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Bangor, North Wales has been known for some time as the City of Learning, our intercession showing however the displeasure of God in relation to that learning.
The immorality of present day youth culture has concerned God enormously but above that has been a more serious concern - that of its Theology Department and it;s embracing of Higher Criticism.
This is explained on our Bible College of Wales Continuing website.
The context of the prophecy comes too in relation to the synchretisation of Christianity and Paganism commonly seem throughout North Wales, Director of our Continuing College Brian Mason having interceded very powerfully here.
Leviathan is a spirit clearly shown in scripture, its operations being bound by the operations of what God has called us to do.
Director of Bible College of Wales Continuing pulling down the forces of darkness to set free what must become a University led of the Spirit of God rather than the spirits of a humanistic society.
The Prophecies too are in the context of having gone through a series of gateways in North Wales setting the people free from the strains of bondage put on the people by the powers of darkness.
Exodus 15:26 King James Version (KJV)
And said, If thou wilt diligently hearken
to the voice of the Lord thy God,
and wilt do that which is right in his sight,
and wilt give ear to his commandments,
and keep all his statutes,
I will put none of these diseases upon thee,
which I have brought upon the Egyptians:
for I am the Lord that healeth thee.
1 Thessalonians 5:19-21 King James Version (KJV)
Quench not the Spirit.
Despise not prophesyings.
Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.
*  Stand up for non-conformity in Wales having bound the strongman.
*  Give the message to come out of the disappointment.
*  Build Chapel Pentecost in this area where people can come and be Baptised in the Holy Ghost.
Dream to LG (Wife of DG), 24/09/11 – just after the first Intercession Meeting in the Ambassador Hotel, Llandudno
“I was in Llandudno. We had prayed there. Everything seemed very nice (this is the artificial ‘front’ we talked about at the intercession meeting the previous day).
Near the Ambassador Hotel, & very near the sea, I was chopping down tangled undergrowth (not very nice undergrowth, similar to the stuff we found on Llanddywen Island where the revival had been stemmed). I had an axe!!!
Some long ‘crab claws’ appeared as I chopped my way through the tangled mass. There were a lot of them (at least 8, maybe more). I chopped the ‘claws’ off & dragged out a huge hidden crab – destroyed it.
Nearby, another creature appeared in the open (not hidden) – again, a sort if crustacean sea creature. This one was even bigger, with a harder shell. The others (intercessors?) & I chopped it up – it had 2 huge circles at the top (maybe eyes???) & as we chopped, lots of yellow poison came out.
We had a real victory here.”
Word from the Lord to DPG, 24/09/11
 (given immediately after the dream)
“Bangor is the city of false dreams. Disappointments & failures are the order of the day. The University issues documents of the memories of Satan, which are all bound in lies, deceit & deception.
“Wherever you go in Bangor amidst this generation of learning, there are faces of upset & defeat.
“Students come to understand the mysteries of life, & leave none the wiser. The University itself is a proud one; one with the best of buildings, & as they see it, the best of faculty.
“They believe they are the kingpins of Wales. They have a language all of their own. The chapel movement stood for non-conformity to these synagogues of Satan. Great chapel halls stand there majestically, as monuments to the past, with people not knowing what to do; for My Spirit has departed from such places. The spirit of humanism & doubting My Word has overtaken the people. Thou drove around, seeking a place where thou should meet, & met with disappointment over what thou wanted to do. Such is Bangor & surrounding areas.
“People go there looking to achieve certain objectives, & go away disappointed; & it is as if whatever you are trying to achieve, it will end in disappointment. The Leviathan of the shores is worshipped here, & people are afraid of it – but they honour it. So the sea is treated with a form of respect, that in effect it is worshipped.
“And so thou hast been called to expose that which has been going on in this area. It is a place of misery because they have not kept My Word. By keeping My Word, they would be able to move from death to life. The choice thou art presenting to the people of this area is simple: choose life, & not death.
“So, praise the Lord! I have not called you to constantly minister to the people; & the devil will provide people to minister to, if you let him.
“So keep off the housing estates. The people are to come unto Me, to move from disappointment into life. They are to make the effort, & come unto Me.
“You see, what you have in Bangor is a vibrant spirit, but a spirit that leads to disappointment rather than life.
“You must bring life. But there is breakthrough coming. So bring life. Thou wilt find a meeting place; a place where people could come, & find a cure to the tail of the Leviathan.
“The message of the day is simply: come out of the disappointment. It has been over Bangor for some time that if you try to do something, you will be disappointed. Any progress is held back. Students come with their determination to learn, but over a period of time have their enthusiasm drained out of them.

“So, whatever people try to do, they are disappointed. So-called “churches” have initiatives for this, & initiatives for that; but because they have worshipped at the altars of stone, there is no way through. The people remain bound.
“The housing estates you see, are estates of squalor, & iniquity. The only hope for the people is Jesus; yet what is being presented is the other Jesus. And so, the people have been fooled, & become disappointed. This is why it is My will that Chapel Pentecost be built, where people will come, & be truly baptized in the Holy Ghost, speak with other tongues, & move from disappointment into life.
“My Word says for those heavy laden to come unto Me; yet that which is perceived as church comes to the people. They minister to the people in their disappointments, when My Word says they must come unto Me.
“So thy building will be a practical one, beside the A55, where people will come to worship Me.
“So I am calling you to this place, not to minister to the people, but to have a place where people can come & minister unto Me.
“Do not be disappointed that one did not find such a place at this stage; for you saw an example of putting in physical & mental effort, to end up in disappointment.
“So rejoice, & be exceedingly glad that thou hast obeyed My Spirit, & looked to bring a place of joy to this place of heartache.
“Go forward therefore with My gospel; for I have anointed thee to build up the waste places; to set the captive free. But the people must first come unto Me, & cast their burdens upon Me, to move out of disappointment into life.
“So rejoice, & be glad; for thou hast found the land for My Chapel Pentecost.”
Word from the Lord through DPG, 06/12/11
“With all that has been going on, it is clear you have TAKEN My Word of understanding that the prophets are subject to the prophets. And at this time of the accuser of the brethren operating against thee, you have those prophets & apostles standing up for you at this time. You see, the prophets & apostles are the foundations of the Church; & by the Spirit of God, when the enemy tries to rock the foundation, the Chief Cornerstone with the apostles & prophets, steady the ship & calm the storm.
“But you are right to say that those who come out of that spiritual authority are wide open to the winds & waves of Satan’s attack; & you are right to move in the Lord’s compassion. For the Lord loves to see a repentant sinner back into the fold. You are right to see all witchcraft connection is removed; for there are many deceiving spirits in these last days.
“So be aware that you have taken on the spirit of antichrist, death & hell, & Jezebel. For you have taken on these strong men in the power of the Spirit of God, & brought their operations down to nought.
“Now, I am going to give you the strong man spirit as regards to Bangor Cathedral, appreciating your work of going from place to place. Note from Braich-y-Pwll, there are lines of association with Bardsey, which I am calling thee to cut. I will give direction when you get there.
“At Borth-y-Gest, you sre simply dealing with a leviathan of the harbour, where running waters flow one into the other. Caernarfon you have dealt with; but it is significant in its connection with the Newborough Forest; for this has been the sweep of the Leviathan.
“In effect, you have dealt with these sweeps of Leviathan along the Menai coast; in other areas too, & claimed back the land. But I am telling thee. As you go into the grounds of Bangor Cathedral, you are dealing with the witchcraft god of the Church in Wales; & as this is the establishment church, this is a spirit that has connection in the Babylon of state, as well as so-called “church.” You are dealing with the one of the gateposts of Stormont. All are joined together in the establishment church & state. You have named before you Mendes, the god of witchcraft.
“This is the rebellious spirit which keeps North Wales out of revival; but the spirit you are now facing, in view of bringing revival – this is the rebellious spirit which has affected so many so-called Christians. As the nation has rejected God & His Constitutional Acts, it has been through the rebellion of Mendes; & when you point out the Constitutional Acts, they act like children found out of misdemeanours, & make all kinds of excuses for their actions.
“It is through Mendes that church members rebel against spiritual authority, & act like children. And so you find out this strong man. He is seated on a throne in Bangor Cathedral; but it is a throne they will not want you to see. So when you go into the Cathedral, openly say the words, “Where is the throne?” & you will be led by My Spirit to stand in a particular place of witchcraft activity, where you say, “Devil, you are a rebellious being. Your woek in establishment church & state has been found out. Your goods are no longer in peace, for the stronger man has overcome the strong man.
“You see, you have the spiritual authority; for you have stood with apostles & prophets. You have understood the prophets being subject to the prophets; & you will see before you the rebellious operations of government exposed; the rebellious ministries exposed. For I have given thee the land & all authority, saith the Lord.
“And so, go ye therefore, & proclaim the truth of My Word. Do not fear; I never leave thee nor forsake thee.
“You have found out the false god, that has dominated North Wales for years. Proclaim My victory. The victory has been won; the truth of My Word can never be returned void.”