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The nation of Kenya plays a major part in the strategy God has given us for reaching African nations, Emmanuel being a Kenyan Minister who with Hiram God has called us to work to build up all true Word of God Ministries in this land to reach out in the Every Creature Commission.
Exodus 15:26 King James Version (KJV)
And said, If thou wilt diligently hearken
to the voice of the Lord thy God,
and wilt do that which is right in his sight,
and wilt give ear to his commandments,
and keep all his statutes,
I will put none of these diseases upon thee,
which I have brought upon the Egyptians:
for I am the Lord that healeth thee.
1 Thessalonians 5:19-21 King James Version (KJV)
Quench not the Spirit.
Despise not prophesyings.
Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.
Word from the Lord through DPG, House Group with Emmanuel, 24/05/12
“The time has come, saith the Lord, to bring this Church into the fullness of My glory; that as you have surrendered to Me….
“For I see you have battled over the past year to overcome every onslaught of the enemy….
“For what these backgrounds have taught you is to rely on Me.
“Those who have given their lives to Christ can speak to the mountain. Deuteronomy 8:18 But I have given you the power to ….My covenant.
“This power I have given unto you; & as you have exposed, saith the Lord, the works of the devil in these commercial versions of the Bible, you have seen that the sales of these versions have gone, not to the on-going proclamation of the Word, but have gone in to the hands of greedy shareholders.
“I call this money accursed, saith the Lord. For all that you do, saith the Lord, should be to My glory. As in My ministry, you have accusers all around you; those who would look to catch you out; those who would look to imprison you, even to the point of taking you to a cross.
“But I am telling you this day, that the things which are past, are past. Do not take into this season the hurts of the old season. For I am preparing you for mighty revival; such will be the anointing, they will cry out ‘Is there mercy for Me? Is there mercy for Me?’ Living a holy life, is not living a religious one.
“They used to look for every false move of the disciples. The Pharisees of the day, in effect pioneered the modern surveillance society; for they watched for more errors than any of your modern-day speeding devices.
“Such as it is with the religious spirit. They look for the specks in others, rather than the planks in their own.
“But I am bringing forth a revival, saith the Lord; & as you start setting the agendas in this town of Colwyn Bay, you start putting back the foundations; for walls without foundations will fall; & as your back garden wall fell down today, let this be an illustration of how the world system is falling today. That which is built on sand shall fall.
“But you have been My wise men, saith the Lord – for there is a great wind & rain coming.
“Prepare ye the way of the Lord; for those built on sand shall fall. For I am the Rock on which the Church is built; & you are My body, partakers of the divine nature. For the earth is to see a great storm. Be not alarmed. Does not My Word cover the great conflagrations of the last days? Does not My Word declare that it shall not come nigh thee?
“For thou shall stand, in the midst of the fire, saith the Lord. Thou shalt stand in the midst of the fire; & those around who know not me shall cry ‘Help me! Help me!’ And in those days, saith the Lord, they shall come begging to thee. But even though a thousand shall fall at thy side, even though ten thousand shall fall at thy right hand, it shall not come nigh thee.
“There shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling.
“For thou shalt trample the works of the devil under thy feet; that through the attacking of the last few years, you might say, ‘I will die young;’ ‘I cannot suffer all of this without death;’ ‘I cannot go on through this persecution & affliction.’
“But I declare unto thee tonight, that whatever attack thou hast been under, with long life I will satisfy you, & show you My salvation.
“But I say unto thee, that there is judgement for thy persecutors; &, as the Egyptian army persecuted My chosen people – for they were slain at the rising of the rod of the prophet.
“But I declare with the prophet of old, that thy persecutors shall stumble; they shall not prevail. They shall be greatly ashamed. They shall not prosper. Their everlasting confusion shall never be forgotten.
“For I am bringing judgement on those that persecute thee. For as you lift up your rod of authority, so shall those who come after thee be drowned in the midst of their own confusion.
“For I am declaring to thee, that thou must declare, ‘Even so, come, Lord Jesus.’ For I am waiting that word to come; & though you look for Me in the north, south, east & west, I am coming at a time to meet thee in the air; & so you will say, ‘I am heading for my mansion in the sky, to be forever with Thee.’
“And so the books shall be opened, saith the Lord; & those who have remained faithful will have their names in the Lamb’s Book of Life;
“Those who have stood against (?) adversity, those who have not bowed down to the demonic system will not have their names removed from the Lamb’s Book of Life.
“For I am coming soon, saith the Lord.
“Tell the people here something very, very important: do not be at all distracted. Live by My Spirit continuously. Do not be alarmed by what you see. Do not be moved by how you feel, but await My Word, which will be revelation from deep within.
Word for Kenya through DPG
“You have a mountain in the centre of Kenya, where demonic stuff (Satanic stronghold – Mount Kenya).
“I bind that spirit, in the Name of Jesus. This is known as a fire spirit. I see worship of fire – fire god. The Lord is showing me this spirit. This is a throne of Satan – he is appearing as a dragon in this place. They are gathering to worship Satan – natives walk through fire – go through Satanic rituals. In the Name of Jesus, I call this to an end. Satanic rituals I call to fail in the Name of Jesus. I call an end to the sacrificing of children. I call an end to the eating of human flesh.
“Cave inside the mountain – this is their high point. Davil, you are defeated, in the Name of Jesus.
[Mt. Kenya is an ancient extinct volcano]
“I expose what is going on at Mt. Kenya, in the Name of Jesus – government officials are taking part in this fire, & suppressing the people through fear & oppression.
“I bind it - & expose every government official.
“I have this devil on the phone line – “you appear before me, devil.” He can’t, because he is bound.
“Let the people go! I remove fear – revival to come to the Church – Holy Ghost to convict, save, set the people free.
“Get ready for Holy Ghost meetings in Kenya, saith the Lord. Get ready for the …. to go out, saith the Lord. For I have brought My Rees Howells to thy presence. Thou must support him, for from the College there went out Christian missionaries to Africa.
“Get ready for mission trips. Sort your lives, & get ready.
“And the devil would say to Ken: ‘you can’t be a part of this. Your time is short.’ But the Lord would say, ‘With long life I will satisfy thee. Be not afraid, for I am with thee, My rod & staff comfort thee.’
“For this is the return of the Lord.
“Mt. Kenya is highest in Kenya; second highest after Kilimanjaro, in Africa. We are speaking life into that area.
“Emmanuel, this new season is to be a much bigger season – as you expand your tent-pegs…expect signs & wonders, miracles. Beware of the Jezebel – don’t allow personal ministry to take place in your Church; no “little group;” I have ordained anointed ministers. They must protect those I have ordained into office – mustn’t be burdened by the house church attack.
“I have ordained prophets & apostles – not to be in huddles, but to be perfected by the prophets & apostles to…go out, & preach the Word in & out of season.
“I bind the spirit of Antichrist, looking to question the leadership -  I speak the anointing on Emmanuel & Hiram, in their respective fellowships.
“For I have been anointed (by the Lord) to blast the attack on your fellowships.
“For I have come to bring life - & as the people respect the ordained leadership, so they will be set free.
“I see a woman come into your fellowship – with black & grey hair – trying to take away the people by her ministry – Jezebel.
“I cast you out, thou woman Jezebel.
“I see there have been those falling by the wayside…bind spirit of lust , pornography, extra-marital sex, etc. which the Jezebel does bring through her life of chaos.  Those drawn into homosexuality – all sorts going on in your area – paedophilia.
“I am bringing forth Holy Ghost revival, but before that, I must remove that not of Me.
“Mighty revival throughout Kenya; & as we have taken out the fire-god, saith the Lord, so the rains will return, & the fertile land (famine will go).
“The Lord told David to look up something. The Kikuyu tribes built their houses towards the mountain because they thought that was where God lived.
“This mountain is the throne of Satan over the nation. I am declaring tonight…Satan has been removed.
“Now, we have put out the fire of the devil tonight.
“March 2012 – great fire there, destroying forest.
To Emmanuel:
“I am taking you to great things, saith the Lord. When you return, you will see the manifestation of My glory.
“…we have together removed the mountain of oppression over Kenya – it seemed you could not get anywhere – but the mountain has been removed.”
Emmanuel’s Witness re Kenya:
Kikuyu – Mau-Mau – bloodshed – independence – quiet for many years. Early 1990s, a movement emerged, taking people back to the worship of Mount Kenya – included powerful politicians. Sacrifices were offered – human sacrifices!
“Kenya was being re-dedicated back to the enemy. Great bloodshed, every General Election. Last time, people in Churches met to pray against that.
“Big fire early 2012. Control always from Mount Kenya – appease gods because of leadership of Kenya.”