warnings of My prophet, who stood in thy Parliament & warned of rivers of blood.
“You failed to heed the warnings of My prophet on earth today, who warned of repressing thy Constitution, to allow for multi-culturalism, multi-faith, & the abomination of bringing together the prophets of Baal with evangelical Christianity. This mix will bring blood to the streets.
“In Australia, to counteract this unsettlement, they laid on the line the Christian heritage of the nation; that all cultures are welcome, on condition they give heed to the Christian heritage of the nation. So it should be in Britain.
“My prophet has issued warning after warning to the nation. He is not racist, as God is not racist. God is no respecter of persons. But what God is saying is this: everybody living in Great Britain must give heed to the Constitutional Acts if the nation, else be convicted of high treason. For these acts relate to the promise of a monarch to propagate the Protestant Reformed religion established by law.
“Now, the warning is clear. My prophet will be informing the nation of what the Queen promised to Me. By giving heed to the promise, the nation receives a protection from God. I refer the nation to Deuteronomy 28, of the blessings & curses.
“Now, this dead religious form of Christianity will not stand; & those being called to join you, must be prepared to give their all, & hold nothing back.
“And so, this calling of God which thou hast, is to stir up the old paths; to have a nation once more under God, so as to move thy nation forward
it has to be on the old foundation.
“For the tensions between the different cultures, all having agendas of their own, is going to spill out on to the streets. You will see extremists on all sides; & as you have witnessed, thy nation has even given its law-making powers to the Babylonian controls of Europe, that one cannot even deport an extremist when one wants to.
“But this is only one extremist. There are many on all sides of the cultural platforms, which are building up into violent extremist organizations throughout thy nation.
“This prophet of God is saying this: unless the monarch enforces the Christian heritage, as indeed the Australian government did, then thy nation will collapse, into civil war between the many cultural groups, who will develop violent extremists of their own; that what was witnessed in Norway will become a violent threat in Britain.
“Now, the prophet of God speaking now, is giving the solution. God is no respecter of persons; but anyone living in Great Britain who fails to give heed to the Constitutional Acts of the nation, is in fact guilty of high treason, & a stirrer of racial hatred. For the nation will have failed to enforce that whoever comes to live in Britain must give heed to its Constitution, which is the stability of the nation.
“Now, My prophet has spoken in love. My prophet enjoys portraying the love of Christ Jesus, into all cultural backgrounds. He embraces the principle of the parable of the Good Samaritan. He is a peacemaker, but not a compromised when it comes to the Constitution of the nation, which all must adhere to.
“By failing to teach the nation its Constitution, has resulted in a nation not at peace with itself. The pantomime of the mayoral election in London needs to be replaced by candidates who fully embrace the Constitution of the nation. For, without a Constitution, a nation will fall; & extremists will take their hold, & bring violence to the streets, which has already been witnessed.
“And this prophet’s warning to the nation, that failing to give heed to the Constitution will bring the rivers of blood My prophet in Parliament warned about years ago.
“This prophet, who was ostracized for being racist, was simply giving the warning of God, who is no respecter of persons.
“What the Parliamentary prophet warned about, is now happening; & the prophet I am speaking through now, is warning likewise, with the solution of portraying the Queen’s promise to the nation.
“Now, this prophecy is to go on the Christian Financing site; for failing to give heed to the nation’s Constitution obviously bring financial ruin to that nation, the principle of what I am saying today being in Deuteronomy 28.
“Now, My prophet enjoys talking to Moslem, Buddhist, Hindu people, etc. & shares the gospel. There is love in this message today. For men have a free choice of which god to follow; but only one religion has the Cross of Calvary.
“For all men must come, of whatever background or race, to receive the eternal salvation that is available to all, through the shedding of the Saviour’s blood.
“Now is the nation going to have its people, of whatever race or background, washed on the blood of the Lamb, or is the nation going to lay itself wide open to the John 10:10 warning, of a counterfeit “god” of this world, who comes to kill, steal, & destroy?
“For it is that god that will manifest in Britain, unless the nation comes back to the Saviour portrayed in the Coronation Service of 1953.
“That is My warning; a warning which needs to be understood clearly.
“Do not accuse My prophet of being racist, as you accused My Parliamentary prophet. For My prophet loves the people so much, of whatever race or background; but warns that they must give heed to the Constitutional Acts of thy nation, else be guilty of high treason.
“For coming against these Acts, is coming against the promise of the monarch to Almighty God, the nation needing to realise that what was promised on Coronation Day, God keeps the nation to.
“Thus saith the Lord: this is a warning from the throne-room of God. Give heed, or pay the consequences of the one who will come to kill, steal & destroy (John 10:10).”


“They turn to the scientists rather than to the Word of God. The scientists can come out with many complex explanations, which usually result in further application of law against the people. Psalm 91 gives a better explanation, for if thy nation had kept to its Constitution, then the consequences of sin in the world would not have come nigh thy country. Instead, thy country prefers to rely on the scientists, and must now pay the price for that.

“Deuteronomy 28 gives a better explanation. For the scientist places blame on the way people travel rather than the way they behave. It is sin that brings the curse, rather than a ride in a motor vehicle, or a flight to a far-off place. The issue of sin & corruption is the issue that government needs to address, rather than everyday human behaviour.

“Moving from the philosophy of increase to decrease has brought about the present conditions for plague & pestilence to touch thy land. Thou art right to grow thine own vegetables in the circumstances you find yourselves in. For thou art coming in to a time of major pestilences upon thy land (that is, the land under government control). For thy government has sinned against Me, saith the Lord, for by Me were all things created. For I called for man to join with woman in marriage – that is, in covenant, a union of increase rather than decrease; & thy nation must face the consequences of breaking its own Constitution to allow the lusts of sinful man to take a hold.

“Bringing in laws to appease the Green movement is not the solution to these pestilences & plagues. Not even a National Day of Prayer is the solution; only National Days of Repentance before Almighty God, to whom thy monarch swore allegiance to keep the laws of God.

“Thy monarch is to keep a separation between Christendom & My true Church: that is, those of My body; & to bring persecution upon My body is one of serious crime before God.

“My remnant, according to the British Constitutional Acts, has to be protected. Neglecting those obligations in favour of global law, is one of serious crime before God; & whilst those under rebellious government law come under the plagues & pestilences which are placed upon the land, it shall not come upon My remnant who uphold My law. The consequences of sin are there for all to see. Putting trust in the scientists is not the answer; only repentance before God.
“Thou art to preach the cross; for individuals can seek refuge in Almighty God. The latter rain revival is to bring in all manner of souls into the kingdom. There will be dissatisfaction among the people over scientific explanations. Thou hast the answer. Thou hast the solution. This comes in only one name: the fullness of the Godhead bodily.

“They walk in the paths of Christendom; thou walketh in the paths of Almighty God, completely protected from the plague. The humanistic spirit trusts in man’s explanations, whereas thou knoweth thou art in union with the Lord.

“So rejoice & be glad, for the conditions have come for a mighty harvest of souls. This is why you work so hard: to bring life to thy nation, rather than the death of ungodly union.”