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God has a special work to do through the ministry of Lindsay Griffiths and here are his instructions .....
Exodus 15:26 King James Version (KJV)
And said, If thou wilt diligently hearken
to the voice of the Lord thy God,
and wilt do that which is right in his sight,
and wilt give ear to his commandments,
and keep all his statutes,
I will put none of these diseases upon thee,
which I have brought upon the Egyptians:
for I am the Lord that healeth thee.
1 Thessalonians 5:19-21 King James Version (KJV)
Quench not the Spirit.
Despise not prophesyings.
Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.
Word from the Lord through DPG, Tuesday, 26 July 2011
“I am come that you may have life, & life in abundance; &, Lindsay, opportunity will come & great wealth will come through thee. For I have given thee thy talent; & through the agonies of the years, I have moulded thee into being a great saint of God. Having been through many years of suffering, I have brought you to the point of understanding My Word. And as you see, what is not of Me is closing down; & people will see My love manifesting through thee.
“Be prepared to travel so as to fulfil My call. I will prepare a way for thee; & your marriage will get richer, for within these new circumstances about to come, there will be times when you will be apart. For, Lindsay, I have been preparing you to be a minister of God in your own right – so close to David & you will remain so close. But you will be sharing My Word, Lindsay, throughout the world. Be prepared to travel.
“You will be sending great wealth back, so the base here can all be paid for. You will be ministering the Word, Lindsay – getting wealth so as to establish the covenant of God.
“Your house here will become the great headquarters for what I am doing through thee. Do not be moved by the present- day circumstances. You will be witnessing My Word, & singing My songs. Br prepared for a great harvest, in the Name of Jesus.”
[The Lord seemed to give me three themes on which I am to sing & preach: (1) testimony / salvation; (2) balance / stability; (3) the old rugged cross].
Word from the Lord through DPG, 27/08/11
“Yes indeed, I have called thee to make 2 CDs; of these 2 CDs, one will depict the work of the cross, & the other of My coming, of The Midnight Cry.
“They shall be called ‘The Old Rugged Cross’ & ‘The Midnight Cry: on ‘The Midnight Cry,’ I am calling Lindsay to sing ‘Softly & Tenderly;’ & on ‘The Old Rugged Cross,’ you will find an arrangement so that Lindsay can sing with passion & compassion, & also an arrangement of ‘Rock of Ages’ in the same vogue, with atmosphere.
“Truly, saith the Lord, I have called thee, Lindsay, to be a minstrel according to My Word. I am sending thee all over the world, to sing My praise; to bring down the anointing of God upon gatherings throughout the whole world. And not only shalt thou be a minstrel, saith the Lord, & other themes for future CDs will include an intercessory CD, with warfare songs, to include ‘The Army of the Lord.’
“Behold, I am calling thee at this time to prepare, for indeed I have called thee both at this time to build up the rearguard, as indeed I have called David Owen to do the same; to prepare thy offices for major ministry, whiuch I have called thee all to.
“And Lindsay, I am anointing that voice to reach out to the lost. Be prepared for souls to be saved, through the anointing & conviction of My Spirit. Praise the Lord!
“I have called thee, Lindsay. This is thy time. Rejoice, & be exceedingly glad. For Mine hour has come, saith the Lord. Be constantly on the lookout for My Word, for what I am going to say.
“I have saved thee & prepared thee, saith the Lord, for such an hour as this.
“Rejoice & be exceedingly glad; for thou hast stood through the persecution & the testing, & thou hast shown thou ius prepared to go the extra mile.
“Prepare now, saith the Lord.
“And David, I have called thee to keep the balance of the Church ministry, with the extensions that have been going on, to keep balancing the books at this stage (i.e. not showing a loss).
“But be prepared for the funding of God to fulfil the call on your lives.
“That is why I have called thee to keep the rear guard. That is why I have called you to a season of getting your offices together.
“This is the season of preparation; & this house is to become the manse, all paid for.
“And indeed I have called you, David & Lindsay, to set up a similar manse in Stornoway, with thy ‘get-away’ along the West coast of Lewis, for thou wilt wander the beaches & hear from Me.
“And from Lewis, thou will blow thy trumpet back towards Inverness, & proclaim the victory of the Lord.
“In Lewis, thou wilt proclaim the price & power of revival; for in Lewis I am not leaving thee to thine own devices. I am bringing thee an army of prayer warriors, to destroy the religious stronghold the enemy set up after the revival.
“Be prepared for big meetings on Lewis, & to remove the religious pride in Harris.
“There is no point wearing all the finery of religion on the outside, when the inside is hard & corrupt.
“There is no point being proud of your stand on religious finery, when the hardness is holding back revival.
“There is no point in saying ‘Look at us – see how religious we are,’ without the compassion of the Lord. Without the compassion of the Lord, thou shalt not be in thy call.
“And yes indeed, I have called thee to the so-called Catholic islands. And they will say ‘What are you doing here?’
“And thou shalt put on concerts in these islands. Take the halls; set up thy sound equipment, & sing the praises of God. And the conviction of My Spirit, saith the Lord, in these concerts will move the captive of religion into life.
“And these islands will no longer be known as of the Catholic persuasion, but be known as the islands of the Lord.
“The Castle of Barra is a stronghold that has placed the island under a masonic control.
“Thou art to stand on the hill of McCaig & remove the oppressive spirit over the islands. And thou hast cried out in the past over these islands. I have heard thy cries; I am calling thee to stand on the island of Castlebay, & declare My glory.
“Rejoice & be exceeding glad; for I have called thee, saith the Lord, to prepare right now.
“Be content in this preparation period; be not frustrated, saith the Lord, for I have called thee to fulfil that which I have called thee to do.
“Thou will be offered ministry all over America & Canada; & thou art to collect the resources, & at the same time share what the Lord has callked thee to do; to talk of thesew island of the West; to talk of the vision of Sri Lanka to Tibet; to set up thine own offices in Sri Lanka.
“See – I am sending you the resources to set up the rear guard. Thou art to pay for the manse here, the manse in Stornoway; set up the Pentecostal Church of Scotland; & the get-away on the West coast of Lewis. These are rear guard activities. Be content in the rear guard setting up.
“But for you, Lindsay, I am sending you out shortly into a season of reaching out; to go & fulfil that calling in America to go & record the material.
“And I am opening doors for you, saith the Lord – mighty doors. There will be those who will want to join you in Scotland & Wales. So give heed to this call.
“Thou wilt be involved in mighty meetings in America & Canada. Give heed to My call. Pay for the manse in Rhos. Pay for the manse in Stornoway. Have the van with the sound equipment in Stornoway, as you have the van with the sound equipment in Wales.
“I will bring you those to run all of these things; but I am providing for you also the get-away on the coast of Lewis, so you can go & hear from Me.
“But remember at this time: set up thy offices; set up this manse; & yes, even within this time of setting up, Lindsay, there will a call for you to reach out; but the rear guard must be set up.
“Yes, I have called thee to set up Chapel Pentecost & to share the vision of this – of new building chapels throughout Wales, built by the sides of major roadways.
“And in Scotland, for the Pentecostal Church of Scotland. It will be My true Kirk, saith the Lord.
“Can you not see, I have brought you together, David & Lindsay, on the home ground, to save thy nations of Wales & Scotland; to go out to lands, as I have indeed sent the missionaries of old to nations all over the world.
“And indeed I have called thee to get the wealth to establish My covenant.
“So go & work with My people in the U.S. & Canada. Bring many back to thy homeland to help thee fulfil the call of God on your lives.
“I have called thee, saith the Lord, to let this time of building up the rear guards be precious to thee; for I am calling out from these places, to fulfil the call of God on your lives.”
Word from the Lord through Lindsay, 29/10/11
“I will make a way through the wilderness for you, My people. I will make a sanctuary – for ye are the temples of My Holy Spirit. Say not “When will mt rescue come?” For in might & righteousness I will make a way. I already took captivity captive – you had your release 2000 years ago, for all of time & space, & all flesh shall see Me.
“I am hidden from no-one – heavy burdens are not of Me.
“Look up! & see thy salvatopn & feel my peace.”
Scriptures: Acts 9-10.
Word from the Lord to DPG, 22 11 11
[The Lord wants to speak to us as a couple]
“I have now had this relationship with you both for many years.
“I have seen your struggle, endeavouring to come out of situations with natural ability, & having to come & weep before Me. You now come to Me at this time, weeping before Me. You have spoken out My Word without fear & with boldness. You have not given heed for your own life, but of Mine.
“You have a heart of the love of Christ Jesus within you, & even now, as you have cried aloud & spared not, your hearts are crying out for the sheep who have gone astray. How you love the Pentecostal movements, which I have given word about at this time, & how I have loved them too! They are going astray, being one of their perceived necessities, to expand in a changing world. For what they perceive as being unacceptable in a modern era, they have expanded what were onve movements, into what in effect are now businesses - & successfully done so; if indeed these movements were ever called to be businesses.
“In successfully managing their businesses, they are casting a whole generation into hell; & you, as prophet & prophetess, know this, & are weeping & crying out for their souls. And in so being, have bee unsuccessful in business (to the world’s perspective), but successful in God.
“And so, you are at a stage in your ministry; you are at a stage where you need to have major investment to get the message across. In one respect, you are being successful in business, in recognising where people are. Indeed, they spend hours at their screens; & you know it is My will to reach the lost; & if they are at their screens, that is where you must be.
“The challenge of overcoming enemy tactics is that he is pleased to have apostate movements, now businesses, dominating the airwaves; but he can easily dominate & control those who run on the natural side of things. What he has no control over is the prophet & prophetess who are prepared to lose everything for Me; for in that passion comes something he cannot control: the passions of one to give his life for another.
“So the devil has laid obstacle after obstacle in your way. For those who run off the natural persuasion, he has placed Jezebel after Jezebel, out of lack of knowledge of what the scripture says.
“My dear prophet & prophetess; you have screamed out your understanding of human weakness, & your strength in Christ; but they continue to pray, knowing how to pray. They have words of vain repetition. They react to circumstance. They get prayerd for by people who know how to pray, & reject those who do not . So the Jezebel has her way. They are lured under the control of the wicked one.
“You expect all those in fellowship to understand deep in the Spirit where things are going; but they  have rationalised, as indeed the Pentecostal movements have rationalised. They saw their business opportunities. They started naming their fellowships “Christian centres;” as indeed, businesses got together in shopping centres. They became “Community churches,” as the world moved from village hall to community centres. So, for example, Craig-y-don village hall would become Craig-y-don community centre. So Craig-y-don Assembly of God would become Craig-y-don Community church. For they sought the community, rather than God.
“They saw opportunity in bringing in popular music. So they brought in rock gospel; but the Rock gospel which you portray, standing on the Rock that you portray, is very different to their rock gospel. So they pleased their people with their demonic beats, & mesmerized them, for now they were running businesses - & indeed, successful businesses. If success us measured by reaching the people, they certainly achieved this. But they reached the people with Satan, rather than God. So the prophet & prophetess start to speak, but they offend the new culture, so they are placed in a corner. The people they do get come from this new “church” world of commercial gain - & they can stay in thy pews for so long, but when My conviction comes, they run back to the apparent safety of the business-type fellowship, rather than the surrender-to-God type Church.
“So here you are now, with loved ones from all over the world contacting thee, longing to come to thy Church - & the only way you can reach them is in media Church.
“You are to set up thy studio. Remember, I am Jehovah Jireh. I have spoken to many to fund thy ministry, but many have been afraid to do so, knowing the price it takes to support a prophet & prophetess prepare to go all the way. The enemy has placed great resources in muzzling the prophet; the prophet who longs to cry aloud & spare not. He has had times with his prophetess, waiting for ravens to come & feed him, & is once more crying out to God for the breakthrough required to mreach the world with the gospel. But I tell thee: the breakthrough is here. Speak out My Word. The enemy has done all he can to separate thy apostle from thee, with ridiculous sets of circumstances. But I say unto thee: do not be downhearted, for all things work together for good to those that love God.
“You are about to publish My Word in relation to hoe movements have gone; & I will have particular word for the Nazarene movement, to come back to its first love; & they, like the Pentecostal denominations, placed themselves in UK under secular authority, & have seen the consequences of that. They must return, to be blessed, to their first love; & on the resources coming, My children, you are to display what I have given thee, & launch what I have given thee, which is not the small media operation which you are setting up just now. Whilst this is blessed, & called of God, I see it as a way of portraying the gospel in small beginnings on the media. But I assure thee, I have huge resources awaiting thee, & whilst I called thee to set up the small media operation in thy house, this is just a starter. I have plans for thee to launch media in a huge way, which thou will do at Keswick.
“So, take heart! Understand every enemy attack has been against thee; an enemy determined to muzzle the prophet. But greater is He Who is in you than he who is in the world.