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This ministry is going forward in it's vision from the North Wales Coast despite of the threatenings of a local hostile group trying to destroy as they say "through official channels."
The now accepted way of simply being respected "Church Goers" has been rejected by the Lord in this area of North Wales with its Leviathan and Dragon Flag of Defeat whereas God is calling the nation to lift the flag of David and move from defeat INTO LIFE .....
Exodus 15:26 King James Version (KJV)
And said, If thou wilt diligently hearken
to the voice of the Lord thy God,
and wilt do that which is right in his sight,
and wilt give ear to his commandments,
and keep all his statutes,
I will put none of these diseases upon thee,
which I have brought upon the Egyptians:
for I am the Lord that healeth thee.
1 Thessalonians 5:19-21 King James Version (KJV)
Quench not the Spirit.
Despise not prophesyings.
Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.
Word from the Lord through DPG, 13/01/12
“You have summoned the churches of Llandudno to come & face their strong man; for what you have found in Llandudno has been a desertion of Non-Conformist truth.
“Of course I have My remnant, who have been brought to thee, to protect & care for. But the establishment, meaning the vast majority, have all bowed down to Baal in one form or another.
“So My judgement, that is the hold-back of My judgement, will not last the eight weeks, saith the Lord; but opportunity to repent, & move away from Baal, will always be there – but it means a complete repentance.
“The stronghold you faced in these places is the individual building of treasure on earth, rather than using that for the extension of My kingdom; & that is where your Church is different: a Church with whole-hearted members, who see the tithe as holy unto the Lord, but now understand the call of God to the mission-field. Hence, this time of revival, & exposing the false revivalists, & giving the teaching of the true.”
Prophetic Warning from the Lord through DPG, 13/01/12
“The Leviathan laughs because you have failed to heed the warning. The Leviathan knows he has you in his claws.
“For I am telling you, saith the Lord, that you have drawn covenant with Satan himself through his Leviathan. As he appeared as a serpent in the Garden, so is he appeared before thee, so as through pride you may have your fellowships of mental agility, being proud of man’s achievements, even to the point of being proud of healings that go on in your meetings.
“For these healings bring the conditions for a Charismatic movement based on the physical sign, rather than the spiritual inner assurance (Hebrews 11:1).
“What we have amongst us here in Llandudno, are groups of so-called Christians, obsessed with the physical sign. They know little of the inner voice, or the inner witness; they are obsessed with the sign.
“So they say, If this happens, or if that happens, it is God; & the spiritual pride, based on physical matter, gets built up, all of this being contrary to My Word in Hebrews – the evidence of things not seen.
“So, the Leviathan has provided a playground for you. You honour him with your obelisks, domes & spires, & even physical depictions of the beast. You are proud of your buildings; great religious towers are the norm in Llandudno. And you are proud of these buildings; so proud, in fact, that the building means more to you than the God of Heaven.
“And so, as I have told My prophet, I am not prepared to wait the 8 weeks. So I am calling now judgement upon this entire town; upon its government; upon its so-called Church, which has bowed down to the Leviathan.
“And, as you have seen, there is a gathering going on, each week for 8 weeks, facing your Leviathan. And whilst Leviathan trembles & quivers at the presence of My prophets, he comforts in the fact he has you in his claws.
“And these 8 weeks have been ordained by God to give opportunity to forsake thou hast with Satan through his Leviathan.
“But the judgement must come now. Throughout Llandudno there is the dark cloud of the angel of death; for My Word declares it, Whatsoever a man shall sow, that shall he reap.
“But My remnant that has not bowed down to the Leviathan, as in days of old, this angel shall pass over them.
“The cloud is gathering, saith the Lord; but those who have not forsaken Me will not perish. They are protected, that this angel of death will pass over them.
“But for those who have pride; who have forsaken My gospel for the New Age infiltrations of the devil – then you will fall from the great height of your pride, as you have not heeded the prophet’s call.”
Scripture: Job 41 for what the Leviathan does.
Word from the Lord through DPG, 22/01/12
“Blow the Trumpet in Zion; Sound the Alarm in God’s Holy Mountain”
“Thou shalt not meet under domes & spires, saith the Lord; for these are symbols of the enemy’s triumph, in holding back  those who should be of the true Church, from being full participants in the Body of Christ.
“A dome is a place, a meeting-place of devils, that use this symbol of the firmament as a place to gather, to bring forth their influence over people who call themselves Christian. My Word is clear: I do not meet in holy places made with hands. I do not approve of the kneeling before rails, & the handing over the communion from a priest, over a rail to a participant. For this rail is a re-building of the veil; meaning there has to be a mediator between God & man.
“This is not to take place in the walk of the Christian. He is to be free. For where the Spirit of the Lord d is, there is liberty.
“You see, the enemy has been found out; & those who gather under domes or spires, usually on a Sunday, need to understand that I do not gather under domes & spires.
“So, sound an alarm! Blow the trumpet in Zion! My warning from My prophet is, do not gather under domes & spires in any circumstances, saith the Lord.
“The Christian must realise that to be truly of Me, one must be led by Me. This involves a personal relationship with the Saviour. Those joined to the Lord are one spirit. The scripture talks of being one in Me.
“So, do not meet under domes & spires, saith the Lord. The strong man of thy nation is under a dome of religion, where your anti-capitalist demonstrators gathered, knowing this was the hub of the evil of the City of London: not the Bank of England; not the places of evil which have been dug out to celebrate demonic activity, but a so-called holy place, of royal events & religious adherences; & these adherences have been built up, through the gathering of enemy forces, where a veil has been physically made once more.
“I give the warning again: do not gather under domes & spires, saith the Lord.
“So, My warning is clear. Domes & spires & communion rails are not of Me. I have never called them to be built, ever.
“So, you move on, My children, giving these warnings, as you have done, day after day, month after month, year after year. But they do not take heed. So many are being held back from being true Christians, through the gatherings under domes & spires.
“So, give the warning again: blow the trumpet in Zion. You gave this warning time after time; yet the veil has been rebuilt. Domes & spires, communion rails, are not of Me. They are of the enemy camp. Do not meet by them, or under them. Instead, gather yourselves under God, to be one in the Spirit with God, undivided, undistracted, but constantly in communion with Me.
“Praise the Lord.”
Prophecy through DPG, Llandudno, 27/01/12
“They have not left their jobs; they have not done what Peter did – they have not left all to follow Me, saith the Lord.
“They think they can do secular work, be elders & ministers at the same time. But this cannot be the case with the ministers of God. They need to leave allto follow Me. They need to leave all to follow Me.
“I know this is a hard & difficult path, saith the Lord. They separate their family lives, from their Church lives. But this was not the way My Church was built. They left allto follow Me.
“There is no such thing as a family life, a Church life & a work life in the kingdom. There is only one life: & that life is Jesus Himself.
“And as I said unto Peter (Mark 10: 29-31):
 “Verily I say unto you, There is no man that hath left house, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for my sake, & the gospel’s, but he shall receive an hundredfold now in this time, houses, & brethren, & sisters, & mothers, & children, & lands, with persecutions; & in the world to come eternal life. But many that are first shall be last; & the last first.”
[DPG: note that money is not mentioned here]
“I am calling you to call those in Church work to come out of their employment, their addiction to family life – to come out, & follow Me.
“This is the message of the Lord for moving by the Spirit. For you are having confidence in the flesh & your ability, rather than the confidence in Me. And whilst you are doing your secular work, you are unable to discern the activities of the spirit, who take over homes, families, & Church fellowship. For there is no-one to stand as a watchman.
“You are called in My Word to stand on your watch, write the vision, & at the appointed time, you run with it. And, saith the Lord, [to us] this is your appointed time. Be not distracted.
“But I have come that you have life, & life in abundance.
“There has been no-one to stand on the watch. You have been called to be watchmen to stand on the watch. For you are here not only to stand over the strong man of Llandudno, for this is the gateway to the Menai Straits, where you will stand before the strong man of Snowdonia, the Menai coast, Anglesey, which is linked to a strong man from Ireland that is affecting Lleyn, Harlech, Barmouth, Tywyn, & even Aberystwyth.
“That strong man appears over to Bardsey, via the islands of Ireland, from where the Celtic saints did sail.
“You deal with the strong man affecting the paths of Columba, Ninian, & David. And his flag needs to be shown in this land, as a symbol of the cross shining through the darkness, bringing life rather than death.
“You are to campaign, saith the Lord, for this flag to be portrayed in the Union flag. This Union I am calling you to uphold in its Protestant Constitution.
“So, the Leviathan doth roar along the Irish Sea; & it has its staging posts, one of which you look out to today. Another at Doulas, on the Isle of Man, another at Dun Laoghaire near Dublin.
“Within this sphere, there are triangles of occultic activity from Dun Laoghaire to Fishguard, especially at Strumble Head.
[DPG: these lighthouses are very important]
“From Fishguard to Holyhead; & from Holyhead to Dun Laoghaire. For here goes the Leviathan to the point of where the South of Ireland reaches the Atlantic, from where you enter the realm of other spirits affecting the North Cornwall coast, where the fascination is wicker, rather than the stone witchcraft of the North Wales occultic practitioners.
“But I am the Lord: I change not. I have given you the power & authority, the might & dominion, to claim back this land. The earth is the Lord’s, & the fullness thereof.
Be not disheartened. Be prepared to go all the way. For I am calling revival, saith the Lord; such a revival, where men & woman shall leave their work & become one in Christ. For ye are the circumcision, which have no confidence in the flesh. That what you have taken on is already defeated by the power of the blood of Jesus.
“Be found in Me. Take to heart the words I gave through Paul to the Philippians: that you may know Me, the power of My resurrection, the fellowship of My sufferings, being made conformable unto My death.”
[This is a Rhema Word. See also verse 14: “I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.”]
Word from the Lord through DPG, 03/02/12
“For I say unto you, saith the Lord, I have called you into this place for a purpose. I have told you before of the covenant-breakers; those who come & infiltrate, & look to promote their own glory, the key word in this revival being “brokenness.” For this revival brings people to their knees, rather than promote individual pride.
“For I tell you, this Leviathan of the sea, the one manifesting before you now, puts his head out of the water to have a little look to see if you are still there. He is afraid of you; for by your very presence, you have bound this sea monster.
“And for those who want to question this spiritual reality, they need only go to My Word.
“For to question your vision of this monster, is to question the very Word of God. Isaiah looked forward to that day, Isaiah commenting on what was known as the crown of pride. For there is much pride along the North Wales coast; much pride in personal achievement; much pride in pulling down others for one’s own glory; & I am telling you, that the day Isaiah was looking to, has come before thee today.
“Remember the wine you poured over the bread? By pouring the wine, you have given fear into the great Leviathan, who pops his head out of the sea, & puts it back again, afraid to come near you. For My Word is declaring it this day. For there have been Leviathan runs around the seas of Wales. I have told you before of the lighthouses; & the run you have discovered here, it is just the one run.
“But for this Leviathan, you have ruined his run. You have poured wine before the joining together of seas at Menai Straits. For that is why you are at Pendalar; high above the Leviathan run; & here you are, manifesting My Word, My Word being the sword of the Spirit. And you have spoken My Word before this Leviathan, & this Leviathan is afraid of you. For My Word is a sore, great, strong sword, punishing the Leviathan; tormenting the Leviathan; frightening the Leviathan, & not only that – all who worship the Leviathan.
“For they stand at the cave on the Great Orme, looking towards the sea-run of the Leviathan. For I am calling you this day to crack your stick, over the water & into the water, the stick being a symbol of My rod – the rod that opened up the waters of the Red Sea; for those who crack My rod, signs, wonders & miracles will follow.
“For the opening of the sea was a miracle of God, as indeed was the closing of the sea. For those not following God, there is the drowning of judgement.
“For the day is here, saith the Lord, that the Lord of hosts be for a crown of glory, a diadem of beauty, for those who have not bowed down to the Leviathan of Satan. But for those who have continued to air along the lines of the string drink of Satan, then My spirit of judgement is upon them.
“For along these shores, there are tables full of vomit & filthiness. For the Lord bringeth a hail & destroying storm; a flood of mighty waters overflowing.
“As indeed it happened with the Egyptian army, so there is a tempest, & a flood of mighty waters overflowing, being cast down to earth, to swallow up those who have not followed the Word of the Lord.
“I have called thee to worship Me in spirit & in truth; to be led continuously of Me. And this spirit of betrayal that thou hast identified in thy meeting today, is one to take authority over; that at the Name of Jesus every knee shall bow. My Name is above every other name.
“So, as you go forth to crack the waters of the sea, so that Leviathan has to bow the knee. For there cannot be a Church that does not follow My call. There is obligation on every believer to follow My voice.
“By cracking the waters of the sea, thou art punishing the Leviathan with a symbol of My sore, great & strong sword; the real sword being that which you speak before it: for the Sword of My Spirit is the spoken Word of God.
“So we today [this is for everybody] plant our sword into this Leviathan of pride, & as we plant this great sword, we slay the dragon that is in the sea, according to the Word of God written in Isaiah 27 & 28.
“Just as it is written, how the old serpent, the devil, will be bound for 1000 years, you are in those days, saith the Lord, when My Church is called to stand up & take authority in My Name; & just as it is written in My Word, the great trumpet shall be blown; this being the trumpet of revival in Wales; that those who were ready to perish in the land of Assyria, & in this case , in the land of Wales; & just as I refer to the contests in the land of Egypt, they shall come to thee, to worship the Lord at thy holy mountain; & you shall say to the gathered congregation – stand there, & preach My Word, & say to the congregation, the word that I gave to the Hebridean gathering.
“For thy revival will be that which occurred at the Hebrides, on an island facing the sea.
“For I have Word of the islands of the sea. They shall give Me their ways, so I am able to give them My ways
“The Lord is saying about the isles of the sea:
“About the islands of these seas – I am calling in the isles, saith the Lord.
“Isaiah 24:15, ‘Wherefore glorify ye the Lord in the fires, even the name of the Lord God of Israel in the isles of the sea.’
“So I am calling you, saith the Lord, to this island in the sea, to take this island in My Name. Let the mainland see the glory of My Name. For I have come, saith the Lord, to bring forth revival in this land. Just as the Hebrides was brought to its knees, so shall thy land be saved.
“I am here, saith the Lord, with a mighty sword of punishment upon the Leviathan – to be symbolised by thy stick. And the judgement of God shall be upon those who have failed to hear My Word, whether they be leaders of s0-called churches, national leaders – whoever they be. For as I spoke towards the land of Babylon, the land of Babylon is desolation. For thou hast lifted the standard (=royal flag) of the Lord in this place. For the wrath of God is upon those who have failed to act upon My call on this land, & upon My Church. But the glory of God is upon those who heeded My call, as in the Hebrides. For thou art to preach to the assembled crowd; not to each other, for thou knowest the scripture before thee; thou knowest it well. For thou hast climbed the hill of the Lord, & hast left behind thy dirty rags. For only those pure & holy escape My wrath.
“And as you witness the cracking of the waters, it is as Moses stood in the high place above the Egyptian army. One moment he lifted his rod to bring life to My people, on their way to the Promised Land. But to those who were chasing after them, the flood of My judgement shall drown them from their accusations & their falsehoods.
“And you shall walk towards your Promised Land of revival.
“For He hath founded it upon the seas, & established it upon the floods.
“Jeremiah 1:10 – He is removing the crooked, to enable the glory to come.
“That is why you are doing this course. He is removing the crooked, to bring us life.
[At the beginning of this prophecy, apostle Ken had a vision of the army of God marching – fiery darts coming, but bouncing off harmlessly. God says, ‘Close ranks,’ & the fiery darts will bounce off us].
“You do not mess with the anointing. This anointing has been given as a result of My resurrection, saith the Lord – when I conquered death so that you might bring life, saith the Lord. Every curse of cancer, every oppression of Satan, every mental disorder, every physical disorder, every infirmity. Has to bow, saith the Lord. For the threat of the Leviathan is bound, that old dragon of the devil. For the kingdom of this land is the Lord’s. He is the Governor among the nations; & they shall remember, & turn unto the Lord – shall turn to worship Him.
“And for those I speak who have bowed the knee to the ecumenical threat, I say unto thee, Repent at this instant, & separate thyself from the kingdom of Baal.
“For as this day I have punished the Leviathan, through the prophet, so shall I punish thee.
“They have taken the religion of the Canaanites, & combined it (if it be possible) with the gospel of God.”
[God, as He said, has not waited the 8 weeks – this is just past half way]
[Scripture from Ken: Isaiah 13:22 “And the wild beasts of the islands shall cry in their desolate houses, & dragons in their pleasant palaces: & her time is near to come, & her days shall not be prolonged.”]
Warning & Word from the Lord through DPG, Llandudno, Friday 10/02/12
At the start of the meeting, DG said “These attacks the Lord would have us deal with today.” Scriptures were then given from I Corinthians 8-9, about the spirit of offence, etc. Then a strong word from the Lord came forth:-
“I tell you, that instead of moving around, pulling down those who have given up everything to Me, you are to do likewise.
“Thou must see that I am the Lord: I change not; & as Columba bound the Leviathan of the Highlands, so have My apostles & prophets done likewise in Wales.
“And you must respond to this. For there has been a taking away of thy Leviathan; the sore & great & strong sword of the Lord has punished the piercing serpent: and the Lord sees the people moving about from place to place, seeking a security for their lives.
“But I see what is known as My Church holding hospitality groups, rather than councils of war. They fight against each other; for the reality of these hospitality groups is that they are so inward-looking that they become hostility groups rather than hospitality groups; & that their viciousness & bitternesses look to pull down the counsels of God.
“So I tell you this day, this group in North Wales: you have stood up to the strong man; over the strong man of North Wales, you have already gained the victory.
“But there are significant warfares in relation to the island of Ireland, where they strive against each other with different doctrine after different doctrine. For this island of Ireland in Mine, saith the Lord. And I have called you to stand on this hill of the Lleyn, to take My island back.
“There, you have the Leviathan run of Satan, which you can cut in half. Break down his operations, even at this early stage; & you will stand on the hill of the Druid in Inverness, & sound the trumpet of the Lord, to break down these hills of wickedness by the sounding of the trumpet of the Lord.
“This wickedness         I am calling you to stand against on this hill of the Lleyn, to pull down the stronghold of masonry that brings together the island of Ireland with Scotland.
“And all the infiltrations into the churches of this stronghold, thou shalt stand by the burning bush, & pull down the stronghold that binds its fire. The religious spirit so binding Scotland & Ireland – they just want to fight with each other over religious spirits. They do not see the heart from where belief is unto righteousness, but they look to catch you out on every word you say.
They are the Pharisees & Sadducees of the modern day. They know nothing of the gospel you know. Instead, they have a form of godliness that denies the power.
“So stand therefore on this Braich y Pwll. Declare My glory, might & dominion - & set free this island of Ireland, & its connections to Scotland from its stronghold of masonry, which has held the people back from receiving My glory.
[DG: NB these meetings are really for Ireland. Braich y Pwll is a place of intercession – actually it is basically in Ireland – there is a warfare there].
[Intercessory prayer followed – LG saw a vision of stairway to heaven – Jacob’s Ladder as in Genesis 28:10-16].
“To the Church in North Wales: you should be here interceding for Ireland.”
Prophetic Word through DPG, Llandudno week (7) 17/02/12
[Round Conwy/Llandudno: the syncretised Church]
“For thus saith the Lord: I have brought you to this place to rebuke these spirits of Antichrist - & as you have stood before the Leviathan, & found where it was, giving opportunity for the churches to come & bind their strong man,
(Vision to DG of huge bull-type figure=the golden calf, grown into a bull – a dressed bull – the calf has been allowed to grow. This is syncretisation}.
“And I have seen your golden calf, saith the Lord.
(An explanation was given: This spirit is the spirit of syncretisation, & Moses had to deal with it. Moses was on the mountain – came back full of the glory).
“You have taken up false gods, saith the Lord. My wrath is upon this land, for its worship of false gods; the syncretisation of false belief in  Alpha; the building of holy places made with hands; the bowing down to the sea, from where your Antichrist has been removed.
“And so today, your molten calf – the worship of the molten calf of syncretisation – has brought about a stiff-necked people (Exodus 32:9). And in those days, Moses pleaded before God for the people; & this opportunity of God to come, & to remove thy antichrist, is here too to remove thy Baal; & I have held back My wrath to give you opportunity to come & bind up thy strong man. This town of supposed Christian tradition is abomination to Me, saith the Lord; a town that has built a new obelisk at its gateway; a new golden pyramid at its other gateway; a town that has embraced golden calf Christianity.
“For I bring My wrath, saith the Lord. Thy prophet has come forth to give thee opportunity to bind thy strong man; & you have refused that invitation.
“And today, the golden bull of masonry has appeared. For thou hast sought after other gods, who have been found out at these meetings in Llandudno.
“And as thy calf that has become a bull, has appeared before us, the question has to be asked, “Who is on the Lord’s side? What concord has Christ with Baal?”
[Galatians 3]
“There is a factor here - & I warned this, saith the Lord, to those seeking to follow God. There can be no concord with Baal; none whatsoever. There can be no holding on to the things of this world.
“The bewitching of Satan has brought you to a place where you have been under other gods; & unless you come back to the faith of faithful Abraham, there can be no blessing.
“For only those baptized into Christ have put on Christ.
“The only way to the Father is through Jesus Christ. And all of the world, & the world’s gods, has to be removed, else My plague be upon this land, as it was with Egypt.”
Word from the Lord through DPG, 24/02/12
“In our series of meetings in Llandudno, we have made certain declarations, & understandings of where we stand have come as a result of the binding of Leviathan.
Point no. (1): What concord has Christ with Baal?
“There must be no links whatsoever with the current ecumenical societies; no link whatsoever to the bibles of Babylon; no link whatsoever  with the false revival movement, i.e. Lakeland, Toronto etc.; no link whatsoever with multi-faith “Meaning of Life” courses; no link whatsoever with movements that have moved from their ancient landmark; ministries moving on My command, then being slated by the system, isolated, & have no reputation in the world.
“A ministry obeying God, will then become a ministry of no earthly reputation. Does this sound familiar? Such a ministry comes into the firing line; a ministry which will be talked about falsely, & of no reputation. Such a ministry stood before thy strong man for week after week at the Ambassador Hotel.
“So, point number (1) is, Come out from the system. Be led by Me, & have full-time ministry in thy fellowships.
Point no.(2):
“Full-time ministers do not have the distraction of secular employment; & because the people have not been faithful in tithes & offerings, there is a widespread absence of full-time ministers. This is an abomination to Me. By being part of a fellowship, one is honour bound to the giving of tithes & offerings. Those in fellowships not giving tithes & offerings, are robbers of God, particularly when these tithes & offerings are there in My kingdom to prevent the muzzling of the ox; & I say unto thee in Llandudno & Conwy: you have not recognised the importance of full-time ministers. You have not recognised the importance of tithes & offerings. You have bowed down to Baal; that is, the system of a syncretized religion.
“And I in My mercy have brought this full-time prophetic ministry in thy midst, to bind thy strong man; but because of the lack of full-time ministers, you have failed to hear the alarm in Zion, & failed to face up to the strong man this full-time ministry brought to the surface & bound.
Point no. (3): Teaching
“People who come to thy fellowships must be taught. Full-time ministries teach the people. You name a subject this ministry is likely to have covered in teaching courses at one time or another. This is because this ministry is full-time. It has taught the Word to few in number; it has done the Jeremiah 1:10 activities, by pulling down the altars of Satan, because the ministry is full-time & hears from Me.
“Teaching is important, particularly in these last days.
Point (4): Sacrifice
“Hear this, & hear this well: full-time ministries sacrifice. They have little in resources from the world. I have trouble in getting professing saints to hear from Me. They have so many other things to do.
“These full-time ministries are raked off, slagged off, gossiped against. They have those with the Jezebel or Absalom spirit to contend with, & need to be supported; need to hear from Me.
“I have put on, over these 2 months, a course on Catholicism & its incompatibility with Christianity. My people perish through lack of knowledge. So this course was put on at their expense, for the fellowships of Llandudno to attend. Not knowing about it is not an excuse, because the warning was out about it in the Spirit. But because you have earthly activities, you fail to hear the alarms in the Spirit.
“You say, ‘Well, why didn’t you let us know?’ Full-time ministers are in the Spirit & hear. Part-time ministers have other things to do, & only hear the things of the natural rather than the supernatural.
“So, this is a lesson to be learnt. You have full-time ministers, who need to live off the gospel. And this is a message to the people: the lack of full-time ministers (I am talking about My Church, not the system Church, with its ministers of regular salaries & pension schemes) is a result of your failure to give tithes & offerings, & the taking on of full-time ministries must be restored.
“But you must remember, ministries are built on the foundation of prophets & apostles; evangelists, pastors & teachers recognising this foundational role, Jesus Christ Himself being the chief cornerstone.
“So, I have placed the prophet in thy midst, & you are welcome to go & see him. He can avert this occult attack you have been going through; but it involves coming out of the ecumenical system; it involves the paying of tithes & offerings; it involves the exposing of the infiltrations into once great Pentecostal movements; but above all these things - & get a hold of this, & get a hold of it well – the word “sacrifice” is paramount to the life of a Holy Ghost-led Christian. He or she is prepared to go all the way, even to lose all that person has, for the gospel.
“Has that been the case in Llandudno & Conwy? No: you have robbed God; & the judgement has come.
“Come hither, to the prophet of God, who can lead you in My Name to the paths of old.
“Turn ye to the old paths of Non-Conformist ministries, full-time in the Lord, collectors of tithes & offerings, so that the ox does not get muzzled.”
[EMLG brought forth a scripture in relation to this: Nehemiah 10:28-39; 13:4-14].
Word from the Lord through David Griffiths Rhos 01/03/11
“I have set amongst thee ministers, because thou art not been afraid to admit one’s own weakness; as the apostle Paul realised that it is in me that he was strong, so thou hast not been afraid to admit thy weakness too – for thy strength is in Me.
“I look for the empty vessel to fill & overflow. Thou hast moved in My power & thou realiseth the moment of spiritual breakthrough to manifest My victory of 2000 years ago.
“It is when you are weak, that is when you are strong. That strength thou hast, & in a given area, thou knoweth the breakthrough point in the Spirit to manifest My miracles.
“The years of struggle, David & Lindsay, are over. Be prepared for My victory. Be prepared to speak out My Word. Be prepared to go about doing good, healing all oppressed of the devil, for I am with thee.
“Where My Word declares that My rod & My staff comfort thee, My rod is the rod of authority; & as thou witnessed the drowning of spiritual armies through the raising of My rod when thou wast with My friend Kim, be not afraid to raise up thy rod. As Moses lifted his rod before the Egyptian army, the enemy was drowned. Likewise, as this occurred in the physical realm, so it occurs in the spiritual realm, where forces of spiritual darkness through the word of the Lord given through the prophet.
“My prophet is to lift up his spiritual rod, as Moses lifted up his physical one.
“Do not allow festival adherence to take away the anointing. To celebrate Easter is to celebrate the devil’s counterfeit.
“I am calling thee to stop the Concert for one month, till after the pagan festival has gone; for to draw people in through the Easter celebration is to draw people in through the devil’s spirit rather than through Mine. The devil has his own crucifixion story.
“You see, as the Word declares: I shall be like the Most High; he has a counterfeit story of a virgin birth to be celebrated at Christmas.
“Have thy concert after what they call Easter.
“But these concerts are simply a preparation. You see, I have taken you on a road of spiritual preparation. I am bringing beside thee ministers who, like you, have suffered & like you, have struggled, not knowing where their next penny is coming from.
“So-called churches will spend thousands in promoting themselves through the Easter festival. This concept of promotion through festivals is not of Me, because people are being controlled through the calendar rather than through the Spirit of God.
“Instead, David Owen, though shalt read the relevant passages from the book of Hislop, that show the pagan origin of this wicked festival.
“Do not draw people through Easter; the drawing of people is by My Spirit – the conviction of people is by My Spirit. Walk ye in the way of My Spirit, for all flesh is as grass.
“The error if those who celebrate Easter & Christmas is clear for all to see. These celebrations are crashing down before thee. The fruit of Christmas is drunkenness & merriment. The fruit of Easter is chocolate-eating children, bunnies & bonnets: in other words, fantasy spirits.
“Remember the rabbit that manifested in North Wales? What thou hast had in North Wales is a land that has been bound by fantasy – Rupert, Alice in Wonderland, & various other children’s stories – even an edition of “The Saint,” with a crazy scientist. Crazy ghost stories abound, not least in Conwy, where these pagan festivals are taken very seriously.
“Thou hast been right to warn thy people about Conwy. It is struck on a ley-line from the Deganwy obelisk. I know that the obelisk has been placed above Deganwy, but it is on a spiritual line to there, in relation to the former seats of power that that village represents.
“The new housing estate & Quay has been built to nurture the leviathan spirit, as it has been built strategically at the beginnings of Menai. They pulled down a chapel as part of this scheme – a chapel that stood for non-conformity, so that the Anglican cult can have its way.
“It is the SUN crucifixion they celebrate at Easter. It is an act of Baal.
“And all along that coast where thou hast made a stand at Pendalar, is an observance of this illegal cult. Instead of an “Easter” concert, thou art to plan to take community halls throughout Wales (The Lord is telling David not just North Wales).
“I have brought people alongside thee to assist & take pressure off thee; & thou art to spend wisely on the equipment for these purposes. For by not celebrating Easter, one is showing one is not under the god of this world.
“Rejoice over the victory of 2000 years ago; but this victory is not physical calendar-orientated. The victory is in thy hearts.
“All flesh is as grass; & thou hast seen this cult of Anglicanism grown, & thou art to take thy spiritual lawn-mowers, cut down the grass, & stamp it under thy feet.
“The devil laughs at Christians celebrating the festivals of Mammon. The drawing of all men unto Me is by the raising of My standard; & Jeff & Sue do hear from Me. They have been called to raise up the standard; the standard of thy Christian heritage in the land of Wales. But they, like you, have been rejected. And thou hast been right to associate yourselves with the rejected. By associating yourselves in politics with the rejected, thou hast associated yourselves with being prepared to give, rather than to take. So many in politics are there for the taking rather than the giving.
“You are right to say Jeff & Sue write down what I am calling them to do.
“I have seen the stand they have taken, & the devil was not pleased with their waving of the flag on the hill-tops in the last party political broadcast. They showed a group of people prepared to climb a physical hill, as I have shown you a group of people prepared to climb a spiritual hill – “who shall ascend the hill of the Lord? Those with clean hands,  a pure heart.”
“How they love thee, for they have seen thee as prophet: to give the Word of the Lord, not to control & manipulate them by natural power, but by spiritual anointing; they stand in their garden in Wales, lifting up the standard of the Lord.
“Tell them Psalm 91 applies, rather than the condemnation which would look to take the Party along a religious route.
“Be not downhearted over not having been able to work together with them more; I am bringing the conditions for this to happen. Do not strive; be at peace. Do not force things – it shall be by My Spirit, saith the Lord.
“Tell them that they will witness those with faithfulness & with loyalty. There have been those who have sought to join the Christian Party bandwagon for their own self-esteem & pride. I have called together a party of broken people, not career politicians; & George is going through a time of brokenness at this time. How he loved his wife, with all of his heart; far more than what the human mind can comprehend. I am close behind him, David. He knows he is to speak out My word. And you are to be blessings to him at this time.
“Jeff, you have taken the administrative load, or part of it, from him, to bring the conditions for him to hear from God, & speak out the Word of the Lord. A strong administrational base is now to be built in the Christian Party, so that men & women, broken men & women, can speak out My Word with the rearguard protected.
“And yes, I have called thee together with David Owen, & bringing you both together has been the will of the Father.
“So rejoice, My children. Go without fear. Speak out My truth. Broadcast to the nations. What thou hast learned will see you through; for thou hast studied diligently & My Spirit can use these studies for the ongoing purposes of God.”