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Colwyn Bay is a town on the North Wales Coast that once was a well visited resort that was prosperous and full of well filled Chapels.
It needs the Lord back in revival for the people can only come out of the gloom - through accepting Christ Jesus as Lord and Saviour!
Exodus 15:26 King James Version (KJV)
And said, If thou wilt diligently hearken
to the voice of the Lord thy God,
and wilt do that which is right in his sight, and wilt give ear to his commandments,
and keep all his statutes,
I will put none of these diseases upon thee,
which I have brought upon the Egyptians:
for I am the Lord that healeth thee.
1 Thessalonians 5:19-21 King James Version (KJV)
Quench not the Spirit.
Despise not prophesyings.
Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.
Word from the Lord through DPG, 21/02/12
“As in the days of Jeremiah, I am having to say once again, “Woe to the false pastors!” They control & stage-manage meeting, & suppress the flow of My Spirit. This is contrary to My Word.
“They do not allow the flow of My Spirit to run; they hold back the anointing of God; they hold back the conviction of God, & allow in alien spirits that have emanated largely from the Catholic-orientated spectaculars, like Toronto & Lakeland. They have not heard from Me, but instead have gone with the flow of the end-time counterfeit.
“These pastors are in great danger. Many have sat under the teaching of Higher Criticism, that is, the doubting of My Word, rather than the embracing of it. Many have chosen alien scriptures; scriptures whose codices are Vatican-based; & so have brainwashed the people into accepting a form of godliness that denies the power.
“This form of godliness leaves the place wide open for the remnant; that is, those who are teaching the true word, that is, those who teach that the Church is My body, to stand out, & make its position heard against the falsehoods which have taken over so many of My movements.
“For out there, there are so many casualties of the false pastors. You have witnessed at first hand the spirit of Absalom in thy midst. The false pastors, running round from place to place, looking to please the people rather than please God. Within this spirit, there is always sexual immorality; for the betrayal not only affects the Church fellowship itself, through the spreading of false rumour & false information. If the false pastor has a wife, it betrays her. Its gaining of favour comes with sexual control, as well as control through false information. The spirit gossips continually against the anointed of God, looking to isolate the apostle & prophet from preaching the true Word.
“The spirit particularly looks to gain favour with widows, ladies who are on their own, & those having problems in their marriage; & position & power is sought by these Absaloms, which has brought a bad name to ministries throughout the nation. Apostles & prophets on identifying the operation of this spirit, take action against it; but by which time, there are many casualties who often are drawn in by the lore of the Jezebel, who offers them the ministry & the loving-kindness, only to build up the pride in the victim, rather than the assurance of who that person is in Christ.
“So, as you have looked to expand thy ministry, these spirits have come & isolated you once more. All you can do is say, “Let us expose these false pastors; these pastors who have come to steal the flock.” Let the message be heard, that I am calling these pastors to account, saith the Lord.
“There is a warning I am giving to one large Church fellowship in Colwyn Bay:-

“Thou hast removed My Word for the Catholic codices of Vaticanus, Sinaiaticus, & Alexandrinus. Thou hast allowed thy worship to be influenced by Lakeland & Toronto, & have lured in people through entertainment, rather than the Word.
Behold, I am calling thee back, saith the Lord, from the vagrancies of modern day Christianity, to the cross-carrying of the past. I warned thee to remove the ideals of pleasing the people, to preaching the Word once more, in relation to sacrifice, & cross-carrying. For unless one teaches the Galatians 2:20 truth, the work that I began in Old Colwyn will cease, saith the Lord.
“My prophet has stood against the Leviathan of the Menai, & is now saying to the Antichrist that has looked to infiltrate the coast from Colwyn to the estuary of the Dee, that that run of Antichrist is on notice that it has been found. The false pastors are on notice today that the prophet has seen, & has exposed, the infiltration thou hast fallen under; seen the hearts of so many betrayed people, that Absalom & Jezebel will be exposed in this area too, as the whole of the North Wales coast gets set free for old-time revival, not the counterfeit of the Catholic scriptures.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 29/10/15

“When the Non-Conformists Conform,
they are no longer Non-Conformists.

When the Non-Denominationals
form themselves into a Denomination,
they are no longer Non-Denominationals.

Those who are of the Original Call are the embarrassment to the New Conformists. Those who hold to Non-Denominationalism are seen as rebels, for they continue not to conform.”(Please note: Rev Hughes referred to was Minister at The Tabernacle, Colwyn Bay, North Wales)

“The whole principle of being a non-conformist, is not to conform. Yet organisers infiltrate into movements based on this principle, to bring about a conforming to worldly ways.“Now, this is what has happened to you. You have not conformed, & those who do conform, chase after you to demand that you do conform. When you do not conform, their system will look to destroy you.This is what happened to Rev Hughes in Colwyn Bay.

He was not naïve financially, as has been reported. He was a victim of non-conformists who did conform; & because they did conform & he did not, his resources were suppressed.“Non-conformists conform to the mind of the Spirit, & do not conform to the mind of the flesh, Satan.

“Rev Hughes did the unrespectable of the day. He preached from the heart & brought conviction. Yet those who refused the conviction looked to destroy him. He died a broken man, suffering the torments thou art going through now.“Thou has sought to bring life to that brokenness, & thou in the form of thy intercessor have spoken life in the physical building of the Tabernacl, & all principalities & powers are in fear.

‘Not this again!’ they cry. ‘Not this again!’ “The difference, however, to your situation & that of the Rev Hughes is this: thou hast the power today to bring the darkness into the light, through going on-line, & expose that which is happening. “Look at those who are opposing you. The BBC, once with high moral values, a non-conformist operation under the nation’s Constitution, began to conform to the god of this world, who now rules this Corporation with a passion.“Non-conformists began charities in thy nation; yet there are those who have come in who have made movements which thy forefathers set up, to conform to the regulators of the god of this world.

“These movements lose their power, & become efficient bastions of society. No longer with the blood & fire of General Booth, a non-conformist preaching machine has become the bastion of social welfare, rather than preachers of blood & fire.“The landmark has therefore been removed; & just as you look to restore the mantle of General Booth, his movement now looks to minister to people primarily, rather than to God.

General Booth’s principle was to minister to God first, who then supernaturally provided the needs of the people, in contrast to today, for that army bows down & conforms to the god of this world, & has procedure & regulation above blood & fire. You can see that in its logo. The blood & fire has gone. “So it was with the Baptist Missionary Society & Rev Hughes.

It had bowed down to regulation, & Rev Hughes did not conform, & a schism formed between that which stood for the old paths, & those who stand for the god of this world. Those who therefore have taken over the movements of the non-conformists, now hold the purse-strings. They say, ‘If you conform to this, & you conform to that, the resources will be yours.’ The non-conformist, hearing from God, replies with My Word.“You see, those who conform hold the purse-strings. Lucifer conformed, & showed Me the kingdoms of this world. For those who conform have eaten off the tree of knowledge. Knowledge & reason is in charge, rather than virtue.

“It is this that came against Rev Hughes, & comes against thee. It is this that brought about a broken man, for to the end, he would not conform. He did not bow down to Satan, like My once-great movements have done. They have passed not their Mount of Temptation experience. They have not replied as I replied, choosing the path of the cross, of complete brokenness, rather than the path of earthly success.“Choose ye this day whom ye will serve. The non-conformist pays the price, with the conformist holding the purse-strings, & in thy case, they have even taken away the purse-strings of thy non-conformist prophetess. “For the path of reason is the path of ‘best interest,’ & the path of non-conformity is the path of ‘mental incapacity.’

This is their thinking, & as thou has spoken out, unconstitutional.“For those of reason now run thy country, & those who do not conform, being put on a path of destruction. This is the reason for thy suffering.“’If only you conform,’ they say; just as the devil offered Me on the Mount of Temptation, & so thou hast refused his invitation.“In the place thou art in, comes massive anointing of the Christ who died for thee, & the blood & fire conviction of thy preaching, brings fear into thy adversaries. For in their bowing down to conformity, they have much to hide; & thy openness, transparency & honesty brings the fear of God to them.“This is the situation of Rev. Hughes, & this is thy situation.

“But let me return thee to My Word.“As you now act by My Spirit, having forsaken all to follow Me, then the promised of My Word is clear, ‘Now, in this time.’ Hence thou are to continue with the building of houses, in Sri Lanka, Great Britain, all over the world. Media missions houses – it is all there before thee. For that which is built on sand is about to fall. The thief of Rev. Hughes has to pay back. For up to now, the thief’s goods have been in peace; but now that which is stronger has come upon him.

“You see, the stronger man has already overcome the strong man; & thou art to expose with vigour the corruption of the strong man; & yes, Lindsay, thy time has come to reveal that sword. Thy intercessor has stirred up the socialist antichrist, whose goods are no longer in peace, & thou art called to knock down the Jericho walls, & enter the Promised Land of milk & honey at this time. For it is My will that thou shouldest prosper & be in health; & thou are to take back the goods of the strong man.“Go forward therefore, having established the rear guard action of having thy affairs in order.

You can then go forward with My sword, & claim back all which the devil has stolen, by taking over movements that have conformed, so as to restore the non-conformist banner of blood & fire, of ministers who have not conformed to the god of this world, & have taken over the resources of those who have stolen movements into the hands of the antichrist.“Thy call is to make that which has conformed into that which has not conformed to the god of this world. For thou will stand again in the pulpits of blood & fire, & take back from those that have conformed, the goods they have stolen in the name of antichrist.

“For thou, in the name of Jesus, will restore movements of non-conformity to the conformity of My spirit, rather than the god of this world.”