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This is the facing of the battlegrounds during 2012 ......
and now into victory in 2013

Exodus 15:26 King James Version (KJV)

And said, If thou wilt diligently hearken
to the voice of the Lord thy God,
and wilt do that which is right in his sight,
and wilt give ear to his commandments,
and keep all his statutes,

I will put none of these diseases upon thee,
which I have brought upon the Egyptians:
for I am the Lord that healeth thee.

1 Thessalonians 5:19-21 King James Version (KJV)

Quench not the Spirit.
Despise not prophesyings.
Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.

Word from the Lord through DPG, 01/11/12

The objective of this prophecy is to enable you to identify what your battlegrounds are.
“As you know, there are Biblical principles in dealing with battlegrounds. When it comes to “whosoever speaks to the mountain,” you need to know what your mountain is; & by knowing what your mountain is, you can speak to it & shout “grace, grace” to it.
“In effect at this time, the costs of running everything is overwhelming. It is the same for business after business, small charity after small charity, for the following reasons:-

“(1) Living in an over-regulated country, with high legal costs, you are having to employ solicitors & accountants in relation to what should be simple. If the nation had kept its obligations to the Commonwealth, bringing in Rebekah & others would have been relatively simple.

“So, in the operation you are setting up, at this stage with Tamil people, the legal costs are huge. The legal costs in relation to everything you need to set up, under present-day regulation, is a massive burden on you, & all small businesses & charity.

“So your first mountain is the burden of over-regulation in a society that is handing over its small business & charity to global control. This is why small business is being replaced by franchises under global brand names.

“(2) This takes us to the College. Being associated with a university opens doors to funding. The students can get their loans, & various grants can be offered in relation to education. Being in the university system prevents the Spirit from moving in that system. You have chosen to be Spirit-led, rather than world-manipulated. So really, you have a mountain in setting up a College that not only refuses to be part of the system, but also has at its base a trusting in God, & moving by faith.

“The students you are looking to bring in are mostly from countries unable to face the high legal costs involved in running a college & its buildings. Think of the building regulation requirements.

“So you need to face not only the set-up costs, but also the on-going running costs; & whilst I have strategy for you to create wealth in a manner I have already intimated, you are being held back by the mountain of paperwork you have. So there is a mountain to face: the paperwork, & the on-going costs of your operations.

“Battleground number (3): you have in My Word the basis of overcoming. The devil thinks he has got you where he wants you. He has stolen from you in relation to one Rhos on Sea building already, & is putting every block he can in relation to you getting any building.

The devil, however, is not strong.

His forces are desperate. The thought of having the Bible College of Wales restored terrifies him. I John 5 gives the key to overcoming; m& to fulfil the purposes you are called to fulfil in relation  to the College/media ministry, one now has to speak out to these mountains of battlegrounds; for whosoever speaks to the mountains, & not doubt in his heart, he shall cast these battlegrounds into the sea.

“So your next Trustees Meeting will be about speaking to the mountain. As well as agreeing to the Statement of Faith & Heritage document, you will as Trustees speak to these mountains together. You will see them pass into the sea
(Mark 11).

“Have faith in God. You have overcome the world. But you do need to come together & speak to these mountains, knowing that you are going for souls, & the devil is defeated; & that you have ministries standing with you all over the world, as you face your mountains.

“So the next Trustees Meeting will be a facing the mountain meeting; hearing from God, & acting meeting, knowing that the victory is yours.”

Word from the Lord through 
Rev Dr E M Lindsay Griffiths, 10/12/12

“The strategy I have given thee today is of a divine nature: one with Me, one with the Father, one in Christ Jesus. For ye are all of one flock, & My sheep recognise My voice & the voice of the One who sent Me upon the earth, to suffer, bleed & die for all mankind.

“The strategy of the enemy is the same as it has been, for he is a thief, liar, killer of the flock; of those foolish ones who do not trust & obey – for there is no other way to be happy in Jesus, but to trust & obey.

“Ye are pillars in My throne-room; there will be those apostles, evangelists, royal priesthood, holy nation, who are incorruptible saints in light. Cast out the burden of the day, the heat & toil of the fray; for I have already borne the burden, the sighing, the crying, the inconsolable wailings, of My suffering people, saith the Lord.

“Pursue righteousness – My righteousness, of a true & holy people. Me only shall ye serve, & reap the rewards.

“For whosoever cometh to Me with a contrite heart, shall be filled.
“I am the Lord that healeth thee.”
Word from the Lord through 
Rev Dr  E M Lindsay Griffiths, 22/12/12
“Aim high; keep towards the mark; lean on Me as you go forward. The task is great, but My resources of strength, vitality & praise, are far greater than you can ever imagine.

So, stretch forth your arm; keep looking up to Me, & My fire will consume all the chaff before you. You will only see the wheat, white into harvest.
“Thus saith the Lord.”

Word from the Lord through DPG, 19/03/13

“I know you are believing on £1 m. coming in next financial year. I also know that as this comes in, so shall the administration burden increase, which is why I am sending those with the gifts of administration to come to thee.

“They are of course to hear from Me, and obey My call; but you are needing, even now, help in administrations, so as to free personnel from the Charity to hear My voice & go to certain areas in the world, to fulfil My purposes. What is holding this back is the amount of time needed for administration.

“Fear not, saith the Lord, for I have called thee to the paths which thou art on. But those paths need a large amount of administrative back-up. They also need financial support. I am working on both.

“So this is what I have called thee to do:

“Set up SKYPE contacts throughout the world. For what I am building is a world-wide framework, to enable Me to reach every creature with the gospel, you being the means of doing this, you being the empty vessel for the Spirit to manifest, & reach every creature; but that empty vessel needs the administrative back-up. For this whole operation which thou art building – that is, I building through you – is one of such size, that the back-up is important.

“The Early Church was growing so big, that the same issue arose with them; so it is an important issue to intercede in relation to having the infrastructure, administration, resources, in what you are doing to fulfil My mighty call.

“You are to be fearless in your call, not hold back; but to not hold back, the structures of administration must be there. So by My Spirit, I am sending people unto thee to help with administrations, to free you up to fulfil the calls I have for your lives.”

Word from the Lord through DPG 31/05/13
“Thy brother [David Knowles] called thee, saying they [British ‘Christians’] are not prepared to count the cost; & you understood what he meant. But now, I want you to understand deeply what I mean.
“Being born again is counting the cost; is a person made dead in order to come alive; is a person who fully understands what happened at Calvary. They sing the song, There’s Room at the Cross for You; but this cross was a bloody cross; a cross where the sinner comes, acknowledged later in his baptism by being fully immersed, an act which represents his very death. For to be buried with Me, means to come alive with Me.
“Being born again is all about a dead man coming alive. The old life of selfish motive has gone away. The old life of relying on this world has gone away. A new life has begun. Everything has become new. The Spirit leads & the person does. There is no consideration of the price or the cost. That person has become completely reliant on the Spirit. He will give as the Spirit leads. He will surrender his all to the Lord. The Lord speaks &there is instant obedience. This is what it is to be born again. For, as was said to Hudson Taylor, God does not give His Spirit to those who ask for it, but to those who obey.
“Thou sent out thy Theses to so-called denominations who did not give heed to the warnings in that work. Thou hast obeyed God & been prepared to pay the price, which has been very costly. But now thou hast entered the hundredfold return, so give no fear to the situation & hold onto that which is true. My Word is truth; if My Word declares that those who have given up one’s resources to the kingdom, so shall a hundredfold be there, now in this time. This is why thou art on a building programme, not building altars made with hands, but instead to reach every creature with the gospel.
“Thou has been rejected, as I declared you would in the Sermon on the Mount. But this one thing I say to you now: set up thy systems for major growth. Work tirelessly, as the Spirit leads. Take leisure as the Spirit leads, remembering of course the commitment required to fulfil the calling of God. It is about being soundly saved & losing self-interest.
“Thou hast been called by My Spirit to reach every creature with the gospel. The coming two months are to be real preparation months. Get all thy systems in place. Expect a miracle to clear all debts. Being soundly saved means having complete reliance on Me. Rejoice & be so glad they have persecuted thee as they persecuted the prophets.
“The preparation time is here. Rejoice & be so glad that I have built My Church & the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”