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Word from the Lord through 
David P Griffiths, 14/09/13
“A lot has been said of the latter rain revival: that is, of the former and the latter rain. But the latter rain is for those who have left the world completely. Now when I say “left the world completely,” I am talking about world reliances. This latter rain will not make you into some kind of religious freak, that is for those who are of the Pharisaic spirit who look to condemn and put law after law on people.
“In contrast, the latter rain revivalist has no reliance on the world, but only on God, and who is happy abiding in the Spirit for his provision and his healing (the term ‘his’ in this context is physical gender free).
“The latter rain revivalist lives in a world alien to physical world reliance. At this time, there are groups around the world who live in this latter rain anointing; and indeed, David, thou tasted this in abiding for thy healing in hospital; that you were not a religious freak to those around you, but that you had something about you that drew questions from those around you about your life in the anointing; and they were “all ears.”
“Now the next step for those who are “all ears” is to come and join thee in the latter rain revival; that is, they give up all they have to the Every Creature Commission; that is, to the apostolic ministry (note: not to an apostle, but to an apostolic ministry); for in the early Church, they laid down everything for the apostolic ministry, rather than for an individual to benefit financially for himself. Today’s false apostles and prophets claim money for their own prosperity rather than God’s. Today’s latter rain revivalist abides in Him, one in Him, as Jesus to this world.
“Jesus on earth did not separate Himself from the needs of the people; indeed, He called all those to come unto Him who were in need; and no religious isolationist could do that. But to each who came, He demanded full world reliance withdrawal; and not all could do that to be a follower of Christ.
“He refused to make the narrow road wide, as with the false revivalists today.
“Now, the invitation is out to come and taste the latter rain. But as in the words given through Isaac Watts, it demands the “all” of my life.
“Now, you are finding those coming to you who have world reliances and commitments, who cannot step over that line into the latter rain. They still work things out mentally, rather than in the abiding in God that is only in the latter rain. Now, who will step forward into the latter rain? It was like the Keswick Convention of old. At the Keswick Convention was a call for those who would give their whole life, even unto death, to reach every creature with the gospel.
“Who will step forward tonight, and come out of world reliance, put everything at the foot of the cross, and step out as one in Him? Oh, the price is high for the end-time revival. The demand is there for flesh to go. Those of the latter rain know what it is like to be reliant on Me. Those of the latter rain have given up their all to follow Me. World reliance is a stronghold. Will you give your all to follow Me; from your debts to your riches? The latter rain revival is for those who give up their all, to be well saved men and women of God.”