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The children of Israel were held up in the wilderness by murmuring against the Prophet and in North Wales this has taken place for years against the Prophets of God - but this has now been thwarted by the stand of God manifesting through this ministry against the Jezebellic stronghold that had pulled down opportunities for North Wales to reach the Promised Land well before now.
We now take the people to the place of sanctification ...... to lift the Word of God up high and cross the Jordan into the Promised Land of Revival. The warning remains the same - DO NOT SYNCHRETISE!
Exodus 15:26 King James Version (KJV)
And said, If thou wilt diligently hearken
to the voice of the Lord thy God,
and wilt do that which is right in his sight,
and wilt give ear to his commandments,
and keep all his statutes,
I will put none of these diseases upon thee,
which I have brought upon the Egyptians:
for I am the Lord that healeth thee.
1 Thessalonians 5:19-21 King James Version (KJV)
Quench not the Spirit.
Despise not prophesyings.
Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.
Word from the Lord to D P Griffiths
Rhos on Sea, 05.00 hrs.09/07/10
“Thou hast faced great battles for many years, David and Lindsay, and been in situations of great conflict; it is as if you are facing one of the biggest conflicts of your life at this time. Your money situation looks difficult. It is as if every piece of inheritance is lost, from both sides of the family. It is as if it is you who have sacrificed, and you who have lost it all. It is as if you have bills coming from every quarter, with no-one to even show a helping hand.
“The earth is the Lord’s, and the fullness thereof, and thou hast sought to hear from Me, to follow Me, even to great earthly sacrifice. But I am the Lord that healeth thee. My healing covenant is for those who obey. Obedience is the key to bodily and mental health.
“You both have great natural talents which I, the Lord, have been delighted to use, not only in the natural world, but also in the spiritual world.
“I am stepping in to giving thee divine strength, health and vigour. The PWAM vision is of Me. As you teach obedience to the Saviour, so men and women shall move in My healing covenant, which is based on what you hear, in the corporate sense.
“Men and women must not murmur against the word of the Lord. They must not go into isolated groups to discuss the Word, but rather come into one great body to obey it.
“Thou hast shown there is only one way, through the blood of Jesus – and thou hast felt isolated through emphasising this single point. But the fact remains that without the shedding of blood there is no remission. The fact remains that I have shed My blood.
“You see, many think that they can use their own natural skills; and this is the base of pride; of thinking that they can work for Me instead of as Me. They will miserably fail. The slogan can be “working as Me, rather than working for Me.”
“Thou needest to be encouraged; for as the world rejected Me, so the world has rejected you.
“You see, you have reached the critical stage. This “as Me” motto needs to be understood; and the price that has to be paid to be a Christian. This is the crucial message: I John 4:17; John 17; Colossians 2:9.
“I am the vine. This is the crucial message: you as Me. I look for the empty vessel to fill; the empty vessel is one who has understood that he or she can do nothing without Me. This is the crucial message. You see, many are thinking with their own natural mind, and asking Me to bless that which is coming from Satan.
“Thou hast understood the crucial message. And as thou hast placed Norman Grubb on thy notice board for people to see, coming into the meeting, the crucial message, you have that message: you as Me, I as you, yet not you, because thou hast become the liberated Christ Jesus upon this earth.”
Word from the Lord through DPG,
03 09 11
“Hearken, My children; hearken. The key word is ‘hearken.’ Go to wherever thou can hear from God.
“I have plans for thee; plans for thee to fulfil thy callings quickly, efficiently, & without stress.
“In thy Church fellowship, thou art to tell the people to cast cares upon Me; for I am the way, the truth, & the life. No man cometh to the Father except by Me.
“The key word is listen. Listen to the Father. When one does hearken unto the voice of the Lord thy God, thou shows the obedience required to move in the callings of God.
“But there are those who have not listened. Tell them the way to hear from God:
(1)             To cast cares upon the Lord, for He cares for thee.
(2)            Teach to hear from the inner witness, the glories of God.
(3)            To praise the Lord. When I say praise, I mean praise the Lord; let everything that hath breath, praise the Lord.
“And oh, thou hast written what the Lord doth say. Now is the time to write down the points of the prophecies given over the years, & hear from Me on the priority which thou should give to the various points.
“Because this is the hour of fulfilment, saith the Lord; for behold! I am coming quickly.
“Tell the people to fulfil the same exercise; of writing down what they have been called to do over the years. This is the hour of fulfilment.
“Warn those who have not written the vision, that this is a command of God, that they must write down. Write the vision, I say, & in the appointed time, thou shalt run with it.
“But I am telling thee now: this is the appointed time for much that thou hast written over the years.
“Be not afraid. Remember the chorus ‘Nothing is impossible, if you put your trust in God.’
“Warn about the distractions of the enemy. Call the people together. Give understanding of the importance of the word ‘hearken.’ There are those who are simply not hearing from Me. The key word is ‘hearken.’ Bring out to the front those who have not written what the Spirit is calling them to do. Tell the people ‘You are not your own; you have been brought with a price.’
“I expect My people to listen to Me daily, & fulfil what I have called them to do.
“My people are a busy people, obeying Me constantly. For I have great things for thy fellowship to do & fulfil.
“The key word is ‘hearken.’ For those who hearken & obey, the blissings of Abraham are theirs.”