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The heart of this ministry has cried out for the restoration of the Pentecostal Movements. Here is what God has been saying ......
Exodus 15:26 King James Version (KJV)
And said, If thou wilt diligently hearken
to the voice of the Lord thy God,
and wilt do that which is right in his sight,
and wilt give ear to his commandments,
and keep all his statutes,
I will put none of these diseases upon thee,
which I have brought upon the Egyptians:
for I am the Lord that healeth thee.
1 Thessalonians 5:19-21 King James Version (KJV)
Quench not the Spirit.
Despise not prophesyings.
Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.
Word from the Lord through DPG, 20/11/11
“Over the coming days, I am to give words for the groupings known as the Pentecostal denominations.
“Some have strayed far from Me, whilst others have strayed a short way. However far they have gone, opportunity is being given to come back to Me, with movements on fire. For all these movements must be free & clear of operations that are akin to Catholicism & the worship of Baal. They must be free of the modern revivalist movement, to be able to come back to their first love.
“Movements I am going to minister into include: COGIC; The Church of God (Cleveland, Tennessee); the Foursquare Gospel Movement in the USA; Elim (UK); Apostolic (Wales); AOG. And to begin, we deal with Elim.
“Thou hast strayed far, far from Me on a number of fronts; the most important of these being in what was once your Bible College; your embracing of NIV & its satanic verses; your embracing of Higher Criticism; your removal of faith from students; your dancing with devils – all of which is far removed from the days of Jeffreys, & Albert Edsor.
“My Word declares: ‘remove not the ancient landmark;’ yet you have ceased to proclaim the Foursquare Gospel, a proclamation I gave to Jeffreys & Macpherson to form an alliance, to boldly proclaim this marvellous truth.
“You have embraced the modern idiom of Satan’s end-time church. What he looks for movements to do, is neglect the vision God gave to their founders. By neglecting the vision, the movement becomes in rebellion, the sin of witchcraft.
“Your founder was a man of the Word – yet you have neglected the Word. Thou hast embraced a book that is satanic in origin; a book that has removed the drive & thrust of a once great movement.
Woe to those who have taken thy movement, & taken the funds I gave to this movement to proclaim the Foursquare Gospel, to proclaim another gospel, the counterfeit gospel of Satan!
“My Word gives warning of this - & it is all very well to, in your intellectualism, to write off this prophecy; for that is all you now have: a mocking spirit to those who look to restore your movement back to its former glory.
“Thou hast pained the Saviour you once proclaimed within the proclamation of the Foursquare Gospel. Your gospel proclaims Jesus as being a son of the gods! Your gospel proclaims Jesus as having Joseph as His father! Your gospel proclaims Jesus as having a starting-point in history! Your gospel denies Jesus as being the Jesus of the Foursquare Gospel.
“Your movement has become a hive of Jezebels. They wander around like bees in a hive, looking whom they may devour. You have spent the money of sacrificial saints in an appalling way. Thou hast looked for social integration, rather than separation from the god of this world. Thou hast preached the gospel of accepting the sinner, rather than calling sinners to repentance, as your founder so boldly did in his proclamation of Jesus the Saviour.
“There is much to do, if thy movement is to come back to its former glory. The modernists must depart, & those of the mantle of Jeffreys must come together.
“I have given this prophet the mantle to restore this movement back to its former glory. On being allowed through the door, he will come in like a cutting edge, to identify those of My remnant who are called to help in the process of restoring Elim back to its former glory.
“The modernists will depart, having been given opportunity to repent of the decadence of this modern age – a modern movement that has brought in filth, immorality, homosexuality, & all of the passions of a modern era that has brought thy nation to destruction.
“Woe to you all, you parasites of humanity! You have sucked innocent people dry, with your controlling pastors of decadence. You have trained your pastors into being big boys over their congregati0ns; yet in My eyes, they are nothing but specks of dandruff infecting the scalp of humanity.
“Woe unto you, pastors of filth, who have embraced this modern culture, with its filthy bibles & disgusting practices! You have scorned the Bible of thy nation’s Constitution, to embrace the codices of Rome: Vaticanus, Sinaiticus, & Alexandrinus are all codices embraced in what was once a movement of the true Word. Oh how you stand proudly in how well you have done in embracing the modern culture! Your students have degrees of Higher Criticism - & how proud they are!
“I tell thee: after pride, comes shame. There are those in thy movement crying out for a change. I have heard thy cries, O remnant of Elim, & have given thee prophets & apostles being called to get a hold of Elim, & return it to its former glory.
“This prophet through whom I speak, has an immense love for this movement & its proclamation of the Foursquare Gospel.
“The first thing he would do would be to place on Elim’s website in prominent position, the proclamation of the Foursquare Gospel. Banners would be bought for all the fellowships, of the Foursquare Gospel. Scriptures of the Authorized Version would be placed around all of Elim’s buildings. The modernists, with their jeans & T-shirts, would be replaced by the old-time ministers of glory. Choirs would replace so-called “worship bands” of filth & decadence; bands that are there to entertain, rather than worship God. The old-time choruses of Elim which I used continuously to convict sinners of sin would be restored. The proclamation of Jesus the Saviour, as depicted by Jeffreys, would once more move powerfully through this movement, if it repents of the modern filth it has embraced.
“The modernists would say ‘We can’t use this KJV today!’ But I say, “I am the Lord: I change not.” What was good enough for Jeffreys is good enough for thee.
“O, how thou hast scorned the preachers of old! How you have looked to bring in the non-convicters & talkers of today! O, you are whited sepulchres of Pharisaism!
“My prophet has spoken these words of judgement; yet holds out a hand for thee to repent before God, of thy filth & evil thinking. Elim, in your neglecting of your first love, you have fallen into the depths of depravity so great, that only in a return to the foundation stone of God, can thou be restored to thy former glory.
“Now, to the proclamation of Jesus, the Healer. This did not come through your embracing of the charismatic movement. This came through a man sold out to God; so full of the conviction of Jehovah Raphah, the Lord that healeth thee. The founder’s crusades were legendary; yet where are thy crusades today? Becoming social workers is not embracing the proclamation of Jesus the Healer.
“You were founded as a miracle-bringing movement; but today, you connect yourself with the ecumenical movements of the modern era, rather than the Healer Who gave His life for thee.
“Your faculty members thought they were clever, in manipulating scripture away from the proclamation of Jesus the Healer. Thy movement has denied the body of Christ broken for thee. So it has become a movement of Belial. Whilst accepting thou hast a remnant crying out before Me; that the prophet cries out, as the apostle of old, ‘Who has bewitched thee?’
“My apostles & prophets must come together & restore this movement; for at this time, its people are in danger of hell-fire; not that this movement uses that word any more, for its primary bible has removed this word, & so the conviction this movement once brought to the people is no longer there.
“You are just as filthy rags. Oh, how the remnant cries out to Me – the solution being, the coming together of apostles & prophets; & this prophet wants to be part of that; to lead this movement back to its former glory, yes; but this prophet is not content to accept just that. He has been to Me over many years, to receive the double portion.
“You place him in thy Kensington Temple, & you will see that building no longer be a temple, but the people instead become temples of the Holy Ghost.
“Oh, how this movement has strayed far from Me! Yet I have heard the cries of the remnant, & I am giving a way forward. Oh to restore the proclamation of Jesus the Healer. It would not only bring the miracles of old, but the double portion to which thou art called.
“Now, to the proclamation of Jesus the Baptizer in the Holy Ghost. Oh, how I long to baptize with the baptism in the Holy Ghost, the evidence of which is speaking in tongues! Oh, how I know this doctrine was battled over in the past; but I am to give to a repentant movement tongues of fire.
Oh, how this movement is to rip up its books of Higher Criticism; & how I am to give the baptism of fire to the remnant, which has stood against the modern filth! Remnant – come together, I cry! There is more of you than what you think! Come together! Allow My prophets & apostles to stand, & bring the baptism, the true baptism of fire, to those in thy movement who can take it – for it will cut right across this movement of modern decadence that I curse right from My throne room of Heaven. For you have removed the words from My Word, & added on the modern interpretations of Satan!
“Yet I have provided a way out for thy movement with My prophets & apostles.
“Now for the Soon Coming King. Are you to stand before Me, with your social works to the community, or be a separate body before Me? As this prophecy, & others, is placed on the Pentecostal Continuing website, are you to mock & scorn at My prophet, as they mocked & scorned at Noah?
“I tell thee, over the years My prophets have got used to being laughed & mocked. They have got used to being persecuted & spat at; & this prophet is well aware the modernists will say he has lost his head; but that us exactly what I have called him to lose – for to become wise, thou must become a fool!
“Such is thy movement, standing wise in its own ability; wearing the rags of Satan, rather than the full armour of God.
“And so, thou art to proclaim Jesus the Soon Coming King. But I tell thee, the remnant has been heard, & the opportunity given to repent; opportunity given to embrace prophets & apostles, who will bring the necessary division between Christ & Baal, so as to restore thy movement back to its former glory; but with not only that, but with the double portion.”
Word from the Lord through DPG,
21 11 11
“Just as I have called thee to lead Elim out of its mire of false doctrine, of heresy, false bibles, false spirits – particularly what came from Toronto those years ago, when you were at their Bible College; I am calling thee to lead that movement back to its proclamation of the Foursquare Gospel.
“And likewise, I have those ready to lead the Assemblies of God out of its newly-found “user-friendly” status.
“But thou must be the prophet to expose its false grace gospel. Thou must be the prophet to expose its false ministers, & find the remnant who are crying out, as in Elim, for Me to rescue their movement.
“Thou hast been told by thy brother Harthern that the Assemblies of God were a simple, free-flowing movement. Today, they are a complex movement, with Higher Criticism having had a devastating effect.
“Thou hast studied the words of its intellectual status, & found it wanting. Its heretical approach has seen church in its grouping grow, for what they have done is adapt the Word to appease the thoughts of man.
“On a world-wide scale, the Assemblies of God have kow-towed to Rome, & all that entails; so that it can become a movement of today’s political respectability.
“You ask: ‘where are the old-time preachers?’ In your Church fellowship, you can have preaching going on for two, even three, hours; but here, we have a movement that has looked to please & entertain the people, rather than convict them of their sin. Yet its origins in the UK are somewhat different.
“Its early ministers moved in the power of the Holy Ghost – powerfully. Its early edition of “Redemption Tidings” warned of what Higher Criticism can do; & this generation has ignored the warnings of its fathers, & embraced what the fathers warned against. The Higher Criticism of Germany was particularly mentioned in its magazine; & today’s movement has embraced the doctrine so alien to the early days; that what you have is a group of people not giving heed to the ancient landmark of the movement.
“ ‘So, what is the solution?’ you cry. The first step is repentance, followed by a complete disassociation, worldwide, from Rome. The movement is to be a protesting movement against Rome, rather than one to be under it & its bibles.
“What great sin thou hast discovered in this movement. A complete turning away from the passions of the past, to embrace the politically correct agenda of today.
“So today, you are to proclaim the Jesus of ‘yesterday, today, forever, the same;’ & compare, on thy Continuing website, the movement of yesterday with the movement of today.
“So, you have quite a challenge; but there is a remnant. There are still pillars in the movement in the UK; but as in Elim, they are isolated pillars. But I will draw them to thee.
“Place on thy website the anointed teaching of the movement’s “fathers.” Show the difference, & give My Word that I never change.
“I never called these assemblies to be as they are today; I called them to be powerhouses of God, rather than the community church social workers they have become.
“You ask Me the question: ‘Will they ever come back to Me?’ Their remnant has been crying out to Me to restore the values of the past.
“Prove on-line the differences between their writings of today, & the writings of the ones of the early days. Give the banner heading ‘Choose ye this day whom you will serve.’
“The intercession is on; but for this fellowship of churches to survive, it must come back to its first love.
“Its operation as a simple free-flowing fellowship, rather than a movement chained up in the doctrines of despair, proclaiming word which is not from Me. It really must decide now between the passions of its founders, & its community church outreaches of today – outreaches based on control & manipulation, rather than the freedom of the Spirit.”
Word from the Lord through DPG, 26/11/11
“I want you to understand what is going on. The level of attack on you is enormous. It is affecting your peace & joy, & is connected with the words “Suffering & inadequacy.”
“The enemy knows what you are doing; but has not access to the heart as to why you are doing it.
“By this time, most would have given up. Indeed I have given words to so many to fulfil, which have not been fulfilled, simply because the majority have backed out because of the enormous personal strain this calling has called with it in relation to the attack.
“Now let us examine the attack. You have found the devil out, & he is exposed; & when the thief is found, he has to restore; & not only restore, but restore sevenfold. You have legal cases before you, David, where you must be firm, & point out the laws these banks have broken, one bank making a fundamental flaw, to the degree of calling active Constitutional Acts archaic.
“The devil’s institutions of the love of money have been found out by thee. You have found out the strongman of Great Britain, beneath the dome of St. Paul’s. You have found out the strongman of North Wales, beneath the structures of Bangor Cathedral; & you are standing upon what I have given thee to do, realising thine own inadequacy, which the devil is feeding off to place fear; yet you are in the strongest position.
“I love those who are prepared to stand, in spite of onslaught after onslaught.
“You are declaring the Word of the Lord; & that Word of the Lord is penetrating the enemy camp. When you preach continuously on being joined to the Lord, members of His body, flesh & bones, you are standing with the protection of God around thee. You are standing as Moses stood before Pharaoh.
“What has replaced the structures in the once-great movements I have outlined, are systems that remove the strain. These movements have lost their “Onward, Christian Soldiers” approach; & here you are, wanting to restore all of these movements I have outlined to thee, under one ministry heading.
“You see, what the devil has closed down, I have called thee to raise up.
“So, take courage. Your vision of seeing these once-great movements restored is truly of God. Your approach in exposing the enemy & his ways, is one of great courage, which thou art showing. Yet you lie in bed, considering thy inadequacy.
“Let Me assure you, every resource of Heaven is with you. So takeheed:-
“In thy courses, Lindsay, you will have a course called “The History of Movements.” You will take Elim, AoG, for example, & give the historical & spiritual context of how these movements have grown.
“Spirits are afraid of you restoring that which they have taken away. You see, in one sense they keep their history; but they keep their history in an historical sense, rather than an active one. And you are looking to restore these movements back to their spiritual strength – not only that, but in the double portion.
“The task ahead looks enormous; but not only have I called you to restore these Christian movements back to their former glory & above that. I have called thee to rebuild their structures – that is, spiritual structures – into thy movements, thy movement being a place of protection for them, so you can place them back into those movements at the given time.
“This will mean confrontation in these movements with those who have stolen the vision. It is simply not acceptable for Methodists not to preach entire sanctification. It is simply not acceptable for Elim not to have the Foursquare Gospel as its banner headline.
“So you have been brought in to build up the structures of old; to nurse them, & see them grow; & release them back into those movements, so those movements can return back to My glory.
“You see, where there is revival, there is a passion for holiness & mission; & all these movements were mission-orientated; whereas today, they are socially manipulated.
“I give you a parable to illustrate. Thy football team had lost its way; so they brought back a man of the old school, to restore the structures of old; those structures that had made thy football team the most successful team of all time. Teams of old did not necessarily have the best players; but a team structure was in place, to bring about the best team. Likewise, I am calling thee to restore the structure of these movements, to enable the five-fold ministry team ethos to manifest. These movements today stand with their newly-built structures of government grants, newly-built structures of Higher Criticism, newly-built structures of simply accepting the social norm; a social norm that has dramatically changed over the last fifty years, the new structures being tossed about with every wind of doctrine. Yet you are standing on the ancient landmark, rebuilding the structures of success, your admission of fears & inadequacy being dangerous to the enemy; for he lives off the natures of proud ministers.
“So fear not; go forth; fulfil the purpose; bring revival.
“Thou hast remained faithful to Me, in spite of enemy onslaught. So rejoice! Be glad! Where men speak all manner of evil against thee, rejoice! Thou art on the right track. Fear not.”
Word from the Lord through DPG, 11/12/11
“Over the years I have seen thee cry & weep, saith the Lord. It is as if you have almost given up all to follow Me.
“What happens, because of thy commitment, is that a fear comes upon congregations in thy nation; for thou hast dug out the old landmarks; for example, the movement Jeffries founded is not in existence today, but rather a counterfeit shadow of what that movement was called to be.
“What you have done, is re-open that movement as it was; & thou art facing the onslaught of that split of years ago, in which the vision of Jeffries was replaced by the logic of man.
“Such as it is with you. You say, ‘What is in the Spirit?’ You say, ‘What is the intercession of God?’ You hear the intercession of God being revival, brokenness revival, as you put it; the word “brokenness” being used to show the key feature of revival, the brokenness of man to manifest the glory of God. But the people in their sin could not stand this. Their tradition has pre-eminence over My glory. They say, ‘It is Christmas time; we celebrate that.’ You say, ‘But that is not in the intercession.’ And what you do, is proclaim the intercession, which indeed is REVIVAL, not Christmas. It never has been Christmas, never will be Christmas. That comes from the flesh element of false religion; & whilst the coming of Christ, born of a virgin, is true, the phenomenon was never designed to be a festival of any description; for, as is witnessed, the festival itself has the pre-eminence. So the religious follow the flesh element.
“So, in effect they worship the coming of Christ to earth, rather than Christ Jesus himself. So, the event takes priority over the key Figure of the event; whereas, at this time in thy nation, I call for the brokenness of man, I find the celebration of flesh preeminent over what I have given through My apostles & prophets.
“You confess what you cannot do; they confess what they can do. They say in the event, ‘Oh, we can witness through the event; we can bring through people to be saved through the event.’
“But I say, “Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit, saith the Lord.”
“So you lie there, wondering where the resources will come from. Thou in effect have built offices & the media studio in line with what I called you to do through prophecy, through thy sister Standish.
“And you are now working with people whose worlds have been taken apart, to be at the centre of My will. But there have been those who want to hang on to their existing world. For, like Christmas, they place their security in flesh festivals, their flesh tradition, their being sin in their lives because their pre-eminence is not in Christ, but in events around Christ.
“You then place the attack which has been upon thee, the attack on Elim being to remove the Foursquare Gospel which I called that movement, & the one in America, to proclaim. And I have stirred up that mantle; you have looked to return to the purity of its founder. And around him came people like have been around you; the founder crying in his bed for his movement, the organizers taking his Rhema Word away from him; & as he lay in bed, crying out for his movement to return to the Rhema, rather than the flesh element, you remember wanting to call for revival, when My Spirit called thee to stop.
“And thou, thou hast a group of people prepared to place My instruction above the flesh tradition.
“Your stand has almost bankrupted thee – but not quite. You see, the flesh church goes for Christmas & what it can make out of it. The true Church dies to the tradition of what it “should” be doing at certain times of year, to what I am saying at given times. They cannot get their head around not having Christmas. They cannot get their head around a God Who does not keep earthly tradition. They cannot get their head around not singing Christmas carols, which you have exposed as being from the very pen of Satan.
“But you see, there is a major security zone in people’s flesh tradition. They go & sing the carols, despite of My prophet’s warning. For that brings a security.
“What you say is what the Lord is saying. You say, ‘Lord – what music am I to play?’ Whereas the flesh church puts on its carol singing services to kelp the security of the people; to make their sin comfortable.
“And thus we have Christmas, a festival of the needs of man, rather than the needs of God.
“So, consider Jeffries crying in his bed over the loss of his movement to flesh; so you have had those come in, looking to place your movement under the same flesh element, which indeed Jeffries had to endure those years ago.
“I have heard thy cries to Me. I accept placed upon Me, thy fears & isolations. I accept thy repentance of these things, to enable you to move in My strength, & fearless might. But the path you have taken has scared people to such a degree, that they have manifest the spirits of their flesh life against thee. In other words, you have rocked their boat; & in the context of you rocking their boat, they come to each other for prayer & ministry, for the god of flesh to comfort them, rather than take up the sword of the God of heaven, to move forward as Christian soldiers.
“So they feel a relief to be away from the convicting preaching of My Word, to come under the god of flesh, who comforts them in their sin, rather than convict them of it.
“So, you cry aloud the Word of the Lord, whilst they comfort themselves in their sin, the god of flesh offering them acceptance, whereas I offer them conviction.
“Remember My cry, ’Choose ye this day whom ye will serve?’ Y
ou have made your choice; they have made theirs. But their god lures them in through loving-kindness; a flesh love of acceptance; whereas thou offers the Father, Who calls them to forsake all to follow Him.”
Word from the Lord through DPG, 13/04/12
They are using the title “I am doing a new things, saith the Lord;” that as you know, is out of context of what I am doing. For I am calling those of My remnant, to re-establish the visions of founders of Pentecostal movements. They are using the term “new thing” in relation to God adapting His gospel to social conditions. My gospel, however, never changes. My Word never changes. But they have brought new editions of the Bible, to suit the changing social conditions, because apparently I am doing a new thing!
“But I am declaring to you, that I am the Lord that changes not, & that I am calling thee into Old Colwyn to counteract the new thing of the Pentecostal movements, by proclamation  of the old thing; the old Foursquare Gospel when it comes to Elim; the free-flowing gospel of the Assemblies of God, as it was in the1920s; the strong role of the prophet in the Apostolic movement, which you re-instated in your time working every day with David Owen, & still maintain even working from a distance.
“These three movements have rebelled against Me, saith the Lord; & you are to bring them to account, & tell them God is not doing a new thing in their movements, & that they have adapted the gospel to suit social conditions; in other words, they have the gospel of the god of this world.
“When it comes to updating the Pentecostal Continuing site, this prophecy is to go on the homepage. You are to declare your vision, to take the Pentecostal movements back to the vision of their founders, who brought about a landmark in the Spirit, which should never have been removed; & this is the landmark which these now modern-day cults have ignored. The landmark is called conviction; for this new thing the Pentecostal movements are declaring, is the apparent new gospel of God, the new thing being the withdrawal of conviction. This is an abomination in the sight of God, this abomination being so great that this removal of the work of the Holy Ghost prevents the term being used, that term being “soundly saved.”
“Oh, I have not changed; I never change. Today, they go through a routine of saying a prayer, then religiously baptizing the individual, who has no knowledge of the conviction of God.
“This new thing is an academic form of salvation that is not salvation at all. This new thing they have embraced, is a sons of Sceva declaration of a gospel that does not even exist. When someone is soundly saved, they need to understand they are coming to the Cross; & if they die with Me, they are risen up together with Me.
“Today, they have no idea of the Ephesians 1 & 2 reference, & the Romans 6 deep surrender. How I cry over these movements, saith the Lord. Look at the work you are putting in in preparation; for not only am I building My Church through thee, for which I have given thee instructions to have this manse, owned by the ministry forever, so future generations, should the Lord tarry, will know it is from this place that I have built a base, not only as a ministry of the old paths, but also to take back those movements who have strayed into what they are calling the new thing; that is not God’s new thing, but the devil mis-quoting Scripture for his own benefit.
“So, there are two tasks here: the manse to be bought by the ministry, money which you are then able to gain to buy your West coast of Lewis getaway, from where you will find a large house in Stornoway, from where you will establish the Pentecostal Church of Scotland; that is on the ground, so to speak, for you will already have established this on-line, along with Chapel Pentecost.
“Then, I am calling you together with two other leaders, who are to take over the “new thing” Pentecostal movements, which are to come back to the ancient landmarks their fathers have set.
“These are the steps of the takeover:
“Number (1): The removal of Vaticanus, Sinaiticus & Alexandrinus.
“Number (2): The return to the KJV, My holy Word, perfected in Heaven, which must never be questioned.
“Number (3): On the homepage of each of the websites of these movements, place their original statements of faith, alongside Scripture which I call thee to write.
“Number (4): Those who have been apparently saved through “new thing” belief, the non-conviction gospel, must be baptized only on becoming soundly saved. The academic form of baptism does not count within the context of being soundly saved.
“Take note: many evil spirits will manifest within your exposure of “new thing” heretics.
“Number (5): As you know, their ministry training techniques have been an abomination before Me for some time. You are to declare all degrees given through the secular state system as null & void, & not recognised by the movements you will have restored. The degrees you give out will have appointed by the Holy Ghost, in recognition of study in My Word, led by the Spirit of God.
“And on the certificate of the degree, will have the student’s name, who was led by the Spirit of God to study whatever he/she was led to study. For the students will not be given choices of modules to study; for in all things I must have the pre-eminence; & the students are to hear from Me in relation to what is to be studied. But there is one module they all must take, & that is, a study of how the apostasy came in, & deep repentance that followed.
“For these movements have become an abomination to Me; yet I am calling them back to their original call, the “new thing” expression being replaced by a return to the old paths, the ancient landmark that was set.
“And yes, David, you will see your dream of the Foursquare Gospel being proclaimed in Elim. For I will have you as Elim’s leader, declaring in Kensington Temple the words like you declared in the Lowestoft Elim, ‘I have come to declare the Foursquare Gospel, of Jesus the Saviour, Jesus the Baptizer in the Holy Ghost, Jesus the Healer, & Jesus the Soon Coming King.’
“You will say these words in Kensington Temple, & await the miracles that will follow. For you will have re-established the landmark. And likewise, there are those coming to thee now, & you will say to go & re-establish the Assemblies of God. And just as you release these leaders from your North Wales operation, so shall this occur in South Wales with the Apostolic, who are to re-establish their headquarters in Penygroes. How dare they remove themselves, & be taken in by the new thing! And this is My instruction for them: Return to the base of the landmark. Remove the silly names you have given your fellowships. You are Apostolics; & that should be in the title of each & every one of your fellowships.
“Oh, I am returning thee to the old paths; in which the prophet shall speak, & the apostles shall take forward the vision.
“This is My Word this day: take heed of My Word. Go forward in My strength.
“I have given thee overall direction this day. Take heed that you do it. Share this word on-line, on the Pentecostal Continuing site, that there shall be Chapel Pentecost, the Pentecostal Church of Scotland, & Elim, the Assemblies of God, & the Apostolics, restored to their original vision.
“Oh, praise the Lord! Praise Him! And prepare for many others coming to join thee in this vision. Rebuke those holding back from coming to join thee, for they shall regret missing their opportunity of being part of this calling of God.
“For behold, saith the Lord, this is not by might, or by power, but by My Spirit, saith the Lord.”
Word from the Lord through DPG, 28/08/12
“A movement of God will have a human resource: an empty vessel, temple of God to work through, in setting forth a vision.
“The visionary will write down what God has called him to do, & set up. This can go either one of two ways: where people gather round him, & accept his prophetic word, & forward the vision; or, a group of people will gather round, giving lip service to the vision, & look to take over with their own agenda.
These people are rebels to the vision, & guilty of the sin of witchcraft. Such people bring earthly order to such movements set up by visionaries. They become highly organized, highly disciplined units, impossible for God to work through, for they have rebelled against the visionary, & are guilty of the sin of witchcraft.
“They give lip service to the vision; make their movements highly organized & disciplined in man’s eyes, maintaining a form of godliness, but denying the power. Stay well clear of such rebels.
“This is why, if you ever preach in a Methodist church, you do not preach anything else but entire sanctification; for that movement was setup by God as a holiness movement, its leaders giving lip service to the vision, having a Methodist church highly organized & disciplined, but with no anointing of God – hence its lack of flamboyance. If John Wesley returned today, little place would be given for his full surrender message, for it would crack wide open the organization & discipline of the rebels, for the message of God to continue in line with the vision.
“Such as it is with many movements. The Elim Pentecostal Church had a founder who proclaimed the Foursquare Gospel. Where is it now? Bound under a chain of Higher Criticism; a movement embracing the cult of Higher Criticism to such a degree that when you were at its college, it denied the very anointing that brought huge numbers to massive physical relief.
“Remember at Lowestoft, when you stood in Jeffreys’ shoes? By honouring the vision, greater miracles will take place than even Jeffreys witnessed; for as Elisha received a double portion from Elijah, so when you preach in an Elim church, you preach the Foursquare Gospel, a message the rebels suppressed, which you are to restore to Elim one day, as its leader in the boots of Jeffreys rather than in the boots of the rebels.
“Such as it is with the Bible College of Wales. It is obvious that it is to be in Wales; hence its name, for it is a missions manifestation of the Evan Roberts revival, & all that it embraced. The movement got taken over by those that did not embrace the vision of the founder, & it is right you stir up that mantle.
“Today there are those who have taken over that vision, so they think, who have brought great organization & discipline to that call. What they do not have is the anointing of the founder! Only those who ask for the double portion are entitled to the vision. The rebels have made it into a den of iniquity; discipline & order of an earthly nature, but lacking the power of the past.
“The Bible College of Wales website has maintained the intercessory emphasis of the ministry, continuing the original vision – hence the use of the word ‘continuing.’ And now, you have stirred up the anointing, in bringing back what Rees Howells sent forth: well-trained missionaries, with a great knowledge of the Word, the reaping now coming back, with anointed material from Asia, which rebels, under the university system of Britain, will not be able to compete with.
“Those moving in the anointing of the founders, have a flamboyance in their bellies the organizers cannot cope with. The organizers keep to every rule of man, bringing in a deadness & a lull-ness to movements taken over by rebels – that is, organized rebels.
“The devil attacks the minds of those moving in the flamboyance, with stories of imminent disaster & government disapproval. The organizers are vision-stealers, bringing destruction to the people; for without a vision, the people perish.
“You are to stand firm, in restoring the mantles of the past, so that you can know that when you face God, you can say you have continued movements in the anointing, rather than the discipline of the god of this world, who is taking, not only those with a spiritual vision, under the world’s order, but also businesses who have had histories over many generations, that are being taken over by a globalization agenda that has not given heed to the way business has been run in Britain for years; hence the number of bankruptcies going on, because of the highly disciplined & organized globalization structures of the New World Order.
“You are bringing life through obeying the call of God. The organizers are bringing death, because they are well organized & disciplined adherents to the letter of the law that kills, rather than the one who set us free from the curse of the law, movement after movement taken over by rebels, & those looking to restore visions coming under constant attack from those who are wonderfully organized, who are rebels who deny the power.”