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With the Mayan Prophecies apparently predicting the apocalypse on 21st. December 2012 we can come to the true scriptures and declare no man knows the hour or the day of the Lord's Return.
What the Believer does have to do is watch for the signs ..... surely the time is near for the Coming of the Lord.
Exodus 15:26 King James Version (KJV)
And said, If thou wilt diligently hearken
to the voice of the Lord thy God,
and wilt do that which is right in his sight, and wilt give ear to his commandments,
and keep all his statutes,
I will put none of these diseases upon thee,
which I have brought upon the Egyptians:
for I am the Lord that healeth thee.
1 Thessalonians 5:19-21 King James Version (KJV)
Quench not the Spirit.
Despise not prophesyings.
Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.
Word from the Lord through DPG, 30/12/11
“There are rumours of wars at this time, in relation to the Middle East; there being a suppression of news on the Iranian issue. In Iran itself, there is great disquiet, & indeed, there is great judgement in that land, over its attitude towards My Church.
“My Church is growing in Iran, & the gates of hell shall not prevail against it; & there are much rumours in relation to whether “Israel” will take out nuclear facilities; much rumours in relation to the transportation of the world’s goods; as to whether or not Western powers will come in to secure safe passage for their goods.
“For I am telling you this: these are simply the signs of the times. Actual wars, & rumours of wars, as there is in Syria; as there has been in Libya – for there is a volatility around the Mediterranean Sea. So, be aware that these are the signs of the times. Be aware that now is the time for the build-up of the Antichrist. Even now, there are many antichrists, as you have been exposing; the so-called “Church” in thy nation, sleeping * not being on its watch.
“The Anglican so-called “Church” in thy nation is an abomination to Me. Its role as the national Church was to ensure the monarch keep her promises to God; yet she has been involved in a war against the innocents of the womb; for constitutionally, she has never been allowed to sign acts of Parliament that bring death to innocents. And this war is a war that the Church in thy nation should have really exposed.
“It is your role in prophet-hood to expose the sin of the nation, in having a war against innocents that has brought a curse upon thy nation. Day after day, innocents get slaughtered, in this war against human flesh. Day after day, man lies with man, & woman lies with woman, preventing the growth of the human body,
“Thy nation is under a curse. For this curse to be removed, there needs to be national repentance, & a complete reformation of the national Church.
“Cry aloud & spare not, My children. This country is also at war against its very own constitution. You have made a stand, & are about to enter a year where there will be great interest in the monarch of thy land; & great interest in what you have to say about her obligation before God.
“The summaries you have worked on; what are commonly called “bullet-points,” will really hit thy nation. For the monarch is under obligation to stop the war against the innocents; to stop the lying of man with man & woman with woman. For she, in her oath before Me, promised to keep the laws of God, which clearly do not allow such activity.
“The monarch was also not permitted to allow foreign infiltration into thy legal & political systems; which thou hast found easy to prove.
“But there is an area which you need to bring out powerfully; & that is her promise to propagate the Protestant Reformed religion established by law; & to remove all Catholicism from the monarchy. That is law. Thy nation is aware it is law; & Government, in its attempt to remove this law, are violating the very promises the monarch gave to Me.
“It is your opportunity to warn the nation of its disobedience before God.
“The nation has become a sitting duck for Babylon to take it over.
“Thy nation has suffered the impact of successive governments who have not honoured the promises the monarch has given unto God, thus making the nation unstable; the people restless & afraid; the only solution being repentance of the nation before God, revival being the Rhema Word in December, & not Christmas. They go through their old routines of religion, & fail to hear from God. They laugh at My Word, & are now about to pay the consequences of such disobedience; the consequences being found in Deuteronomy 28; thy nation being vulnerable in a world of wars & rumours of wars.
“And as you see, you are to have a great year, rising above the tide of evil in thy nation. You are to walk under divine protection, in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus. You have dynamic Word given to thee in relation to the pulling down of strongholds. The preaching of My Word is to be vitally important. The warnings you give to the nation, vitally important; & as the build-up to the Olympics occurs, be aware of world-wide instability, of wars & rumours of wars.
“As the world looks to London, with its exhibition of games that originated in the land of philosophy, & obscure spiritual thought, thy nation will be seen to be under a curse, for not obeying Me; for going after games of the world, rather than keeping its own promises before God.
“So, teach the people to climb the hill of the Lord; leave aside the principles of this world, & walk in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus.
“This is the message of God.”

Word from the Lord through DPG, 14/01/15
“They are Gathering 
around the Plains of Megiddo”

“The armies of the world are gathering. Now you might say, ‘Where are they?’ The answer is, ‘Everywhere.’ Secularism is fighting the people of God. 

Secularism took on the Word of God, & devised a plot to take the Word of God out of the hands of those who attend places of worship, whether they be called church, chapel or mission hall – or assembly, replacing the Word with the codices of Egypt, so that now you have a bloodless gospel, no conviction, no repentance, only the jollification of movements once controlled by Me, but now under the banner of the Emerging Church.

“Instead of bringing up children on the Word of God & the training & nurture of the Lord, endless hours are spent by young people, fighting wars with their computer games; with Western nations, instead of banning this practice, embracing it, so that these wars can go on all over the world.

“A whole generation, instead of being brought up on the Word of God, have been brought up fighting wars on their computers & consoles.

“There is, therefore, wars going on all over the world, & the term ‘cyber war’ has come to the fore. So what Lucifer has done, is build a whole network of war, with computer games, all over the world.

“Within this context, hackers can take over governments, & it has reached the point that it is with those who can handle computers who are fighting these new wars.

“But through this computer era, the people have been betrayed. Information is no longer private. Family members are betraying family members, through what they can find out about each other on the internet. And so, there are cyber wars going on all over the world, with family wars going on, & betrayals; & there is a world a step higher from this. There exist super-search stations, which can find out so much information about people, that nations have become divided against each other. Great institutions are at risk that were set up with a heart of sacrifice. These once-great institutions, like the NHS in Britain, instead of spending its money on bringing health, is constantly defending itself
from the compensation culture, binding itself up with extreme policies & procedures, that they cannot get on to bring in top quality service to its patients in A & E.

“A & E departments are overflowing because of these wars going on. Stress levels are hitting a new record, because the reality is, a kingdom divided against itself cannot stand.

“But there is a small pocket of people who forgive, & love, & preach My Word; not the compromised Word of the Emerging Church, but the old-fashioned gospel with the King James Bible. Conviction, repentance, the blood, warnings of hellfire, are well & truly in the vocabulary of My true Church. They are tiny in number. They are not part of establishment that builds altars made with hands. They do not gather in secret lodge rooms, plotting the good works policies of man, within established Christendom. They do none of this. For this is My Church triumphant.

“And as the path to Megiddo is clearly on, with wars & rumours of wars, it is interesting to note that secular France was overshadowed by events not far from the Megiddo plains. Bodies from the conflagration of France were taken to a little land of the Middle East. Manifesting the cyber war in the natural, men took lives of other men, great focus moving from Europe to a land not far from the plains of Megiddo.

“You see, the armies are gathering around these plains, nations who slaughter their innocents standing strong against terrorism in their own self-righteousness. Terrorists see the hypocrisy & want to take it on. Tensions mount within nations, with the compensation culture destroying once-great institutions, & family life, with nations destroying each other by constantly reporting each other to the legal institutions.

“Thine own ministry has suffered as a consequence of all of this; & so, there are armies gathering around the Megiddo plain. And almost unnoticed by the world, is this remnant Church, unaffected by the commercialism of Christendom. As the Saviour gave His life, so this remnant is prepared to give its life for another. It is standing triumphant in spite of all the attacks against it. This Church, of which the gates of hell cannot prevail, is moving on triumphantly, despite all the attacks against it.

“I tell you, that instead of all the computer games, this Church holds the sword of My Spirit, its Word being blood-bought; & when this Church preaches My Word, great signs & wonders confirm the Word. This Church is walking the heavenly places. It is the Church of no compromise. The true Word is preached. Signs confirm.

“And as the armies gather around Megiddo, this tiny army is ready for the coming of the Lord; & like Noah, is holding out its hand to the lost. This is the Church triumphant, awaiting the coming of the Lord.

“The armies are gathering. The Lord is saying, ‘Come unto Me, all ye who labour & are heavy laden. I will give you rest.’

“The day of the Lord draweth nigh. Be excited; for I come. In this short period of time, bring in the harvest of souls bound up by this end-time apostasy. This is your preparation time. For a short period of time is being given thee, as the devil has reached the people with his cyber wars that mean death; then an even shorter time is being given thee, to reach every creature with the gospel.

“Make haste, therefore, for the might harvest is here, before the great & coming day of the Lord.”