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PENTECOSTAL HOLINESS CHURCH CONTINUING - Remove not the ancient landmark, which thy fathers have set
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Bring back The Bible College of Wales back to Wales as the "Continuing College" as been one of the most wonderful things we have witnesssed.
As we all grasp the dedication and surrender of Rees Howells - we give God the glory as we have been overcoming so many battles to see the dream come alive.
Exodus 15:26 King James Version (KJV)
And said, If thou wilt diligently hearken
to the voice of the Lord thy God,
and wilt do that which is right in his sight, and wilt give ear to his commandments,
and keep all his statutes,
I will put none of these diseases upon thee,
which I have brought upon the Egyptians:
for I am the Lord that healeth thee.
1 Thessalonians 5:19-21 King James Version (KJV)
Quench not the Spirit.
Despise not prophesyings.
Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.
Word from the Lord through DPG, 27/08/12
“You now spend your time in preparation; preparation for a great harvest of souls.
“What you are doing is massive: removing the curse of Higher Criticism throughout the world is your goal, to bring the conditions for the true Church to come forth; a Church unpolluted by the strains of higher critics, who place burdens upon their students; who move by natural sight, & not the Spirit. You are to expose the work of the higher critics, & bring forward the work of the Lord’s anointed.
“For the College, not only dost thou have Suresh’s material; you have that massive resource of Sandy, which will bring your courses way up over the hundred. That is with only just beginning that resource of material.
“You see, I am not just enough. I am more than enough. I am more than enough. These colleges without higher critics, are to grow throughout the world, perfecting the saints for the work of the ministry. This is what people do want to invest in: a freedom from the higher critics. You see how massive this is? I will build My Church, & the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.
“Remember how massive this task is: to pull down the world’s education system (Jeremiah 1:10); to build up, in the name of the Lord Jesus, an education system without the higher critics. This is a massive task: to pull down the education systems of the devil, & replace them with the glory of the Lord. That is thy task.
“When you get up in the morning, remember thy task, under Jeremiah 1:10. The higher critics must be defeated from continuing their evil ways.
“So, go fearlessly on. Remember it is My will to have these colleges throughout the world, shining light over the darkness of Higher Criticism; to remove the devil’s infiltration, & replace this with education which is truly of God.
“This move will grow rapidly. So get ready for the harvest, in My Name.”
Word from the Lord through DPG, 16/10/12
“The world is in a very unsettled state. The god of this world is in a state of fury against the Church. He has many a plan to kill, steal & destroy. He comes as the angel of light, luring people in, to destroy visions, to take away from people’s resources.
“But I am come that ye may have life, & life in abundance. For I am the way, the truth, & the life. No man can come to the Father except through Me. What you have started with the Bible College of Wales Continuing, is a haven of rest for those who will come away from the world’s unsettlement.
“This is a time of great preparation. You are getting everything together in readiness to provide this haven of rest. Be prepared for many applications. Get your systems ready for many applications.
You are right spiritually in demanding the very best standards. There will be those who will say to you, ‘But I can’t reach those standards,’ but in the anointing, you can do all things. For this Church which I am building, the gates of hell will not prevail against.
“You have been called to build this haven of rest, for those who realise that their strength is in Jesus; & you will send out students filled with the Holy Ghost, to reach every creature with the gospel. Missions networks will be set up, making the gospel to be given to every creature.
“Prepare for many students to come. I will give thee all that thou needs.
“Prepare, in this time of wars & rumours of wars, that you have been called to build this haven of rest.”
Word from the Lord through DPG, 26/10/12
“The grass grows in My kingdom without spot nor blemish. The weeds are weeded out; & you have told of these processes with many descriptions over the years.
“The grass that is growing has come about through many years of preparation; & I have weeded out that which is not of Me.
“There has been those who have come in, who have tried to control what thy lawn is to do. Does not My Word declare ‘without spot nor blemish’? The grass is growing through My Word, which fertilizes its roots; which has you operating through obedience to My Word – My Rhema Word.
“There have been those who have tried to use the letter of the law. There have been those who have tried, as in the court cases, to bring penalty upon thee through foreign influences & foreign philosophies. Yet you have learned how to grow a lawn, by being obedient to My Word, & making a stand against the weeds.
“Thou art working hard to bring the conditions for this lawn to grow more, yet at the same time facing that that can bring forth weeds.
“These are your finest days, saith the Lord, to bring the conditions not only for revival in Wales, but throughout the whole world.
“The Bible College courses are very significant, & have been chosen by Me to restore the true heritage of the Bible College of Wales. It too, from the very beginning, demanded the highest standards: yes, in academic standards; but more importantly, in allowing the Spirit of God to move on what has been learned; to bring forth Holy Ghost revival, bringing forth the empowerment to reach every creature with the gospel.
“You are preparing for this now. The gospel must reach every creature. You are to use every means of access to reach every creature. This is why I have told thee to use resources to have the latest equipment. You shall go forward with television & radio throughout the whole world; & governments not of Me shall fall throughout the world because of thy broadcasting. Such is the anointing. Thy grass is beginning to grow.
“Allow not the devil to steal it. Expose his wicked ways, & go forward in the strength of the Lord.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 10/10/15
“The Simplicity of It All: A Warning to those Running the Bible College of Wales Buildings in Swansea” 

“There is a hymn that was sung with gusto in these buildings in Swansea; & all that was stood for in the Bible College of Wales, is in the words of the hymn writer. The hymn is ‘Trust & Obey.’ 

“My word to you is, simply study the words of this hymn, & all that it means. You will never move in the mantle of Rees Howells unless you understand the words of this hymn. For the table of Rees Howells was primarily one of forsaking all to reach every creature, & you cannot come in & take over these buildings with all your earthly riches, for the table of Rees Howells was one of forsaking all to follow Him.

And this is the story of missionary after missionary, of staff member after staff member, it being impossible to transfer this anointing by simply taking over the building & laying on graves in the charismatic pose of grave-soaking. All you will do is fill yourselves up with devils. 

“There is only one way to move in this anointing, & I quote to you a Scriptural hymn, ‘Search Me, O God.’ Oh! If you could grasp the depth of the hymn-singing at the Bible College of Wales, & the heavy price that was paid to fulfil the call by so many martyred to the cause.

Emmanuel Bible College in Birkenhead was just the same. If only you could grasp the surrender. It is so simple to understand. Don’t try & receive this mantle any other way. I warn you, you will be filled up with devils.“It’s so simple. To move in this mantle, you have to be dead to self.  When I am saying ‘self,’ I am talking about the god of this world. He showed Me the kingdoms of this world, & tempted Me with them; & it is this that’s tempted thee.

But those of the original College reacted just as I reacted on the Mount of Temptation, & quoted the ‘It is written’ of Scripture, the rhema word of God, the sword of the Spirit. “But you at Swansea are rejecting My Word for the experience, & are coming under attack after attack because you have rejected My Word.  “The actions of the Emerging Charismatic movement will not save you; only My Word. My Word is that of the Received Text, not of the vagrancies of the Nestle-Aland Committee.

Have they forsaken all? No, they wallow in the riches of the Vatican & the Bible Societies. But those of My true Word forsake all to follow Me. This is the table of Rees Howells. “As Tyndale gave his life for My Word to be understood in English, so you in Swansea must be prepared to give your lives up too, to reach every creature with the gospel. 

“This is not a call of grave-soaking, & asking for the anointing of Rees Howells. It’s a call of obedience, forsaking the world & its earthly possessions, & placing all on the altar, as in the hymn they used to sing at the Bible College of Wales, ‘Trust & Obey.’“Will you forsake all to follow Him?

I have a call on these buildings for the reaping to the sowing, but to grasp it, you need to understand the calling of Rees Howells. You cannot move in the revivals of yesterday by transference. It only comes through the deepest surrender of what the world has got to offer, & being prepared to pay the price that Rees Howells paid. 

“My warning to you at Swansea is that you have embraced the false gospel that receives the world, rather than acts on the forsaking required to be a true disciple of the Lord Jesus.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 16/02/16
“Thou Art Bringing Forth Life”

Thou art bringing forth life into Colwyn Bay, in a town where thou were threatened to be destroyed through official channels. Instead of responding with death, you have responded with life.

“Now, it is important you recognise from where the threat of death has come. Now, you all know from My Word that the god of this world comes to kill, steal & destroy; & one of those Words is included in John’s gospel in relation to the enemy of souls. ‘But I have come that you may have life, & life in abundance’; & it is this life you have brought into Colwyn Bay.

“To analyse therefore from where the threat of death has come, is a very simple exercise that affects small communities all over the world. The god of this world is an overseeing eye, looking to remove the heart of small communities all over the world. Thou has counteracted this in Colwyn Bay by bringing forth life, & life in abundance. Yet they still look to control you, the ‘they’ being those controlled by the god of this world, who is looking to complete his global take-over.

“So, who are the ‘they’? It is those who look to impose control, to suppress local initiative & drive. The do this by over-regulation, fear of the letter of the law, & suppression of those with vision. For without a vision, the people perish.

“So, this global control is what in prophecy after prophecy you have exposed for years. The threats you received to destroy you was from one connected with establishment Christianity. The establishment was important to him, & you were a threat to that establishment, so you had to be destroyed. It was this establishment that took Me through Gethsemane, & has given you your own Gethsemane experiences. For establishment Christianity has been one of the biggest killers of all time, particularly if combined with the establishment Judaism which came against Me.

“There is a difference between the establishment Judaeo-Christian tradition that brings forth the letter of the law & death, & those who hear My voice & obey it. The letter of the law establishment is the establishment that either calls itself Christian or Jew, but are really of the synagogue of Satan.

“This is what has sought to destroy you. A new global order is being established at this time, & just as it has been global religion looking to destroy thee, likewise it is global business, corrupt to the core, looking to destroy the local heart of communities by controlling high streets & retail parks with Satan’s global identity.

“The small businessman is over-regulated, if in profit over-taxed, & suppressed from growing his or her business.

“Likewise with charities, burdened down with over-regulation, volunteers suppressed from fulfilling their vision, in favour of global charities with highly-paid executives receiving grants from global government to enable these charities to adhere very easily to Satan’s global code, rather than the heart of the local community from where real charity comes.

“In your Charity, you were attacked over your heart, passion & sacrifice, even to the point of removing the choice of one of thy intercessors. Thou has worked for nothing, & given your all, yet those of the global order, with high wages & pensions, have sought to destroy you.

“Yet, thou has brought life into Colwyn Bay, & brought forth the Bible College of Wales into this small community. Just as Rev Hughes brought forth a College, so thou has brought forth a College to bless the whole community. For it takes intercession to break down the effects of globalism that has control & manipulation right at the heart of its thinking. And what is it the establishment accuse you of? Exactly what they are doing on a global scale, the establishment accusing Me of blasphemy; yet what were they doing, but blaspheme the name of the Son of Man?

“You see, one thing that comes out with the New Global Order is what they accuse others of doing, is actually the plank in their own eye. For what they accuse others of, is exactly what they are doing themselves.

“Hasn’t this been the case in relation to thy latest legal dealings, in which you were accused of irregularities? For what they do is exaggerate the speck in your eye to prevent you from exposing the massive beam in theirs.

“So, I have brought thee to Colwyn Bay to protect the small business person, the small community groups & charities, even political parties, who are very different on the ground to those of the global order controlling their national parties.

“I have chosen thee in this community to bring forth life, & life in abundance; & what thou hast been losing in terms of resources, has to be restored, for thou hast found the thief, the thief of intrigue & mystery, Satan, Lucifer, Beelzebub – all expression of the one who comes to kill, steal & destroy.

“But thou has brought life into Colwyn Bay, & will bring forth revival by exposing initially the god of this world & his establishment ways, & that the chapels of old can be restored again, not with establishment religion which destroyed them, but with the demonstration of the Holy Ghost & power, proclaiming Jesus Christ first, & His righteousness.

“Thou has been brought here to establish the covenant of God, so expect the resource to fulfil the mission to reach every creature. For I have called thee to bring forth revival in communities all over the world.”

Word from the Lord through
David P Griffiths, 19/05/16
“The Foundational Ministries”

“The Spirit of God will strengthen you day by day, as you take on the task of rebuilding what is seen as being Church & state. “The present scenario is of a Church of England, Church of Scotland, & Church of Ireland in complete disarray, in confusion & decline. A kingdom divided cannot stand. “Such is the NHS & education systems. They are all finished as you know them.

Kingdoms divided will not stand, & a nation that denies its oath to God, will collapse. “I come to thy preparation. A nation that forgets its ancient landmarks is a nation gone forever. But should there be the foundational ministries, it is only these that can rebuild. So this is thy preparation.

“Lindsay, be aware that My Spirit strengthens day after day, & wants to use thy classical background to bring the understanding of the context of the New Testament. The history of thy nation needs to be understood within the context of its spirituality, & the Spirit requires thy knowledge.

So be prepared to be re-establishing thy nation’s foundations within the context of re-establishing its spiritual roots. This is the area of teaching, so have prepared the courses on New Testament Survey, as well as being involved in the course on the Constitutional Acts of Great Britain. For in bringing about these understandings, there needs to be a part in that course, on how the Holy Roman Empire declined & fell.

“So, there are foundational courses to be brought to the fore, of the background to the New Testament, & the Constitutional Acts of Great Britain, that needs to include the understandings of the Holy Roman Empire.

“This is My instruction. It is time to get prepared, for it is the prophets & apostles who I bring forward, to being the conditions for all the ministry giftings to operate. “So be prepared.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 01/08/16
The Spirits are out of their Cover, & thus Afraid  

“The manifestations of evil spirits at this time, are the sure sign that they are screaming & shouting in their fear of the imminent coming of the Lord.   “For he cometh as a thief in the night; no one knoweth the time & the hour, except the Lord God, who demands total obedience to Himself. For He has set you on a pattern of New Testament Church which is shaking nations. I

t is bringing to the fore that the actions of devils, in manipulating man into actions, can no longer be hidden.   “As thou comes together for a Trustee Meeting, look not at the past, but moving ahead to the high calling of God. For from here, thou art destined to make great impact in the autumn, as the world is shaken by the revelations that are going to come out.  

“For I have called thee as prophets to the nations. I have called thee to speak out the truth, & as that word goes forth, so the devils quake in their habitations. Sinners cry out as their security zones are removed.   “Thou art witnessing this already, in abuses, obscenities, & blasphemies. But thus saith the Lord of hosts: dramatic world events are to take place over the months ahead. Thou hast been going through a preparation period. Have these courses ready. I know the pressures on thy time, but take authority over the distractions.

For the enemy of souls is afraid of you. For man has placed trust in the systems of this world, its banking, its social services, medical services, & the like. Yet you have brought out the corruptions in these organisations, saying that whilst it is important to have financial stewardship & care for one another, it is significant to note that the operations of man have sought to place the people under the control of a realm of evil, that in banking controls governments & the people of nations; that in health services takes away lives that are in the womb; & in social services, takes control over the lives of people rather than gives them support.

“Now, when it comes to what is known as ‘Church,’ thou hast spotted the role of big business & banks; & ministry after ministry have fallen into their trap. “On one hand, they cry out for free movement of people, & free trade. Yet on the other hand, they restrict free movement of the gospel, & thy ability to bring in missionaries from around the world to save thy nation.

“Thou has found the thief, & he has to let go. To copyright My Word is to restrict My gospel from reaching every creature. Intercession is to deal with this & bring it into the open; & to place border controls against the carriers of My Word, is to restrict My end-time calling to reach every creature with the gospel. “How thou hast found the thief!

They thought they could be subtle, & have these controls in place without notice. It is time for thee to ‘cast the money-changers out of the Temple,’ to free the people, give freedom to the gospel, so that the monarch’s Coronation Oath may be fulfilled.”