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PENTECOSTAL HOLINESS CHURCH CONTINUING - Remove not the ancient landmark, which thy fathers have set
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The Old Days had hymns like Onward Christian Soldiers and
Sound the Battle Cry!
The Bible clearly shows that the Christian is a soldier and a soldier faces battlegrounds, that is the Christian is called to fight and overcome! Eph. 6; I John 5.
This ministry has had and still has battlegrounds.
These prophecies relate to these.
Exodus 15:26 King James Version (KJV)
And said, If thou wilt diligently hearken
to the voice of the Lord thy God,
and wilt do that which is right in his sight,
and wilt give ear to his commandments,
and keep all his statutes,
I will put none of these diseases upon thee,
which I have brought upon the Egyptians:
for I am the Lord that healeth thee.
1 Thessalonians 5:19-21 King James Version (KJV)
Quench not the Spirit.
Despise not prophesyings.
Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.

*  Preach against the Leviathan in Llanfairfechan; remove the barriers, the burial mounds on the hill, the churnings of the South Coast of Lleyn.
*  Preaching on coming out of slavery, exposimg mammon in society.
* Continue the stand and do not back off.
* Warn the people not to look at the outward appearance.
*  Listen! Listen! Listen!
*  Not to be moved by Jezebel, but by the Spirit of God.
*  Be aware of disguising spirits.
*  Be aware of low esteem Antichrist & Rehoboth, Respectability spirits.
*  Do not build for ourselves treasure on earth - set up manses throughout the Country to bring together Apostles and Prophets.
*  Have everything in common.
*  Take the breaking of Constitutional Law to the Highest Court.
*  Show the divisions that have come into the "Church", remove the pride, and apostasy.
Word from the Lord through David Griffiths,
Rhos on Sea, 22/01/11
“You have discovered the operations of the end-time Antichrist. Even now, there are many which have gone into the world. They bring strife, worry & stress. But do not bow down to this move of the enemy, for I already have overcome the world.
“What thou hast discerned is movements of Antichrist. Thou hast seen how these spirits have brought people to the point of not being able to talk about godly things.
“You faced this Goliath as David faced the physical Goliath. David had to complete the work; with you, the work has already been completed.
“The opposition you face is what I overcame 2000 years ago.
“Now I want to talk to you today concerning the Leviathan in the sea, & how that relates into thy activities on the coast from Penmaenmawr westwards. I saw in Penmaenmawr a rigidity of the people; an acceptance of corruption; an acceptance which thou art to expose.
“In Llanfairfechan, the enemy has tried every hand to bring confusion & lack of understanding. The people are mesmerised by the Leviathan of the sea.
“Preach against the Leviathan. Expose its every move. Remove the barriers, so that the people can receive.
Barrier no.(1):The Sea Urchin on the island in the Strait.
Barrier no.(2):The burial mounds on the hill thou hast discerned;
Barrier no.(3): The churnings & the upset thou hast discerned on the south coast of Lleyn, are a direct result of Harlech to Bardsey.
“Bring down the barriers of Satan. Teach thy people the importance of walking in the Spirit; being obedient; not giving heed to natural circumstance.
“David, I want you to preach on the coming out of the land of slavery. You have rightfully discerned My move to take you out of the clutches of the banking system. You are to declare on-line “Let my people go.”
Expect miracle after miracle to occur; for this is where the cloudy, fiery pillar of My presence comes about.
“Thou hast been discerning My voice continuously, & thou hast rightfully discerned the spirit of Mammon in thy society.
“Continue thy stand; do not back off, for when the thief is found the enemy has to hand over his spoils. Being blessed – know that thou art blessed, & be confident as you go forward; confident in the liberty which Christ has set thee free.
Word from the Lord through David Griffiths,
Rhos on Sea, 27/03/11
“Warn the people; warn the people – how long have I saith unto thee? Do not look at the outward appearance. And so it is in the world. Listen to what the Spirit of God is saying unto thee, not media interpretations.
“What thou shouldst hear from the BBC, Sky News, CNN, CBS, & all of the rest, is not a depiction of what is truly happening.
“You see, My Word declares ‘Do not look at the outward appearance; hear what the Spirit saith unto the Church.’
I have called thee to speak out My Word; & My Word is a word of warning at this time. Let thou hear what the Spirit of God is saying to thee – not the media circus that thou witnesseth at this time.
“For, the circles of the god of this world are in division. The enemy himself, who maintains the circles, is in division over what he should do. For the circles have been broken. Some are saying this, & some are saying that, & the devil has no unity any more. His own stooges are arguing amongst themselves.
Now, I am referring to those who have handed their lives to Satan, not just the principalities & powers. I am referring to those who have given their lives to the one who operates ‘like the Most High.’
“You see, things have been going wrong in Satan’s camp. Whereas within the world of Christendom, the real Christian is not moved by how he or she feels, the real Christian stays on the course which I have given them, whatever the climate outside. So it is with Satan. He demands complete obedience from those who follow him, the false Jesus of II Cor.11.
“What is happening is that there has been reaction to the tsunami & to the earthquake. There has been reaction to the riots & march of yesterday. The devil comes to kill, steal, & destroy. Governments are frail because they have chosen to follow him. They set up the institution of the Holy Roman Empire, to control & dominate the people. This is why it is important you hear accurately what I am calling you to do; that by My Spirit, you face the god of this world head-on, & so, My warnings are very apt. Hear what I am calling thee to do.
“There have been those in thy fellowship that have been motivated by reaction rather than by My Spirit. This is why I have called thee to be close to Me. Hear constantly what I am calling thee to do. Hear, Hear, obey (Exodus 15:26).
“That is how thou shalt walk in the blessings of God. I have not changed (Deuteronomy 28)
“Listen, listen, listen! I am speaking to thee all, both corporately & individually, to listen, & not react to the world circumstances.
“My warning to thee at this time: Do not give heed to the news bulletins. They are under the control of the evil one.
“Listen to the Spirit of God & not react to the god of this world – a divided god with circles that have been broken – Truly divided against each other.
“Tell the people I am speaking to them: Hast thou given heed to the prophet’s words, with w notebook by thy bed? Or art thou being ministered to by those who would have you react to thy feelings & emotions?
“Do not be moved by the Jezebel, saith the Lord. Be moved by the Spirit of God speaking directly unto thee.”
Word from the Lord through DPG, 16/10/11
“Thus saith the Lord: it is the Spirit that leads thee to spirits. And there are spirits operating in the natural realm to oppose every plan thou hast received from Me in the spiritual realm.
“You are aware of My Word in relation to “whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth…whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth.” You are also aware of My Word, “submit to God, & resist the devil.” So you are trained in these things; you know them well.
“But there is an aspect here which you need to hear; for these spirits in places deliberately designed to stop you fulfilling the purposes of God.
“(1) Disguising spirits: spirits like to take on the guises of people who have gone on before.
“You live in North Wales, in an area of past physical war activity, i.e. a major look-out area during World War II. There were many limitations on technology that do not exist today.
“These spirits, which manifest as physical army members, even with tin hats, appear in churches to keep them in the past, to use the methods of the past, & to convince the people that modern is bad, & past is good.
“So, there is a passion to suppress new technology, to speak against it, when it can be used to fulfil the purposes of God.
“These are disguising spirits. They give the impression of being good, & wise, but they are there to thwart the plans of God, by giving the thinking that past is good, & modern is bad.
“Disguising spirits; they are there within the Church. It means the devil has all the means of modern communication, & the Church does not.
“(2) There are spirits connected with antichrist. Antichrist will seek to gain favour with those who enjoy reasoning, & working out. However, the work of the kingdom has not been designed to be of this world, but is to impact this world from the heavenly places in Christ Jesus.
“Antichrist will keep the individual at the low point constantly.
“(3) Spirits that control the mind. Spirits that control the mind are spirits of Rehoboth (? Rehemoth). What these do is keep the mind in continuous action, considering the situations round the individual, keeping their minds off the kingdom of God.
“These are the distracting spirits , that keep people’s minds off the kingdom of God. What they do is keep people in bondage.
“(4) Respectability spirits: they hold people in bondage, in that they hold people to gaining favour in the world, rather than being strong in the kingdom of God.
“We will continue this tomorrow.”
Word from the Lord through DPG, 20/10/11
Spirits Operating: Part 2
An Explanation:
“In bringing forth the next group of spirits, the Lord has had me give an explanation: one that supernaturally links the island of Ireland with what is now known as Great Britain. A lot of what you now find in the spiritual realm in Great Britain has its roots in the folklore of Ireland; & when names come forth, you must not try & immediately associate meanings from the modern culture, but from a culture over a much longer period of time.
“And in this context, I am naming a spirit called Rehomoth. This is a sea-urchin, rather than a sea-monster. You are aware of Leviathan; well, this is a sea-creature associated with Leviathan, called Rehomoth.
“Spirits will move in a way to try to dominate the mind & intelligence of mankind. They draw people who move by their emotions & feelings, rather than by the Word of God. They all the time try to gain favour with Church people; to get them integrated into everyday life, of what is perceived as normal “Normal” does not include, in modern day society, casting out devils & healing the sick.
“Such spirits come in groups. At this time around thy ministry is a gossip group. The spirits around that are part of a team of Satan, designed to discredit real members of churches. They will seek to damage reputations by pandering to people’s fears.
They will seek to create havoc in church operations. Such spirits encourage a lack of adherence to study of God’s Word. They will seek to cause disruption in meetings; & so as you look to move on & see Church grow, there are no end of gossip circles preventing people from receiving the Word.
“And so, when we go forward with the gospel, you need to understand that behind the scenes is this barrage of confusion – confusion that is rife at this time among church members.
“One great source of confusion is Higher Criticism. One has to stand on the Word; as one takes authority, you will see the wonders of God.”
Word from the Lord through DPG, 06/12/11
“With all that has been going on, it is clear you have TAKEN My Word ofunderstanding that the prophets are subject to the prophets. And at this time of the accuser of the brethren operating against thee, you have those prophets & apostles standing up for you at this time. You see, the prophets & apostles are the foundations of the Church; & by the Spirit of God, when the enemy tries to rock the foundation, the Chief Cornerstone with the apostles & prophets, steady the ship & calm the storm.
“But you are right to say that those who come out of that spiritual authority are wide open to the winds & waves of Satan’s attack; & you are right to move in the Lord’s compassion. For the Lord loves to see a repentant sinner back into the fold. You are right to see all witchcraft connection is removed; for there are many deceiving spirits in these last days.
“So be aware that you have taken on the spirit of antichrist, death & hell, & Jezebel. For you have taken on these strong men in the power of the Spirit of God, & brought their operations down to nought.
“Now, I am going to give you the strong man spirit as regards to Bangor Cathedral, appreciating your work of going from place to place. Note from Braich-y-Pwll, there are lines of association with Bardsey, which I am calling thee to cut. I will give direction when you get there.
“At Borth-y-Gest, you sre simply dealing with a leviathan of the harbour, where running waters flow one into the other. Caernarfon you have dealt with; but it is significant in its connection with the Newborough Forest; for this has been the sweep of the Leviathan.
“In effect, you have dealt with these sweeps of Leviathan along the Menai coast; in other areas too, & claimed back the land. But I am telling thee. As you go into the grounds of Bangor Cathedral, you are dealing with the witchcraft god of the Church in Wales; & as this is the establishment church, this is a spirit that has connection in the Babylon of state, as well as so-called “church.” You are dealing with the one of the gateposts of Stormont. All are joined together in the establishment church & state. You have named before you Mendes, the god of witchcraft.
“This is the rebellious spirit which keeps North Wales out of revival; but the spirit you are now facing, in view of bringing revival – this is the rebellious spirit which has affected so many so-called Christians. As the nation has rejected God & His Constitutional Acts, it has been through the rebellion of Mendes; & when you point out the Constitutional Acts, they act like children found out of misdemeanours, & make all kinds of excuses for their actions.
“It is through Mendes that church members rebel against spiritual authority, & act like children. And so you find out this strong man. He is seated on a throne in Bangor Cathedral; but it is a throne they will not want you to see. So when you go into the Cathedral, openly say the words, “Where is the throne?” & you will be led by My Spirit to stand in a particular place of witchcraft activity, where you say, “Devil, you are a rebellious being. Your woek in establishment church & state has been found out. Your goods are no longer in peace, for the stronger man has overcome the strong man.
“You see, you have the spiritual authority; for you have stood with apostles & prophets. You have understood the prophets being subject to the prophets; & you will see before you the rebellious operations of government exposed; the rebellious ministries exposed. For I have given thee the land & all authority, saith the Lord.
“And so, go ye therefore, & proclaim the truth of My Word. Do not fear; I never leave thee nor forsake thee.
“You have found out the false god, that has dominated North Wales for years. Proclaim My victory. The victory has been won; the truth of My Word can never be returned void.”
Word from the Lord through DPG, 29/12/11
“You know from the Word who your enemy is; having studied the passages of Scripture – Isaiah 14 & John 10 – you know about the armour of God (Ephesians 6); know about the weapons of your warfare not being carnal; you know about submitting to God & resisting the devil.
“But I am going to be specific about what you are facing. You know about the rhema word in Ephesians 6; but I am going to be specific about who you are facing, & the rhema Word of how to face them:
“(2) The Divisions in so-called Churches"
(3) Spirits of Apostasy
“(1) Money:
My Word declares the love of money is the root of all evil. So, you have taken on the root of all evil; people who have their security in possession, rather than in the Lord. It is a sensitive stronghold, & it is in the minds of many; & this stronghold was developed in thy nation through the bringing in of building societies, & the bringing in of ownership of council houses.
“These policies brought a thirst for ownership, which was not there in previous generations, who were content to rent property, rather than but it.
“So an ownership culture developed. Yet My Word declares, ’Do not build for yourselves treasures (possessions) on earth.’ So, the development of a stronghold came about in people’s minds.
“So, what a person owned became more important than what God owned.
“So, you face a stronghold today, even amongst so-called Christians, of their own little nest-eggs. And so, place that in the New Testament Church culture, & it simply is not there. In the New Testament Church culture, they had everything in common.
“So if you mean what you say, & look to  have a New Testament Church, this is a stronghold that needs to be broken down.
“Yet, within thy culture, there is the demand for a person to own, & that demand on the person’s life becomes above the love of Christ. In other words, you have a major stronghold.
“So, how do you remove this stronghold? What is My rhema Word?
Well, My rhema Word in your individual case, is to set up manses throughout the country, where you bring apostles & prophets, to set the foundations from where the whole of the five-fold ministry can operate; each to be set up with a studio, to broadcast to the world the gospel.
“And around these manses, can come communities of New Testament believers. Really nice homes; but owned by Me; with those of a strong work ethic working on the development of the New Testament Church.
“The apostle Paul had a strong work ethic. Look at My Word; look at what he did. Look at the effort he put in, in My anointing.
“And so the Church, My Church, has everything in common. Yet, of you go to what is known as Church in Britain, it is infected by the ownership cult, that has brought a competitiveness, of richer people looking to be Christian by giving some of their wealth to worthy causes, rather than do what they did in New Testament times, & lay down all their wealth before God.
“Today, they look to control with their giving, for they are owners. They see their money as being their own, rather than God’s. They build up for themselves treasures on earth, rather than have their ownerships given to God. You are dealing with a stronghold.
“And so, if thy Church is to develop within the culture of the New Testament, this need to be dealt with & approached. On the national scale, the banks have stolen the money of thy nation & thy people. They have built strongholds by which they keep a hold & control the money of thy nation. Godly men have been replaced by those of greed, who look to control the nation by holding the wealth of the nation, & then have the people of the nation grovelling to them to have some of it back.
“Around this control, they have built their own legal system on a global scale.
“But thy nation has a God-given legal system, which is linked to an oath the monarch has given to God. This makes the God-given legal system far higher than the global system, which they say applies in the legal cases you have with them. But I say, ‘Greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world.’ I say, ‘Remove not the ancient landmark which thy fathers have set.’ So you say to them, ‘Even though you may be applying global law in your legal dealings; & even have court cases in Britain that has applied this global law;’ but you say, ‘The oath before God  is far higher.’ You say, that the legal system of Great Britain demands a suppression of foreign infiltration (1534 Act of Supremacy). You say, the promotion of greed, & the culture of greed, is unconstitutional in thy nation; & you say you are taking this to the highest court.
“When there are global infiltrations into court cases in Britain, you are to show that the oath of the monarch to God takes legal precedence over such legal examples that were never legal in the first place.
“You have the banks on the rack of treachery; guilty if high treason for not having regard for the oath of the monarch to God.
“You are to take back from those banks, not only what they have stolen from you, but substantial compensation, which you are to place in a fund to build media manses all over the country, around which houses can be built for all those who have given up all to follow Me.
“That way, you will have a New Testament Church. I have already given you word you have a 20% New Testament Church. This will be a 100%-er, New Testament Church, broadcasting to the world the gospel, with funds readily available to go wherever I call them to go.
“This is being a New Testament Church.
“(2) The Divisions in So-called Churches:
I have just given thee a picture of a mock-Billy Graham rally in Chester; of an example, if Billy Graham came to Chester, of how so-called Church leaders would react; & you have found that they would sit in seats of their own importance, & see the people as inferior to themselves.
“You have seen them looking to get through their own agendas, rather than God’s. You saw them, praying by the natural sense, rather than by the Spirit.
“So you have a stronghold of divisive forces in what is known as Church. In other words, you have people proud of their own achievements.
“What brokenness revival does, is remove that pride. So, to be a New Testament Church, own agendas have to go. ‘What is God’s agenda?’ you ask. God’s agenda is where you have all things in common, reaching the world with the gospel.
“This is My Word. Reach the world with the gospel. ‘Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit,’ saith the Lord.
“(3) Spirits of Apostasy:
Oh, thou liveth in a dead nation, a nation that has forgotten Christ. The strategy I have given to thee is a recognition that apostasy comes out of greed. You see it all over the nation; it is what I have, rather than what God has.
“Greed brings poverty to nations. Look what is happening as a result of greed today! Spirits swirl around the nation, bringing a gloom, because the nation has been guilty of greed, rather than be a nation that gives unto God.
“So, you have an apostate nation. But I have given My Word over what thou art to do. By becoming a true New Testament Church, you bring life, rather than death.”
Prophecy through Sheila Standish 27/01/13
“The devil has been defeated. I am an awesome Holy Ghost, & when I say I will do a thing, I do it because I want to do it.
“I want people saved by My mercy…you will come out triumphant more & more.
“The devil has tried to defeat you, but he is a defeated foe.
“I have got each one of you in My hand. I love you. I have seen what you are going through.
“I speak the truth & God will use His word
 in each one of you. You will become bolder & bolder. The sick will be healed.
“Gifts – you have all got them.
“I will take each one of you to be more & more like Me. You will be crucified like Me.
“Got up early in the morning, wept, prayed, said to people how much you loved them.
“All is well – you will be persecuted because you want to be more & more like Me.
“Take heed – for I will answer your prayers. It is hard – but the steps of a righteous man are ordered by the Lord.”
This word was followed by BM reading Scripture passage – Isaiah chapter 6 – with intercessory prayer.
Word from the Lord through DPG, 28/02/13
“This has occurred because you have decided to follow Jesus; & as the hymn writer declared, ‘no turning back, no turning back.’
“The enemy has placed every resource against thee, using the emotions of hospital staff, carers, & all those who are moved by natural sight, natural feelings, to warp their human opinions against thee.
They know not of moving by the Spirit; for thou hast been called to bring the nation back to Me. Not only that; the pulsating cry of Rees Howells for the Every Creature Commission is now a cry of your hearts too.
“You are to declare My Word; cry it aloud, & spare not. For thou art dealing with a generation of vipers, who seek to pull down thy calling in God. They make false accusations against thee. They use their false, humanistic expressions against thee. When they speak to you, they have hatred in their eyes. The devil has placed people to act against thee, & so you have had to deal with much in the way of legal activities.
“But let Me tell you this: your resources are far higher than what the enemy has. These resources are so victorious, that the might of hell has never prevailed against them. For thou carries the victory of the Cross. I assure thee, thou hast already won the victory. Does it not say in My Word to rejoice when men say all manner of evil against thee?
“You are right to acknowledge thine own weakness; but acknowledge too that I am strong through thee. The joy of the Lord is thy strength. These are the days that My prophetic Word will come to the fore.
“Thou hast delivered thy earthly mother from the bondage of Egypt; from the boredom of hospital life, to a room where the Spirit of God is moving. You are to speak out life, in the context of bringing the peace & assurance of God to thy mother. She is to follow the direction of the Lord, & be not dismayed by natural thought & natural feeling. The opportunities are coming for her to speak out over what God has done.
“So I declare unto thee, that thou hast been a Moses to her, taking her over the Red Sea towards the Promised Land; & that through this transitional stage, she must be encouraged to hear from God. Keep asking her, ‘What is God saying? What is God saying?’
“So rejoice & be exceedingly glad. As thine earthly mother realises the call of God upon you all to reach every creature with the Gospel, thou must understand the calling of God to preach the gospel from the front room of No.9. The enemy has done so much to stop this happening. God is in all of this. The gates of hell have tried to prevail, but have miserably failed.
“Move forward confidently now. The Pharaoh is defeated. Thou art to walk the heavenly places in Christ Jesus - this is the Promised Land - & not compromise to the thinkings of the flesh.
“There are great days of triumphs ahead. Rejoice, My children, rejoice.”
Word from the Lord through DPG, 26/05/13
“Thou hast already bound the strongman of Great Britain,& has identified the worship of Baal in relation to the high dome that identifies Satan’s apparent authority over the Church, not only in England but also in Scotland, in Ireland, & Wales too, the South of Ireland now having an apparent different master, which you bound amidst the idolatry of Knock.
“Knock & the worship of the dome are identical in the sense that the master of ceremonies in both these places is the satanic deity of Baal.
“The effect of this authority taken in the Spirit relates now to the legal document you produce, that gives opportunity to the believer to remove all allegiance to Baal, which he or she has signed up to in relation to having accepted acceptance of Baal in church services, in paying monies that are then transferred to the slaughter of the innocents (this includes National Insurance contributions, Inland Revenue, VAT, paying in monies which go into the European abomination, including signing into government authorities that have an agenda not linked into the Constitutional Acts of Great Britain).
“All these apparent authorities are under the authority of Baal. Monies from the believer’s pocket go into the promotion of the crimes ofS odom & Gomorrah; & being a part of this, the believer can be dragged into this, seriously losing out to those who illegally promote the policies of the god Baal.
“In effect, one is married, through these various offices, to a god who promotes death, rather than life.
“The legal profession also gives honour to the god Baal. Judges sit under the crest of the monarch, not giving heed to the great Constitutional Acts of the land, but rather to the New World Order, based on the ethos of lack rather than increase.
“This has brought about the existence of more laws than people can cope with. Orwell’s ‘1984’ is thus in existence to the degree that people become married to a system that will destroy the earth & all its fine resources, rather than bring life to it. The earth is the Lord’s, &the fullness thereof; & that fullness is based on increase rather than lack.
“The kingdom of God will allow homosexuality on condition it allows increase; in other words, that children can come naturally from these relationships. If not, it is an abomination to God, because the relationship is based on lack, rather than increase. Yet the 1534 Act of Supremacy places obligation on the monarch to increase the virtue of Christ; ‘virtue’ being used in the context of healing the woman with the issue of blood, thus bringing life& not death. Lack is based on death; increase on life. So foe a law to be a law in Great Britain, that law has to be based on increase & not death(lack). Killing off generations of children by the Baal-run system is based on there being lack in the world, rather than the opportunity for increase.
“So the activity of the killing of children in the womb has been illegal from the outset, because of the nation’s Constitution. In practical terms therefore, the prophets of Baal have had people sign up to their system, forcing people to pay their taxes into lack, rather than increase. And so true believers in God have unwillingly been married to a system of lack, rather than the Constitutional way of increase.
“Thus there has come a time for the true believers to divorce themselves from their forced marriage into lack, rather than their chosen marriage into God. No man can serve two masters. For believers to prosper, that is believers who look to establish the kingdom of God (Deuteronomy 8:18),they must divorce themselves from Baal; & that government must realise that although they continue to take taxes through Inland Revenue, VAT, fuel prices etc., they are doing so illegally, because of their adherence to Baal &lack, rather than God & increase; & that money must be returned to the believer with the same heart that Zacchaeus wrongly took taxes from the people, so the government must return that which is stolen, back to the people. In practical terms, this means the removal of the prophets of Baal, & those with the spirit of Elijah bringing the Biblical policy of increase back to the land; so that the drought can come to an end, & the property of God be restored to the nation that now pays taxes into increase rather than lack.
“For this to happen, a decree against Baal has to be announced, this decree announces that those who sign the legal document affirm themselves to the true bridegroom of increase, rather than the cruel taskmaster of over-regulation &over-surveillance; a taskmaster that has slaughtered millions of children,& then looks to protect children once they are alive, which is like asking a serial killer to run a rehabilitation unit. By signing to the divorce decree, the believer affirms the illegality of using his taxes for lack; affirms the illegality of the letter-of –the-law politics, completely illegal under the nation’s Constitution; & the apparent signing away of Constitutional law to the treaties of the EU that have bound this nation up into fetters that cannot be removed, unless there is a full return to the Constitutional Acts of the nation; the nation of Scotland being paramount in this, because of the rejection of separate priesthood in its constitutional national Church(which  in itself became part of Baal because of its allegiance to lack rather than increase), the Constitutional Acts of Great Britain, which the monarch swore allegiance to, having a demand in them to promote the Protestant religion established by law, the Reformation having two main factors to it: that is, justification by faith, & sola scriptura, the latter demanding there be one priesthood & one priesthood alone: the royal priesthood of believers. As the royal priesthood of believers, we now sign a decree against Baal, in that he has misappropriated funds for purposes contrary to the Constitutional Acts of Great Britain; & that the funds taken by believers for the promotion of lack rather than increase, are due back to the body of Christ immediately, even though Baal continues to take monies through its false marriage to the nation; it needs to be pointed out that the thief has now been found, & has to restore sevenfold.
“By issuing a decree against Baal, the forced marriage of believers to this system was illegal in the first place & thus nullified by this decree. By signing this decree, the believer accepts the judgement of the God of Heaven over the god of decrease, but that it will not affect him or her , for the forced marriage is not recognised by any true legal authority; & that legal judgements in favour of Baal-run authorities are thus nullified by this decree.
“The taxes therefore used for lack rather than increase, thus have to be returned sevenfold to the believer.
“The Church has to be divorced from Baal & all of Baal’s effects; & that the nation once more has to come under the auspices of God Almighty, to whom the true Church is married, its forced marriage to Baal now being completely nullified.
“This will bring massive increase to the kingdom of God& put an end to the bankruptcies & lack of those falsely &illegally married to Baal. Being free from Baal is what this is all about;& that the intercessor stood at Knock & St Paul’s now has to have a practical outpouring. Thus this legal decree being announced this day in Great Britain.
“Now, a personal word for thy ministry: do not think in the way of lack, but only in the way of increase. This is the time for getting ready for such massive increase. This is the time for getting thy systems & infrastructures together. Work hard, but not over-hard to the degree that thou fails to hear My voice at the time of taking rest. Become fit & well individuals, now possible because of the strain taken away at Knock & St Paul’s, that is now placed in practical terms, that no longer are you prepared to tolerate your taxes & your coming under government authorities out of line with the Constitutional Acts of Great Britain.
“The days of lack are over. Be prepared for the increase. Thou art divorced from Baal & married to Me, saith the Lord.”


With Christianity being marginalized in UK for our God given 7 year business
plan (the economy being in souls - not money) - the Lord has given direction
as to how to deal with the Pharisees - trust this helps

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 18/05/15

“Business Plan Article of Reference: The Pharisaic Attack,
& How to Deal with it” “Throughout My earthly ministry, the Pharisees would gather around Me with their law
books, looking to catch Me out.

They would find the narrow situation, not acceptable to their laws, & would
duly attack in very narrow areas of law, in view of destroying the ministry of
Jesus Christ.“What you have understood about My Word, & about British Constitutional Law, is that My Word, & that the Constitutional Acts of Great
Britain, are contextual in application; which is why in My Word, there was given
to Paul the statement that the letter of the law killeth, & the Spirit giveth life.

“This is why I placed right at the forefront of British Constitutional Law, the demand to increase virtue in Christ’s religion. So the wisdom of how law is to
be applied, is recognised in British law, in the anointing of God. Within this
sphere, of course, is the wisdom of God, there being an additional clause that
all law is to be applied in law & justice & mercy, the reference book in British
courts of law to this very day being the Word of God.“What is the most
common book that is sworn on in British courts? And what word did the Queen swear on in the Coronation Oath?

From what book did the whole Coronation Service come out of? On what philosophy did the monarch promise to uphold in all law-making? Whose
wisdom is sought before every sitting of Parliament, in prayer? The list goes on.

So, whose wisdom is sought in law-making, & application? The wisdom of
God, or the narrow application of law of the Pharisees? For without the wisdom
of God there is no correct application of law.“This is what is going wrong in
British law cases.

They take the narrow, instead of the context. This is what is happening with the Revelation TV case at this time. They find the narrow procedural fault, rather
than gaining understanding of the whole heart of the operation. Because the
narrow procedural fault is found, the whole reputation of a ministry like Rev
TV is clouded.“Such as it is with thee.

They find the narrow procedural fault, rather than placing that in the context
of the whole heart of the ministry. For with Christ (hence the clause in British
law, to increase virtue in Christ’s religion), the whole heart of the operation
takes precedence over the Pharisaic approach of narrowness of procedure.

“So, what is happening to you in relation to the finding on narrow procedural
has no place in British law, where the heart of the situation has to take
precedence over narrow apparent procedural error. For the heart in law has precedence over the letter; for the British Constitution declares – for the
monarch swore in My Word – that the Spirit takes precedence over the letter.

“Such as it is in your case with the OPG, you receiving Pharisaic accusations
from the British broadcaster, which gave no reference to the move of My Spirit
in relation to My donor, who was called by My Spirit to give to thy ministry;
who was called by My Spirit to let him run her financial affairs, all this being removed because of narrowa pplication of law, without any heed whatsoever
to the Spirit.“

And so, whilst there be rebellion in the seats of government,
there will constantly be these attacks against thy ministry, as there was during
My earthly ministry.“So, this Article of Reference has an action part. You will
see these attacks are recorded in My Word. You do likewise. Be not afraid to
allow the attacks of the Pharisee to be seen throughout the whole world.

“They went on & on & on at you to have procedure & policy during the Charity Commission enquiry. So let this be a Trustee statement on policy: that this
ministry does not recognise the narrow application of law as being remotely
legal; that this ministry insists that unless Christ be given the priority, as He is
in the British Constitution, then these narrow applications of law have their
origins in the one who is the expert in letter of the law applications; who is the expert in suppressing My Word in society; for example, using out of context statements from My Word so as to suppress the ministry of women.

For Satan’s Pharisees are throughout all Christendom; & indeed, his Pharisees
are within every court in the land, as they give priority to the letter over the Spirit.“So, thy policy is in contextualism: that is, everything must be seen in
context, as Howard & Leslie in the Revelation TV case, have shouted over the sacrifice involved in setting up that channel. That is the context of the whole situation; yet priority is given to the narrow procedural break – not admitted
under British law – highly illegal.“For these narrow areas are sending more to
their graves & the hospital wards through stress, thus making those applying
law this way guilty of high treason, first degree murder, & grievous bodily harm.“That is the ministry of the Pharisees, who are to be resisted by the sword
of My Spirit. For they continually attack on the narrow, with people believing
the narrow perspectives of legalism, giving no regard to the heart of My Spirit,
the rigidity of the Pharisees giving ministries of God bad reputations on the internet, with people engrossed in that phenomenon, of its conspiracies &
intrigues, rather than the study of My Word, which brings life.“So, this Article
of Reference runs alongside the Stages of development of thy ministry.

It is in line with Stage 1: the Pulling Down, the Weeding Out. And as this whole business plan, once approved by Trustees & members of thy ministry, there
has to be an exposure of narrow letter of the law applications in society, that
under British law have no place in the increase in virtue of Christ’s religion;
which means that the anointing of Christ has to take preference over the letter;
which is the main priority of the Constitution Keepers which I have called
thee to set up.“Now, this prophecy can be sent immediately to Rev TV, to be a blessing & encouragement to them, in line with the Scripture of edification, exhortation & comfort. For those who come to attack thee with the narrow application of letter of the law, are completely out of line with the
understanding of the British Constitutional Acts, on which you are willing to
come to share on one of Rev TV’s programmes.

“Therefore, in the policies of thy ministry, you will continue to offer hands of friendship to those in trouble & in need. This is at the very heart of thy
ministry: the compassion of Christ, where you say in My name, ‘Come, all ye
who are heavy laden.’“For this is the policy I give thee for this business plan;
you will love those in difficulties, toil & torment; that you will be prepared to
give your life for others.

For I have called thee to bring forth life through the Spirit, rather than bring
forth the suppression & oppression which is upon the whole nation, that is
afraid of breaking the over-regulatory approaches of government officials, who seem to understand that they need to find out people by the letter of the law;
the Spirit, however, taking precedence over the letter. Hence in British law
you have the term ‘spiritual & temporal,’ the spiritual taking priority.“So, a
motion needs to be passed by thy Trustees & members, that this ministry is
one of the Spirit rather than the letter; & that applying the letter, rather than the understanding of the Spirit, is an act of supreme heresy against Almighty God
& His Word.

“Hence you have the leaven of the Pharisee taking its toll on society, on which
you are to act, to set the people free.“Hence, this Article of Reference goes
alongside the coming together of the Constitution Keepers. So this part of the business plan is to be placed alongside that which I have already given in
relation to the Constitution Keepers.”

Word from the Lord through David P Griffiths, 17/03/16
“Just as they gathered around the Prophets of Old, they gather around Thee”

“Jezebel chases the prophets, Naboth clamouring to keep his vineyard beneath
the palace of Ahab, Ahab & Jezebel looking to take all from the vineyard of
God, to use for greed & suppression of the people of God.

“On one hand, Ahab & Jezebel were kind & loving, working to help people. But behind all this was a destroying spirit, looking to take over the lives of people, looking to take over the government of a nation away from My prophets,
who were drained of their resources by a Jezebellic system that is of the god
of this world.

“Jezebel builds up the people with a false pride, looking to build the people
up to be something, telling the people how important they are, winning
election after election in modern terms by telling the people how important
they are, what we will do for you, not telling the people that with the controls,
there is a suppression of their life choices, a suppression of their ability to hear
from God & rely on the provision of God, for by taking over the vineyards
of the people, the people come afraid to take the system on, for it becomes
their life source, the god of Baalim being the one in control over their lives.

“For with one hand Jezebel gives, & with the other, takes away, unless the
victim does what Jezebel says.“My prophets stand up to this, & to this day are
persecuted day by day. There is no mercy with Jezebel. Those who rebel,
she looks to destroy; & you, David & Lindsay, have faced this for many years.

You have had to rely on the ravens of God to provide for you. Instead of responding, you have failed to come back to those with the spirit of Jezebel
with an attitude of self-grievance & hatred, seeing rather the potential of
those people to be free of such a spirit.

“However, when Jezebel gets a hold, she does not let go. You see, the grave
of Marx is not the landmark of socialism. The physical landmark of a spiritual
entity is the palace of Jezebel above the vineyard of Naboth.“Naboth worked
hard & looked to provide for his family, but the state wanted to take over that provision, by taking over that which Naboth had. So, instead of God being the provider, & bringing the resources required for family life, the state wanted
control of this, & so socialism was born, communism was born; & as a state
takes over that which I have ordained in family life, so the elderly & vulnerable
are placed under the controls of state rather than through the prophets of God, which is exactly what has happened with Sheila’s choice, & is happening now
as they look to drain you of even more of your resources.

“Jezebel cannot stop in her determination to drain the resources of the
prophets of God, in the name of helping others.

“So the socialism spirit was born, a spirit without virtue, the spirit that takes
over governments & families & homes. And so you ask, ‘Why don’t Christians
hear from God, & give to the ministries of God, the answer being that the spirit
of Jezebel has taken over the affairs of state.

“So their choices have been taken away, just as Sheila’s choice was taken away
from her. So now they look to take over your choice, which is to give all to God;
but with socialism, human need is higher than God’s need, whereas your ethos
is, by giving to God, God can provide as Jehovah Jireh.

Whereas in socialism, if you give to the state, then the state can provide,
with the controls of state, which is what you faced with the legal system of
Great Britain, not under the virtue of the Constitution of the nation,
but under the control of the Jezebellic palace of Samaria.

“So, what is this new season of intercession all about? It is about taking the
fire to those who control the people, for as the thief is found, he has to restore sevenfold. The people cry out for a deliverance from the regulations, & you
stand as Elijah, ready to bring the fire to set the people free.

“And as you study this fire, which My prophet Malachi declared; as you
preach My Word of giving to God & God alone, so the people can be freed
from the controls of state, controls of state manifesting through a royal family
no longer of the palace of the first Elizabeth, but through the socialistic palace
of Jezebel & its humanistic spirit, it being the role of the spirit of Elijah to
restore the ethos of God over the nation once more.”