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Word from the Lord through

David P Griffiths, 15/12/14


“I give thee thy strategy for bringing all of India into the gospel, the states of India being wide open to receive from the Lord. And I am telling thee to reach every creature in India, & I’m giving thee the strategy to do it.

“The strategy for reaching India is exactly the same as what thou art doing now; but there are specific things which thou art to do in relation to India, like there is specific things which thou art to do in relation to all the countries of the world.

“So, in each country, there is a particular rhema word, which thou art to wait on in relation to activity. As always, I refer you to the Every Creature Commission, in Jeremiah 1:10, Matthew 28 & Mark 16, with reference to Isaiah 61. All of these apply.

“Within the context of India, the context of the six-fold commission of Jeremiah is very appropriate.

“Let Me deal with Hinduism first. I deal with the issue of equality. Now, the Roman Catholic Church, which is very active in India, has no equality. There are priests & lay people. In Hinduism, there is the caste system. So the concept of a crucified Saviour, begotten of God, giving His life for them – now, this is the crucial point – the poorest of the poor can be a joint heir with Christ.

“So, the equality strategy is very important here. The poorest caste can be as Him. Indeed, in Biblical Christianity, it is far easier for the poorest caste to receive, than the richest ones.

“Now, that comes right against the ethos & culture of governmental India, the poor saying, ‘I am rich’ & the weak saying, ‘I am strong.’ There is no gospel like the gospel thou art portraying; for thou art using My purified Word, with the blood of the martyrs upon it.

“Now, the work of the Bible Societies has been devastating on the people of India. For they brought in a word denying the very deity of Christ; & deity is very important in India. To become a joint heir with Christ, & partaker of His divine nature, enables the believer to stand against those gods you faced, David, in Andhra Pradesh.

 “India is very much open spiritual warfare. As thou hast witnessed, the gods will appear before you & challenge you. But these gods, who are overpowering the vast majority of what are known as Christians in India, is because of the work of the Bible Societies, the Roman Catholic Church, & Vaticanus, Sinaiticus & Alexandrinus.

“Now, this is the key for you taking India. How many ministries do I have which are solely the received Text – Textus Receptus? Tell Me, how many do I have? Why are you so special to Me for taking India? You see, you preach the message of those being born again, being as Me. Those Hindu gods then have to bow the knee; even to the poorest of the poorest caste. For as you remove the effects of work of the Bible Societies, according to Jeremiah 1:10; as you remove Vaticanus, Sinaiticus & Alexandrinus in favour of the Received Text, you are perfecting the Indian people to stand against those gods, David, that appeared at the end of your bed to torment & control you.

“Those gods will know the text you have, for they are afraid of it.

“You & your ministry team will move in phenomenal power in the country of India. You will clear the railway stations of the crippled bodies. Expect such a harvest. The harvest will be phenomenal.

“Warn your ministry colleagues in India of the work of the Bible Societies. Warn them strong. Warn them that the Word thou art giving them is that of the blood of the martyrs. Tell them to check out verses in their Tamil Bibles, their Telegu Bibles, & so on. Tell them you are coming into India with the blood-bought Word of God, & that India shall be saved, with the preaching of My Word, & - wait for this – with phenomenal signs & wonders following.

“Now, tell this to your team. I have a particular word for Margaret Dransfield: The way you were on the ‘On Fire’ programme is the way I want you; speaking with great authority & power. For I have called thee into India as a crucial team member. For that is what everyone in your team is – a crucial team member.

“You see, it is vital that people see your team as a team of equals, which is what the joint heir with Christ message is all about; what John 17 is all about – ‘that they may be one, as we are one.’ This is the perfecting of the saints.

 “This is a very crucial message in India. Let this be known to the Christian television channels operating in India.

“Prepare to take India.

“Now, when I talk of signs & wonders, I am talking of the greater things. You will witness the greater things, far higher than I witnessed in My earthly ministry. For you understand with the power of the resurrection. You have been lifted high above principality & power. In My earthly ministry, the devil was yet to be defeated. You operate in My name, with the defeat of the devil well & truly established in My Word. The devil’s defeat is not established in Vaticanus, Sinaiticus & Alexandrinus. It is not there.

“The Word you have is of the co-existent, co-equal Godhead, not in Vaticanus, Sinaiticus & Alexandrinus.

“So you have the Word of God that is pure, holy; that brings the poorest of the poor opportunity to be joint heir with Christ.

“I am honour bound that once the purified Word is preached, I am honourbound to produce signs & wonders that your human comprehension cannot come near.

“There will be great empowerment of the Holy Ghost on the people to be witnesses for Me – massive empowerment. This is so massive, the millions in India will receive this Christ, the true Christ Jesus, rather than the other Jesus they have been offered through the work of the Bible Societies, who promote Vaticanus, Sinaiticus & Alexandrinus.

“So India is on My agenda.

Now, I want to talk to ministries thou art affiliated with. First of all, to Bethel in San Diego: I am pleased with thee, saith the Lord; as I intimated through My prophet, I am not only pleased with thee, I am well pleased with thee. For thy ministry is one of the few that has resisted the change of modernism. Resist fully the words of Vaticanus, Sinaiticus & Alexandrinus. They preach another Jesus. What thou hast, is the Received Text. Cherish this Word; for with this Word I have given thee authority to reach every creature with the gospel.

“In thy building, thou has a map showing the nations thou hast ministered into. Thou hast associated thyselves with the suffering Church, & have given unto ministries who battle day by day to overcome unbelievable odds. Thou hast been faithful to the cause of the gospel. Thou hast given faithfully, not only financially, but also with your lives, honouring Me by being prepared to go to dangerous places.

“I have seen your sacrifice, saith the Lord. I have seen that you are prepared to go all the way. I have heard the intercession led of My Spirit, for a revival so great, to impact even those of materialistic America.

“But thou has been prepared to give to the poor; even those laying down on the streets of San Diego, with no place to go, the Isaiah 61 commission pulsating from your hearts.

“Yes, there have been those coming in, trying to organise you into the thinking of man. But thou hast resisted the influence of the Emerging Church. Thou hast said ‘No’ to the illogicality & compromise.

“But, like with whom you call ‘The Wild Man,’ I am taking thee higher, to move in this higher plane I, through the ‘Wild Man,’ described on that Sunday morning at Bethel.

“Expect to move in that higher plane. There have been those who have tried to keep thee low with their logicality; but I have heard thy cry for higher ground.

“Oh yes, Bethel! Expect the higher ground. My prophet stood beside thee, Donna, & heard the cry of your heart! Expect the higher ground.

“Billy – your heart for the youth be so much a part of this higher ground teaching. For through you shall come a revival through the boxing community. America is famous for its boxing community. This gospel can reach the heart of the boxing community today. Can you believe on a Las Vegas revival? Oh yes, I have plans for America too. For there is a call of My Spirit to reach the sporting community of America.

David P Griffiths with son of Archie Moore - Billy Moore
Billy is carrying on the mantle of born again Christian Champion Archie Moore

“All this is to happen, saith the Lord. But it is to come through those who are considered the poorest of the poor. For the effects of the Emerging Church have been overcome. The intercession has been gained at Fuller & Saddleback, so that the heart of Fuller’s founder can be restored, not only in California, but in the whole of America; in the whole of the world. For I brought the Rees Howells man to Fuller so that both visions of the Every Creature Commission can be brought into one vision to reach the whole world.

 “And I am just talking about India today, the specifics of India. For step by step, I will give specifics for every country & situation in the world.

“Now, let Me come to your ministry base in Asia. This is very important, for thou hast already set up the media studio, which I have plans to increase. Here, thou will make television programmes with the team which the apostle at Bellwood has built up.

“Emphasise again the importance of exposing Vaticanus, Sinaiticus & Alexandrinus, & the work of the Bible Societies. This is crucial for taking Asia.

“Now, I will speak of Sri Lanka another time. I am talking of India today. But before this, I want to establish a few things at Bellwood:-

“Thou has shown Me your determination to go all the way. So much has come against thee; & I understand what you are going through just now; & I will never leave thee nor forsake thee.

“For I have brought thee together; for you must understand that there is understanding of thy situation in the prophetic ministry in Wales. There is a passion to work with thee; but there is a move on now to take thee out of the suffering season. For I have told My prophet, when he comes to the College, to preach on the higher plane.

“Now, he knows you do this already. But I am talking of a higher plane. For I am talking of thy students, with their heart of sacrifice, being taken to such a place of surrender that they are lifted up to fearlessly preach the gospel, from such a position that wherever they go, souls will be saved, healed & delivered. 

“Now, My Word is at stake here. For this affiliation thou hast with the Bible College of Wales - & understand this is a true affiliation in God, for thy founding documents are identical to each other; which is why I have specifically told them in Wales not to accept the pressure to found a new charity under new founding documents. That is not My will at all, but a move of the devil.

“Both ministries have had demonic attack in relation to the letter of the law. But that was never the way I established these founding documents, which is why the ministry in Wales & the ministry in Sri Lanka have overcome letter of the law attacks. For these documents are of the spirit


rather than the letter. ‘Not by might, nor by power; not by regulation or by policy, but by My Spirit,’ saith the Lord.

“Thou hast stood together over many years; & now I am calling thee closer together. I see Christine & her family having suffered; & they too are a part of all My move. Their suffering has brought reliance on Me, as it has in Wales. This is the whole heart of the Mount Carmel College; & is not the name of this College significant?

“For I have called thee up, saith the Lord, to take the nations of the world. As in San Diego, My apostle at Bellwood is much travelled.

“Now, My topic today has been about India; but My overall vision is to reach every creature; yes, every creature. Can you see it now, coming together? The key is to be aware of the Bible Societies & their work undermining true Christianity. These societies, aligned with the Emerging Church, have done much damage. But thou art called to be the repairer of the breach.

“Oh, I have talked about India today. But be prepared, as the years go on, to hear of all the countries in the world.”