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Word from the Lord through DPG, 21/07/13
“The time has come to move forward. Thou has been working hard at setting up the infrastructure required to fulfil My call. Thou has been purchasing property: as Rees Howells purchased mansions, you have been or are doing, purchasing property which does not belong to men, but belongs to God.
“The properties purchased, or are being purchased, are never to be put into the hands of man, but in the hands of God. Those who are trustees are to be dead men, in line with the principles of the stories of Rees Howells and his adventure of faith. For the faith walk is an adventure. It is living, not as man sees things, but it calls the things that be not, as though they are.
“And the ministry is to expand very rapidly, once thou has completed the infrastructure work, which the devil has sought to destroy at every possible moment.
“All he has achieved, however, is increase your reliance upon God; & the passage of Matthew 16 is particularly relevant to what is happening at this stage. It is on Peter that I build My Church, yet not Peter but Christ. For the Peter who is dead becomes alive in Christ, living by the faith of the Son of God.
“And so the Matthew 16 passage must be read in line with Galatians 2:20; hence your “one in Christ” relationship with Scott & Sylvia Pearce. For this whole message is revival; the reviving of a dead man who becomes as the Son of God, with all the perfections of the Son of God; for his own life is dead. He no longer is his own, he has been bought with a price; & I use the make gender terms, for in this context there is neither male not female, for one has become as God, who is referred to as Father, Son & Holy Ghost.
“So do not consider human gender terms in this. All the devil can do is make you more dead, & all I can do is make you alive.
“You are coming to the time of real resurrection. You are coming to the time of great increase; & this increase you have been preparing for. I have seen thy endeavours in My Name, to set up infrastructure;& thou must have “those to wait on tables.” The importance of Christine Ramakrishnan (Minister called of God from Sri Lanka) is that she can hold the fort, as thou goes forward around the world. For within My equation of growth comes a great travelling around the world.
“The studio network is to be represented in every country, in every continent; for I have given thee commission to reach every creature with the gospel. The message to portray is the Matthew 16 & Galatians 2:20passages. For the rock on which I build My Church is thee, yet not thee, but Christ, who lives in thee. For I am joined unto thee as one Spirit: hear this –one Spirit – receive it! For these so-called modern day revivals have no grasp of this. There never has been a revival with a ‘me,’ that is, a human ‘me.’ For revival is the manifestation of the great ‘I AM.’
“O, grasp this truth! Norman Grubb grasped it. He, yet no the, called it continuous revival. O, grasp this! & grasp it well; for this message is the message of brokenness revival; revival of a body gone dead, then become alive in Christ Jesus.
“Do not be disturbed by the attempts of the schoolmaster to place thee under bondage. Do not be disturbed by the attempts by the philosophies of men to place thee under the thinking of man. They study in their universities become clever in man’s philosophies; for all of this is as dung. For I tell thee, that those who study the Word of God purchased by blood– this is where thy ministry is to grow; for thou hast not sold out to the translations of men; for thou has held fast to what the dying Tyndale prayed for; a blood-bought Bible not of commercial interest, but a Bible of the “thus saith the Lord;” the Bible that continues to speak as life in a dying world that can only come alive in Christ Jesus.”
Word from the Lord through DPG, 19/03/13

“I know you are believing on £1 m. coming in next financial year. I also know that as this comes in, so shall the administration burden increase, which is why I am sending those with the gifts of administration to come to thee.

“They are of course to hear from Me, and obey My call; but you are needing, even now, help in administrations, so as to free personnel from the Charity to hear My voice & go to certain areas in the world, to fulfil My purposes. What is holding this back is the amount of time needed for administration.

“Fear not, saith the Lord, for I have called thee to the paths which thou art on. But those paths need a large amount of administrative back-up. They also need financial support. I am working on both.

“So this is what I have called thee to do:

“Set up SKYPE contacts throughout the world. For what I am building is a world-wide framework, to enable Me to reach every creature with the gospel, you being the means of doing this, you being the empty vessel for the Spirit to manifest, & reach every creature; but that empty vessel needs the administrative back-up. For this whole operation which thou art building – that is, I building through you – is one of such size, that the back-up is important.

“The Early Church was growing so big, that the same issue arose with them; so it is an important issue to intercede in relation to having the infrastructure, administration, resources, in what you are doing to fulfil My mighty call.

“You are to be fearless in your call, not hold back; but to not hold back, the structures of administration must be there. So by My Spirit, I am sending people unto thee to help with administrations, to free you up to fulfil the calls I have for your lives.”

Word from the Lord to DPG, 28/08/15
Do not Seek the Practicalities,
but Seek Ye First the Kingdom

“When situations arise, do not move by human reaction, but be moved by the Spirit. This is why I said to ‘seek ye first the kingdom of God, & His righteousness,’ for whilst wearing the clothing of righteousness, you move.

“Do not consider things in the natural senses, for this is the common mistake in prayer. For reaction is not how you move. You move by the Spirit, & the Spirit & the Son intercede for you constantly unto the Father.

“Yes, I still say to cast cares upon Me, for the kingdom of God is unto righteousness, & the glory of God is for those who are led by My Spirit, rather than their human reaction.

“You see, thou hast named the spirit responsible for what the world calls the New World Order; & whilst the primary spirit is that you all know well, his aim is that you react to that which he is doing to bring the world under his control. That is why he uses his symbol on the dollar bill, for this is the all-seeing eye that watches, so that he may enter, affecting your lives based on your human reaction; for he is the god of this world.

“Yes, you resist him – but not in your strength, but in Mine; & through all these trials over the last years, I have looked to place you on the higher plane, the portals, as Fanny J Crosby referred to them; & it is here thou must be ready to walk. For in the higher plane, thou must be able to walk according to My Word.

“So fear not. In My name thou hast taken on the New World Order, but not in one’s own strength, but in Mine.

“You may ask what is so new about the N.W.O.? It is nothing new, for I saw satanic order fall from heaven; & so he took upon himself a desire to control mankind, & he did this by mankind’s reaction to him.

“So there is a philosophy behind this world order, & thou hast identified it as socialism. Socialism as depicted by Marx, is an order without Christ. It has a false doctrine of equality, based on human thinking, rather than God’s, for only in Christ can thou be equal with the Father.

“And this message is all about bringing understanding. Nations will only prosper by being joint heirs with Christ primarily, rather than socialistic equality, which is of man-made thinking only, which results in some being more equal than others, at which point the philosophy fails.

“This is why in the British Constitution you have the word ‘virtue,’ for it is only with virtue (meaning the anointing) that the yoke of bondage is destroyed, the true gospel in the Constitutional Acts, referring to a Saviour who died so that man may be equal with Him today.

“So why seek first the practical solutions, when you can seek first the kingdom of God & His righteousness, & have all the practical solutions added unto you.”

Word from the Lord to DPG, 15/08/15

“Thou Hast Been Called from On High”

“This intimate walking with Christ, as well as - as the Christ, is one thou hast taken to in all its fullness. One has shown to Me that thou hat been willing to give up all that one hast for the sake of the gospel. The gospel to thee is more important than oneself. To reach the lost is more important than one’s own needs.

“Thou goest about bringing life, & life in abundance. Thou hast the call of God on your life, & thou hast taken it to heart.

“Thou art a great danger to the devil & all his plans. Thou hast stood in the gap, amongst legions of devils; not only one, but hostile groups, have plotted your demise. But you hang on in there, for thou hast not been afraid of the terror by night. For thou hast been walking in the shadow of the Most High. Thou hast not been afflicted by those who would like to see you, & all you stand for, destroyed. For thou art walking the corridors of power. Thou art walking in the places where no man can go, except through the blood of Christ Jesus.

“Thou hast been warriors by day, & victors by night. For thou art My chosen people. For thou art walking these places in victory, & you know it is through thy weakness that thou becomes as Christ.

“’Bend me! Bend me!’ said the prophet of Loughor. ‘The divine in the human,’ said the apostle of grace in the Hebrides, J Edwin Orr declaring the Jeremiah 1:10 commission; & as you stand, I am lifting you up, both body, soul & spirit, to walk with Me in the high places of power.

“You see, thou has found favour with God; & as you open up of the kingdom, so souls are being saved; & I am declaring unto thee that thou has been called to be the battleships of God. Thou has been called to go & be battleships of the highest calibre. For I have called thee to be My army. Thou hast showed compassion; for thou hast been called of the Most High, more than conquerors, full of the Holy Ghost, & power, & fire. For thou hast been walking these places for some time; & as I wept over Jerusalem, thou hast wept over thine own land.

“Walk ye in it, as Me on this earth. Thou hast My power to heal & deliver & set free. For I have lifted thee up to these places of God, the portals of power.

“Walk thee in these places majestically, & in power, & have no fear. For I am with thee & thou art as Me. Bring now My fire upon that which has crept into thy nation. Bring thy nation into the judgement & correction of God; & once more, I walk thy land. More than conquerors, victorious in Me, thou hast been called from on high.

“Speak now My victory.”