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For nations, families and individual for those not upholding the Calling of God, there are serious consequences.

There is a place of perfection high above the vagrancies of this World, the heavenly places in Christ Jesus; Eph. 2. Read On .....

Exodus 15:26 King James Version (KJV)

And said, If thou wilt diligently hearken
to the voice of the Lord thy God,
and wilt do that which is right in his sight,
and wilt give ear to his commandments,
and keep all his statutes,
I will put none of these diseases upon thee,
which I have brought upon the Egyptians:
for I am the Lord that healeth thee.

1 Thessalonians 5:19-21 King James Version (KJV)

Quench not the Spirit.
Despise not prophesyings.
Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.

Action Points from the Prophecies .........
*  Walk in the Heavenly Places
*  Be continuously on the main line with Christ
*  Heed the warnings cry to the people
*  Have Consecration meetings to give opportunity to the people
*  Address the "Spectator Sport" phenomena
*  Use the Manse Loft as a radio studio to the World
*  Requirement for great funds - giving cheerfully
*  Hearken
*  Continue the Non-Conformist Revivalist Christianity in Wales
*  Ask on the Chapel Pentecost site where the wealth of the Revival has gone .....
*  Challenge Chapels in Wales over their vision, the keeping of Original Statements of Faith
*  Deal with the Cancer Belts Issue in Wales
*  Cleanse the Land of False Gods

Word from the Lord through DPG, 13/09/11
“Behold, behold! The great tribulation cometh nigh; for they are not heeding My Word. They are not seeing Scripture being fulfilled before their very eyes.
“There are wars & rumours of wars. Man’s wickedness is having its way in parts of government; & the people are simply letting it happen.

“I say unto thee, to walk in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus. Yet they go here, they go there, running from their own emotions, & call themselves Christian at the same time. Do they not know My Word, that you are not your own, you were bought with a price?

“I have much to do through you; & I require complete obedience from those called to fulfil My Word, for the signs are all about thee. Yet, they still run here & there, with their own emotions as their ruling passion.

“You know, My Word is clear: a Christian is continuously on the main line with Me.

“One is going to have to be firm in warning the people to write down what the Spirit is calling them to do; to write down My specific instructions. Tell them all the prophecies are being fulfilled all around them.

“Lindsay, thou sung ‘The Midnight Cry;’ yet they did not heed the warning in the song. Indeed they were some who walked out at the warning in the song. They could not take the warning of the imminent return of the Christ, Who died & rose again.

“The ability to see around the world has been given to this generation. They look at their television sets, & see events unfolding around the world; events prophesied in My Word. Yet they still think they can live their own lives.

“The key is in hearing from Me, writing down what I am saying to do, & acting on what I have said to accomplish.

“And so you have a people simply giving lip service to My Word.

“There are to be consecration services for those who will say, ‘No more will I run from my emotions & feelings. No more will I place my own emotions as the prominent factor in my daily schedule. I will take time out to hear what the Spirit is saying. I will carefully write down what the Spirit is saying.’

“For the victory of Calvary is to manifest from all of the believers; & so the spectator sport phenomena is to be addressed. They come to spectate what God is doing. Yet, God is declaring the demand of the whole life given over to Him.

“Yet they continue their own ways; despite of Lindsay singing the song ‘The Midnight Cry,’ they still continue to live their own lives. And so, you have taught & taught on My five-fold ministry; yet they are so entrenched in the pastor-people syndrome, they have no understanding of the individual roles, activities of My ministers. Yet they are called to be ministers themselves.

Yet I have called thee to tell the people that the five-fold ministry is to manifest from the heart of the congregation. Yet I have called them all to fulfil the callings I have on their lives. Thou hast said, ‘Surrender, Surrender. Give to Him that is the Lord.’ Yet they still rob Me in tithes & offerings.

“And so, this calling of God which I have on thee is so massive, because My labourers are few. Yet I have called many to help thee in this calling; yet they act according to their feelings, rather than My Word. Yet, there are prophecies being fulfilled all around you.

“And so, I have called thee to mighty things, saith the Lord. I have called thee to have thy loft, not only as a studio to broadcast to the world. Prepare, prepare, prepare! Prepare to put together than which I have called you to do; & warn those who call themselves Christian, to take heed of My Word. Where is the self-crucifixion, I declare.

“I have called thee to be obedient. I have called thee to listen carefully. I have called thee to act accordingly. The time is short. Put aside the world, I declare. The Word is clear. I have called them to contact thee over what they have heard from Me; yet they do not listen.

“I have called them to have their own handbooks; their own instructions written in a book, much of which is to help thee with what I have called thee to do. Tell the people once more: listen, listen, listen! There are prophecies being fulfilled all around them. If they really believed it, they would be acting accordingly.

“Yes, I have called those who wander the streets from place to place, to hold back, & hear from Me. The blessings of the Lord are for those who call upon My Name; who write down what I am calling them to do. Yet I have called them to give heed to My Word.

“I have called them to write down, to write down what the Spirit is saying, & to act accordingly. Tell the people once more to listen, listen, listen! Have their notebooks ready. How many times have you called them to this? You have called them continuously to have the notebook ready; yet they do not give heed to the prophet’s cry.. They do not give heed to the call of My Word. 

They do not give heed to the sacrifices of the apostle & prophet; for these are sacrificial ministries. They simply move by their feelings, & even ask God to bless such feelings. Yet they are cursed with a curse. They have ‘phoned thee with their problems & difficulties, yet they are cursed with a curse. How are they cursed with a curse? They rob God over their tithes & their offerings.

“You should not have to tell them where you are with the vision & the calling; for they would know, because they would be at the same place in the Spirit. Yet thou hast warned them continuously to hear from God. What they do is give God a tip, rather than hand over the tithe. I refuse to accept the tip, for it is given as a by-to-by thing to do – an offering bag comes to them, & they give God a tip, rather than His holy tithe.

“Blessed are they who hear from God, & give accordingly; & I am talking about offerings. For the tithe is handing over what belongs to God. For thy Populating Heaven meetings will require great funds to come in to support what I have called thee to do. For thy people are to get a hold of, not only the tithe, but also the offerings; for I have been talking thousands in relation to what has to come in; yet the people still think they can give a tip to God. I am the covenant God, that requires complete obedience; yet there are those who have their security zone in the world, in the treasures of this earth, rather than in the calling of God on their lives.

“Put aside the world, I declare. Give according to what the Spirit is calling thee to give. Give offerings with a cheerful heart. You see, there are signs all around thee. There should be a thirst for the lost soul. There should be a determination to give the finance to fulfil the Great Commission. Yet they still do not hand over offerings, & rob God with the tithe.

“You have much to purchase to fulfil the call of God on your life. Some have criticised the purchase you have made, from a human perspective – for they have no concept of the call of God on your life; the call of God. Write down what the Spirit is saying. Tell the people, tell the people: write down. Tell the people to be ready to write down what the Spirit is saying.

“Hallelujah, hallelujah! I am speaking today. I have called thee to act according to thy programme; going into Bangor; proclaiming My Word, & having lively praise & worship.

“I have called My people to listen, & act accordingly. Yet they act on their own emotion & feeling.

“Warn them. Warn them, the prophecies are being fulfilled all around them.
“I have great times for thee, as thou hears from Me & acts upon the call upon your life. The full surrender message might not be the most popular message to the human emotion. Give heed to My Word. It is being fulfilled all around thee. And thou art being called; yet I have called thee to write down.

“And, Lindsay, thou hast been faithful in writing down what I have called thee to do. Thou must go forth; remind the people of their obligations before God.
“Whom I have called to be obedient to My Word: ‘The Midnight Cry’ is all around thee. Write down; listen; act accordingly.

“This is My Word: hearken unto the voice of the Lord thy God. It is really that simple; but not for those with their own agendas. Having one’s own agenda is the blockage to hearing from God.

“I have heard the excuses; but there is no excuse for disobedience, & not heeding the call of God.

“Take heed, take heed, take heed of the prophet’s words; & what are the words, but to write down what the Spirit is saying; act accordingly to what I have called them to do. They will have adventure after adventure; & those adventures can be testified of the blessings of the Lord.

“This is the Word of the Lord, to be taken seriously. If thy nations are to be saved, it will require the commitment of thy people.
“I am calling all of thy people, if only they listened. What do I say in My Word, but hearken, hearken, hearken?


Church Meetings, Sunday 15/01/12
(1) Morning Meeting, Scout Hall, Rhos on Sea
Key Scriptures:
Deuteronomy 8 & I John 5
Continuing the Non-Conformist Calling of Revivalist Christianity in Wales
·        Bring those in that calling together
·        Use Non-Conformist Brokenness Revival Logo
·        So many have closed down
Question: Where has the chapel money gone? This was money given by those who sacrificed years ago.
·        On Chapel Pentecost website, ask the question: Where has the money gone? Get the resources from the founders. Legally, Churches Together is not entitled to the money.
·        Exposing the False Revival movement:

1)   Roman Catholicism:

 Morning Star Ministries; Lakeland etc. Very well-funded – have well infiltrated many churches.

2) New Age:
Syncretized Revival, of two types:
a.   Christian-Druidic - Anglican “Celtic Spirituality”
b.   The Purpose-Driven Revival: Rick Warren etc. A course will be run on this, called “New Age Deception in The Church.”
3) Brokenness Revival.

·        Original Visions & Statements of Faith of the Chapels – must keep to them! We must ensure this. We are looking to promote Spirit-led holinessholiness
holiness, not  religious holiness. DG must ensure all funds from chapels should go to the Revivalist-Non-Conformist cause. DG to take them to court.

The Llangefni Scenario:
Short report of yesterday’s visit by DG. Challenge the chapels etc. over their vision / calling. What is Llangefni’s heritage?

Huge issues over “cancer belts” – e.g. Chernobyl (1986).

2012 Events:
This is clearly a momentous year: e.g. Queen’s Diamond Jubilee; Leap Year; Olympics Games, etc.

What is God Saying?
“In Wales, restore My chapels!” (see Deuteronomy 8, especially verses 2-5 & verse 11. Chapter 8 shows we are overcomers, taking the Welsh areas of this nation, under that passion.

I John 5: especially verse 18.

Rhema from I Samuel 30 confirming the present situation:
·        The enemy (Amalekites) stealing from David, his family & followers
·        David was blamed for all this (they were going to stone him)
·        But he encouraged himself in the Lord
·        So God gave David a specific strategy to pursue the enemy & take it all back!

(2) Evening Meeting, Pendalar

An evening for people to speak out or read out prophetic words they have been given concerning the strategy for North Wales begun this morning.

Sung Prophecy to Lindsay Griffiths (resume from sound recording)
“He’s the Lord of Liberty, who sets the captives free,
Looses their bonds & gives them liberty
All should live in Hime
No-one should live a living death,
Bound by the grave-clothes on the Earth….
He is the Ruler of the Universe yet lives in each one of us
Behold in these last days saith the Lord –
Hold out the lamp that lights the feet  of My people – My Word…
My right hand is strong to save
Be ye strong, bold & very courageous for I am living in each one of thee saith the Lord
No strongholds…
Meet with Me in the secret place, in the prayer room.
Let Me rule & reign with you
Submit your thoughts
Submit every…
I will banish doubt & fear & sorrow from this place
Only live in Me
There is passion, passion for souls in My heart
Receive that passion, fire, salvation, desire to set captives free
Begin by setting yourselves free
From old patterns, from old mind-sets
As I was with Moses, Joshua…
So am I with thee, saith the Lord…Three in One.
…You must be one with Me & with each other. When you are one, then you will set the captives free.
Undo the grave clothes, undo the grave clothes, undo the grave clothes
And walk in liberty
I am bringing together many streams of living water [L: I saw a strong vision or picture of this scene]
Many waters coming together as one –
No more dry land, saith the Lord
Only obey & serve Me, saith the Lord
And I turn this desert blooming like a rose once again
Look & see –
Many streams
Many people from many backgrounds  -
Many remnants coming together as one
See My truth in My last days
The slaves will be unchained, saith the Lord
Many boulders & blockages be swept away
I am here ..as you do great things
I will roll every gravestone away
And grind them to powder as it says in My Word in the book of Daniel – a stone made without hands,
Not measured by the hands of man
Nothing can thwart My purpose –
My will shall be done on earth as it is in heaven, saith the Lord.”

David Griffiths on Healing Evangelism etc.
“The major cause of sickness in Wales: Wales has become a religious nation – “failing to discern the Lord’s body.”

See I Corinthians 11: we must give the understanding of what the Lord’s Table is about.

Word from the Lord through DPG, 24/08/13
“In my name, thou art setting up a media empire so vast that the enemy of souls is so frustrated that he cannot see a way through.
“He has tried his usual mind attacks: his attempts to make the world go round, & bring confusion, depression, low self-esteem, criticism, worries, concerns, gossip – all of these he has attempted to use, but is feeling frustrated at not finding a way through.
“For My Word declares, ‘I shall build My Church, & the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.’
“Those with you need to know the importance of walking the heavenly places in Christ Jesus. For those with an identity crisis, for example those who do not know these heavenly places, known as the portals in Fanny J Crosby hymns; known as the corridors of power to the intercessors of God; those who rely on their own thoughts rather than God’s thoughts will criticise this move, as they cannot see the portal vision. They cannot see your desire to have excellence in all that thou doest; your desire being God’s desire. For I am calling you to bring excellence to all that you do. The way you present yourselves needs to be excellent; excellence in the running of your operations; in your media operations. I know that thou needest more financial resources,& the enemy has looked to block these off. But I have given thee the authority in My name to fulfil the purposes of God.
“Your teaching on the Union Message, that is My John 17word, is one that draws alarm; yet it was the original message of the Protestant Reformation, the removal of the separate priest-hood, to be the royal priesthood of believers after the line of Melchizedek. For Abraham brought his tithe, the New Testament being to bring their all. For in the sacrifice of Jesus – thou hast touched this on the Rhos on Sea site – the demand, as in My ministry on earth, is for man to forsake his earthly possessions & be joined to the Lord as one spirit with Me.
“The world is full of personal reliances. The true Christian is full of God reliance. Those with a foot in both camps will criticise, as they do not want to be challenged in this area. Higher ground is an area where the people do not want to be challenged. But I have called thee to challenge, as thou hast challenged the people at this time in the local press. They thought they had closed down the Rhos on Sea Pentecostal Church; but as they have now discovered, it is the fastest growing Church in North Wales.
“The devil thought he had closed down the Bible College of Wales, which God is now restoring through those in the portals. The true College will have no truck with Higher Criticism. The true College will not put itself under the secular university system. The true College will have staff reliant on Me, rather than come under a secular wage structure. For unless there is sacrifice within the faculty, there will be no sacrifice in the students to reach the world with the gospel. There is a choice between walking the same paths as Rees Howells, or just giving lip service to them.
“Thou hast been called to walk the heavenly places. From here thou hast challenged the banking & financial communities of thy land. They have disobeyed God completely; & thou art right not to back down in thy banking cases. For they owe the kingdom all the wealth they think they have their hands on. The earth is the Lord’s, & the fullness thereof; & in thy writings thou art to expose the work of the devil & the way he has stolen the resources of the nation & its people.
“The European Union is a thief that has brought the nation heartache & grief. The EU is responsible for bankruptcy after bankruptcy of ordinary people seeking to make a living for their family; whereas My Word has declared personal resources are laid down at the cross, so as to rely upon Me. The state has produced a new cross, where it takes the resources of man, to kill, steal & destroy. What kind of government can tax the people to kill the innocents? What kind of government can tax the people to protect those in blatant immorality, particularly those in fleshly relationships that produce no seed? For My Word has always been within the context of a man leaving his parents to be joined to one wife. What kind of government can deny this, but one led by the lusts of the flesh, rather than by the Spirit of God, to whom constitutionally the right of order was given, in the Constitutional Acts thou bravely portray.
“They say times have moved on. The oath to God by the monarch has not moved on at all. It is the same oath today as it always was: to keep the laws of God which bring life, rather than the devil’s form of death which destroys the seed of the womb& encourages relationships that can never have seed, combined with the communistic over-burdening of law that is entrenched in Pharaoh’s system of slavery, rather than being in the Promised Land under the order of God.
“What thou hast been doing, is taking a people to the Promised Land. Yes, the Promised Land of Joshua, but it is the Promised Land of the New Testament spirit, the principles of operation being that found on the leading up to the coming down of the Jericho wall.
“The people have murmured against thee, just as they did with Moses. Thou hast taken them to the spiritual Shittim, where they are called to sanctify themselves, separate themselves from the world. At this time thou art facing thy Jericho wall, & thou art to place the trumpeters around it, & warn the people not to syncretise Christianity with paganism. For as with Moses, the people have turned to other gods, & thou art lifting up the Word of God, as they lifted up the ark to cross the Jordan.
“For as in the days of Joshua, it is those who meditate on My Word  day & night, who will take My Word into the Promised Land. Great Britain, being illegally bound by foreign law, rather than obeying the oracles of the holy God.
“Thou art facing this Jericho wall of unbelief & doubt. Even those around you wonder if this is possible. But I am telling thee: thou carriest the rod of authority. Thy adversaries will end up along with the chariots of the Egyptian army.
“For thou has been called to walk the heavenly places in Christ Jesus. There is a point here for personal sacrifice. For this is the place of Shittim. For to carry My ark is to be solely reliant on the Word of God, rather than the brain-washings of a Satan-ridden world. [II Corinthians 4:4].”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 20/12/14
“Walking in the Heavenly Places in Christ Jesus”

“In this places, the things of the world do not exist. But you are aware, as Paul was aware, of the attacks that come to try & get you out of this walk.“No-one can be blessed by calling Christ accursed; & that is what Christmas does. For how can there be a celebration of the mass of Christ? For the mass is the literal eating of the Lord’s body. So it is the eating of Christ’s body while He was accursed on the cross.

“Oh, the devil is so clever. He has even the elect deceived. But you are walking the heavenly places in Christ Jesus, where there is only the resurrected Christ; where you walk with Him, & on the earth, as Him.“You see, you are walking above all these wiles of the devil. Even the elect are deceived.

The evidence is overwhelming that this is a satanic festival; but there is a control upon nations to perform it. I am well pleased this day has been chosen for the Telethon; the day to bring My movements back to Me. The devil is doing all he can to make you conform. You see, there is a code & a system out there, which you are expected to keep to. You have been told by those who think they are close to you, to conform to the systems of this world; but you have refused, & invited those at the place of satanic influence, to come to the cross & move on to the heavenly places in Christ Jesus.

“The devil can give vivid dreams, & attack the mind; but you have resisted these to walk the heavenly places in Christ Jesus.“One has given up one’s earthly wealth to walk the heavenly places in Christ Jesus, just as with the Early Church. This walk is total reliance on Me; & through admission of thy weakness, I am able to take over, & give you the victory.

“It is the New Testament walk. You do not find any celebration of Christmas in My Word. You do not find the Mass, you do not find transubstantiation. You see, this walk you are preaching requires no separate priesthood; for this walk is for the royal priesthood of believers, one in Christ, thus eliminating the need for a middle man; the Emerging Church leaders, as with the Romanist priests of old, making themselves mediators between God & man. 

“What you have done is taught the authority of the believer; & whosoever speaketh the Rhema Word of God, has authority over principality & power, the need for a middle man being gone; there being only Christ Jesus to present thee whole unto the Father, as one in the Godhead, that they may be one as we are one.“Oh, thou hast come a long way, oh children. Just as with Paul & Silas, they try to imprison you; try to convince you of defeat.

But thou hast stood fast.“Warn the people not to be moved by their emotions, particularly at Christmas time, with the distractions. The emotional reaction says, ‘I need to do this; I need to do that’; but you need to do nothing. I did it 2000 years ago for you.

“Thou art walking the heavenly places in Christ Jesus, high above principalities & powers. Thou hast the victory. Walk ye in it.”

Word from the Lord through
David P Griffiths, 14/02/15
“Walking the Heights with Me (Ephesians 1&2); as Me on This Earth (I John 4:17); & with All Authority,
as I showed to the Colossians”

“With all authority thou walketh this earth. In this context, thou shalt ask what you will. For thou will go forth into all the earth & reach every creature with the gospel. For thou art in a time of major preparation.“I have called thee to teach about the anointing; for My Spirit has fallen upon thee to fulfil this mighty call. Thou goest day after day in preparation.

The courses must be written. The anointing is so strong on this work that thou doest. For it is to train leaders to perfect saints for the work of the ministry.“For thou will appoint true apostles & prophets, evangelists, pastors & teachers, to perfect the saints for the work of the ministry; & the material thou art producing is in line with the call of God on thy lives.

“For I have called thee to expose the counterfeit Jesus, who has so many sons of Sceva in his hands, the sons of Sceva being the epitome of self-identity Christianity. For when a man is born again, he is free from the identity of Satan on his life (using male terms like ‘his,’ ‘man,’ ‘mankind’ bears no relation to physical gender on the earth. For when a man is born again, old things are passed away, to enable a walking in the heavenly places, an understanding that the mouth of this individual is Christ’s, & Christ’s alone; & this person walks with all authority as Christ on this earth, with the empowerment, the baptism in the Spirit, coming upon him to be as I am on this earth; to speak the great I AM, not as a separate identity, as with the sons of Sceva, but literally as Me on this earth.“Prayer lines are full in Charismatic meetings, because they are constantly taught separate identity Christianity.

They minister to each other, as with the sons of Eli; but My Church, the sons of Zadok, stand as Me on this earth. They have no need to be constantly ministered to, for they know who they are, joined to the Lord, the fullness of the Godhead bodily. They are a more than conqueror, lifted up to the heavenly places in Christ Jesus, having overcome all principality & power.

They have no need of constant prayer, for they are in constant communication with the Father, as a joint heir with Christ, & the Father provides all required for the purpose of reaching every creature with the gospel. “Separate identity ‘Christianity’ is a destroyer. Those who come constantly for prayer, ministering constantly into the separate identity, are the charlatans of Christianity today. With their prayers to the other Jesus, they have controls over people which is not of God, but of the other Jesus.“Counterfeit signs are produced by the other Jesus. Physical signs like gold dust are sought after as a sign from their god; & the god of this world obliges into this kind of ministry.

“But the true believer needs no such sign. He has the inner witness, knowing who he is in Christ Jesus. When he lays hands on the sick, he witnesses the virtue leaving him, & has constant relationship, walking the heavenly places to receive further virtue to transfer into the lives of the suffering, so that they too can move as Me on this earth.“For I quicken the mortal body today, to be holy unto Me, so it can be that temple to reach the lost. This is what this quickening is all about. This is why My healing covenant promise has the condition of hearing from Me so it can be fulfilled.

“As you walk in this place, so thy physical body is quickened, walking in obedience to the will of the Father. This is why thou was lifted from thy death bed, to move in the glorious will of the Father. This is why thou art working to perfect young people in the Word – to be as Me on this earth.

“These are the days of preparation for the Bible College of Wales Continuing. The courses, written courses, & the video lectures, so anointed in the Holy Ghost. Now dost thou see the work thou art doing is for the glory of God? In the community, thou hast spoken My Word, & brought life. Thou hast exposed the corruption of dead religion, the corruption of the codices of Egypt which the Charismatics embrace with great gusto.

For they say they can understand this English, but they have failed to understand the fundamental point; it is not with academic understanding that the saints are equipped, but as with the true Word of God, the saints are perfected for the work of the ministry. 

1) Walking with Me in heavenly places in Christ Jesus (Ephesians 1&2);

2)  as Me on this earth (I John 4:17);

3)  high above principality & power (Colossians).

“Do you see the difference? Separate identity ‘Christianity’ is the destroyer of Satan, of lives wrecked, as with the sons of Sceva.“But with the training of the Bible College of Wales Continuing, the saints are being perfected for the work of the ministry. Such was the work of Rees Howells.

“You need to rejoice & be exceedingly glad, for the persecution thou hast endured, has been from those looking to keep the separate identity, the symbol of pride in man’s achievements, which is as nothing before thee. For thou walketh in the victory of Christ Jesus, of a battle already won by the blood of the Lamb.”

Word from the Lord to DPG, 02/09/15

“A Breed Apart, & Those who are Sanctified”


“The chosen of God are those who walk the pathway of righteousness in God. They are a breed apart. The world & its fascinations is of no interest to this breed; yet they come under attack daily, by the attractions the accuser of the brethren would seek to put towards these chosen of God.

“This breed is the body of people who have realised the divine nature of their lives; & yet even though we say ‘people,’ we say this as a term of understanding. For as in Galatians 2:20, these are no longer people, but Christ.

“This is My body on earth, of whom sacrificing & forsaking means very little. For they walk a path not requiring the riches of this world. They walk such a path of righteousness that they no longer have a set prayer time, but walk continuously with their God, in the portals of power, where one walks as joint heirs in great majesty, power, might & dominion. Yet this majesty is not of earthly origin.

“So, when you consider this special group of people – yet not people, but Christ, thou art considering those chosen of God to walk this higher stage.”