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Word from the Lord through DPG, 08/05/14

“The principality of Nimrod is one that takes the heart out of a society. With the heart one believes unto righteousness. So when the heart is taken out of a society, the emphasis becomes on one’s own self-esteem; in other words, pride; & under the stronghold of pride, they will shout at you to consider your own reputation. Yet the Constitution of Great Britain is not about considering your own reputation, but the needs of others. For in Christ there is so much mercy that the true believer, as Christ, will be prepared to lose all reputation for the salvation of others.

“This is the heart in which the Constitution of Great Britain was given; in which the nation was to consider others above its own self-esteem & reputation. The salvation of others is to be at the heart of a God-given society.

“The stronghold of pride comes with it dog-eat-dog society; a competitive society; one that has to be constantly regulated, with every suppression that Nimrod can find. The suppression brings about a slavery within the society to compete, not only with each other; for the reputation that is being sought is one in relation to who can keep the most laws, rather than who can give the most sacrifice.

“As you appeal towards the Caesars of thy society, you must show that mercy must triumph over absolutism. For the British Constitution is one of contextual absolutism (all law must be applied with law & justice in mercy), rather than straight application of law.

“So, in the God-given society, the context & the way law is applied (wisdom is the principal thing) is high above straight application of law.

“The Nimrod society will say to you, ‘You have broken this law & that law,’ while within this culture comes what is known as the Pharisaic spirit. This spirit is the one that chased Me continuously, & is well shown in the gospels; & you are aware of My “woes” towards that spirit, for in the Pharisaic spirit was self-righteousness. They were able to keep all the laws, in their way of thinking; yet indeed, they broke the most important law: to love the Lord thy God with all thy heart. For the love of law itself is one that destroys, rather than gives life.
“You see, the true Christian society is one of no reputation towards the god of this world, who continuously looks to promote pride & self-esteem. For within this culture, he can manifest his evil schemes.

“The people of the Word will triumph over all of this oppression. This oppression includes the crime of being an offence to others. Yet the gospel is an offence to those who are perishing, for the gospel will offend those who are in horrendous sin, sin being covered up by self-esteem & reputation. For having a “seen” reputation is having a cover for sin that has never been dealt with.
“Your Charity has been called to have no reputation, because of your openness & transparency, admission of weakness, & your willingness to give up all your earthly goods & monies into the cause, & more important than that, to place your lives on the line.

“You asked the insurance expert about the risk assessment in relation to taking pensioners (pensioners as the world sees them; there’s no pensioners in Christ) over a minefield in Sri Lanka, whilst the war was on, full-scale. The Bible declares to consider not thine own body, but be prepared to give it for the salvation of others. The risk assessment culture places heavy emphasis on the consideration of one’s own body; in other words, it is in direct conflict with the Word of God. Yet it is the Word of God the monarch swore upon to propagate the Protestant Reformed Religion established by law, this religion being one of no reputation.

“And so, if thou art told to consider thine own reputation, this is contrary to the Constitution of thy nation.

“So who are you today? The answer is in the story of Shadrach, Meshach & Abednego; & in that story is My promise. And as they look to destroy you, & even place thee before the lions, I will never leave thee nor forsake thee. As I was with them in the fiery furnace, so I am with you. As Daniel was delivered to the lions, so I was with him. But there is a higher dimension; for not only am I with thee; you have now become My body on earth, to walk as I walk; & who will you attract? Those with the Pharisaic spirit, out to destroy you.

“These are the principalities which thou must face: the Nimrodian control of society; & as Hitler looked to control his society with the rule of law, it is the same absolutism he beheld against My people that is coming against thee now. For what this New World Order (old world disorder) is all about is cloning everybody to be the same. They say “diversity,” yet they are really saying “uniformity;” & uniformity comes by having laws to make everybody the same. Contextual absolutism, which is the philosophy of the British Constitution, is one that brings about genuine choice of conviction, the unity of Christ coming about through conviction by the Holy Ghost; whereas the uniformity of Nimrod comes about through over-zealous application of law, the latter being unconstitutional in Great Britain, the ministers of God being given the power, under the promise of God of the monarch, to stamp this kind of behaviour out.

“Now, as you send your letters out to the Caesars of society, you will no doubt use this word as the basis of these letters. For this prophetic word is to be thy sword. I have told thee not to be alarmed at what seems to be a lack of resource to fulfil thy aims (yet not thine, but Mine).

“Hear Me: be not alarmed, but sound the alarm, for the revelation of these truths will cause ructions, as far as Downing Street, if one is thinking small – for I have called thee high above the powers of Downing Street to face the principality of Baal; the Baal of false religion; the Baal of the other Jesus. For as Baal-Berith tells its unlikely gospel, so you are called to bring the true fire to destroy his apparent earthly take-over.

“Oh yes! My Word is for Elijah to come out of his cave, to come out with fire. For I am the way, the truth & the life. No man cometh to the Father except through Me, this exclusivity being politically incorrect in the culture of Nimrod. For unless the nation gets a hold of the reality that its Constitution upholds the fullness of the Godhead bodily, then it will be destroyed in its own righteousness; its own righteousness being of filthy rags, self-esteem & reputation. Facing God with filthy rags, self-esteem & reputation comes with it an eternity in hell-fire. Facing God with an admission of one’s own personal weakness, through admission of no personal reputation before God, brings about a cleansing that not only brings about an eternity in heaven, but also brings about a walking in heavenly places now.

“Oh, such glory, that can only come through admission of no reputation. It is there the sinner comes to the foot of the cross.

“So, thine promotion is for no reputation, as a sinner lies prostrate before the Saviour, admitting filthy rags rather than pride, so that person is transformed to being a new creation, to being righteous as the Saviour, a new creation in Christ Jesus.

“And as for looking for earthly reputation, this is of no interest. For that interest is replaced by sacrifice, laying everything down to become the rejected ones of Nimrod society, seemingly in the gutter, yet in reality they are the headstone of the corner, as Me on this earth, no more in condemnation, but righteous in Christ.

“They will say to you, ‘You have broken this law after this law,’ yet you have broken none of them, for your righteousness is in Christ, rather than in human ability to keep law, that ethos of Nimrod being one of self-destruction to such a degree, the people do not know whether they are coming or going, the only solution being a confession of guilt before the Saviour at the foot of the cross.

“They used to sing, “Burdens were Lifted at Calvary.” How true that is for today’s society!”