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More people came to the Lord in the 20th. century through the ministry of Rees Howells Snr. and Jnr. and the Bible College of Wales 
(now Continuing in Rhos On Sea).

The cry from this College was and is The Every Creature Commission. Here is what the Lord is saying today .........

Exodus 15:26 King James Version (KJV)

And said, If thou wilt diligently hearken
to the voice of the Lord thy God,
and wilt do that which is right in his sight,
and wilt give ear to his commandments,
and keep all his statutes,
I will put none of these diseases upon thee,
which I have brought upon the Egyptians:
for I am the Lord that healeth thee.

1 Thessalonians 5:19-21 King James Version (KJV)

Quench not the Spirit.
Despise not prophesyings.
Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.

Word from the Lord through DPG, 14/06/12

“This is a command, & not a request. It is paramount in these last days you reach every creature with the gospel.

“Now, you are having to believe for a lot of funding at this stage, for not only is the College to be paid for, but also the building & equipping of all the radio & television studios, Chapel Pentecost on the A55, & also, outreach chapels throughout North & Mid Wales at this stage, to where students can go & pioneer, with the Spirit-led heart of those who set landmarks in the past.
“In addition, the Pentecostal Church of Scotland is to be set up; to restore the passions of true Christianity to Scotland, & to remove the dead religious form, that involves going through a set form service, that has no fruit whatsoever; for the letter of the law killeth, & the Spirit giveth life.

“True, you can run an appeal by producing a booklet, both on-line & printed, to send out, with the projects God is calling you to fulfil. This will be an update of a previous booklet, explaining the callings God has given you.

“My apostle has gone out & put the spirits to rest in the place appointed, the truth being that the term “rest” is not in the earthly sense; indeed, just the opposite to the earthly sense. For they have been placed screaming in torment, by the power of the risen Christ.

“You may go confidently forward. My Spirit is bringing conviction all over North Wales at this time, to be followed by Mid Wales, & then the South, with My apostle shouting the intercession of the Lord in strategic places as I lead.
“There is a move of My Spirit so vast – get a hold of it! Tell the spirits of Bangor they have no place here. For I have come that the people may have life, & life in abundance.

“Tell the modern-day lawmakers they are placing far too much burden on the people.

“Look to reduce regulations by half as soon as possible, with the nation relying on God, dealing with the planks in government eyes, rather than the specks in the eyes of the potential law-abiding people. For in Britain, with all the pages of law, which the ordinary person has never studied, most people break these laws every day, out of sheer ignorance.

Then the Crown Prosecution Service quote their cases of victory, without giving heed as to whether these cases have been consistent with the oath to God of the monarch, which demands that the philosophy of law-making be consistent with the Protestant Reformed religion established by law; & that My prophet has found cases of foreign power influencing law-making, & in decisions by judges who should have given heed to the promise of the monarch, rather than what European legislation has had to say, this legislation being illegal in the 1534 Act of Supremacy, restored by Elizabeth I, who within the Elizabethan Settlement, gave rights to the clergy of the realm , to ensure the Constitution is kept to.
“And so, you are to continue teaching about the British Constitutional Acts, & how they are to be applied in society.

“And so, it is not by might, or by power, but by My Spirit, saith the Lord. By all means, release an appeal through thy booklet, printed & on-line, so that people can share the vision, & be led of the Lord, & given heartily unto Me.
“Tell them of the threatening thou hast been under, using the Scripture verse which relates to this. Tell of the battlegrounds you have had to face; for this is what I have done in My Word, in relation to the early Church; & so you must do, in relation to what has happened in the reproach, & what is now happening in the going forward.

“By all means, invite people to give their best gift; but what I have called you to do, is proclaim to the people to give heartily to the Lord. That is My Word: the Lord loves a cheerful giver.

“And as you go forward in the strength & power of My Spirit, all authority has been given unto you – I say, all authority. For I have restored a great mantle through My apostle. I have given direction through My prophet. For once more I have brought apostle together with prophet, to set forth the foundations of a College ministry; the apostle having been anointed & appointed, through the ministry of Rees Howells, that the message of the Every Creature Commission be fulfilled now at this time.

“Be prepared for this move of My Spirit. Be prepared for the glory of the Lord to manifest. Be prepared, in My appeal to the people to not only give of their resources; not only give heartily unto the Lord; but also to consider before God whether they should move from their house, & obey the principles of the hundredfold, & place their whole self before God, so as to fulfil the demands of the Every Creature Commission.”

Word from the Lord through DPG, 05/10/12

“When I create, I create. I am not the God of just enough. I am the God that is more than enough. More than enough means as it says. How many stars are there? Man has come nowhere near as to gaining knowledge of all of My creation.

“The scientist thinks he is clever; but they come nowhere near to understanding the vastness of My creation.

“Likewise, when it comes to the building of My Church, the gates of hell come nowhere near to grasping its vastness. My Church is the Church of Galatians 2:20, where faith if the faith of the Son of God. Man has tried to manufacture this faith, & has built counterfeit churches in so doing; but this Galatians 2:20 Church is so much greater than what man can achieve.

“I hear thee discussing, Should you be in Wales? Should you be in the Hebrides? What I am building here is so much more massive than what a narrow discussion can bring. I am building My Church. The gates of hell cannot prevail against it.

“You are in the preparation stage of a massive move of God. This practice of setting up a studio & a college, with the studios all together in intercession, in other words, through thy technology bringing them together to intercede & pray together, stand together, support each other. There is to be none of this betrayal which thou hast witnessed in Wales, where there has been those coming in, looking to force their own agendas, & take you out, even to bankruptcy & prison, so that they can achieve their pagan aims.

“You are right, Lindsay, in facing the Jezebel; not just this one, but there are many antichrists around; & you will face them; not just the antichrists, but the strong men of cities & states. For I am taking thee to India to face strong men; & they will quake in their spiritual feet. You will tell them that the stronger man has overcome the strong man, & that they are to give back what they have stolen.

“Now, as regards to this move of God: I have not changed. What thou hast built here in My Name, shall increase. I have given word about building in the Hebrides; now I am going to give further word. This further word is so vast.

“Now, you have the countries from Sri Lanka to Tibet. Thou art to face strong men. Thou art to go to particular places of the enemy, & remove his resources, take out his activity, to bring the conditions for real revival.

“Now Lindsay, thou in My Name are to face the strong men of India. You are to look them in the face, & remove all their resources. Remember what they have stolen from the people of India, through their wicked caste system? Well, it is time for the gods of India to bow to the Name of Jesus.

“Thou will go to particular shrines of India, face the enemy; & in each state of India, thou art to plant this college & studio. For I am building My Church, & I am more than enough.

“So be prepared, in thy business plan, to cover every state of India. So be prepared for vastness in reaching the whole wide world with the gospel.
“Now, you have got shoots growing in Asia, & in Africa. Thou will hear from South America in relation to what I am going to do there; & also from all Commonwealth nations. For if thou is going to carry the banner, ‘The Every Creature Commission,’ thou must understand the vastness of how God operates. The gates of hell cannot prevail against the Church.

“In My Name, thou must open wide the gates for the King of Glory to come in; to take over the building of the intercessor, & declare ‘The earth is the Lord’s, & the fullness thereof.’

“Get ready for vastness of the God who is more than enough.
“This must be thy preparation.”

Word from the Lord through
Rev Dr David P Griffiths,
Chapel Pentecost, Pendalar, 17/03/13
(Tongues and Interpretation)

“Thus saith the Lord: this is the hour of the Lord’s coming – this is the year of the Lord’s coming.

“Do not look back – go forward, saith the Lord. Be filled with My Spirit, saith the Lord.

“Even now, they bow their knee to the Antichrist. Even now, they bow their knees to the idol Mary; their Mary not being the Mary of Bethlehem & of Nazareth; but their Mary is one whom they present as an antichrist, to whom they pray to bring in the order of the Antichrist.

“You are to expose the idol Mary wherever you go – as an idol. Does it not say in My Word, worship no one but Me? Does it not say in My Word to pray to the Father in the name of Jesus?

“Not only am I filling you with My Holy Ghost, to fulfil My last-day command; I am filling you with fire – oh yes, the fire is to fall upon you as you speak My Word.

“No holding back now – My command is to go forward, preach the gospel to every creature - & I am holding you responsible for this.

“For if you say you are crucified with Christ, then you have the mind of Christ, which is to go into the whole world & preach the gospel – My Isaiah 61 command.

“As to building up waste places, your country too has become one because of your (Britain’s) denial of Me.

“You are My remnant to build up this waste place. That is why I am putting you in the seats of government like I did with David and Solomon – I have not changed.

“I have called you to meet with heads of state, to build up waste places all over the world.

“This anointing you carry to build up waste places will build up Zimbabwe, & the television station you are building in Kenya will broadcast into Zimbabwe & have special Zimbabwe programmes. You see, Antichrist is already defeated through the blood of Christ.

“My Word declares that already many antichrists have come. Such is one in Zimbabwe.

“I am calling you to start the Christian Party in Zimbabwe, where you will appoint the anointed to be head of state in Zimbabwe, & help him build up the waste places. And that land will be a Christian country, saith the Lord. And just as Rees Howells became responsible at that time for Ethiopia, I call thee My intercessors to be responsible for Zimbabwe, where many Christians are persecuted. I am laying the responsibility on you to set them free in My Name, for the Christ is higher than the Antichrist. Expect great displays of miracles, signs & wonders.

“Stay in this place of complete reliance on Me – complete confidence in Me. Have no doubts.

“These miracles are going to follow you all over the world, as you preach as My empty vessels.

“This is the empowerment anointing.
“Acts 2:17-21.”

Word from the Lord through DPG, 12/09/13
 “Go ye into the whole world; preach the gospel to every creature.
“This is My over-riding message to thee.
“This intercession house in the Hebrides must be completed.
“Lindsay, you are to administrate this. Have people from all over the world coming to fill these vacancies.
“There is a mighty move of My Spirit which is upon thee to fulfil these purposes of God.
“Let Me tell you: the gates of hell shall not prevail against thee. Thou shalt move in power, & the glory of God is upon thee, to fulfil My purposes.
“Behold, I am with you always; & as thou art building a studio in Rhos, so shall thou build a studio in Stornoway.
“My call has gone out around the world to those who are led by My Spirit to join thee. The heavy burden of load is off thee. Reaching every creature is the over-riding call, & the Spirit of the Lord is moving upon thee.
“After thou hast completed the Hebrides & Wales, thou shalt now set up in Kenya.
“Be of good cheer; be of good cheer. The doors are open wide to thee. The Every Creature Commission, reaching every creature, is the great message I have given thee.
“Thou art sacrificing all to reach every creature. Thou art strong in Me, to fulfil these great purposes of God.”

Word from the Lord to DPG, 27/07/14
ecctv Shalom Intercession Programme, Sunday pm
“For thus saith the Lord: ‘I am He that liveth, that liveth and was dead; and behold, I am alive for evermore.’ For I have called thee to this place at this time to fulfil the purposes of God; to speak out that which is right in My sight. I have called thee to expose the confuser - and I am to go along that line today.

“The confuser has come, not only to kill, steal and destroy, but also bring confusion. This confusion has brought about the conditions for men and women to give away movements. One such man confused was Samuel Rees Howells; confused by all the situation which was around him. There were those looking to bring in false translations; those looking to bring the Bible College of Wales under false leadership; leadership to move the movement astray. The same which had happened at the Fuller Seminary, Pasadena, California, was happening at the Bible College of Wales. The passion for mission was replaced by those looking to bring in Higher Criticism, around which has come the evil of the Emerging Church.

“The intercession which I have called thee to today has been all about returning movements to their rightful owners, these owners being those who are blood-washed; owners who, like Elijah and the early apostles, gave up their all to follow Me.

“I am calling movements back all over the world to My remnant, who are called to take back these movements under My anointing, for those who have stolen from Me must now pay the price, saith the Lord.

“For I have been preparing My remnant, and this is why they must prepare to come out of their caves. My remnant has been called to take back the stolen resources from the higher critics, those who have brainwashed lost souls with the evil of Higher Criticism.

“For I am telling thee today, as we reach the 7-year point of the 95 Theses [explain to viewers to look up the 95 Theses of 2007 on our website]. We are here today, saith the Lord, in agreement together in this intercession. I have called this intercession to bring back these movements: Methodists under the mantle of John and Charles Wesley; the Assemblies of God under Howard Carter, Smith Wigglesworth, Stephen Jeffreys; the Apostolic Church under D P Williams and the early apostles; Baptists to be like Spurgeon; the Church of Scotland under John Knox.

“Lord, we are here today to bring back these movements under the mantles and anointings of the founders.

“The Lord is leading this intercession today. Scripture spoke, ‘Remove not the ancient landmarks which thy fathers have set.’

“Prayer: ‘We declare in the Name of Jesus that these movements, these callings, come back under those who are moving in the callings and the visions of the original founders.

“Explain to the people… [to send to www.ecctv.org  for set of notes entitled ‘New Translations, Commercial Publishers & Higher Criticism.’]

Word from the Lord through DPG, Sunday, 31/08/14 at “On Fire Meeting” ECCTV
[This was given just after M Dransfield testimony, & just before he reading of Romans 12:1]

“Not by might, or by power but by My Spirit, saith the Lord.

“I have called you this night to go forward in the power & strength of the Holy Ghost, to go about doing good, healing all oppressed of the devil, because God is with you. As He was with Me – that is, the Father – whilst the Son on earth, so am I with you, saith the Lord, & in Me is the fullness of the Godhead bodily
“And so this day I have called you go into the four corners of this earth to reach every creature with the gospel. I have called you to intercede, so that you may bring the conditions for Me to comeback, saith the Lord. For I am holding My return, for I have called you to reach every creature, that every creature be reached with the gospel, in the name of Jesus; that none be left out; that every creature be given the opportunity to receive Jesus Christ if Nazareth, who went about doing good, healing all oppressed of the devil. And I am declaring to you today, that I have given you all authority to go out in My Name, to cast out devils, to heal the sick, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favour.

“And I tell you this, that in My Name you shall go about moving mountains; in My Name you shall go about removing spirits from individuals who are bound by infirmity, who are bound by unbelief, who are bound by all the wiles of the devil.

“I am calling you tonight to fulfil My purposes, so that I may return for a glorious Church without spot or wrinkle; & you have been called, saith the Lord, to remove the dross, to remove the dirt, to judge, saith the Lord, to bring the conditions for My Church to be pure & spotless at My return.

“I declare it in the Name of Jesus of Nazareth.”

Word (2) from the Lord through
David P Griffiths, 22/01/15
“Out of the Wilderness Goes the Cry”

“Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. The shouting is great. Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand!

“But the establishment is secure in its own future. This rugged man shouting by the Jordan is not one they should take notice of. In fact, we should look to shut him up. He is disturbing our peace.

“Today, thou has been shouting on the social media, ‘Repent! The kingdom of heaven is at hand.’ But the establishment is secure in its own way. They will not repent; for after all, those of faith will all have eternal life, & those of secularism will just die, with nothing nasty happening to them. They will just be not there. Nothing.

“The politicians go on about the wealth they can establish. They have their university degrees. They have their education on the best schools in the land. So they do not need God. They have it all sorted. They have worked it out.
“Before the first coming of the Lord, there was a voice crying out in the wilderness, to give opportunity to repent. Just as John was an annoyance by the Jordan, so you are an annoyance on Facebook, by email, & through thy web-sites. Prophetic word after prophetic word, thou hast put on the social media, on the web-sites, by email. But as with John the Baptist, the people do not want to change their settled ways.

“But now comes the warning. The prophetess sings ‘The Midnight Cry.’ The intercessor shouts, the voice of the Lord coming through the empty vessel, ‘The time is nigh! The time is nigh! Every creature must be reached. The remnant of the old-fashioned gospel must come together. The barriers must be removed.’
“But what about eternity? I lifted a present-day John the Baptist out of a hospital be where he was dying. I spoke to him to prepare young people to eventually take over the ministry. Legalism came in the way of him fulfilling his call. False accusation after false accusation has been flowing in, & those who have no apparent understanding that this time, the coming of the Son of Man will be the triumph of the skies. The book is about to be opened of all those who have kept the faith.

 “You see, those for whom I am coming back are for those who hear My voice. The being born again one becomes a new creation, one in Christ, as Him on this earth. You see, I come back, not for those who live their own lives, but for those who say, ‘I am not My own. I was bought with a price.’ You see, the establishment will be left behind. Only those who hear My voice & are obedient to it will be taken up. You see, I give instruction, & the barriers of the god of this world go up. But as with Joshua, thou has lifted up My Word to cross the Jordan. As with Joshua, thou has not given heed to the Jericho wall; to its size & impossibility. For thou has called those who profess to be Christian, to come to the place of sanctification. But they wallow in the beat of the demonic beat of the devil. They wallow in their immorality, where establishment sees strange flesh as normal; where establishment sees the killing of as baby in the womb as acceptable, whilst seeing a lesser offender of child abuse as appalling.

“They deal with those guilty of abuse by casting the first stone, whilst they themselves have condoned the on-going slaughter of the innocents in the womb. They themselves will suffer an eternity in hell-fire, whilst the child of the slaughter will enjoy an eternity in the arms of the Saviour.

“No wonder I lifted thee out of the hospital bed. But what placed thee there was the strain of legalism & the false accusation; & the curses of those who would look to place spells on thee. But they have been taken out for an eternity in hell-fire.

“But thy ministry is a conviction against the establishment, an establishment refusing to repent, for it looks to place its law upon you; its law not coming out of the Coronation Oath, as you have established; but coming from those who have ignored the Parliamentary code of practice, this code including the hearing the voice of God in law-making, which the monarch promised would happen. For the sons of Zadok hear the voice of the Lord, the Zadok priesthood being the heart of the Coronation Service; but instead, the establishment Eli brings the repetition of a people with a form of godliness which denied the power.

“So the cry from the sons of Zadok remains the same, ‘Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.’ But this time, it is for the meeting in the air. And who will be there? Only those who have come to the spiritual Shittim. Only those who attend to My Word. For it will be life for those who have obeyed My call. Even though the Jericho wall is before you, thou art about to knock down the walls, proclaim My Word, & enter the Promised Land, having reached every creature with the gospel.

“Rejoice! The kingdom of heaven is at hand. Even though I have come, & reign within your hearts, in one sense I have already come, for thou hast become as Me on this earth. From being Satans, thou hast become Christ on this earth – the one Christ within you, the devil departing from you. For this is the hour of decision for the people. The establishment of death symbolised in the slaughter of the innocents; of political parties proclaiming the importance of money before the saving of the innocents.

“The people have a choice to join those who have kept the Constitution of thy land; or vote on the ballot papers for the murderers of the innocents, who entice the electorate through covetousness, rather than say, ‘We will keep the Constitution, we will keep the laws of God, propagate the Protestant Reformed religion established by law,’ they hushing up the only main party saying they will do this – not being allowed into the electoral debates.

“If they listened to this obscure party from Ulster, then they will realise the importance of embracing what the monarch promised God. For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, rebellion being of sin against God. For if the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do, except walk the heavenly places in Christ Jesus?

“But to do this, they must come to the place of sanctification, & not walk by the lusts of the flesh, but only hearken unto the voice of the Lord God.

“Thou as a prophet have warned the people. Will they scoff, & continue their false accusations, or will they come & join you in the command of the Lord, to reach every creature with the gospel?”

Word from the Lord through
David P Griffiths, 24/01/15
“The ‘As Me’ Ministry (I John 4:17)”

“The summary of what has been going on is as follows:-“The background is, a new world order of ‘Christianity,’ the question, the deity of Christ, bibles that have not come about through the anointing, but through the academics of the god of this world, who continuously change the text to bring confusion, who embrace the codices of Egypt; but what you must realise is, their widespread acceptance.“Thou hast stood outside of Fuller, declaring the word of the Lord. On ECCTV, we hear the prophetic shoutings & warnings. But thou hast been like John the Baptist in the wilderness, crying out for the people to repent. “But within these bibles, there is no conviction.

This new world order of ‘Christianity’ has the word as the purse. Everything revolves around money, & the love of it; & around these new translation bibles there is a vast commercial empire. As well as the huge profits coming out of the so-called bibles, there are the mega-churches & their false revivals; vast incomes made from commentaries, books for the commercial market & textbooks for their seminaries & colleges.

“The devil has made one massive new Church, with huge commercial potential, to take away all the resource from those who hold on to the old truths.“Around all this is a veil of secrecy, & people are afraid to support & back you, because what can you do? You are an insignificant nothing. Y

ou are seen as an adversary to the status quo, so you are taken off social media groupings which embrace the new culture. For thou art a threat to a harmony that has been achieved through this new brand of ‘Christianity’ which has the purse as the seed, rather than the Word.“You produce programme after programme, & seemingly no response – so what can you do? As in days of old, they chase the prophets of the Lord, looking to imprison them with all kinds of false accusation. It is difficult to keep up with it.

“They keep you busy with procedure after procedure, policy after policy, insurance after insurance. So much legalism, that not only you, all the small businesses, community groups, councils of ordinary people, are being suppressed down into a corner so that their voice means nothing.“Again, volunteer groups with a passion for the community are ruled by those with a passion for the purse, rather than the will of the people.

“The Authorised Version of the Bible was brought about so that ordinary people could grasp the fullness of God’s Word. Unlike the new translations, it has not changed. The yoke of burden has still been destroyed by the anointing. Jesus is still the begotten Son of God; & still the gates of hall cannot prevail against the real Church with the real Word. “Around the world, the Bible Societies are destroying lives with the seed of the purse. They control bible translators to use the codices of Egypt rather than the blood-bought Word. Their resources are massive.

They have the seed as the purse. They are all-powerful. “Now, you are just a voice crying out in the wilderness; a tiny television station that has battled to pay its media charges, minute when it comes to the costs of satellite broadcasters, which are widely (there are exceptions) supported by seed faith ministries of the purse, & the huge commercial empire of the publishers of the new translations. These are the controllers who take the monies of vulnerable people & place them on physical altars, where I do not dwell.“So, just as John the Baptist cried out in the wilderness, a peculiar person not fitting in with the system, so lies thee (meaning, that is the position you are in). Thou hast found the lonely voices in America, crying out.

There are John the Baptist ministries all over the world, crying out against this massive system of commercialism, which is straight from the pit of the devil’s thinking. You take on a stronghold so big that even the Jericho wall of Joshua looks as if you can just step over it. Such is the size of the mountain you face.“Thou has been the lonely voice shouting in the wilderness.

But what next? I have called thee to prepare for a mighty signs & wonders ministry the world has never seen before. For you will say to that mountain, ‘Be thou removed.’ It shall be cast into the sea. When the seed is the Word, it shall flourish far greater than what the world can do with all the so-called ‘financial resources’ at its disposal. For the riches of these giants are not real riches at all. They are built on sand. 

“Constitutions & founding documents of movements have been ignored, to such a degree that the rebellion you face is of the sin of witchcraft, this system even aborting its babies, as nations ignore their constitutions, in love of the purse rather than in love of the Word.“So it is with spiritual babies. They control them with their seed faith offerings, taking them to the point of crisis, leaving them there, & bringing them back with more offerings, for their deliverance the following week.

This is the Christianity of the purse, rather than the Word; & as babies are aborted by rebellious governments, so rebellious ‘Christianity’ spews out its own babies, with false bibles, controls, manipulations so great. As babies are aborted from the womb, so spiritual babies run away, afraid to come near to anything that they perceive as Church.“Millions out there spiritual babies, aborted from what they have seen as Church. For they have been fed on the poison of the new translations, on the poison of seed faith as the purse rather than the Word; & they lay there in their spiritual buckets, just as the aborted babies of physical governments lie dead, having been sucked out of wombs.

“This is what you are facing, oh lonely voice in the wilderness. The devil who comes to kill, steal & destroy. And there are those who take the compromise position of the New King James. But this comes with a curse, having taken out the blood, the worship of Christ, & the gates of hell who do not prevail against the Church.“This is what you are facing. But who art thou, o great mountain? Who art thou? You appear as the big boy before the kingdom of God.“Hallelujah! My remnant around the world are crying out,

‘Who art thou, thou great mountain? Thou shalt be cast into the sea.’ For this remnant is far more powerful than what the world can offer. It has the Word as its seed, & it shall prosper in whatsoever you ask it to do. And you shall ask what you will, for I have called thee to prepare at this time for the mightiest revival there has ever been. Just as in the days of Joshua, thou art being called to the place of sanctification. For thou art to lift up the true Word of God; & thou shall lift it up high, for the seed is the Word. And thou shalt face that mountain with the Word, which cannot be returned void. 

 “For I have restored the Bible College of Wales, to teach My Word in its pure form. For not only does the Authorised Version emphasise the shed blood of the Lamb. It has in its own right the blood of the martyrs upon it. For those who brought about the Protestant Reformation were prepared to shed their blood, to have a Bible which was there for the ordinary people; not controlled by commercial gain, but a Bible which not only features the shed blood of Christ Jesus, but also those who, like Me, were prepared to shed their blood too.“When you deal with those people who give their lives for the lives of others, the devil has no match.

You see, this vast empire of the devil was no match for those prepared to give their lives in the Protestant Reformation, & is no match today. For thou has already declared the 95 Theses of this enhanced Reformation; & in those Theses was a warning to the rebels, to bring their movements which they now control back to Christ & the vision of their founders. But they have been rebelliously holding on to their movements with their new translations & Higher Criticism, just as government has been rebelliously bringing in laws that bind rather than give liberty.The wise man has built his house upon the Rock.

But this wise man is no longer a man of human thought & comprehension. For this wise man is Me. I John 4:17 explains this. This kingdom of Satan is not facing a human force, but the might of the kingdom of heaven.“With all the resources of heaven, you speak to this mountain. Thou art the triumphant Church, My true body, My branches attached to the vine, & the body that is married to Me. As I am, so is this body to the world. For thou art the children of the resurrection – all-powerful in might & dominion.

Whatever you say has to happen. For thou art the rock on which the Church is built. As I said to Peter, so I say unto thee, ‘Flesh & blood has not revealed this unto thee.’ And blest art thou, My Church of this so-called 21. century. Blest art thou. For Satan & his cohorts are already defeated. For thou art the Christ of the resurrection, high above principalities & powers. And thou will take back the continents of Africa & Asia, away from the decadents of the Bible Societies & their new translations. Thou will set up mission houses all over these continents.

South America too, the Caribbean & Mexico; to the tundra & lands of the Arctic Circle; to Russia & the lands around her, & in the Middle East. For as you train a few with My Word, so that seed will blossom & go all over the world & reach every creature. Thou will bring the fruit of these mission houses, the fruit of thy media ministry, to lands from where this decadence began, to set nations free.“But the time is short, & thou needs to be ready. Hence you are working hard in preparation, putting down the constant threat from rebellious governments & movements, who try & catch My prophets out.

“But thou hast been called to higher things. My Word - & hear this – cannot be returned void. The Word is the seed. To these small fellowships crying out around the world, thou art to bring this word of encouragement. For you are as Me on this earth (I John 4:17), joined unto the Lord. Thou has the faith of the Son of God. Every creature shall be reached, for the mountain has already been removed, in the name of Jesus.”

Word from the Lord through
David P Griffiths, 23/05/16
“Sheila’s Choice:the side of Sheila’s Family that knoweth not the Lord”

“I am saying I am going to run a miracle in the side of Sheila’s family that knoweth not the Lord.

“You see, what has happened has been a group of people who have come against thee, determined to put the blame against thee, determined to accuse you of controlling & manipulating Sheila out of her fortune.

Yet, as you gave, Sheila gave; & this is the crucial point: As you gave, Sheila gave. For the oneness in the spirit has been replaced by the Court’s decision that she was not mentally capable of doing this. Yet she was capable of reading the Word & understanding it. She was capable of speaking a tongue & interpreting that tongue. She was capable of casting out devils & laying hands on the sick so that they recover. She was capable of laying down her fortune for the Lord.

“So, if she was capable of all the other things, why was she not capable of laying down her life to the Lord?

“Sheila was, & is, appreciative to the Lord. She responds even now to the Word of God. Prophesying was, & is, natural to her. So, the choice of Sheila was never a choice for the love of money or self-greed. Sheila’s choice was, & is, for others first. Sheila was prepared not only to lay down her resources, but also her life for the sake of the gospel.

The side of Sheila’s family who know not the Lord, know not the sacrifice He gave; & the fearlessness she showed during the war in Sri Lanka, in her enthusiasm to lay down her life – why should that now change, when it comes to her resources? For Sheila responded to the tremendous legal attack against the ministry, within the context of her family who know the Lord, rather than in the context of those who don’t.

“Sheila’s Choice now comes before Me, & I will judge, & every knee shall bow. For I am above every throne of this earth.

“So, be prepared for the justice of God, for I will restore her choice.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 22/08/16“
The Rebels have Taken Over – What Shall We Do?”

“The resources of the Church have been stolen by those who portray a form of witchcraft known as rebellion.“For not upholding the landmark which fathers have set, there is great judgement. For not only have these rebels stolen the resources of those who sacrificed years ago; they, as the ex-anointed, chase the current anointed so as to kill, steal & destroy them.

They are the Sauls chasing the Davids. They hold nothing back. They withdraw preaching from the people. They entertain rather than convict. They fail to convict individuals to come out of sin. They allow partners rather than husbands, wives & children. They have rejected the true landmark of Textus Receptus, in favour of Nestle-Aland, who changed script in line with social conditions. They ignore founders’ visions: entire sanctification no longer taught in the Methodists; the Foursquare Gospel ignored in Elim; the sacrifice of Carter, Harthern & Wigglesworth rejected in the Assemblies of God; the holiness of Williams & his team ignored in the Apostolics; the Anglicans ignoring the national landmark, to which they are responsible; ignoring their Protestant obligations in the Coronation Oath, its Archbishop, ignoring the landmark of the nation, supporting a ‘Remain’ vote.“So what do the righteous do?

Number 1: When the thief is found, he has to restore sevenfold. Expose the other Jesus. The Bible College Wales, with its Other Jesus course, does just this – it exposes the thief.

“The intercessors stand in strategic places & cry out as Haggai, Zechariah, & Malachi cried out. You challenge on the street stalls the religious order that has stolen the landmark of centuries. You bring the people on board; for what happened with ‘Brexit’ is an example to you. For the ordinary people opposed those who had stolen the landmark of the nation.

“Now it is time to bring together an army to challenge those who have stolen My Church, the Church in which the gates of hell shall not prevail.

“The time will come when you will take back the resources from those who have rebelled against Me. Stand with intercessors outside the places of rebellion. Outside the so-called ‘Citychurch’ yesterday, demons rejoiced as you went away, but now worry as you will come back even stronger. For the Foursquare Gospel has to be re-established in Cardiff. For the rebels have taken it away from the City Church, in favour of an accommodation gospel that embraces the sin George Jeffries would have challenged.

“For you, My children, represent the landmark, as I represented the landmark before the money-changers in the Temple. The time has come when you will face these prophets of Baal, & bring forward their downfall, in the name of Jesus, Saviour, Healer, Baptizer in the Holy Ghost, & Soon Coming King.”