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To be a Christian, one has had to give one's whole life and resources to God. He then leads the pilgrim along a path not led by fleshly ambition - but one led by the Divine Inspirer leading the Christian to be a partaker of His Divine Nature.
Exodus 15:26 King James Version (KJV)
And said, If thou wilt diligently hearken
to the voice of the Lord thy God,
and wilt do that which is right in his sight, and wilt give ear to his commandments,
and keep all his statutes,
I will put none of these diseases upon thee,
which I have brought upon the Egyptians:
for I am the Lord that healeth thee.
1 Thessalonians 5:19-21 King James Version (KJV)
Quench not the Spirit.
Despise not prophesyings.
Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.
Word from the Lord through DPG, 27/12/11
“The Going Cold of People’s Love”
“Thou liveth in a nation of covenant-breakers. Marriage is a thing which has become temporary. With so many people having broken covenant, children have suffered to such a degree, that they carry wounds into adulthood. They, too, become covenant-breakers. They take this attitude into all walks of life: in their employment, if things start going tough in their place of work, they walk out on their employer, leaving him to pick up the mess. Even with so-called Christians, if things start going tough, they walk out, leaving ministers to pick up the mess.
“It is as if there is no feeling of loyalty; for covenant has become a temporary thing in thy nation.
“Covenant-breakers have no place in the kingdom of God; for covenant is where one man lays down his life for another: a man being prepared to lay his life down for his wife; & a wife for her husband. It is called covenant. Covenant is a bond which should never be broken.
“So in thy nation, love has gone cold. So what they try & do, is have days where they can try & mend wounds. Such is the new-found pressure on what they call “Christmas.” They call it a family day, when really is has become a day based on trying to mend wounds. Demons find this highly amusing, for amongst covenant-breakers they can have their playground.
“You thought you had a group of people who had made covenant with you; but when the anointing increases, because of revelation of the Spirit, as Paul observed with is thorn in the flesh, things get tougher.
“So, the heat of the battle leads to those who find things too hot for them, walking out. The things that they said they would do, meaning nothing in a nation of covenant-breakers, thus leaving a remnant with the pieces to pick up.
“Thou hast felt the weeping connected with covenant-breaking.
Can you imagine, for example, the 11-year-old child who has put his trust in his Mummy & his Daddy, & witnessed the covenant-breaking between them - & thus, with the children too, because they bond with Mummy & Daddy in one covenant with each other.
“So, a nation of widespread family breakdowns leads to a nation of disloyalty to employers, disloyalty to Church fellowships, disloyalty to sports teams; in other words, in every aspect of life, because of lack of covenant, there is lack of trust, the consequence being failing families; children going astray; failing businesses, for successful business demands loyalty; failing charities; failing Church ministries; because the love in a nation has gone cold.
“So, great intensity is placed on days, to try & mend wounds, these days becoming minefields of tension, because around them there is demonic activity that defeats people’s efforts to mend wounds.
“So, what people do, is find their escape routes. Instead of making covenant, they escape to their screens. Internet shopping is having a great boom; Eros love is having a great boom; fantasy movies are having a great boom; for these have become the escape routes of covenant-breakers.
“There are even those who have broken covenant with Me, saith the Lord. They have made commitment to follow Me; & as I pleaded in the days of Jeremiah: ‘Turn, o backsliding children, for I am married to you,’ the same issue was important then: the issue of breaking covenant, marriage being the key to a society; & being in covenant with God, thou hast noticed that thy nation has broken covenant with Me.
“Thou art to present thy Constitutional Acts as Acts of covenant with Me, not to be broken. The reason why foreign powers are not to have any influence on thy legal structures, is because those legal structures, & political ones too, are based on covenant with Me.
“But because thou liveth in a nation of covenant-breakers, Parliament has run roughshod over the demands of covenant, & broken the laws of God, leaving the nation & its structures under a curse.
“So, thou hast had a succession of covenant-breakers in government, for many years of covenant-breaking in families, & right across society, that even a mother can abort her child, & break the bonds of motherhood, for the sake of convenience.
“So even now, man can lie with man, & woman can lie with woman. For the bond of a man being joined to a woman, as I am joined to the Church, means very little to a nation of covenant-breakers, a nation, unless it repents, that is bound for the fires of hell.
“Give this warning to the people: covenant-breakers shall not enter the kingdom of heaven, for I am a covenant God.
“The Word that I have given to thy nation, if you look at the page before Genesis, if you look at the page before Matthew, you will find the word “covenant” or “testament.” For I am the covenant God.”
Word from the Lord through DPG, 25/01/12
“You give up all to follow Me; that is, your secular work, your homes, your family. Yet, in thy nation, you see Church as a separate entity. Church is a place you go to. It runs its affairs, & you run your affairs. Where is that in the scriptures?
“My disciples declared, ‘We have given up all to follow thee.’ My requirements have not changed. My hundredfold promise has not changed. But because you have not given your all, you fail to hear from Me.
“For example, in Llandudno the spiritual alarm-bell is going; but you fail or Church is a separate entity to you. You have your clever people as your elders & ministers, some ministers taking salaries they can bring home to their separate entity family.
“But Church is not a separate entity like that. Church is not the building of men. Church is not run by committees of clever people. Church is My body; requirement being to give up all to follow Me.
“You remember what came through the hymn-writer, ‘demands my whole, my life, my all’? You see, those who have given up all to follow Me – they hear from Me. They hear the spiritual alarm-clock. They would know you are sitting before their strong man in Llandudno. They would know the declaration of the disciples that they had given up all to follow Me. They would know My promise, to those who have given up homes & families for My sake & the gospel’s.
“They would be constantly hearing from Me. They would have heard the spiritual alarm clock in Llandudno. They would not be building up treasures on earth, but using that for the end-time declaration of the gospel.
“You see, in Britain, thou hast the separate entity to the Church. You have Church, & the individual person in it. In the scriptures, Church is the Body of Christ, joined to the Lord as one spirit; & those being joined to the Lord; members of My body, flesh & bones, do not see themselves as a separate entity, but one in Christ, having given up the world.
“But what you have in Britain, is the separate entity “Christian.” They go to Church as the separate entity, put one foot into the kingdom, yet keep another out. For that is their life; that is their finances. But the requirement for the New Testament has not changed. They gave up all to follow Me. They laid their possessions down at the apostles’ feet. The ones in the scriptures who held back some for themselves, were in effect the separate entity “Christian.”
“Thou knowest My coming is imminent. There are those who still hold back. Their work takes precedence over the Great Commission. They hold on to their resources, for they see Church as a separate entity.
“But let Me remind them of what Church is. Church is the place where it is known I gave My all, remembering Church is the place of covenant, that is, if I have given My all, then the requirement is for you to do the same.”
Word from the Lord through DPG, 02/04/13
“The counterfeit has been prevalent in Britain over many years; & it is a form of apparent adherence to God, without any submission to God’s will. It involves church-going on a Sunday, & living one’s own life the rest of the time. There is no understanding of hearing from God, not gathering possessions on earth, but using one’s resources for the gospel, & bringing one’s children up in the training & nurture of the Lord.
None of these adherents have a place in the kingdom of God.
“Counterfeit (2): Those who give adherence to the scriptures of Alexandria have been taken away from Biblical Christianity & are therefore under a curse, for giving adherence to scriptures that have taken away & added to doctrines that do not have their base in the inspired Word of God. Commonly this group is known as charismatic, that base their operations on experience, rather than the Word.
“This group also are not a part of the kingdom of God.
“The third group are those who surround themselves with liturgy, & bow down to altars made with hands. I abhor the bowing down to across made with hands. I abhor the keeping of festivals. Christianity is about a  person; not altars made with hands; not the keeping of dates; but complete surrender to Jesus Christ, the resurrection being represented by coming out of the waters of baptism, & not through the goddesses of Easter.
“My Word is clear about those who preach another Jesus. This counterfeit Jesus is related constantly to the physical element, for I do not live in altars made with hands. I live in the hearts of true believers.
“So the counterfeits are there in great numbers. They give respectability to their operations by gathering in their respective Churches Together groupings.  Yet they are not apart of Me.
“Where is the Church that gives its whole life to Me; that does not consider ownership as part of the criteria for existence? Where is the Church that has grasped & understood the Sermon on the Mount? Where are those who will come down & lay down all on the “altar” (not made with hands) for Me?
“You carry with you a full surrender message. Those of the counterfeit will call thee a cult; for you do not carry with you the chains of centuries of counterfeited Christianity. What you do carry with you is the Passover of God; for you are protected from being a part of the counterfeit; for you have been washed clean by the precious blood of the Lamb.
“This washing clean demands a reaction. It demands a handing over of one’s life to the Lord; the Galatians 2:20 activity, pulsating from the heart of the genuine Church.
“You are aware that those in the counterfeit need the saving grace of Jesus, & this can only come through handing over earthly lives, to move into the heavenly places in Christ Jesus.
“This is the Word I have given thee: to declare My Sermon upon the Mount as the criteria for Christian living. Who will come into the kingdom of God, & resign from the world? Who will give up their own will for Mine? This is the real Church; for flesh cannot exist in the presence of the Lord.
“Come unto the holy God, you sinners. Be ye separate. Be led of the Spirit to fulfil the demands of the Isaiah 61 call. For each missionary yof God is to be free to go when I call, the individual to go into the whole orld, & preach the gospel.
“The Every Creature Commission was never part-time. It is now your place to present real Christianity to the people; &you do this by relating Christianity to a person, rather than a philosophy; a person who gave His life that all may be saved – on condition that the whole of a life is brought to the Saviour, to fill with God.”