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Word from the Lord through

David P Griffiths, 01/01/15

“The Idol of New Year”

“Satan devised the calendar so that the world might observe what he wants them to. So people physically see the first of January, & they say, ‘Happy New Year’ at a time when people become optimistic about the future, forget the past, & set up resolutions to behave in a different manner than before.

“All this has come because of a physical calendar date, the god of this world having the whole world, in this context, under his control.

“My true Church, however, has none of this. The sons of God are led by the Spirit of God, faith being the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen, the true Christian being led of the Spirit, rather than that of a physical phenomena.

“What you must point out to people, is a warning that as the world sees a year, it is not going to be a good one, particularly as under Satan’s plan, governments place the economy as top of their agendas, there being a UK General Election when the issue of the Spirit will be the saving of the innocents.

“You see, the love of money is the root of all evil, & if that is number one on the agenda of the people, it is going to be a very, very bad – as they see it – year indeed.

“The Christian cannot say ‘Happy New Year’ in this context, whilst millions of babies are being slaughtered from the womb, whilst the economy is given first position; & that they should even contemplate assisted dying.

“For as a nation sows into Satan’s agenda, so the nation will be destroyed itself. So how can you say, ‘Happy New Year’ to people, when indeed this is far from the truth? However, there is a place far above all these circumstances, which is where thy revealed teaching comes in: on positional truth, the baptism of fire, & being aware of the dogs looking to bring you into Satan’s agenda, motivated by what people see on the calendar.

“It has never been My will to reduce the world’s population, that through manufactured diseases that Satan is having a heyday with. In this context comes the massive signs & wonders I have previously told you about. For as the god of this world looks to decrease the world’s population, it is My will for increase. They say this, & they say that, about the world’s resources; but the truth is, the world is well big enough to sustain a bigger population; that is, if sin is dealt with. The fish of the sea will return to the shores of Britain with abundant supply, if politicians place Me first, as they are obligated to do in the Constitution; if the monarch would lead days of repentance & prayer, & renounce multi-faith in favour of the only religion in Britain established by law, which she is obligated by law to do.

“For if these things do not take place, there is to be the famines & destructions I warn about in My Word. You cannot say, ‘Happy New Year’ to people in the world in this context, because it ain’t going to be one.

“However, for those walking in heavenly places in Christ Jesus, this is not just a ‘Happy New Year,’ as the world says. This is a joyous walk, for in it one tramples down principalities & powers, who are under your control. It is a place of peace, & reliance on God; & let Me tell you this: it is a place of a joyous eternity, rather than the devil’s lie of being a Happy New Year for those in the world.

“You see, from this place one tramples on the enemy, his plots & his devices. Prepare now to make great strides. Prepare thy ministry to be flexible & available. Added equipment will be needed, like vehicles. You will need staff, for thou art being put into position to bring a joyous eternity for sinners to be soundly saved, away from the motivations of the god of this world, who controls populations through the calendar, whereas My true Church is motivated by the Spirit, rather than that which is seen through physical sight.

“So, it is a joyous eternity in Jesus’ name that is proclaimed, whereas the world is left with its calendar, its policies of reducing populations. Whereas you bring life to the world; for instead of having a political agenda of the economy first, you have the opportunity to proclaim the pre-eminence of Christ Jesus, of His name alone, whereas the calendar depicts men of the dogmas of this world, & spirits with the motivation of death rather than life.”