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God has ordained there to be a Chapel Pentecost in Wales embracing all that was good of Spirit-Led Chapel but rejecting the religious dross that came after.
To do this has involved much suffering, attiack from religionists, false rumours and gossip against the Lord's Anointed. Read on ....
Exodus 15:26 King James Version (KJV)
And said, If thou wilt diligently hearken
to the voice of the Lord thy God,
and wilt do that which is right in his sight,
and wilt give ear to his commandments,
and keep all his statutes,
I will put none of these diseases upon thee,
which I have brought upon the Egyptians:
for I am the Lord that healeth thee.
1 Thessalonians 5:19-21 King James Version (KJV)
Quench not the Spirit.
Despise not prophesyings.
Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.
*  Move with the Compassion of the Lord
*  Go Forward Now with what God has given us
*  Mother Church Building at Bangor that gives birth to Chapels throughout Wales
*  Build the College Facility, in Sri Lanka - Mission House, H/Q of Sri Lanka to Tibet
*  Be not afraid, boldly go out and collect the cash for the ministries
*  Expect a miracle in funding
*  Lindsay - contact with key people
*  Know in Wales, the people have rejected the dead religious form but do not know yet of the true form - Chapel Pentecost will reach out to these people - Campaigns
*  Move in Scotland too
*  Recognise our opposition
*  Face up to that opposition declaring "Woes"
*  Chapel Pentecost & Pentecostal Church of Scotland to be developed
*  Use the word "Non-Conformist"
*  Bring the Gospel to the town from where Higher Criticism emanates
*  Renew minds through the Word
*  Walk down the aisle of Bangor Cathedral
*  "Bend Me, Bend Me"
*  "Open thou the crystal fountain ....."
*  Be Prepared, Rejoice
Word from the Lord through DPG, 06/09/11
“These are days spoken of by the prophet Joel:
1)     You have the signs of the times
2)   You have the devil doing all he can to avert the time of his pending doom
3)   Thou hast learned the ‘it is written;’ to write down what I am saying to thee, & to follow it.
“Thou hast learned, through many years of suffering, the compassion of the Lord; & that compassion is great. One has learned too the doctrine of the wrath of God, & the doctrine of the love of God. Thou hast learned what one must do, to pass on to future generations . One hast learned the suffering for setting up ministry.
“You have learned that those you have thought were with you, can be the Judases who say one thing before you, & another thing behind your back; who look as if they have compassion for you, but are doing all they can to destroy what I am doing through you.
“My Word declares that the devil comes to kill, steal & destroy. For you have been prepared to stand through it all.
“The devil is awaiting his day of judgement. For you have stood firm. You have been prepared to stand in spite of it all – even to the point of preaching to the four walls around you, rather than a congregation of people.
“Thou hast stood firm. Thou hast declared thy obedience to Me.
“My desire is that you go forward now with what I have given you; the resources I have given you. Thou hast shown Me that thou is prepared to list all that I have called you to do over the years; & this I have called you to do, Lindsay, & to mark off in simple-to-understand points, that which I have called thee to do; & place those points in a presenter, & the plans of the building Pentecost on the North Wales coast. This is to be the mother church building of many such buildings throughout Wales.
“Thou hast been prepared to listen to the map I have for you, till I call thee up to glory. Many are afraid to listen to such a plan. Build that chapel; build the college facility; in Sri Lanka, build the mission house, the headquarters of the vision from Sri Lanka to Tibet.
“And now I have to tell you to not be afraid; to go out boldly & collect the cash for these ministries I have called thee to set up. I will not let thee down. Human beings will gossip – even shout & look to pull thee down openly. But thou hast shown thyself to be solidly built upon the Rock. So go ye therefore, make disciples in all nations; baptize & lay hands. I have plans for thee; for that loft, which has now become a shining light to the world; a place from there to speak out My Word.
“Expect a miracle in the funding. The next big funding is on the way. Be prepared to demand that land for My chapel. The earth is the Lord’s, & the fullness thereof. Be prepared. Make this a grand building; a notable building. Call together the saints of God for its opening.
“I will show thee the charlatans looking to pull thee down, & speak all manner of confusion against thee. Be prepared to go forward; set thine house in order. Tidy that which needs to be tidy. Have a stable environment for the inhabitants of thy house. Be prepared to have meetings , as William Williams had meetings in thy land. Prepared the people. Be prepared now to go forward, having protected the rear guard. Be not afraid: I will never leave thee nor forsake thee.
Yes – I have prepared thee for these great days ahead. Thou hast recognised the ministries I have given thee in thy Church fellowship. Thou hast not held back in putting them forward. Thou art moving ahead; thou art moving ahead. Thou hast been called to go forward. Only believe; fear not.
“See the vision through now. Thou hast the determination in thy bellies; for out of thy bellies shall come rivers of living waters.
“Go forward, once the rear guard is established. Be not afraid. Go forward, with the rear guard established. They will say, ‘They are doing this, they are doing that.’ But be not afraid; I am with thee.
“And Lindsay, I am sending thee forward. Be not alarmed. I will give thee contact with key people, to develop that ministry of thine.
“Hallelujah! Amen.”
Word from the Lord through DPG, 21/09/11
“Today is the day of salvation. You have the devil running from you along the North Wales coast; yet inland he still roars like a roaring lion.
“Communities inside North Wales have still yet to hear the gospel; for there is a dead religious form which they know about – a form which many of them have rejected.
“Within what is known as church, there is a paganism which Ezekiel screamed about which was within the temple system.
“Inland you have community after community that knows each other yet does not know God. Many with Welsh background have chapel or church inheritance; but many who have come from the outside have affected the cultural balance; & those who are Welsh-speaking are afraid that their culture is being undermined; but thou must tell them that their culture will not save them, & that there is great danger at this time among these communities of genuine culture being lost.
“But I am telling thee: Chapel Pentecost will reach out to those communities. It will expose the dead religious form. And I am telling thee, that by taking the chapel culture back to the example of William Williams, you will praise the Lord in such a way as to draw these people unto repentance.
“The devil is defeated; even though he roars, it matters not; for we are the army of the Lord, having defeated the enemy two thousand years ago.
“The Populating Heaven campaigns will include teaching to explain the principles of Jeremiah 1:10. But thou must set thy pegs into Bangor; set up the magnificent building.
Rejoice & be exceedingly glad; prise My Name: be glad; the kingdom of God is here.”
Word from the Lord through DPG, 09 10 11
“This Word from the Lord concerns the nation of Scotland. This nation has turned its back upon Me, moving out of its covenant with Me.
“Many within the nation have a longing to remove its union ties with England, Wales & Ireland. It is looking to be a nation on its own; yet not on its own; for those embracing the political agenda of separation indeed require more union; yet not more union with England, Wales & Ireland, but more union with antichrist forces which are there to remove the Christian heritage of the nation.
“You are right to say the nation has never been part of the E.U., for its Act of Union with the rest of the U.K. states things alien to E.U. membership. The Act of Union insists on a state Church free from the present-day curse of political correctness. The state Church I am calling thee to start, will be one of My Spirit, saith the Lord; one that gives adherence to the ancient landmark of the Act of Union.
One will give adherence to its stand of having a national Church, free from having the influences of a separate priesthood. This Pentecostal Church of Scotland, saith the Lord, will play a radical role in being separate from para-church organisations that have bowed down to Baal.
“You are to press on with your work here in Wales, with the view of finishing the work here quickly. The Chapel Pentecost is to be a grand building near the A55, that embraces the culture of Spirit-filled chapel in Wales – not the dead religious form; & that there be Chapel Pentecosts throughout all of Wales, th My glory.
“Thou art to expose the antichrist forces of the enemy, both in Wales & in Scotland. The nation as a whole is under judgement; & thou art to use the fundings that thou will gain in phenomenal legal victories over the banking community, in clearing off all the debts, & moving on into My glory.
“I have declared to have the media Church manse here in Rhos, the media Church being a Church people can be members of who live in rural areas, without access to real Church fellowships. And this media operation will grow & grow, to be known as Chapel Pentecost Media Church.
“You will reach the far corners of the earth; you are in for an exciting few years. David & Lindsay, I have brought you together with Apostle Owen to fulfil great purposes. Be excited – for My Name will go forth.
“You have brought the forces of antichrist into disarray. So, as I have given you vision for the Capel Pentecost in Wales, & the Pentecostal Church of Scotland, be of good cheer.”
Word from the Lord through DPG, 17/12/11
“The moving on process has been hindered by those who have sought to have their way, when you have looked to Me, to obey that I have called you to do.
“I am your provider. I know now, you need a major financial breakthrough; & there are things you must do to bring the conditions for the moving on process to go ahead:-
(1) Recognise your opposition.
2) Face up to that opposition by declaring the Woes, as I declared the Woes to those who opposed Me in My earthly ministry.
“For example: “Woe unto those who seek position rather than sacrifice. Woe unto those who have tried to manipulate, rather than obey & accept, God-given leadership. Woe unto those who have been convicted, & fought back.”
“And so, with the Woes, you are bringing the condition for judgement to take place. Judgement begins at the house of the Lord. And those who have made these commitments need to keep them, & repent of looking to force issues with the will of their minds.
“As you have said ‘Vengeance is Mine, saith the Lord.’ And this will happen after you have called it at Pendalar.
“There have been those who have tried to place the fellowship under the bondage of the human state, rather than have the fellowship moving in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus.
“And so now, you can move on forward; & you have stated you need the £50,000 impetus at this stage. So, I speak to those able to invest, without having controls upon you. So keep on writing the vision. Keep on writing strategies, to fulfil the vision which I have given thee.
“The attack you have been under has been great. You are right to discern this does not happen in normal life. But you are not living a normal life. You are living a life obedient to God.
“So move on forward now. Look for that breakthrough to manifest. I will build My Church, & the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.
“You are right to have seen that the interest in your ministry is enormous. It is a matter now of bringing people together in restoring Non-Conformist passions in Wales, Cheshire & Staffordshire, & throughout the country. Use the word ‘Non-Conformist.’ That brings understanding of what you are standing for.
“The days of meeting after meeting of revival are beginning now with the hunger & thirst evident after righteousness. The Jeremiah 1:10 pulling down is vital in all of this. The Llandudno presence in exposing masonry & its links to Catholicism; the exposure of Nimrod & his activity, the opposer of God, in a land where gossip rules over obedience; you are simply to grasp what I have called you to do. Set up the media Church; preach the gospel.
You have Chapel Pentecost & Pentecostal Church of Scotland to set up. You have technologies to learn. You have to catch up on rest & sleep; at the same time, be refreshed & strong; to fulfil the calling I have given thee; which has been hindered by those seeking flesh gratification, rather than being those of the Spirit-led life.
“You have looked to bring the gospel into an area of Higher Criticism, where it emanates from throughout the world; so all these opposition forces have looked to hold you back.
“So your Intercession & Trustees Meetings weekly are vital in all this, in that your intercession meetings are minuted along with your business meetings.
“So you do have a way forward, in the Intercession & Trustees meetings together. You do have a way forward in setting up the media suite.
You do have the way forward in seeking God over the wisdom of financial deals.
You do have the way forward in setting up the Pentecostal Church of Scotland & Chapel Pentecost, with initial on-line presence, followed by video & audio presentations. You do have a way forward in the taking on of the legal cases; telling banks that God has found them out, in that they have not adhered to the Constitution of the land, which has involved promises to God by the monarch.
“For the banking group that called this archaic, they are guilty of treason against the monarch. Dismissal of what has been promised to God is constitutionally treason in thy nation.
“So, move forward in My strength, saith the Lord. Do not look back, outside of what has to be done legally, in relation to matters arising.
“But move ahead into the high calling of God. Signs will confirm the Word.
“So, praise the Lord! Get ready this day for the great revival to come.”
Word from the Lord through DPG, 07/04/12
This has been very important in the growth of thy ministry: that thou hast gone through a period of being small.
“But thou must understand - & understand well – that the day of the small things is over.
Renew your minds through My Word. David had his time of small things; & still in those times, he faced the giant, as indeed you have faced giants. They have looked to constantly pull you down in this time of small things; but thou hast used stones from My Word.
“I use the analogy in relation to the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God; which thou hast devoured, in readiness for this day.
“Elijah had his day of small things, in the cave & forgotten; suppressed & put into a corner, just like you have been. But he had his day of facing the prophets of Baal; & you are about to have your day likewise.
“When you walk down that aisle in Bangor Cathedral, so shall the spirits of antichrist quiver. They will run at the sound of My Name delivered from thy lips; for the Name of Jesus is high above any antichrist manipulation.
“For they in Wales have built a false Church. My Word warns that many antichrists have already come; but they have been part of building the Church of the Antichrist; & as Elijah faced the prophets of Baal, the false Christ of the Antichrist is the same god they worshipped, who failed to bring the fire.
“And as the prophets of Baal failed to bring the fire, so the Anglican cult of Wales has no authority, no power; for it is those who move with the spirit of Elijah, who wants more, bring the fire of God.
“But instead of destroying the prophets of Baal, they proclaim the victory of Calvary. For I came to destroy the works of the devil, & that victory you proclaim in that Cathedral.
“Oh, these are the days that I have called you to claim back the glorious mantle of revival that is to give the old-time message of the revivalists of Wales; & of course, of Scotland; & of course, of the apostle who sprang from England; & those in England of the Non-Conformist persuasion; those from Ireland who came to the shores of other nations of the United Kingdom, proclaiming the true doctrine of the Trinity, to cast out the false doctrines of the Antichrist that have caused so much damage; the manipulations of the heavy shepherding movement.
“Thou must set free the people, but most of all, when they bow down to their altars of Baal. I am appalled that there are Christians who even consider sitting under that evil of decadence.
“For I have called thee to restore My chapel movement in Wales as a Spirit-led, anointed movement without altars; My temple being the very body of Christ, the true believer. And this is the mark of the true believer: the true believer is one who bears the heart of the One who died at Calvary. He is one who is prepared to go to the cross for another; the compassion & love of Christ one must manifest to the nation.
“I have called thee to set up in Wales the Chapel Pentecost movement, without altars made with hands.
“I have told thee to build a new chapel building by the A55, & others will come in & build chapels throughout Wales – new chapels; you hear Me? New chapels, with all the latest technology. The devil uses it, but you are to take him off the airwaves. This chapel shall broadcast all over the world, the gospel; but the people must be broken first, as Evan Roberts cried ‘Bend me, Bend me!’ so the people will cry with the same voice as the revivalist, ‘Bend me, Bend me!’
“They shall no longer come with their own agendas, as in the past. They shall come to say, ‘Bend me, Bend me! Send your spirit to the Chapel Pentecost;’ & the lure of My Spirit will bring the people, initially to the website of Chapel Pentecost; then to the media operations of Chapel Pentecost on radio, television & internet.
“It shall be a blessing to the nation; & take heed of this: the angles are dancing over thou taking the seats of council; for they have seen their chapels removed in Colwyn Bay; & now, by taking these seats of authority, the enemy is defeated by thy proclamation of the Calvary victory; for, what is thy logo depicting, but the Cross of Calvary, & the Lordship of Christ?
“You have moved into position to proclaim My Lordship.
“My warning to thee is this: no longer think small.
“Now, the time is coming to set up the Chapel Pentecost website; & this prophecy is to be on the homepage. The television & media operations are now to come into being. Be prepared for members to join from all over the nation of Wales.
“Later, I am to do the same with thee in Scotland; but now is the time for Wales. The music accompanying this homepage, will be “Guide me, O Thou Great Jehovah.” Remind the people of the words of the revivalist, “Open Thou the Crystal Fountain;” for the healing stream has to come. My river has to flow through this whole land; & from where does My river come? It is out  of thy bellies, saith the Lord; Yes, out of your bellies. For as you stand in this Principality of Wales, My revival anointing shall be upon thee; for thou hast removed the altars; the false Eisteddfods of Antichrist will be of little interest any more.
The ancient stones of the false deity will be replaced by the living stones. For this is My Church, that the gates of hell cannot prevail against; & behold, I have given thee the keys of authority; & My people, yet not people in the earthly sense – for these are the branches of the Living Christ.
These will manifest Me, saith the Lord. This will be My Church – who will understand Galatians 2:20. Oh! They will have the joy of the Lord.
“My warning to thee: do not think small. You have not despised the day of small things; but those days are over.
“I am bringing saints to thee to help thee. Thou hast a lot of work on, so as to be ready for the great harvest. Remember the old hymn “Bringing in the Sheaves”? The farmer knows his field will grow with corn; & this Farmer is telling thee, that thou hast planted the seed of revival, & thou must be prepared for the harvest. Thou must place on this website the vision for the building alongside the A55. Invite My saints to give into the fund to build this initial building, which must have the latest technology to proclaim My Word.
“I am not a second-hand God. I bring people into the newness of life, not the second-hand-ness of life. Those with a poverty spirit will have no place in this enterprise of God. I demand excellence, saith the Lord. People coming will look smart, just as in days of the Chapel Revival, people came with their best clothes; & whilst they will say not to look at the outward appearance, I indeed look to the inward heart; but from the inward heart comes renewing of the mind; & with the renewing of the mind, comes God’s perspective of the very best in the kingdom of God.
“So, prepare for the big things, having not despised the small things. This land of Wales is once more to be the land of song. You have prepared for this, with My gospel music. But be prepared for singers, instrumentalists; be prepared for a whole row of trumpeters, to blow the chords of the Lord.
“Be prepared, with thy own chapel, never mind 4 hours long, never mind 5 hours long, never mind 6 hours long, never mind 7 hours long; be prepared for meetings to go on days; such will be the move of My Spirit, bringing men & women on their knees before Me. Have you got the idea of what I call ‘big’? Remove your human perspectives.
When I build My Church, I build My Church. The people shall lose their religious perspectives. You shall sing the old hymn, “Are You Washed in the Blood? Are your garments spotless, are they white as snow? Are you washed in the blood of the Lamb?”
“Oh, these are the days, not of the small things, which you did not despise; these are the days to bring a chapel movement the devil thought he had destroyed, only for a seven-fold bigger movement than it ever was, to replace it!
“But what is it replacing? Not the Spirit-anointed chapel movement of the saints of old, which he can never destroy. What he has destroyed, is his own dead religious form; so in effect, he has destroyed himself. Such is the stupidity of the devil.
“But what is in thee, is rivers of living water. Are you prepared for this in your mind-set? Renew your mind, from My Spirit within thee.
“Rejoice in what I have had to say today. You are going to have to work hard now; for the joy of the Lord shall be thy strength. Oh, rejoice! Rejoice! Rejoice! I say, Rejoice!”
Word from the Lord through DPG,
Chapel Pentecost Meeting, Pendalar, 10/02/13
“I have not forgotten, saith the Lord, to build the Chapel of Pentecost on the hill above Bangor; not that that building will be a temple of the Lord, but shall be a place for the temples of the Lord to gather as one temple of the Holy Ghost unto Me.
“So shall the witchcraft be scattered from the hills, saith the Lord. So shall the false ‘Church’ be exposed for what it is. For I am building My Church, & the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.
“Thou hast studied Rees Howells, as he stood in the queue to pay his ticket, without at that time the physical resources to purchase that ticket. But thou hast gained the ground of intercession. Thou hast stood in intercession in that place, & the ground has been claimed.
“Yet there is an aspect of this you must not forget: that you have already brought in the architects. You know from them how much approximately the project will cost, which is about £1,000,000. One needs to contact the County Council Planning Department & ask about those fields, & state a claim on the ground through the planning office.
“This is My Word today. I am Jehovah Jireh. I will never let you down. And as you step out on this project of Chapel Pentecost, so shall the enemy be confounded; for he has looked to destroy & remove your resources; & here you are, stepping out on a major building project.
“You need to contact the kit builders, & tell them of your interest in this. See their reps. Just as Rees Howells stood in the queue, you are acting on the Word & trusting God by putting this project into practice.
“From here you will broadcast from Wales all over the world. For as in the Rees Howells book, Wales is to be known once more as the land of revival.
“So you will have restored once more Spirit-led chapel. & removed the dead religious form.
“Your enemies are already confounded, as was written through John Bunyan. How much more shall they be confounded, when they see a huge building being erected, not to be a temple of God; for the temples of God as one temple shall be as one within it.
“My Word to you is the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. The enemies have scattered; & they will come from all over the world to this place, not to receive revival, but to learn how they can bring aboutrevival wherever they may have come from.
“For thou wilt sing the hymn I gave to J Edwin Orr, ‘Search Me, O God - & start the work in me; & they shall confess their sins, saith the Lord, & the people of North Wales shall see a mighty revival. For as they confess their sins, as they did in Africa in Rees Howells’ day, so shall My Spirit fall down; for I shall rend the heavens.
“Truly I have called you to bring Chapel Pentecost unto the people…is
“Then fancies fly away
I’ll fear not what men say
I’ll labour night & day
To be a pilgrim.”