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If only the Believer will listen and act for God is speaking prophetically about and to Britain .......
Exodus 15:26 King James Version (KJV)
And said, If thou wilt diligently hearken
to the voice of the Lord thy God,
and wilt do that which is right in his sight,
and wilt give ear to his commandments,
and keep all his statutes,
I will put none of these diseases upon thee,
which I have brought upon the Egyptians:
for I am the Lord that healeth thee.
1 Thessalonians 5:19-21 King James Version (KJV)
Quench not the Spirit.
Despise not prophesyings.
Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.
Word from the Lord through DPG, 09/06/12:
“(1) Thou hast forsaken the covenant you had with Me. In thy Constitution, it is when thy monarch gives her promises to God, that she becomes Queen. For primarily, the office is in the context of establishing relationship with Me, rather than with the people. With the people celebrating a number of years since her father died, rather than when she made her promises to God, the people look to the monarch, rather than to whom the monarch gave her promises. This contravenes the scripture that in all things, Christ Jesus must have the pre-eminence.
“Thy nation has forsaken its Covenant with Me. “This is the lament of a nation.
(2) Pagan practices were very much part of these Jubilee celebrations; & thou hast seen the Leviathan of the Thames given honour, with dragon boats, & dragon salutes.
“And thou knowest who the dragon of Revelation is.
“Yet they honoured the defeated one, rather than the One who hung on the cross.
“This is the lament of thy nation.
“(3) Prophets know how to handle the weather. What did I do on the Sea of Galilee? What did Elijah do, when a nation turned back to God?
“People are now complaining about the lack of summer weather, & the lack of sun; yet they have borne the torch, lit by the sun, giving honour to the sun rather than the Creator of it.
“The sun god Baal is mentioned throughout the Bible, those in covenant with Me being reminded never to have concord with the evil god of Baal.
“Yet thou hast paraded, throughout thy country, a torch of Baal that has taken away the pre-eminence of Christ.
“What concord has Christ with Baal?
“This is the lament of a nation.
“(4) I call the nation to repent; yet, as in days of old, they look to muzzle the prophet: so much so, he has become a voice crying in the wilderness.
“And they look, as in the days of John the Baptist, to present his head on a plate; for there is little place for conviction, in a nation that has forsaken God.
“Yet, the nation was promised all kinds of prosperity, the people voting for a trading union. Yet, without any vote of the people; with complete disregard to the covenantal Constitutional Acts of the nation, they have integrated legal & political systems that has brought about the removal of the foundations of the nation; a nation now under dramatic economic downturn.
“For prosperity comes through obedience to God, rather than bowing down to the antichrist of global integration. “This is the lament of a nation.
“(5) There is a way back to God; but it will involve the people not having a Bank Holiday to celebrate a man, but having a Bank Holiday to repent before God.
“Meeting under a dome of man’s achievement did not placate God in these so-called Jubilee celebrations.
“The prophet knows where it should have been for the people to praise the Lord, rather than the comedians & the singers of the entertainment world.
“The prophet would have brought in the finest of gospel artists; the finest, world-wide preachers, & had the people on their knees before Almighty God.
“Yet, thy nation chose to entertain the people, rather than bring them to almighty God, to whom the monarch gave her promises, which thou, My prophet, continually tells the people. “This is the lament of a nation.
“Thy nation thinks it’s clever, through its days of Jubilee Celebration. And now, the Olympic Games.
“It will continue to portray man’s achievements, with little regard to the Creator, of not only thy universe, but way beyond.
“How can you ignore the God of thy Constitution? Yet the achievements of men take preference in thy nation; & so thy nation has been placed under laws which bring about striving, pain & distress over business & charities which have never seen paperwork like it.
“They cannot keep up; solicitors & accountants burdened with stress.
“It is a nation in decline. “This is the lament of a nation which was known as the motherland of its Empire.
“(6) No doubt the nation will be looking for a man to solve its problems; a desire leaving the country open for the coming of the Antichrist.
“And so the nation, in its squalor & poverty, looks for a man to take over, with all the solutions & answers.
“My prophet knows the solutions & answers: that is, to have a nation on its knees before Almighty God, repenting, & giving honour to the God to whom thy monarch swore oath in 1953; not 1952. For thy nation has classed the moment the previous monarch died, whereas in thy Constitution, the monarch becoming Queen on giving her promises to God; promises that have not been kept, thus bringing this lament to Great Britain, as Jeremiah brought lament to My nation of years ago.
“This is the lament of a nation that has left itself open to man’s ways, rather than God’s. “My lament gives opportunity for repentance, but the time is now short.
“Give heed, for I am calling this nation back to Me; but it refuses to listen, while the nation embraces a form of godliness, that denies the power.
“In thy Coronation Service, recognition of the priesthood of Zadok is given great priority, there even being music of Zadok the Priest. Yet, have thy children been taught the significance of the Zadok priesthood?
“Thy nation is guilty of not teaching its children the foundational acts on which the nation has been built.
“Yet, what building course, yet teaching men & women to build houses, teaches its students not to dig a hole, & set foundations to a property?
“So you have a nation that blindly follows what the mood of the moment is, rather than digging deep to find out the true significance of a situation.
“So, you have a nation without foundations, being tossed to & fro with every wind of doctrine.
“No wonder people are in such a state; for a building without foundations will fall; & that is what you are witnessing in thy nation.
“This is the lament of thy nation.
“(8) A nation that neglects its own foundations, then places itself on the foundation stones of others; & these foundation stones will not give heed to the foundation stone of the original.
“It comes under a foreign power, & a foreign god (II Corinthians 4).
“Oh, how thy nation needs to return to its original foundations! There is no0 excuse in neglecting thy foundations.
“Yet, the nation makes excuse after excuse. Yet had it called in the prophet for that Jubilee Concert, he would have known that it was the time to return the nation to its foundation stone.
“In the words of the prophetess of across the “pond:” the nation was to return to the Rock of the nation’s foundation; the stone that the builders rejected.
“Can you not see, Great Britain? In your quest for prosperity, you have rejected the very Stone on which your greatness came.
“Oh, how you embrace religion, rather than embrace the Rock on which the Church is built!
“The prophet would have brought in anointed singers, to sing the song of the prophetess from across the “pond,” which is a nation in which you had covenant; for both nations have rejected the compact of the “Mayflower;” to the detriment of the whole world.
“This is the lament of a nation.
“Yet, I am building My Church, & the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.
“And through the persecution of a state that has forgotten God, against those of its original foundation stone, I am building My Church, & the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.
“Betrayal abounds in Great Britain. The unit of the nation has been removed. The secular greed, rather than God-anointed adherence to the direction of God, who is saying to the people of Great Britain, “Keep to the old paths. Come back to Me, the ancient landmark of thy salvation.”
“There is a way back to God from the course of sin that thou hast followed. For what you now regard foolishness, that is the preaching of the cross of Calvary, which is the place thou must return on thy knees.
“Thy prophet is still available to put on the biggest gospel concert in world history, from the steps of Buckingham Palace, with way beyond the numbers that gathered at that secular concert, to lay their lives down before Christ.
“Thy prophet would bring in those anointed of God to preach the Cross.
“Thy prophet is available to organize this, for June 2013, which is the true Jubilee of thy monarch dedicating her life to God, in relation to the running of thy nation.
“So thy nation has a choice: to stay in the lamentations of the prophet, or return, & receive the life of the One who gave His life; & whosoever believeth on Him, shall not perish, but have everlasting life.”
Word from the Lord through DPG, 11/06/12
“The lament of the nation has already taken place, although there is always time for a nation to wholeheartedly come back to Me. The present monarch, & successive governments, have the slaughter of the innocents on their hands; have encouraged the coming together of strange flesh; are responsible for the massive increase in violence in the nation, & family break-up; are responsible for educating the nation in secular humanism, rather than the Protestant Reformed religion established by law, which the monarch promised to uphold.
“For not upholding the Word of God; for failing to hear what God is saying; for muzzling prophets from speaking out the Word; the nation as a whole has no spiritual covering whatsoever; has bowed down to the god of this world; & is therefore in serious threat of military action from awaiting groups from around the world; from natural disasters, which you are already witnessing; & even despite of this, the monarch & government take no notice of the signs of the times.
“I have therefore instituted a judgement on Great Britain, in which the secret society will be exposed, & the people given opportunity to repent before me, in this time of build-up before the Tribulation.
“Now, this is my instruction to you, David & Lindsay: you are to play a key role in convicting the nation of its sin:-
“Get through the rear-guard, as quickly as possible. Do not be put off by this & that. Get through the rear-guard.
“(2) I am giving you the role to save this nation, & you must be in position.
“So remove the rear-guard as quickly as possible.
“(3) I cannot emphasise this enough: remove the rear-guard, that is, all the paperwork of last season, for a new season is coming.
I am bringing in anointed men & women to help you.
“(4) Get to the Hebrides, & see the Christian Party members, Lindsay. Meet with all of them, & express the seriousness of the situation.
“In this outpost of Christianity in Great Britain, those truly born again by the Spirit of God, not the dead academic form, are to put aside their differences, & come into the objective of God, into saving the nation.
“I like the work you did in placing the Word of God on posters throughout the island.
“I like the work you did in getting near to having representation in Parliament. But I have called the Griffiths here to bring together the body of Christ for a particular mission: that is, to save the nation of Great Britain from its impending doom.
“You do this, by declaring My Word; My Word that has been authorized by the national monarch.
“Be brave in convicting the nation of its sin; for there have been days in thine island, that through the conviction of the Holy Ghost, men & women have cried out for the mercy of God. “Is there mercy for me? Is there mercy for me?” they cried.
“And so, I am restoring the intercession on the west coast of Lewis, not only to impact Great Britain, but America & Canada too.
“Be prepared for this great harvest of souls. There will be those who say, “It won’t happen! It won’t happen! It’s not in God’s plan! It’s not in God’s plan!” But I tell you, it has always been in God’s plan to save. It has always been in my plan to convict. What has happened is a new gospel has come in, where man can continue in his sin, rather than turn away from the world.
“This move I am bringing in to the Hebrides, will be one to convict men of sin; that this move I am giving unto thee to instigate in My name, will not only affect Lewis & Harris, it will affect the islands to the south, where the altars of Mary will come down.
“By being MP in Lewis, thou will be bringing a message from the Western Isles that these islands are of the Holy Ghost.
“The tradition of Sabbath rest will be restored. These islands will be at peace, the stronghold removed, & the glory of God come.
“In Parliament, the words of the Hebridean revival of old, & of the present time, need to be expressed to the whole nation. “What is there in the Hebrides?” they shall cry. “What have they got that we haven’t got?” The answer will not be the slower way of life; the answer will not be the laid-back culture. The answer will not be the heavy drinking, which once more will cease. The answer will be Jesus Christ, the Name to be upheld throughout all of the islands of the west.
“For I am visiting you again, saith the Lord. As My intercessors walk the portals of power, they shall see that which is not of Me, & free the people. The Gaelic psalm-singing will continue, saith the Lord, but with new gusto; for I will pour My Spirit on all those who praise the Lord from the heart.
“Tell all the people of the Presbyterian divides, that I am bringing forth a revival to restore the functions in society which John Knox brought to the Nation, & which has now been undermined, to the detriment of all the nation of Scotland. Scotland shall not remove itself from the United Kingdom. It shall not ne under the English either. It shall ultimately be an equal partner; but it shall not be an equal partner now, saith the Lord. It will be a higher partner; for I am pouring out My Spirit through the Hebrides once more; as you bow your knee to the King of Kings & Lord of Lords, the true nationalist not putting himself under foreign power, under the control of the European Union. Oh no! that is not being a nationalist, but a traitor.
“For at this time, Scotland is to be the higher power in the United Kingdom; but not higher in its own strength, but in the strength of the risen Lord.
“The Christian Party has a major role to play in this, in breaking down the Presbyterian divides, by allowing the Wesleyans & Pentecostals an equal say in the running of the Party. You are not to look down at each other, but look up to Christ. For what are any of your groupings, of you do not look up to Christ?
“For I am calling you to forget the things which are behind; all the heartaches & all the hurts of divide, & move once more into the high calling of God.
“If one sings psalms, & another sings hymns, do not condemn: for it is with the heart we believe unto righteousness.
“This prophecy I am calling to be placed on the Pentecostal Church of Scotland web-site, which I am bringing into being in Scotland as a body that will be a blessing. This is a body free of all the antichrist-infiltrated abuses, that has devastated much of the modern-day Charismatic/ Pentecostal movements. Associate them more with the old-time Keswick movement; Welsh & Hebridean revival movements; old-time mission hall movements. They will move in the gifts of the Holy Ghost, & portray the fruit of the Spirit of God.
“And for those in Scotland who are cessationist, do not condemn; for whatever doctrine you have, without love, it is nothing.
“This movement will portray the love of Christ; not the surface love of modern-day movements, but the convicting love of Christ, that sent the begotten Son of God to the Cross of Calvary.
“For this movement will have preachers preaching the  Cross.
“The time is nigh, saith the Lord. In Wales, I am bringing in anointed men & women of God, to grow the ministry from the foundations you set up, David & Lindsay: firm foundations of God, saith the Lord. And though the gates of hell have tried to prevail against them, you have stood against them in My Name; & even though there has been times you have cried in bed, admitting thy weakness & inability, you have stood with My armour firmly placed upon you , & the gates of hell have not prevailed, & the ministry has grown.
“I am calling those led of My Spirit to come & build from the foundation thou hast set. And yes, there is to be a revival in Wales; but that which is not of Me has to be exposed to the people. The false religion; the altars made with hands; for I tell you, saith the Lord, that Wales must make its stand against materialism & greed amongst its people, & return to having communities who care for each other as in days of old. Chapel Pentecost will bring forth a revival in Wales, based on the background of full surrender to Me.
“And so I am calling thee this day, to remove the rear-guard, action that you must take; defend yourselves gallantly against the accuser of the brethren; & be prepared to hear My word over future actions in Wales.
“I am bringing forth a revival, saith the Lord, to affect the whole of the United Kingdom, My plan being to bring this to the Hebrides, if the people submit to Me. But remember: remove the rear-guard, for I have waiting many forward actions for you to take, once the rear-guard is complete.
“People will be coming to continue the ministry in Wales;
 & you will be part of this too, as you see a chapel built by the A55, where people will witness its meetings around the world.
“But you will be going to & fro between the Hebrides & North Wale, in this end-time harvest of souls. That which is secret in the nation will be exposed, for I have called thee to this great task.
“Primarily, this prophecy has been about Scotland. There will be further word over the building of Chapel Pentecost in Wales, setting the captives free, as well as the great call I have on Jeff & Sue Green, to bring a revival to Wales, through the Proclaiming of Christ’s Lordship , just as I have called the Bible College of Wales into existence in Wales, this will be a revival to bring forth missions to go round the world, with the Every Creature Commission pulsating from its roots, the revival in Scotland having political impact throughout the whole nation, bringing this nation back to God. It will be to North Wales where the people will come, to be trained for the Every Creature Commission, so that the nation once more will be sending out missionaries to the whole world.