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This Word of God to the people of North Wales is so important .......
Exodus 15:26 King James Version (KJV)

And said, If thou wilt diligently hearken
to the voice of the Lord thy God,
and wilt do that which is right in his sight,
and wilt give ear to his commandments,
and keep all his statutes,
I will put none of these diseases upon thee,
which I have brought upon the Egyptians:
for I am the Lord that healeth thee.
1 Thessalonians 5:19-21 King James Version (KJV)
Quench not the Spirit.
Despise not prophesyings.
Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.
Word from the Lord through Rev Dr Cllr David P Griffiths, 02/02/13
“Thou hast gained the position on the North Wales coast; but there is the issue why the people do not respond, & that is because over many years there has been a widespread covering of sin.
“In the natural sphere, the internet era has exposed many things that have been going on; & there is a realization amongst the people that this might find them out. And so at the root of many people’s situation, is a fear of being caught out; & this fear makes them hide their own sin rather than confess it.
“The sin has brought widespread poverty to the area, with the whole area full of ‘homer’ businesses. In other words, what is known as the black economy thrives.
Yet in reality, it does not thrive; for those taking part in it will have their talents suppressed into poverty, because they are afraid of being found out.
“My Word declares to render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, & to God the things that are God’s; & within the culture of North Wales, individuals can threaten each other by reporting each other to the authorities, knowing they are going to be found out in relation to whether they have paid taxes, etc.
“Increasing the profile of a business will naturally draw attention to the accounts of that business; & so people are afraid to expand their businesses too much, so that there is a depression on the local economy.
There needs to be legitimate businesses, without over-regulation, remembering that there still has to be regulation in society; but regulation under the nation’s Constitutional Acts, rather than the laws of foreign powers.
“So there is massive sin in all areas: in government & in businesses; & for North Wales to flourish, there has to be an amnesty; an opportunity for government to repent for putting itself under foreign powers; for politicians to repent for depending on foreign grants, rather than looking to boost the local economy; also, for businesses to be legitimate; for incomes & expenditures going through legitimate books, properly audited, so that government can support & help businesses, with taxes based on profit rather than space & location. Under God, North Wales can thrive; but Satan has the people under his wings, because the people are covering up their sins all of the time, as indeed, so is government & the legal system.
“Revival opens everything up, with government & the people confessing their sins one to another; & as God gives repentance of sin, so must the people towards government, & the government towards the people; except that at the roots of North Wales’ problems is sin.
People will never prosper under the black economy system. Governments will never prosper over-regulating the people. The prosperity of a nation is dependent on being obedient to God; & as long as there is the underlie of sin, both in government & in the people, so North Wales will wallow in poverty, hating the conviction preacher, who exposes the sin in the nation.
For he says ‘God has found out;’ & wherever that is preached, the people will run away, & say ‘there is no pastoral care in that church;’ for what they are looking for are pastors who placate their sin rather than expose it.
“So you have pastors all along the North Wales coast who placate sin, rather than convict the people of it. Government in a way understands all this, placating in many instances a fragile economy.
“There has to be a coming together of the people & government. There needs to be an enthusiasm for work, rather than an over-reliance on benefits. There needs to be support for legitimate businesses & charities to prosper, & an amnesty given to all those who come & look to get their accounts straight, so that governments & people can look to work together for the good of the nation, rather than have this on-going mistrust of both sides being afraid of being found out.
“Thou hast gained the intercessory ground for revival. What needs to happen now is a widespread confession of sin from all sections of society.
“As long as they are covering up their sin, they will oppose you. What you need to do is continue to convict of sin, attacking the immorality in North Wales; exposing the high abortion rate in North Wales.
What they are looking for is pastoral acceptance; whilst what I am looking for is apostolic & prophetic exposure of sin, the pastoral care of the people coming once they have repented, & are looking to walk the way of the Lord.”
Word from the Lord through David Griffiths, Rhos on Sea,
Thursday 24/02/11
“Thou art to go forward, My children, & not look back. What is happening amongst thee is in Joshua 3. The people have murmured against the prophet, & those who have murmured will wander for eternity in the wilderness. They will continue to look back; they will continue to wear the robes of slavery; they will continue to be at the beck & call of Pharaoh.
“And so, you have a group of people who insist on being slaves to the system; who insist on being at the beck & call of Pharaoh; who insist to be at the beck & call of the one who was defeated 2000 years ago  - the one who manifests as Pharaoh in the Old Testament context.
“Remember My word in relation to Lucifer? “I shall be like the Most High.” Remember he was able to produce signs & wonders, like the Most High?
“There have been those who have bowed down to the golden calf; but as Moses came down from the mountain with his Rhema, so they have been afraid of thee as thou hast lifted up My Word. As you have lifted up My Word, so have diseases gone, as in the wilderness, as Moses lifted up the brazen serpent, the devil has been afraid.
“But you have sought to bring a people far above even those things. As Moses looked to the day of My Spirit being poured upon all flesh, & as you have come to My place of sanctification as in Joshua 3, there are those who continue to be slaves under Pharaoh.
“And there is another group of people: these are the victims of Pharaoh; the victims of false prophethood; the victims of those who have performed signs & wonders, yet not in My name. They have placed their wealth in the hands of the Pharaoh, who hath performed like the Most High [Isaiah 14], but have confused & manipulated the minds of saintly victims.
Within materials sent by post have been spirits of manipulation & mind control; spirits that have stolen the very energy, the very – even the ability to hear from Me. These are the spirits which Luther stood against in his Theses. And I have given thee My theses, over those summer nights, which the whole Church was to pay attention to.
“But as they went through times of murmuring & dishonouring to the prophet of old, so have they dishonoured thee.
“There are three types of people: the slaves, the victims, & those who enter the Promised Land.
“My Word declares to forget the things which are behind; yet those who are victims continue to be tormented day after day, moment after moment, by the hurts of the past. They cannot come & stand on the high ground, for they have been thrown down to be unworthy. They cry out to God rather than manifest God. They wallow in self-pity.
“Yet thou have reached the point of preaching week after week on holiness, on sanctification, on separation. Thou hast taken all of the people to the place Shittim; & there is a river out there which thou art to cross, lifting up My Word as they lifted up My ark.
“Thou hast gathered around the walls, which thou hast called the gateways of North Wales; & some have wondered what thou hast been doing there, which thou hast known to be the  breaking down of the barriers to revival.
“There is a factor here: those who are slaves to the system of the veil; they have seen you removing their security zones.
The Church is the building of God, not the building of man. And you have been right to portray the removal of buildings which have become idols to the Pharaoh of Egypt.
Yet the victims stay with their wanderings of mind, with their self-pity, having placed their trust in those who perform signs & wonders, rather than place their trust with those who proclaim My Word; who allow the Spirit of God to confirm with signs & wonders, such as it is with your place by the River Jordan.
You have trumpeters to go out to your places of intercession, of warfare; yet there are those who are victims, & those who are slaves, who cannot go forward. The victims see the Promised Land, yet they see it as far away. The slaves still wear the clothes of past traditions.
“Yet I have called thee to go forward, for tomorrow the Lord will perform signs & wonders amongst thee. Blind eyes will see; the dead will be raised. You see, thou hast brought the people to the place of sanctification, of separation. They have to choose between remaining a slave, remaining a victim, or going forward into the Promised Land.
“What art thou to do? My Word declares “Come out from among them; what concord has Christ with Baal?” Thou art to walk in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus; to go forward, & not look back.
“Thou hast told the people to write the vision. Your last year was about making the vision plain. You have now reached the point of entering the Promised Land. Choose thee this day whom you will serve.
“The victims & the slaves think in their natural senses; it is as if they cannot hear from God for themselves. Yet you are to go forward.
“Place your trumpeters at the remaining gateways. Take those of the heavenly places over the Jordan into the Promised Land, where thy way will be clear; & praise Me; proclaim My Word. As they lifted up My ark, so must thou proclaim My Word.
“Thou hast sounded an alarm in Zion. Go forward; go forward; be in My strength & My glory.”
Word from the Lord to David Griffiths
Rhos on Sea Friday 04/06/10
“You are to go to these areas of darkness as dead men. You can use the annoyance of the lantern as a parable (the fire in you). There has been a grieving of the Spirit of God tonight – the spirit of logic and reason.
“God will give you (DO) a word to preach on Sunday about being a dead man.
“God dealt with Evan Roberts about this – when he went to be with the Lord, he was one with Him.
“The Spirit of God was grieved tonight – seriously grieved – the prophet spoke tonight – the Spirit was quenched.
“The Apostle tells people to come into line.
“The Portals – Fanny J Crosby had eyesight in the portals when she wrote Praise Him, Praise Him – portraying the whole earth praising Him.
“Praise – people have no idea – show dimensional praise.
“There is to be no discussion on numbers – we are here to plant a seed.
“The dragon’s Gwynedd – Peter grasped it. There is danger with Muriel in taking her to the strongman.
“The only solution to this = death to self. Evangelism involves deep surrender and gifts of the Spirit.
“The open-airs must be conviction open-airs. Do not be afraid to expose sin for what it is.
“On the films, God wants us to show on screen:
·        George Jeffreys (on U-tube)
·        Norman Grubb
·        A W Tozer
And as he leads, to particular speakers on U-tube we can use.
“The message = death to self.
“On Evan Roberts, the Lord is saying
(1) David was right to emphasise ‘Remove the doubtful things.’ There was conviction on the meeting tonight.
(2) Don’t analyse – keep concentrating on Him.
(3) Have great nights there – emphasise the name of Jesus.
There is to be no disappointment.
(4) For speakers are to be in the portals, and signs and wonders will come.
(5) Be dynamic in praise and worship.
For Lindsay, get soundtracks to practise, especially It Is Finished. This is the rhema, and our doctrine.
(6) Also, in the leaflet – a ‘deliverance from deliverance ministry’ leaflet.
Expect confrontation. The Lord is saying ‘Mighty Revival’ – if you will give Me all of your life.”
Word from the Lord through
Rev Dr Cllr David P Griffiths, 27/04/13
“There is an open door in Scotland, whereas in Wales I am still knocking at the door. For in Wales, they still fail to understand the vagrancies of the charismatic movement; the syncretisation within the national Church of paganism & so-called Christianity (except the remnant); the gross amount of witchcraft & its effects on the false Church, which is growing; the acceptance of spiritualism & its off-shoots; its constant attacks on the remnant; all leading to a closed door for the remnant in Wales.
“All thy advertising hits a closed door. But do not be disheartened. My Word, which thou hast advertised, cannot be returned void. Thou hast sown constantly into Wales, but its time is not yet; for its people continue to reject Me. They see thou hast continued, in My name, to knock at the door of Wales. It continues to wave its flag of defeat. It continues to look at thee strangely. For you, as a remnant, have not been accepted because you have not changed your ways to fit into their cultural hell.
“The Welsh mind-set, without God, is a cultural hell. The chapel movement once brought heaven to the valleys, heaven to the coasts, heaven to the inland areas. But what they did was build up their Jezebel warlords, to take these lands into death; & when you stand & have a meeting in these lands, they simply deny your existence in a general sense; but because you put the fear of God into the hands of the Jezebel, what they do is promote gossip circles against you, so that you become a bankrupt ministry.
“Oh yes, you rely on Me. Oh yes, I do not let you down;& oh yes, you cry out to Me, & suffer. For it looks impossible to make a ministry pay in this dead & barren land.
“Oh yes – did not Elijah feel the same way? I sent ravens unto him, to feed him. Did not the hymn writer feel the same way when he wrote, under the guidance of My Spirit, that he was a pilgrim in this barren land? What did he do, but build a chapel, housing people surrendered to Me?
“And thus I call you to build a chapel on high ground above Bangor & collect funds from around the world to invest in a building to house My people from other lands, who will go to the highways & byways of Wales, knocking on the doors of the people.
“You see, My principles have not changed. You have a vision for Wales, yet I am still knocking at their closed door; knocking to come in with My glory. But they would rather wallow in their own defeat. And oh yes, the false Church is growing in Wales. They will say, “We’re growing; we’re growing” – but at what price? The price of compromise. Those in the false Church will say to you, “Do this, do that, & get in the people.” But I have not changed. I do not change. The people have embraced a syncretized form of Christianity.
“So in Wales, there is a closed door. So in your future advertising you can depict a knocking at the door, with the Revelation word alongside it.
“But in Scotland, there is an open door. The infiltrations of the Irish troubles has been realised, & its history you are aware of needs now to be removed from the hearts of many, including thine own. The falsehoods of the new charismatic so-called Church is being realised. The devil has overplayed his hand in the national Church, which has become a laughing-stock amidst the people, which they look to retain their Knoxian foundations,& look to put on top of those modern laws of immorality, decadence & flesh. This decadent Church is the laughing-stock of the nation.
“And so, you have established the Pentecostal Church of Scotland, the newest national Church; & this will expand to My glory. The door is open.
“Many false prophets, false ministries have entered the land of Scotland over the last 20 years. In Scotland, their falsehood has been realised, rather than accepted, as it is in Wales. You have discovered real fire in Scotland, & false fire in Wales, with its national symbol looking a sad figure in a principality of syncretisation.
“But in Scotland, there is an open door for My true Word to flourish. So what you have is an open door in Scotland, & a closed door in Wales. Keep knocking; & in Scotland, move in through that open door, & take the land for Me. In the era in which you live, you rightfully are using the technology; so your Scottish operations can be run from North Wales for the time being. Keep warning the Welsh that their dragon will lead them to hell-fire & constant damnation; whereas in Scotland you can say, “Come unto Me, all ye that are heavy laden – I will give you rest.”
“That is the difference between Wales & Scotland at this time. Keep knocking in Wales; but in Scotland, move in & take the land.”