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Experience in U.K. ministry has brought us up against this spirit, the U.K. "Church" being so full of those determined not to allow the Spirit to move.
There has to be a dramatic change .......

Exodus 15:26 King James Version (KJV)

And said, If thou wilt diligently hearken
to the voice of the Lord thy God,
and wilt do that which is right in his sight, and wilt give ear to his commandments, and keep all his statutes,
I will put none of these diseases upon thee,
which I have brought upon the Egyptians:
for I am the Lord that healeth thee.

1 Thessalonians 5:19-21 King James Version (KJV)

Quench not the Spirit.
Despise not prophesyings.
Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.

* National Day of Prayer and Repentance in the Nation
* Constitutional Demand for Dependence on God
* The Nation to Admit it's failure (including politicians) before God
* Abide in the Anointing and resist that of human logic

Word from the Lord through DPG, 21/12/11

“Antichrist is that analytical spirit, which looks to analyse, discuss, & decide upon, the anointings of God. How I long for My people to abide in the anointing! How the cry-out at Gate Beautiful to Peter, & in Peter’s very shadow the yoke was destroyed because of the anointing!

“That is My desire for thee, that in thy very shadow, yokes will be destroyed. Yet, this analytical spirit that thou hast discerned is indeed Satan, who is destroying, rather than allowing the anointing to destroy the yoke of bondage.
“Satan places grave-clothes upon those who analyse the callings of God. You have warned & warned & warned of this, constantly, in thy presentations of the Anointing.

“In the anointing, you do things without human perception. In the anointing, you say things without human apprehension; in other words, you say the words of God, without human calculation.

“All of this ‘human’ stuff is Satan, & is not of the anointing. You were disturbed in thy spirit on hearing on Revelation TV about striving & letting God. Why this was not in the anointing is the general perception of God in heaven, suddenly taking over from you on earth. Ah no! In the anointing, God in heaven manifests through thee in earth, for you are My body. It is thee who has the arms & legs of God. It is thee who has the resources of God on earth. So I expect those to obey what I have called them to do, because they are not themselves. Being themselves is the antichrist. Being dead to self is the Christ, the Anointed One.

So, Antichrist is there every day, to take the individual into human perception. So, for example, if there is an anointed meeting on the Sunday night, & a man or woman is healed, antichrist is there to take that healing away; & how he does that is take that person away from the heavenly places in Christ Jesus, & introduce human perception into the equation. That is antichrist. Antichrist is all around thee. You walk in the anointing of God, & there is antichrist to take the benefits of My kingdom away from the people.

“Remember My Psalm 103, ‘forget not all thy benefits…who healeth all thy diseases’? Now, the reason why people do not receive it is because of antichrist. Their lack of reception to My Word is their analysation of their own physical state to what the Word says.

“They have no perception of climbing the hill of the Lord; for antichrist has convinced them otherwise.

“So, the spirit of antichrist is all around thee. My Word declares that many antichrists have already come. So Antichrist will come to get the physical world out of the global financial crisis, which has been well & truly analysed all over the world, when the truth is, there is no global financial crisis. What there is, there is a sin crisis in relation to money: the spirit of mammon – men’s greed; the solution in Great Britain being to call a National Day of Prayer & Repentance, &, as is written in thy Constitution, have a dependence on God.
But, as with antichrist, there will be a grand solution that has come about through human endeavour. This is antichrist.

“A nation becomes great before God, not by human endeavour, but through admission of its failure before the Saviour. The hearing from God, the acting upon what God says, is the anointing. The human endeavour is the antichrist. For the Antichrist will arise, & have all the brains of this world behind him. He will have solutions for this, solutions for that; & the people, because of their analytical spirit, will fall for it; just as they have fallen for it on a smaller scale, in thine own fellowship. They analysed, & acted upon their own analysation, instead of acting upon what God called them to do.

“Such as it is on the world-wide scale. Antichrist will come, & win over the people with human logic. The tensions of the Middle East will be solved – as they see it. Peace treaties will come. There will be no need for the Word of God any more. They will have their peace. But such as it is with a small Church fellowship: everyone gets on at the beginning. But their getting on is based on their talk to each other, rather than their oneness in Christ.

“In the small Church fellowship, this works for a period of time, until the wind & the rain fall. That separates those who have been standing on the Rock, & those whose Church membership is based on human endeavour. The divide comes, such as what has happened in thine own Church fellowship. But I tell thee this: greater is He that is in you  than he that is in the world.

“So, a split occurs between those of human endeavour (antichrists), & those who move by the Spirit of God (the anointed). But on the world-wide scale, the Antichrist has initial success. People become affluent & start to flourish again – until the wind & rain falls, & the world comes into a great tribulation. There are those who say, at this point, I come; those who say, I come at the middle of the tribulation; those who say, I come at the end. But can’t you see, that by analysation, they are misunderstanding My Word. My Word declares they can be with Me now, in the heavenly place in Christ Jesus. Walk high, saith the Lord. The hill of the Lord can be climbed by thee today, so that thou can be the very manifestation of God on the earth (I John 4:17). Thou art married to Me (Jeremiah 3:14). Thou art members of My body, flesh & bones (Ephesians 5).
“So, abiding in the anointing is having the mind of Christ, not the analytical spirit of man. It fears not the coming of Antichrist. It stand firm on My Word.
“And yes, as prophets you give out warnings. Let this be a warning to those of the analytical spirit: analysation leads to sin. Abiding in the anointing is perfection.

“Be of the anointing; of the Anointed One & His anointing; & do not heed the ways of man. For the analytical spirit is the spirit of antichrist.”

Word from the Lord through DPG, 10/07/12

“In setting up the Bible College of Wales Continuing, you are in days different than the original setting up of the vision.

“Satan has gained a foothold in British society which he did not have in the early days of the Bible College of Wales. Indeed, there was a widespread reverence for God, & a widespread understanding amongst evangelicals & Pentecostals, of the inner witness.

“This foothold Satan has taken, in relation to the minds of the people, manifests in so-called Church life, & indeed family life. The system of the Antichrist is being built in relation to what is prophesied in the Word. The Great Tribulation is coming.

“But what you have done in taking out the strong man of Great Britain, is remove the blindedness from the eyes of the people, who were going to be open to what the Antichrist has to offer.

“You see, all these austerity measures, all the squeezings of financial resources, all the increases in regulation, are deliberate measure to make the people desperate for a solution. The Antichrist was to be that solution.

“But thou hast given Great Britain another opportunity. You are giving back the people, the opportunity to return to the Christ, of whom the monarch is constitutionally obligated to increase the virtue of.

“Those who have thought to bring in the global agenda, are the ones who need to be in prison, rather than those who have fought to keep the Constitution of the nation.

“This present move to so-called “reform” the House of Lords, is one of the Antichrist. But see how it is failing after your activity in the City of London? By pulling down the Dome of St Paul’s, what you have done is pull down the dome of the Antichrist. There are series of domes throughout the world that relate to the system of Antichrist designed to be brought in by the devil.

“These thrones are well-known structures in their respective countries. Study of the domes will give you understanding of the system of Antichrist designed to come in for the Tribulation.

“There are a chain of domes designed to do this; & the primary spirit you pulled down at St Paul’s was Antichrist, the pulling down giving the people the opportunity to choose the Christ rather than the Antichrist.

“Now, consider the Dome of the Rock at Jerusalem. Who is known as the Rock? (Jesus) What is the symbol of the Antichrist – equals the dome. Because the dome signifies the realm above the earth. So St Paul’s represented the Antichrist affecting Great Britain, which thou hast removed, to give free choice opportunity for people to choose the Christ rather than the Antichrist.
[II Corinthians 4:4]

“Now, in Jerusalem, there is the Dome of the Rock. How similar is that to the St Paul’s Dome? So is quoted within this dome, that God had no son – equals Antichrist. You see? Dome against the Son of God=Antichrist.

“So these domes are significant. They are throughout the world, in preparation for the time of the Antichrist world-wide; the Antichrist who will offer solutions to its deliberate squeezing of the people. So the Antichrist caused the squeezings, & now the Antichrist will present solutions to the squeezings.

“But what you have done in Britain has brought an open heaven for the nation to return to Christ, rather than bow down to the Antichrist. So as you consider the domes worldwide, you will see there are significant domes of the Antichrist, where Satan himself sits; or in the case of St Paul’s, used to sit.

“You have brought the conditions in Britain for the true gospel to be understood & received. By taking out the thrones of the Middle East, intercessors having already started the work there, resulting in huge numbers coming to the Christ, the numbers rejecting the Antichrist.

“The Antichrist forms religions that separate man from God. Hence you have communion rails, symbols of restoring the veil between man & God. Hence you have the religion which makes people bow down to a far-off God, rather than manifest the God from within.

“Now, what has happened in Britain has been a move of the Antichrist to intellectualize Christianity. In the case of the Primitive Methodists, they moves from simple faith in God, to having to grasp complex theological issues, a complexity that moved them away from their original calling, they being culminated back into the Antichrist system.

“So where you see domes, Washington, Rome have similar seats of Satan as what you saw manifest at St Paul’s. What do you see in Washington, but a dome? What do you see in Rome, but a dome? Domes are symbols of the Antichrist. Speak to them, & pull them down, & bring the conditions for the Christ to manifest in the respective societies, & foil the global plan to present solutions for the problems the Antichrist brought in himself.

“Christians should never meet under domes, ever; unless of course, it is to pull down the Antichrist, the bigger domes being indeed seats of Satan, whilst the smaller ones will have principalities & powers operating within the symbol of the earth.

“Thus the dome is a symbol of the created, rather than the Creator, thus making them places of witchcraft rather than Christian worship.”

Word from the Lord through DPG, 05/10/13
“THE PHARISAIC SPIRIT: the Spirit of Logos Formulas & Analysation of Others”
“Oh, how they love it when you openly confess your weakness, your vulnerability, and you are seen to confess your reliance on God.
“For they have their own methods. They have formulas for their own life and formulas for yours. They love to give advice to those who confess their weakness; for the Pharisee does not need God. The Pharisee is wrapped up in logos formulas and is prepared to help those who confess weakness, with the formulas of Satan.
“Satan is enjoying using the Pharisee to tell you, you will have to slow down. He is having a heyday with this one! Whereas you confess what is going on; you confess your tiredness, and that you need to sleep; but you are confessing this within the contexts of your overall confession of individual weakness. But the Pharisee uses this in his/her little talk to you, that you have to slow down, and not do as much as you used to do.
“The Pharisee has the formula; the Christian has the confession. You see the difference? What the Pharisee has no concept of, is that suffering is the pre-requisite for glory. What the Pharisee has no concept of is the quickening of the mortal body by the Spirit within the Christian. What the Pharisee has no concept of, is that the human body becomes holy unto the Lord – the container of the Holy Ghost, from weakness into supernatural strength.
“The Pharisee will tell you none of this. The Pharisee will just tell you you will have to slow down and change your lifestyle. They have no concept of the quickening of the mortal body.
“Remember that morning in hospital, when you lifted up your hand and a quickening of the Holy Ghost swept through every part of thy body? There is the quickening of the Holy Ghost, and there is the slowing down of the Pharisee through religious observance and the feeding of Satan’s plans.
“Oh! The quickening of the mortal body is My Word for thee. Be prepared to go into the whole world – oh yes! Preach the gospel. Be prepared to preach the quickening of the Holy Ghost.
“They will tell you this, and they will tell you that. But I tell thee that in Me there is life, and life in abundance.
“The Word declares that I shall quicken thy mortal body by the Spirit. Tell this to Scott and Sylvia. Tell this to Jenny. Tell this to all your folk here. The quickening of the Spirit is upon you all. Tell this to Suresh and Mercy; to Hiram and Emmanuel; to all the folk who contact thee: “the quickening of the Holy Ghost.”
“Age is no barrier to this. The Pharisee will tell you you are getting older now; you need to slow down. The Word declares, ‘He shall renew your youth with wings like eagles.’ It is the Word against the Pharisee. Choose ye this day whom ye will serve: the word of the Pharisee, or the Word of God.
“I gave you My Word, ‘He sent his word, and healed them.’ I healed thy body, not to be an invalid, but a temple of the Holy Ghost. Thou shalt go out with joy; thou shalt not be miserable – thou shalt go out with joy. For the joy of the Lord is thy strength.
“Thy doctors played their part. They enjoyed coming to see thee, for they saw thou had joy and not misery; and above all that, they saw thou had honesty. They saw thou wast prepared to open up, not with logos formula, but with confession of individual weakness.
“The ward sisters saw thou wast bringing joy into the ward and the conditions for others to confess before God. For as they confessed before thee, they confessed before the Saviour, allowing the Spirit to bring the conviction of God: again, not logos formula, but bringing the conditions for My sword to play its part.
“For thou has become as Moses. Those of the logos formula will still murmur against thee; for they have no personal walk, but formulas of life through what people have said, even through My logos. But as I said unto Peter, and as I say unto thee, ‘Blessed art thou, because flesh and blood has not revealed all this unto thee.’ The logos word will always be the approach of the Pharisees; as with Paul and David, their approach was always to confess individual weakness, the pre-requisite for glory, and the quickening of the mortal body.
“The prayers of the true saints are those led of the Spirit; and I responded that morning. As the prayers of the saints went up, so My Spirit came down on thee. Remember the words that came through William Williams?‘ Open thou the crystal fountain, whence the healing stream doth flow…I am weak, but thou art mighty.’
“The hymn-writer knew to confess the weakness. He knew of the healing stream. The hymn-writer was a revivalist. Revival comes after a group of saints confess their weakness; for confession of weakness is the pre-requisite for glory.
“Thou, David, has experienced personal revival. Thou must bring personal warning of those with the logos, to bring the conditions for the coming of the Lord with His sword, the sword of the Spirit, which is the rhema Word of God.
“Tell this to the conference in Ohio. Tell this to Wayne Weaver and his ministry colleagues. It is those who have suffered who will carry the sword of the latter rain revival.
“So rejoice and be exceedingly glad. My Spirit is upon thee and in thee. Oh, praise the Lord! Those of My Spirit have already overcome the world.
“Amen, amen and amen.”