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One thing is for sure .... THE DEVIL HAS BEEN DEFEATED .... but there are those in our nation who have brought in his defeated ways into our nation's legal and political processes.
Here is what God is saying ......
Exodus 15:26 King James Version (KJV)
And said, If thou wilt diligently hearken
to the voice of the Lord thy God,
and wilt do that which is right in his sight,
and wilt give ear to his commandments,
and keep all his statutes,
I will put none of these diseases upon thee,
which I have brought upon the Egyptians:
for I am the Lord that healeth thee.
1 Thessalonians 5:19-21 King James Version (KJV)
Quench not the Spirit.
Despise not prophesyings.
Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.
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Word from the Lord through DPG, 27/11/11
“You sing this song “There is Something about That Name” - & as you apply the name “Jesus,” as you hear the natural wind blowing now, there is a stability that comes in that Name. Stability is not being moved by circumstances.
“You know, as the angel of death passed over those with the blood on their doorposts, so that which is of this world will pass over thee.
“Radiation from nuclear fall-out – it shall not come nigh thee. Economic collapse, from the vagrancies of the New World Order, shall not come nigh thee. The plagues of the day, for those who claim they are deliberately manufactured - & indeed, I tell thee, there are scientific experiments as regards to nuclear waste; as regards to all these things you have learned about incinerators; as regards to modern industry, which is not giving heed to the welfare of the people: I tell you, it shall not come nigh thee.
“I am determined to see you both, your home, family, your Church family, walking in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus. Tell the people to walk there. Tell the people how much I love them; for they are reaching an era in this world where they are seeing the effects of the love of money.
“Do not lean to your own understandings; move in My Word. Listen to Me, day after day.
“Now, I see that the rear-guard is coming together, & you are finishing the final touches to that preparation.
“Now, David I am telling you to go in very hard against those banking institutions that have forsaken the Covenantal Acts of thy nation. You are to give them thirty days, else you are to hand in a report of the breaches of law which you itemised, to the Crown Prosecution Service; & insist that the Covenantal Acts of thy nation are kept to – to the letter. For what is around them is an oath to God. The Covenantal Acts are widely abused in thy nation, by Government, the banking sector, & big business.
“You are to claim power in thy nation; & tell those in industry, the banking sector, & Government, that keeping Covenantal Acts is not a choice, but a demand of God.
“Be strong: do not compromise. We insist the Covenantal Acts of thy nation be kept to the letter. No straying from them is permitted; & test cases referred to for infiltration have no place in law - & you are to tell them that.
Now, Lindsay, I am calling you to expose the Catholic infiltration in thy nation,
“Bullet-point the 1700 Act of Settlement, & show how this false cult must have no impact upon affairs of State, affairs of Church in thy nation - & that includes the Catholic-supported Alpha Course - & also every court of the land that has above the judge’s seat the crest of the monarch, must sit with the Protestant heritage abounding from its wings. Thus saith the Lord.
“Thy nation has strayed from its Protestant foundations. I am calling you to return thy nation back to God – the God that inspired the Reformation – bringing isolation from those of dead religion, to bring in those who will move by My Spirit in thy land.
“Be secure in Me, My children. Be gallant, strong & brave, & declare the victory of the Lord.”
Word from the Lord through DPG, 04/12/11
“The Devil is out to Destroy You”
“These are the enemy territories you are facing up to at this time:-
“(1) He is stealing your country: by coming in with his own laws & regulations, which are being applied by the letter, rather than the Spirit, he is killing your nation.
“So, if a law in broken, under his system of Corpus Juris, pressure is placed on the defendant to prove innocence, rather than pressure placed on the prosecution to prove guilt.
“So, the destroyer comes against you through the letter of the law – his law, not My laws – to destroy you.
“One such law of the devil was the Abortion Act; you say, illegal under your Constitutional Acts, the higher laws; for the Queen gave oath to Me she would keep the laws of God; the Queen representing Parliament; the councils of thy land; the whole nation as a whole.
“So, in everyday life, the devil’s law takes precedence over the monarch’s promise & oath to God.
“This scenario has not only killed innocent children who are fully human in the womb, as My Word declares; it has also drained the nation of economic resource.
“Individuals who would have brought prosperity to the nation, these individuals coming from every race & gender, & these individuals now being replaced by those who come in, who drained our resources.
“So, the devil with his Abortion Act has not only slaughtered the innocents; he has also destroyed the basis of economic wealth in thy nation; the nation applying the letter of the law, in that it sees the Act as being legal, the devil being a great legalist within this context.
“But you say, “Wait a minute! Wait a minute!” You say, “The monarch’s oath to God, to keep the laws of God, is higher law,” the laws of God being in My written Word. But there is a significant statement in the Coronation Service, in which thy nation declares My Word to be the lively oracles of God, the nation choosing to apply the destroying spirit, the letter of its law, over the lively oracles of God; the John 10:10 scenario.
“You say, as ministers of the lively oracles of God, ministers of what is described in the Coronation Service, of the Protestant religion established by law. You say you have law, & the devil says, “I have law.” You say, “The law that we have brings life;” & what thou hast been portraying to the nation in that all law outside the lively oracles of God, is not law at all in thy nation, but the law of a foreign power; the foreign power being the devil.
“You then say, “Constitutionally, foreign law has to be suppressed & resisted (1534 Act of Supremacy).” You then say, that by law, ministers of the Protestant Reformed religion established by law, that the lively oracles of God take precedence over the laws of the devil. That is how you work.
“So, what is your ministry doing? Simply applying the lively oracles of God over the foreign laws of the devil. Such as it is with the devil’s hold on the banking community.
“You say, “Laws have come in place to protect those with the love of money”; so actions have taken place by government to bail out those who bring death, rather than life; that is, those who manifest the root of all evil over those who are of the lively oracles of God.
“Constitutionally, the nation has to protect those who claim life, rather than death; but it is those who proclaim life who are being suppressed by the spirit of death, your politicians thinking they can make laws outside of the Constitution. You say they cannot - & you are right.
“So, the battle is between those of the lively oracles of God, & those who have passed laws of the devil, that bring death, rather than life.
“So in the nation today, your nation has taught individuals outside of its Constitution; so you have university-trained people who will say to you, “Your laws are archaic & out of date.” Since when have the lively oracles of God been out of date? Your monarch took the side of life in 1953. She is still on the throne! So, how can that be out of date?
“So, what is happening is, the portrayers of death are coming against thee. The banking community places its laws against thee. But you say, “Wait a minute! Wait a minute!” You have laws higher than their laws, for your laws are of the lively oracles of God. You have witnessed a requirement given to banks by the House of Lords; a House where the nation’s bishops sit. You have said, “I will respect that law;” but the banking communities have not. They have placed foreign law over home law, the foreign law placing so much pressure on you, it can put you out of your home; not only you, but families all over thy nation.
“You have stood up & said “No! Our law is higher than your law;” but because your nation has chosen death, rather than life, the destroying spirit, who has had a heyday for years in slaughtering innocents, is now looking to do the same to the innocent families of thy nation.
“I hear your submission cries. It is as if the pressure is so great at this time, that you cry out to Me. But I cry out to you, having submitted to Me, to resist the devil, & he will flee.
“I know My prophets are crying out at this time. I know their submission of weakness. But I also know My Word; & My word, to those who have submitted their weakness, in to be strong in Me, & resist the devil.
“You know, My Word is clear about all this. If the strong man is left, his goods are in peace; but when the stronger man comes upon him, he has to give up all he has. Such as it is with thee. You say, “The lively oracles of God are the stronger man,” that is, the One known as the truth, the way, the life. He is so much more strong than the strong man. So, in the Name of Jesus, bind the strong man.
“You are stirred up by the strength of the Lord. You are resisting the devil, & he shall flee.
“So, continue to suppress foreign infiltration into thy legal system; continue to suppress the spirit of mammon.
“The next thing you are taking on: the infiltration of Catholicism into the Church. It was never My plan to have a Church syncretized into the enemy’s camp.
“You are right not to recognise Catholicism as having anything to do with the work of God.
“It is a counterfeit; their using a term for its operations that use for My body. They commit blasphemy week after week with production of the Mass, that is a homage to Satan rather God.
“So, you say your nation is of the Protestant religion established by law, & that Catholic infiltration by law has to be resisted.
“You are of course right. The Act of Settlement shows that.
“So here you are, proclaiming the truth of Constitutional Acts that have to bring life, rather than death. So you stand on the lively oracles of God. You have taken on the infiltrations in government; the infiltrations in banking; the infiltrations in the Church.
“These Babylons looking to place thy nation in chains; your role of ministers being to release the chains, to enable the nation to rise forth, & to follow the Lord. Hallelujah!”

Word from the Lord to DPG, 23/02/14

There is an understanding that if you present the old-style gospel today, then the world system will destroy you. The modern-day Paul warned you about this. The modern-day Peter warned you that if “Throughout what is known as My church, is a series of compromises to the world. you take on the banking system, this will destroy you.

“In effect, this is what has happened. You are right in the gutter, as far as the world is concerned.

“The world, however, is not the criteria for measuring truth; for thou hast shown Me that one is prepared to ignore what seems as sensible advice, and be entirely led by My Spirit.

“You have overcome by My Spirit. The horned goat of masonry has not been able to get you. But my! How it has tried to get you to conform! This places you in a very special position. You have shown that you are prepared to give up family to follow Me; houses and homes for My sake and the gospel. My Word promises you the hundredfold, now in this time. For thou art believers, who believe My Word above all natural advice.

“Thou hast shown thou can be trusted to fulfil callings without the spirit of compromise; for thou hast trusted Me, and Me alone; and thou will go forward in My strength, power and dominion; and the modern-day Peter and Paul will be amazed, as thou fulfils the call in My strength, and My strength alone.
“Fear not. Go forward. Fulfil My call, and hand it over to the next generation, as thou hast been called to do.

“Thy sacrifice has been great. For as Abraham was prepared to offer up Isaac, thou hast given up one’s natural means to fulfil the callings of God.
“Be prepared for much travel, and receiving of resources to fulfil this call of God.

“Be excited; thou hast passed the test.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 19/12/14
“They Have It the Wrong Way Round”

“Thy ministry is having to endure yet another government inspection; but it is in the Constitution of thy nation, that it is the role of the clergy of the realm to inspect government in relation to keeping the terms of the Constitutional Acts. For constitutionally in thy nation, the government is upon My shoulders; My shoulders being the body of Christ on earth.

So it is for My body to inspect government as to whether it is keeping the terms of the Constitutional Acts.“In relation to the latest case of government, there is the issue of covenant, a word which is being ignored in relation to governmental practice.“Constitutionally, Britain is in covenant with Me.

This is the heart of thy ministry – being in covenant with each other & to Me. This has certain demands: that thou must love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, with all thy mind; & that there has to be a fear of God throughout the whole country.“The lack of understanding in government of the role of My ministers, ensuring that the Constitution is kept, is the reason why evil spirits have brought the conditions for you to be inspected continually, when it is the desire of My Spirit that it is you who inspect government.

They have it the wrong way round.“Now, where are you to inspect government? I come back to the three points. You cannot have a blessed National Health Service that kills innocent children in wombs. This breaks the whole heart of the founding of the NHS. This was to bring access to healthcare to all of the people. This is completely in line with My Word.

“But to choose a certain group of people for death undermines the whole operation.“You have sacrificed your lives for the care of others. That includes the latest case. Thy commitment is without question. But the commitment of government to protect the child in the womb is in question. It is the ultimate child abuse.  

“So, the accuser of the brethren has brought the conditions for you to be inspected, whereas the will of God is that My ministers inspect government itself, which operates a slaughter of innocents at such a level that those with the government upon their shoulders must act, & stop immediately.

“My second point is in having marriage without fruit. This is way out of line with thy Constitution, for I speak as Christ & the Church. Again, government has not grasped the idea of covenant. And so, the whole ideal of covenant is how you are to present the latest case before government – that there has been a strong covenant going on in thy ministry, which has not been the case in government itself.“Finally, in the case of the banks: you know of the secret deals going on to undermine that which has been stated in the House of Lords. For it is you that kept covenant with the Lords Spiritual & Temporal.

Yet thy cases were taken out of court unconstitutionally, it being the lack of understanding of covenant in government that brought the conditions for those like you, who trusted an edict of the House of Lords, to see that trust diminished by those who operate in secret, to suppress the will of the highest court in the land.“It is for you to inspect government.

They have it the wrong way round. Attacking ministries like I have set up through thee; attacks that have involved endless work & strain & pain upon My people of covenant, has brought the conditions for a nation not at peace with itself. Everyone is looking over their shoulder. There is an atmosphere in the nation of fear; for thou lives in an over-regulated society, without the fear of God.“So, what are you to do about this? My answer is, to keep questioning government & its misuse of My Constitution.

Thy government is in a dangerous position at this present time. Babylon cannot touch a nation at peace with itself, & in covenant with Me. So, thy inspections bring life, for you bring thy nation back in covenant with Me. But what thou hast, is a nation killing children in wombs that are the future of thy nation.

This can only bring thy nation down. This is so serious, that unless thy nation repents, it will reap what it is sowing. The blessings & the curses are clearly shown in My Word. They continue to inspect you; yet it is you who carry the government of God on thy shoulders; government that brings life rather than death.   “They continue to attack you.

It is you that carry the keys of the kingdom; the authority of the believer, the walking in heavenly places in Christ Jesus, from where thou has pointed out the error of Great Britain, that the nation if to bring life rather than death; for once the National Health Service kills its patients, which it is doing through abortion, it loses the right to call itself a Health Service, & gives it the title of death rather than life & health.

“This is what I am calling thee to inspect; that how long are we to endure the continued slaughter of innocents from wombs, an activity that has placed thy nation under a massive curse.“I am calling this to be Number 1 on the General Election agenda; that which party will come forward, saying they will save the innocents from slaughter? They inspect you. Yet it is for you to inspect them. They have it the wrong way round.”

Word from the Lord through
David P Griffiths, 08/10/15
“Your Opponents Have Sins to Hide –

The Distinction between the Love & the Wrath of God”

“Let there be no misunderstanding here: God is at war against sin forever, as the banner proclaimed. Let there be no misunderstanding here: God’s love is a drawing love, for those who are repentant, open & transparent, about the sins they have committed. God by His Spirit draws such men (including women), draws all men unto Him.

“The mourners’ benches of old were for those who confessed their sins, those who had received the conviction of the Spirit, & were open & transparent, were made, & are made, into a new creation, no more in condemnation, but washed by the blood of the Lamb.

“Your opponents are astounded by thy openness & transparency, & are afraid of thee, just as they were afraid of Dickens, Oxley & Whitehouse. Instead of coming to the throne of grace, they look to smear & distort the activities of the righteous; & whereas if they come open & transparent towards God, under the conviction of the Spirit, under such love I draw all men unto me, but should they decide not to accept thy invitation of love & reconciliation, & the drawing of My Spirit towards them, which has encouraged thy opponents to be as open & transparent as you have been, then My wrath will manifest against them.

“You see, what thy opponents call intolerance, is really saying, in the context of the nation being a Christian state, & a Christian state alone, (this is simply stating the Constitution of the nation – check out the Elizabethan Settlement & the Coronation Service, including the Oath of the monarch), you will find that there is only one faith established by law. Your opponent call that as being intolerant. I call it sin. For if a government is not prepared to honour its Constitution, then it is in rebellion, & to Me this is the sin of witchcraft I am not prepared to tolerate.

“Now do you see the distinction between the love & the wrath of God? The moneychangers’ hearts were hardened, & in My righteous anger, I cast them out of the Temple; & likewise, as you have offered God’s love to your opponents, & blessed those who have cursed you, there comes a time, that if this heart of reconciliation & love is refused, that the truth has to come out; & I by My Spirit draw out the truth. For if the reaction is to cover up their actions, then what they are covering up is sin, & sin alone; & God will not tolerate sin, for He is the God who is at war with sin forever, so in this context you can understand the distinction between the love & grace of God, & the manifestation of His wrath.

“Your opponents plot on how they can protect themselves & their situation, rather than being open & honest, as you have been, in My name, over all the accusations thy opponents have placed against thee; & isn’t this interesting, how the opponents if sin, in a past generation, got together with a politician to expose government tyranny, & the tyranny of the national broadcaster? Can you see the parallel? You working together in the political arena, to expose the tyranny of government, & the tyranny of the national broadcaster, it being bodies who have opposed thee, alongside the national broadcaster, just as in a past generation.

“As thou hast been transparent, there is now opportunity for thy opponents to be transparent with thee, for which God’s love, & the conviction of His Spirit, will always accept the repentant sinner. But should thy opponents look to cover his/her tracks, & place the blame on My righteous, which is the usual practice when there is a cover-up, then the opponent will face the manifestation of the wrath of God, for God is at war against sin forever.

“I have called thee to carry the mantle of Oxley, Whitehouse & Dickens into this generation. They accepted no compromise, but had those who they had discovered were full of sin, had they repented before God, then Oxley, Whitehouse & Dickens would have led them to the Saviour, whose blood was shed to set men free.

“But they chose to smear Oxley, Whitehouse & Dickens, & defame them, & God’s wrath fell upon the opponents, whose eternity without repentance became one of hell fire.

“Such is the wrath of God against sin.

“But instead of repenting, the opponents smeared the righteous, & covered up their tracks. What this prophecy does is bring all this out into the open; & you make sinners uncomfortable. Such is the nature of those carrying My conviction, that as My righteous are prepared to be open & transparent, then it is only fair to expect that thy opponents be likewise.

“Thou has offered love & reconciliation to thy opponents, who will hide behind law if they are not prepared to confess their faults, & will look to try you by the letter rather than the Spirit. But those who challenge by the letter, will always fall by the letter. For it is the letter that kills, & the spirit that giveth life; & no manner of good works by thy opponents will save them. For salvation only comes through the blood of Jesus.

“Now, this is something I want to say, to reaction to My prophecies on social media & all manner of electronic communication. They hold back because they have been taught of another Jesus, who is not at war with sin, but tolerates it. For the Emerging Church has taught this false doctrine for years, & has taken over My movements of conviction. So do not be disheartened by lack of reaction. My Spirit is at work on those prepared to receive My conviction & come unto Me, My Word never returning void.

“I warned thee, this is the time of preparation. Get thy systems in place. For the time of great harvest is nigh!"

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths. 07/01/16

“From Their Position of Worldly Security & High Salaries, They Chase the Poor & Hard-pressed”

“As in the days of the Early Church, so it is with thee. As with the Early Church, you are surrounded with earthly demands, demands with your earthly ability, you cannot meet.

Surrounding thee over many years has been those with high salaries & worldly security, demanding you pay for all kinds of legal & procedural cover. There has been non-stop draining of your finances, & so you have now reached the point where you have almost nothing more to give.

“As with you, so with the poor & hard-pressed. They are constantly attacked by those with high salaries & worldly security. Worldly charities are run by those with worldly security & high salaries, whose charities can afford all the legal & procedural covers.

For instead of giving most of the money to the poor & afflicted, they give it to pay for their legal & procedural covers, & high salaries of their workers.“So, when people give to a high profile charity, on the basis of giving to those in need & affliction, in effect the giver is giving into the system of high salaries & worldly security, & those who are poor & afflicted become the victim rather than the beneficiary.

“In your own particular case, you are surrounded by those demanding resources from thee so as to keep up this system of benefitting the high salaried & worldly security scam. For this is what it is. They see the charitable advertising on TV or in the press, & people respond into the system of high salaries & worldly security. The afflicted get helped a bit, but not in proportion to the amount of money people give.

“In your recent court case, you were surrounded by those with high salaries & worldly security. County Council officials, Court of Protection officials, Office of the Public Guardian officials, Betsi Cadwaladr officials; a barrister of wealthy chambers – all with high salaries & worldly security. And who did they attack? Those with practically nothing, & no worldly security.

“The amount you owe from family inheritance is to support ultimate high salaries & worldly security. For that is the desire of many parents towards their children, & in the attitude of the Sermon on the Mount, you are willing to give what you have.

“But who cares for the poor & oppressed? This is My Church; not the so-called ‘Church’ of high salaries & worldly security, of ministers with wages & pensions. They build their Church on the basis that their salaries & security is the first line of their income. Where is such a Church in My Word? Where is My true Church? My true Church lies in the hands of those who can say, like My early apostles, ‘Silver & gold have I none, but in the name of Jesus of Nazareth.’
“You see, to say this, you need to have gone through the processes that thy ministry has gone through. You see, the world is run by those of high salaries & worldly security. But what did I say to Peter when he cried out to Me that he had given up all to follow Me? Has this requirement changed?

“My word to you, My children, is ‘Prepare for the hundredfold’, not to benefit the system of high salaries & worldly security, but so that the houses you get be for establishing My covenant, rather than the system of high salaries & worldly security.

“For I ask you, who are the most powerful people? Those who come from the base of high salary & worldly security, or those who say, ‘Silver & gold have I none, but in the name of Jesus of Nazareth…’ The choice is there. To be a true minister of the gospel, one has to make this choice.

“So, they gather around thee, making demands of thee, & all you can say is, ‘Silver & gold have I none, but in the name of Jesus of Nazareth…’ Thou has gained the inheritance of the kingdom of God & the righteousness of God, a righteousness unobtainable with high salary & worldly security.

“Now, a word for those who manipulate offerings with ‘seed faith’ encouragements: The Parable of the Sower is about the sowing of the Word of God. For I tell thee, thou art adding words to Scripture by changing the Word to money investment. I warn in My Word about adding to Scripture. Sow the Word of God by studying the Word. You invest your time in study of My Word, & await my Spirit to reveal the truth of My Word.

“Now, you need the wealth to establish My covenant; & I have given the power to My true Church to get it. But I have not given My Word in relation to giving so as to gain materially. For the giving of finances is one of self-denial & self-sacrifice, which is how giving occurred in relation to the person who gave to thee from her heart, rather than for personal gain, something those with high salaries & worldly security cannot understand, which is why I am moving at this time in bringing together those who have no interest in worldly gain, to take back movements once run by those of personal sacrifice, from those who run them from the base of high salary & worldly security. For from this base comes the corruption, the love of money being the root of all evil.

“So, when I see offerings being taken on the basis of seed faith money, this is not of Me. For it is the Word you sow, & by seeking first the kingdom of God & His righteousness, the resources come to fulfil thy call, the blockage at this time being those who operate from the base of high salary & worldly security. For it is these you need to stand up to, in the name of Jesus Christ. For it is by this name you stand, rather than the god of this world, who looks to offer you his kingdoms, to whom I replied, in the wilderness, ‘It is written,’ & it is the Word of God which is thy resource for ever & ever, whereas earthly riches pass away, but My Word shall never pass away. For the just shall live by faith, the faith of the Son of God, who gave His life, & it is the Church of self-sacrifice that the gates of hell cannot prevail against.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 07/05/16 “
Lucifer Cares so as to Gain Control, whereas God Protects those who Obey”  

“At this time, wildfires are overwhelming vast areas of Canada, a nation once under God, but now under the curse of those who care. “You see, caring is the Western strategy of Lucifer so as to gain control.

If he has a nation festooned with social care & welfare programmes, he can bankrupt that nation, for people don’t have to work to eat, they can rely on the state for all their needs. “So, what you are seeing in Canada, you will see all over the world, when a nation takes its eye off God, & places that eye to the care of individual people, now devoid of God’s protection.

“This is the socialist agenda, an agenda which on the surface is caring & loving, but in reality kills, steals & destroys. There needs to be added, a nation, an individual, an NGO, a fellowship, needs to have Christ in the pre-eminent position. When it makes that move, to place the care of others into that position, then it falls into the category of Lucifer’s plan to kill, steal & destroy.

“Thou hast seen it in Great Britain with social services & part of the health service. In their case against thee that had the emphasis on the best interest of Sheila. One can see the fruit of that, for thou in thy Attorney-ship did not resort to the care plan of Lucifer, but to the care plan of God, that always has Christ in the pre-eminent position.

So thou used Sheila’s resources for the kingdom, which is why in her right mind, she did the same; but those who place man’s best interests above God’s, have placed her in a system that kills, steals & destroys, which is why you were threatened, having cared for Sheila under God’s command.

“And so, as you lift up the banner of the Lord, so you are seeing thine enemies all around thee scatter. For thou art taking prominent positions in society, to bring a nation back to its God of its Constitution. By doing this, thou art honouring the God that provides through obedience.

As the nation honours God, so the fish stocks return, for with the care policy of the EU, the fish stocks have diminished. For placing care of the fish before the honour of God, brings about destruction rather than life to the fish stocks. When Scotland honoured God, its sea lochs were full of fish. Since the care package has come in, the fishing industry in Scotland has been diminished. “So, when a nation places care above God, so the nation is destroyed.

EU regulation after regulation is destroying the businesses of thy nation, to enable global business to take over, that has all its government care packages installed, placing the people under the god of this world. For is they say anything against the system, they believe their security will be removed. “So, at the root of this new caring society is fear, so that those who illegally proclaim ‘Remain’ are placing fear over the people, so that they will remain under the social charters of the EU, rather than elect parliamentarians who have to pray before any law-making session.

“Psalm 91 talks of the protection of the Lord; & thy nation is under great danger as it is being taken over by people who emphasise care rather than God. The societies of Lucifer declare, ‘Look at the charitable works we do.’ They emphasise care rather than God.

“So, when it comes to the EU immigrant crisis, the emphasis is on caring for the immigrants, rather than seeking first the kingdom of God, & His righteousness, which would get to the root of solving the problem, it being the strategy of Lucifer to play on the socialist policies of the EU, so that Lucifer can gain complete control of an institution that is a replica of how Rome controlled its empire so many years ago. “At the root of this Roman Empire was sexual immorality. What is at the root of the problems of the EU?

Nations that kill the offspring of those who place their own lusts before God & the stability of society. “So, what you are seeing in Canada with its wildfires, you will see all over Europe. For Europe is under the one who cares, before he destroys.”

“Scripture Verses: II Corinthians 3:6 – “Who also hath made us able ministers of the new testament; not of the letter, but of the spirit: for the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life.”

Matthew 6:33 – “But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”

Proverbs 4:20-22 - “My son, attend to my words; incline thine ear unto my sayings. “Let them not depart from thine eyes; keep them in the midst of thine heart.“For they are life unto those that find them, and health to all their flesh.”