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Word from the Lord through DPG, 11/01/13
VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Tell the people of Zion: ‘Sound the alarm in God’s Holy Mountain’ [reference to Zechariah]. God is Speaking to His Church”
“Be warned, My children; for by thinking in the way you have done for years, you have built up in your mind a society norm. For example: you buy property & it gains in value; that your family will live a decent life; there will always be available food, from a variety of sources.
“In other words, in your mind is a society norm; & you live by those norms, because that is the way you have always lived. You then have the Spirit of God as an additional factor to those norms.
“I am, however, a jealous God, & demand the first attention in all things.
“Now, this is particularly important at this time; a time of collapsing society norms. And in these circumstances, where do you go, but to the Lord?
The nation’s economic position is getting worse, not better. Biblically, how can a nation prosper, when it goes so much against God? (Deuteronomy 28)
“If the nation therefore is under a curse, how can you continue to rely on the society norms? Those on state benefits are finding out the norm is changing; so where is the stability?
The stability is in the One who never changes, rather than in the god of this world, who promotes constant change & instability.
“So, do I have your attention? It is important that I do, because your society norm is about to let you down. So, where do you go but to the Lord? I have always longed to be your provider, but your society norm has provided for you & to a degree successfully, until now.
“So, where do you go now, but to the Lord? Am I the Lord, who has always been called to direct thy paths – if you let Me. Am I the Lord, who has promised in My Word to prosper thee to fulfil & establish My covenant? Am I to be given pre-eminence in all things? Or are you to continue by your society norms?
“Well, they are not going to be there much longer. Jehovah Jireh is here; & the society norms of the god of this world – they are changing; many of which have already disappeared. How can you rely on your government to provide welfare when in its welfare programme is the death of innocents?
In its welfare programme has been an operation that originated in Liverpool (physical origin; it has different spiritual location of origin) to kill patients, rather than give them life.
With your natural children, would you have let mass murderers babysit your children? Yet you are still expecting government to babysit you!
“Do you trust government to look after your elderly & disabled, or trust Me? This year there is a huge change in UK government’s benefit structure, with professional advice declaring that there would be a huge culture change. Banks have already collapsed, & bailed out by the god of this world to promote their New World Order agenda.
“So I simply say: Let Me direct your paths; but My advice will be alien to your society norm.
“So you have to choose this day whom you will serve. So, allow Me to direct thy paths; & whereas in the past, you have just lived by those society norms & placed Me on top, that system is not going to work in future. I demand pre-eminence in all things. The solution is to come unto Me, & obey what the Spirit is saying.
“What you are setting up has been a move of My Spirit; & once you have the word out, people will come to Me, rather than their society norm.
“So I ask thee to come unto Me, all ye who are heavy laden; I will give thee rest, & direct thy paths.
“So, you can truly give Me the pre-eminence, & remove the society norms in your life, to be totally reliant on Me.”
Word from the Lord through DPG, 12/01/13
“Throughout history, God has chosen prophets to speak through. These prophets have lived a life dedicated to hearing from God, & giving the word of God to the people.
“Words from God have come in all kinds of situations, the important thing to understand being that this is the word of the Lord that is coming.
Those words will affect those with earthly ambition; those who have the love of money syndrome; & those with a form of religion that denies the power.
These words particularly affect apostate nations, whose leaders will simply dismiss these words as figments of the imagination.
“Thus accusation is always a cover-up for sin. Prophetic warnings come when a nation is about to be taken over by a foreign power; for the warnings come in quantity when the covering of God has been removed.
Failure to heed the warnings always leads to the break-down of a nation.
“Yesterday I gave warning to My Church in relation to society norms. This relates to the break-up of the United Kingdom as people know it.
“Now, I am warning Great Britain in this prophecy today. You have dared to try & touch the ancient landmark of thy Constitution, giving yourself to other powers, thus making yourself a puppet of the god of this world, rather than an obedient nation under God, as thy Constitution demands.
“Laws which you have passed that have brought death rather than life, must immediately be dealt with if you are to avoid disaster.
Attacking the messenger (prophet) is not the solution to your problem; for bringing in the prophet to produce a document embracing the Constitutional Acts, calling on days of national repentance to cover the vast amount of sin that is destroying the nation that has forgotten God.
“The prophet should be seen as the one who can practically bring the nation back to where God wants it to be; whereas the present system of ignoring the prophet is one which will bring imminent disaster.
“Behind-the-scenes activities are seen by God; & trying to get around the ancient laws of thy nation by behind-the-scenes deals, is not appropriate in a land that is called to be obedient to God.
“The warnings have come over the years in relation to the moment that is about to come, unless the nation repents. All political parties must recognise the Christian heritage of the nation that has been undermined because of not hearing from God Himself.
“Who has bewitched you, Great Britain? You ask My Spirit to guide you in your Commons prayers, yet pass laws of destruction, not life.
“You cannot have situations where foreign legal systems stand together in a nation that has made promises to God. You cannot do this. You cannot take court cases out of court through behind-the-scenes deals that only involve one side of the argument & not the other.
That is gross manipulation, alien to all the principles of British law. Great Britain, as a nation, is in a constitutional mess, the foundations of a Christian nation being prophets & apostles, Jesus Christ Himself being the head of the corner; & it is Jesus Christ Himself who speaks through the apostles & prophets.
“It is time now to bring in those who are hearing from God in relation to the nation, & act accordingly; the first step being to stop every Health Service activity of death, to save the innocents about to die.
“Now, because of the imminent judgement on Great Britain, I have told My Church to forget its society norms, walk in the heavenly places, & be led solely by Me.
So they are safe. ‘The Word of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous run into it, & they are safe.’ But what about the rest of the nation? The nation must take heed, to avoid disaster.”
Word from the Lord through DPG, 08/02/13
“As Moses went before Pharaoh, asking release for the captives who were continuously hard working as slaves, so we too have been victims of a group looking to place us under slavery & letter of law, rather than have us move towards our Promised Land that is not only designed to save ourselves, but to save millions of others.
“Our dream now is to have the ability to move forward; but we are being held back by those who would keep us in slavery; working hard to continuously defend ourselves to the official channels our Pharaoh has bound us to.
“We as a Board of Trustees need now to have the freedom to move forward towards our Promised Land. This Promised Land includes setting up our radio studio to benefit those in the local community & overseas. This Promised Land includes initially the setting up of three television studios: (1) in Sri Lanka, (2) in Rhos on Sea, & (3) in Kenya. Alongside our profession of the gospel comes a humanitarian care programme that involves self-sacrifice in relation to our care of others, our inspiration being the author of our faith, Jesus Christ.
“The negativity however of our always having to defend to our Pharaoh who continuously makes false accusations against us, has brought serious health implications on members of the Trustees. “The letter of the law killeth; the spirit giveth life.”
“One of our ministers has been accused of terrible things in Blaenau Ffestiniog, from where this Pharaoh spirit has originated, leading to a serious heart attack from which he has miraculously recovered. Such is the grace of our God.
“One Trustee went through a nervous breakdown, from which she has miraculously recovered, this recovery being noticed by carers & social workers alike, including one senior social worker who is prepared to witness the freedom we give, rather than the chains of bondage of control & manipulation, which is what our Pharaoh has looked to put on us; the same senior social worker being prepared to witness the capability of our Trustee, who has been through so much that her ability to be a Trustee has increased rather than declined.
“The founding Trustee has had to face many Pharaohs before, but has looked to bring life to the people, inspiring the nation to keep to, rather than remove, the ancient landmark of our Constitutional Acts that protect the people from the chains of international Pharaohs who would look to burden the people with over-regulation & law.
“Our Promised Land therefore is to be released from the constant burden of having to defend ourselves continuously to a constant stream of government departments, to who our Pharaoh has reported us [to].
“Our Pharaoh is relentless in looking to keep us in these chains of bondage; whereas we are simply to act out the vision of the Charity, which we describe as our dream.
“You cannot build radio & television studios if you are living under a constant attack of abuse, false rumour, & complaints to government departments who have been understanding & pleasant to us, but nevertheless have to act out their obligation to visit us; but nevertheless the time we have had to spend on continual defences, which could have been the time when we could have crossed our Red Sea towards our Promised Land that includes setting up mission houses in the north of Sri Lanka, which has been so oppressed by 18 years of war, widespread atrocities, & also a major tsunami.
“These so-called ‘terrible Trustees,’ who have been accused of being for self-interest, have on one occasion crossed a minefield; another occasion prayed for the sick in a hospital without medicine & doctors.
“These Trustees, who have been accused of not providing pastoral care, were seen weeping & crying over injured war victims who had no natural medicine to ease their pain.
“These Trustees, that includes the one who is now being accused of being mentally unfit to be a Trustee, was indeed mentally fit to bring life to the injured, in the capability she has in Christ Jesus, those capabilities being still there; which is why she is still a Trustee.
“She was then prepared to give up her life for the vision & dream she has, & that we all have; that dream involving in us all the willingness to give up our earthly resources, so that we can fulfil, in our Promised Land, the dream God has given us.
“Of course we are prepared to cooperate on procedures, with government bodies, solicitors, accountants etc.; but what we are lifting up our rod of authority against, is the constant bombardment of false accusation; & constant negative work defending ourselves.
“We now ask for the liberty for this group of Trustees to collect wealth & transfer  it to the poor people of Sri Lanka, that will be part of proclaiming the gospel Great Britain’s monarch promised to God to propagate; to set up organic farms to bring healthy food to the people; in this & other professions training local people to be able to feed their families; to bring sound theological training that yes, has excellent academic standards, but more importantly has spiritual conviction, training ministers to fulfil the gospel call of self-surrender, rather than being proud academic achievers.
“This Board of Trustees now needs to cross its Red Sea, by-passing the wilderness of distraction, crossing its Jordan by lifting up its Word of God, knocking down any walls or barriers before it, to enter its Promised Land of reaching out to the world, not burdened by the chains which have been placed upon it through the constant having to deal with our Pharaoh who has become the accuser of the brethren.
“Finally, faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen; the ethos of the Bible being that you have to become a fool before you can become wise; the Trustees having a strong passion of God on what He has called the Trusteeship to do; that passion often defying human logic, the biblical criteria being whether there has been fruit. The Trusteeship, when not bound with law & regulation that has been put on it by false accusation, for the law which bound the Trusteeship was based on falsity, rather than the truth; there being obligation in British law to tell the truth; hence the transparency & openness of the Trustees, who have not held anything back.
“So we ask now for our freedom to fulfil our purposes; for the College & media operations to grow, there just being contact with a television & radio station in America, showing great passion to work with us.
“How can we do this, if we have been overburdened? We need now to be free.
“Now, as regards to the health of the Trustees: this vendetta group, to whom we have referred as Pharaoh, we having texts to show their ambition to destroy us, we now needing to attend to the words of our God, knowing that if we do this, in obeying His will by fulfilling the aims of the Charity, we know that by doing this, instead of the death of false accusation, by attending to the Word of God, we move into His life; & health to our flesh [Proverbs 4].
We need now to move in this, which is why we appeal to the government bodies to whom we have been reported by our Pharaoh, to allow us to move forward from the exhaustion our accusers have put us under, to not only bring life to ourselves, but also to the millions we are about to encounter with the sacrificial life of Jesus Christ.”
Prophetic Word through
Rev Dr David P Griffiths, 20/02/13
“They will say you are a rebel, for you are taking on the system.
“But what system are you taking on?
Is it the system of the god of this world, or is it the system of the God of Heaven? It is very easy to discern if you are a rebel to
the god of this world or to the God of Heaven.
Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. Where the god of this world is, there is the letter of the law that killeth.
“ A court which does not allow a defender to present his case, is under the god of this world: illegal under the British Constitution, where the people have to be treated innocent until proven guilty.
They cannot be guilty
if they have not been allowed to present their case.
“Demanding the right to present your case, correctly makes you a rebel; but not against the God of Heaven & the British Constitution,
but against the god of this world.
“Many lives have been destroyed through the “system” legal system of Great Britain. The people are scared to present their case; but who is the one that gives fear? God has not given you a spirit of fear,
so who has?
“This new legal system of Great Britain is destroying lives, businesses, charities, with an overwhelming amount of legalism,
that no normal man without the strength of the Lord can keep up with it.
“I have called you to public life not only to set you free, but the whole of the nation free, to have successful businesses, successful charities, not burdened with the letter-of-the-law extravagances, but free to be able to develop in a state that works with them rather than against them.
“The new “system” legal system of Great Britain allows the killing of babies in the womb by the state, & then thinks it can legislate against youth violence! How stupid is that, when the legislator is more violent against a defenceless baby than a young person in a fight with another youth.
How much more should a sentence be against those who voted in Parliament to painfully slaughter innocent children, than a young person facing a magistrate because of his involvement in a fight!
“You witness a young man of previous “good character” go to prison for biting an ear off another person (actual case at Mold Crown Court) for 18 months. How much more should an MP get for forcing a child out of the womb in pain to be thrown into a bucket, the “new” system legislators being of the kingdom of hell rather than the kingdom of Heaven.
“And so, if you are accused of being a rebel, then gladly take the title, for those of the kingdom of Heaven who take on the legislators of death, are certainly rebels to the god of this world, who comes to kill, steal & destroy.
“The system would rather see you bow down to its new surveillant society, with its excessive use of man-made machines, rather than having experienced police personnel who can
apply wisdom above the letter of the law.
“They say if they see you do it on CCTV, they have a conviction. They say if a machine says you are doing 5 miles an hour over the limit, they have a conviction.
But this is not the case under the British Constitution, which state clearly that all law has to be applied with “law & justice in mercy,” that the context has to be considered with wisdom, & that this new surveillant society, with its letter-of-the-law criteria that thou hast rebelled against, needs to understand that if a judge is to pass sentence on surveillance only, that by sitting under the crest of the monarch, the judge is guilty him- or herself of high treason for breaking the monarch’s promise to God.
“So you have rebelled against the god of this world & his new “system” legal system; & people are being drawn to thy ministry from all over the world, as you apply wisdom as being the principal thing in law.
“What is wise in the Penrhyn Bay & Rhos on Sea area? Applying law vigorously on a deserted promenade in Penrhyn Bay; or protecting children on Church Road from speeding motorists, who when there are children about, should be driving as low as 5 or 10 miles an hour to protect those dear ones; the speed camera being placed on a deserted prom rather than protecting children by a school playground & Scout Headquarters. How stupid is that, to allow the surveillant society
to take precedence over the protection of children!
“And so it is at this point, we come back to the original point. If legislators are slaughtering children in the womb, they are unlikely to protect children out of the womb. T
heir sex education programmes encourage immorality & irresponsibility, confusing the mind on the subject of sexual diversity, instead of teaching Biblical morality in relation to marriage (Ephesians 5), there now being a generation of young people not aware of the Bible or the nation’s Constitution, or the monarch’s promise to God; & they wonder why there is so much violence & immorality amongst young people.
They allow sexual fantasies to spread over the internet, & when young people offend, they are placed in custody rather than the legislators who are at fault for allowing all this to happen.
“How stupid is that?
“Thus saith the Lord: you could empty out the prisons today, if the legislators repent before God. For it is they who have brought violence, immorality, a corrupt banking system, allowing for legislators to unconstitutionally suppress our nation’s businesses & people; & that if you are seen as being a rebel against this,
then so be it.
For to be a rebel against those who slaughter innocent lives, is to be an accepted one of God, & the Constitution of our nation.
“Now, the system now believes it can bankrupt thee for taking it on. But I tell you the scripture, “Greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world; & thou hast found the thief,
who has had to restore sevenfold.
“As well as in England & Wales, whose legal system thou art taking on, I am giving you access to Scotland, to restore the legal system of thy brother Knox, who would not tolerate the slaughter of children, for the Protestant Reformation was about giving a safe environment for all the people, whatever race or creed, as long as that race or creed understood that constitutionally, the law of the nation was a Protestant understanding of the use of scripture (sola scriptura), rather than the vagrancies of man, who under the god of this world kills, steals & destroys.
“so, onward Christian soldiers! I am giving thee the sword to knock out the system of destruction & restore the Constitutional Acts of thy Nation, to all corners of the United Kingdom, that kingdom being of God rather than the god of this world.”
Word from the Lord
through Rev Dr David P Griffiths, 21/02/13
“Thy nation is in serious trouble with God. Thy nation has not listened to the prophets of God, who have continuously warned over the last 20 years, & even up to 30 years, of serious consequences for not obeying the callings of God.
“Successive governments have placed heavy burdens upon the people. But now, the Lord is to act in a way that the nation shall see that it is founded in great sin. For the sin of the nation is in continuously ignoring its written Constitutional Acts, & the monarch’s obligation to keep them on behalf of the nation.
“Ignoring these promises to God has serious consequences on the nation, successive governments being stupid in ignoring God, to whom all honour must be given.
“And now the nation must pay the price.
“Successive governments by My prophets have been warned of the serious consequences of ignoring the prophets of God, & the nation’s Constitution. Warning after warning has been given. Mercy after mercy has been granted, & opportunity after opportunity has been given to get right with God. And thy nation’s governments have become as Pharaoh was to the Israelites; & that is, a giver of heavy burdens.
“I am dealing with successive governments, who continue to slaughter the innocents. And now, with the collapse of the NHS system in relation to how it was originally set up, no such collapse would have occurred, had the nation honoured God & allowed the innocents to live.
“As long as you allow death, there can be no blessing on thy NHS. You cannot allow departments to bring life to work alongside departments who bring death. You have been warned of this continuously, & now you are dealing with an angry God.
“Thy sensible theologians will tell you that there is the doctrine of the wrath of God, as well as the love of God; & those in intercession are being told not to hold back the judgement any more.
“I have a warning to thy present Prime Minister: thou art a two-faced liar not upholding the Constitution of thy nation; on one hand, taking part in religious ceremonies, & on the other, promoting great sin in thy land. You cannot serve God & mammon. Thou cannot serve God & mammon. Thy party is hopelessly divided; a kingdom divided not being able to stand. Thou hast removed the core values of thy party, which is in hopeless disarray after allowing the coming together of strange flesh. Thou art a two-faced liar, saying one will uphold the Constitution & values of thy nation one day, & doing completely the opposite the next day.
“As Pharaoh paid the price for his sin in the nation to which he was responsible, so will thy Prime Minister see serious events happen in thy land, for seriously the consequences of sin on a nation that has made a promise to God (1689 Act establishing the Coronation Oath); simply look at Deuteronomy 28, the passage on blessings & curses, & it is there you will find the consequences of not obeying God. And it is this passage of Scripture being implemented on thy nation right now.
“Prime Minister Cameron, there are those in thy party pleading with you right now to move back to the traditional values thine own party use to have & uphold. Thy party is in disarray, & My prophets have warned you continuously of the error of thy ways. And now you stand as Pharaoh stood before God, My prophets being called to set the people free from the slavery which thou hast set upon them: on one hand through letter-of-the-law policies, thou hast set laws upon the people which have given them great stress, this stress placing great strain on the NHS which because it has death amidst its operations across thy country, it can no longer cope.
“You silly Prime Minister! Do you not know you cannot mix death & life together, & place heavy burden on thy people? This is serious information coming thy way, Prime Minister Cameron. Take heed of the Constitutional Acts of thy nation, & the promise thy monarch made to Me. These must be fulfilled, if thy nation is not to come under the curse of the law. It is so serious that there are those in thy party who have opened up to thy prophet, telling him of the breakdown in thy party, which used to be a party of family values, instead of being a promoter of the coming together of strange flesh.
“Consider Ephesians 5, Prime Minister Cameron, of what marriage means; & I speak as Christ & the Church. Consider your actions alongside this Biblical fact of covenant, with your own actions in continuing the slaughter of the innocents, & now the bringing together of strange flesh.
“Read through the Coronation Service of 1953, & ask if your actions are consistent with the values which the monarch promised to keep on behalf of the nation. Reading these will bring a realisation that you have become a perverted tool of Satan, the wages of sin being death.
“This is My warning to you. Now do not think any form of natural death, because I took sin to the cross for thee. But most certainly consider the refusal to accept the cross as thy place of salvation fulfils the Biblical statement that the wages of sin is death. And this is the consequences of thy eternity, if one fails to return the nation back to its Constitutional obligations; & this includes the influence of foreign law into thy legal systems, which is prohibited under thy Constitution.
“The Constitution is the foundation of thy nation.
Thy nation chose to place its Constitution in God. What happens to a building when you remove its foundations? Successive governments have been removing foundation stones for years, & now the nation is seriously rocking, so far away from God.
Thou hast seriously failed to fulfil the Constitutional obligation to teach thy children the Name of Jesus – the name above every name. For does it not say in My Word that above all things I must have the pre-eminence?
Does it not say in My Word that I am the way, the truth & the life, & that no man cometh to the Father, except through Me? Yet thou hast chosen to bow down to other gods, ignoring Biblical statements of the consequences of doing this.
“Now, there is a way back to God from the dark paths of sin.
This is the place of the cross. O foolish Cameron to ignore it! There is only one place for you to go: to lay down thy sin before Me, & repent not only on behalf of thyself, but also on behalf of thy nation, for forgetting Me; stopping immediately the slaughter of the innocents & the stress upon the people; allowing there to be a day of rest for all the people physically, so that they can be alert to what God has to say spiritually; & as it stands, thy nation is facing an angry God, but one whose mercy is still alive to the repentant sinner. For thy nation has been upholding sin instead of the amazing blessings there for individuals & nations who honour My Word.”
Word from the Lord through
Rev Dr Cllr David P Griffiths, 09/03/13
“Politicians taught that entry into Europe would bring prosperity. This has been proven to be false. Obeying God brings prosperity, the nation being theocratic rather than democratic.
“Removing thy population through death, having a record number of people leave thy nation because it is impossible to make a living due to over-regulation, allowing immigration from nations with whom you have no covenant, is accounting error beyond accounting errors. For thy disobedience, you have walked right into the second part of Deuteronomy 28, ‘you’ being the nation, rather than the remnant Church.
“The nation has neglected to hear the voice of the prophets, including the 95 Theses of 2007, My warning before the judgement.
“Thy nation is now in big trouble. It is reducing the effectiveness of its armed forces in a more troubled world; the armed forces being there to uphold the Constitution of the nation. Yet it has failed to do this, due to a ludicrous political agenda."
“The Mayflower Compact must be upheld. That is the Constitution of the United States of America. USA and UK are united under God with that covenant. Add to this the Commonwealth countries, and you have a global economic unit way more prosperous than what the god of this world has mustered through his demonic agencies that are ruling the world at this time (II Corinthians 4:4), blinding the people to believe there is no other way."
I created the heavens and the earth. I made them so all may prosper. Yet the corruption in the world brings about famines, international tensions, and wars. "
“The reason why a nation like North Korea can threaten America: because America no longer has Me as the head.
“Britain today is under greater threat than ever before in history. What a mess the politicians have made! Instead of going forward under God, it is cutting back its care services under Satan. The letter of the law kills. Agencies are not allowed to speak to each other, because of data protection; so those in need do not get the care they require. Yet the police can practise their apparent rights to build an over-surveillant society that is based on fear rather than care."
“What a mess it all is! What stupidity has there been!
You foolish nation! You have forgotten the Provider. You have bowed down to the foreign gods of the European Union. You have waved a false flag. You have failed to acknowledge the sin of Sodom. You have taught thy youth immorality rather than the Ephesians 5 principle of true marriage. Your politicians have been found to be in deep sin; yet you carry on as if nothing has happened.
“O foolish nation! You have sought to bow down to that which you stood against in the 1930s and ‘40s. The efforts of thy armed forces have come to nothing; for they fought for Britain and its Empire – and you have bowed down to the one they fought against."
“You foolish, foolish nation! Yet there is still a way back; and this does not include a national day of prayer. For prayer will fail. For I will not bless your plans. I require repentance. I require no more babies to be slaughtered. I require a coming back to the Constitutional Acts of thy nation, which My prophet keeps telling you about; treating him as some kind of nut case. Yet he has simply told you what you have promised God, and what you have failed to keep."
“What a nation you have become! GB now means ‘in the gutter Britain.’ To be great again, the nation has to die from the gutter symbols of the Olympic celebrations, in which you prayed to foreign gods, portraying the symbols of the devil."
“You foolish nation! You carry the symbols of Egypt, rather than portray the victory of Calvary."
“This is where you must go to be free. There is salvation in no other, both in the life you live in the flesh on this earth, and in heaven above.
“For, Great Britain, you have sinned against God; and as a result, are in the gutter of mindless man."
“Listen to thy prophets, who are warning of a great judgement.Put your armed forces in alert. Blow the trumpet in Zion. Declare the truth: that the divine fire-wall has been removed.
Your internet security subscription has come to an end; and thy nation is open to all the plagues of Egypt, except to those of the remnant Church, who has not bowed down to Baal, and has the precious blood of the Lamb, meaning the angel of death shall pass over them. "
“Be warned, ‘Great Britain.’ My judgement is here.
“Take heed to what My prophets are saying. The first step is to save the babies, and remove the sin of Sodom. This is giving Me the pre-eminence, for this is My heart: to save the children from further suffering, and to save the nation from what occurred in the lowest place on earth."
“This requires a day of repentance, rather than prayer; for I do not want to hearing about blessing your mindless policies. What I do want is a nation on its knees in repentance before Me. "
“You foolish nation!
Yet there is still time.
Will you consider the Lord Jesus Christ and the John 3:16 declaration?
For you have a choice to perish, or obtain eternal life.”
Word from the Lord through
Rev Dr Cllr David P Griffiths, 12/03/13
“There is to be a great outcry from the East, with nation marching upon nation, with outcries in the United Nations about the possibility of war upon war.
“Economies of the world will crumble, as the threat of war becomes imminent. Sorrows will increase in the world, as the world comes under the plan of Satan to cause instability world-wide.
“But these wars have been carefully plotted to bring forth the reign of the Antichrist; and even now, many antichrists have come, causing havoc to economies, suppressing economies down, as in Great Britain, with businesses and charities afraid to expand, in case they should break the rules and laws of the Antichrist. The Antichrist looks to control, in an unstable situation.
“Governments will argue that they need to apply laws with vigour in an unstable situation; but that unstable situation is caused by Antichrist himself, and he looks to regulate the situation when he is the cause of it.
“This is what is happening to you now. As you are looking to go forward, they look to hold you back with 0ver-regulation, seeing in you an instability which is not there. It is in their minds but is not true. For they look at the outwards appearance, rather than the heart; and the Word says, ‘Greater is he who is in you, than he who is in the world.’ For the world in under the instability of the Antichrist (to come), there being many antichrists already,
“So, you have organization after organization, country after country, suppressing populations with new surveillant, suppressive society norms, suppressing the ability of charities and businesses to move forward. For they spend their time getting their affairs into the order of the Antichrist, rather than the progressive leadership of God.
“Even now antichrist has come. Over-regulation, over-surveillance and suppression has come; but you must not fear. You continue to challenge every rule of the antichrist with the rhema word of God that includes reference to My Word used in the Constitutional Acts.
“Thou art to set up the studio at Bellwood, which will broadcast right into the instability of the East.
“Yes, there is the vision of Sri Lanka to Tibet, the northern part of these countries being affected by this phenomena from the East. For there is a rising of the East to gain control. For they have the control over manufacturing, and they believe they can gain control over the world, through controlling the markets of the world.
“A message for Great Britain:
“Instead of constitutionally hearing from God and acting accordingly, successive governments went after their own lusts, closing down the manufacturing bases of thy nation, beginning the instability that you see now; which the present government will say they have to monitor with over-aggressive surveillance, the surveillance covering ordinary people as well as hardened criminals.
“I am causing those in government that love My Word to resist the surveillant society, and restore the Word of God to My schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, prisons. For governments have failed to act on the Queen’s promise (she is the head of state) to propagate the Protestant Reformed religion established by law.
“For now, Antichrist is coming. You can look no further than Rome, where you signed a treaty to put oneself under the rule of the antichrist. For signing a later treaty put yourself under the previous treaties, signing away your Constitutional Acts to the restoration of the H.R.E. (Holy Roman Empire).You indeed have placed yourself under Caesar, the rule of the Antichrist, and under the dangers of this world, rather than the protection of God you enjoyed during World War II.
“Why should the people vote for antichrist governments, as they do time and time again? It is because that these governments rule by fear! ‘Unless you vote for me, these terrible things will happen,’ when the reality is that it is these governments who put themselves under the antichrist that have caused the problems that they now say they can deliver the country from.
“O foolish country, to vote for such imbeciles!
“Now the country sees themselves as being in charge of thee; that they can order thee about. O foolish country! Since when has My foundations ceased to be the apostles and the prophets? And now you as a nation face the outcry from the East. Had the nation had its foundations built on the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the chief cornerstone, then whatever the rest of the world did would not matter.
“You have faced, weather-wise, a cold spell from the East. How much more can the nation the blast of Antichrist from the East, when it is not built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ being the chief cornerstone?
“The monarch promised God to keep you in the place of stability, yet government after government has ignored her promise and the Constitutional Acts of the nation, and looked to isolate the prophets who have raised up these Acts which have been taken away from the memory of the people.
“No foreign power is to influence this Protestant Nation, according to these Acts. Yet they place themselves under the Human Rights courts of Europe.
“Since when in My Word, which the monarch swore on in 1953, has there been human rights for anyone? [Galatians 2:20] You are to live, yet not you, but the manifestation of Christ Jesus from within you. This is what takes charge of the Antichrist. Norman Grubb called it the Liberating Secret. How much does thy nation need that liberating secret today!
“Prepare for a mighty harvest. This is why you are setting up the television studio at Bellwood; further ones at Rhos and the Hebrides, South America and Kenya, so as they all can move out of the controls of the antichrist into the liberation of Christ.
“A word about the East:
“As the forces of Antichrist increase, be in position to proclaim My Word through the media stations I have told thee to set up; and let no man tell thee not to do it; for such a declaration would be the surveillant voice of the Antichrist.
“In thy nation, thy ministry has been one of John the Baptist crying in the wilderness, warning and warning and warning. Yet they scoff, and accuse you of being crazy. But you do not look to them so crazy now, particularly in the context of the outcry from the East.”
Word from the Lord through
Rev Dr David P Griffiths, 22/03/13
“The Anglican ‘Church’ is hopelessly divided. It cannot uphold the Protestant religion established by law, as its monarch promised to do. The evangelical wing is no longer in activity, for it has been taken away by the ‘Behold, I am doing a new thing,’ Alpha-compromising so-called Christians.
Their new thing, not My new thing, relates to their god compromising over homosexuality, abortion, & all the other deviations from the Scriptures, which they no longer use; for they patter out their Luciferian scriptures which they dare to call their ‘Bibles.’
“There is a remnant left, of course, but they are being increasingly isolated by what is now known as ‘Anglican Mainstream.’
This Mainstream will now be in negotiations with all kinds of sinners within their Anglican Church & associated groups. They have no idea that the gospel is the gospel of conviction, which challenges sinners to repent, & be saved from an eternity in hell. Instead, they present their God of love & compassion.
A cross is something you bow down to; a physical entity on an altar made with hands, where I do not dwell, rather than a place of spiritual reality, where one confesses one’s sins, repents & accepts Jesus Christ as Lord & Saviour.
That is the reality of the Cross today; not an idol of brass, stone or wood – a graven image, which I warned not to bow down to. The true Cross is the place where the believer is crucified with Me, from where one is resurrected to the portals of power, the heavenly places in Christ Jesus.
“So they compromise with sinners. They preach a negotiable gospel, from new translations from the pit of hell, welcoming all into their ‘communion,’ rather than the true gospel that divided between flesh & spirit.
“You have been called to uphold the Queen’s promise in thy nation; & so in effect, thou hast become the National Church. This has very high-reaching implications, for thou art to walk amongst the dignitaries of power throughout the world, & bring them to Christ. Thou art to expose false religion, rather than compromise with it, in multi-faith debacles as witnessed at Canterbury & in Rome. Their compromise is to bring the one-world religion of the last days; but you have held out.“Thy nation is so far away from God.
It still allows the slaughter of the innocents, declaring God is all love & compassion. Well, if the so-called national religion is proclaiming this love & compassion God, why do they not relate this love & compassion to the saving of the innocents? For the true God is not only of love & compassion, but of righteousness & judgement; & thy nation has been found wanting, out of line with its calling in God. It ostracizes the prophets, who are seen to be out of line with the run of things; as indeed they are.
“The only way for Great Britain is to repent before Me. My love & compassion is for the repentant heart. My love & compassion comes with the conviction on the sinner, not in the context of negotiable grace.“This is another national warning. Warning after warning after warning has now featured on thy websites; for those reading this prophecy, warn thy leaders of the error of thy ways; for by doing so, you could save a nation from destruction.”