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Highlands and Islands Prayer
Those who have read Norman Grubb's
(of WEC who had a Centre at Kilchreggan in Scotland)

Rees Howells Intercessor will know that this intercessory ministry brought the conditions for more people to be saved than any other ministry in the 20th. century
Former Rees Howell Student of the Bible College of Wales is Brian Mason and following are his intercessory prayer relating to his trip to the Highlands and Islands
July 2012
1) And were beyond measure astonished, saying, He hath done all things well.

St Mark chapter 7 verse 37

Lord Jesus Christ there is no one like you for you alone do all things well. In the days of your earthly ministry you healed the sick and delivered the demon possessed. You taught the word of God in a way which the people understood even though the religious people refused to accept what you showed to be the way of God.
In our own day Jesus you will do all things well if we will listen and obey. Sadly Jesus very few are prepared to let you have your way and listen to your voice. For many years there has been little opportunity for you to do the works of God and for the words “ He hath done all things well” to be heard.
Jesus from the depths of my heart I believe the time has come when those who will hear and obey are going to do mighty deeds through your name. Your friend along with Lindsay and her son Matthew from Pentecostal Holiness Church in North Wales have been guided to come to Scotland to prepare the way for taking meetings and establishing a ministry.

Ben Nevis - Matthew Griffiths Photography
In order for this preparation to begin the works of the devil first needed to be cleared out of certain places. One of these places was Fort William and the Ben Nevis area. This area had been taken over by witchcraft and free masonry. Both of these Jesus had been doing great harm to your Church and the spread of the gospel.
Jesus your heart aches too at the many divisions in your body of the church in Scotland. Through your name Jesus the power of witchcraft and free masonry has been destroyed in this area as your friend prayed on a car park in Fort William. The prayer for restoration was also made for the healing of the many divisions within the churches in the area.
Thank you Jesus that after the prayer there was a deep sense of your presence and peace and this prayer placed on the web site recognises that this was the beginning of a deep work of restoration as this seeks only to bring honour to your name. Amen.
2) Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created.

Revelation chapter 4 verse 11

Lord Jesus Christ you alone are worthy to receive the glory, honour and power which is due to you. No one else was able to redeem a lost mankind from the sin which had destroyed the perfect communion between God and mankind. Praise you Jesus that you did not turn away from the way that was set before you but you endured the cross despising its shame.
May I and all who call themselves Christian never forget what it cost you for us to be reconciled to God. There are many, though, Jesus who do not want to accept the God given way of reconciliation.
Lord you guided your friend to St Clement’s church at Rodel on the Isle of Harris to pray in the graveyard. Jesus on Harris there is worship of the creature rather than the creator. I cry unto you Jesus for the hearts of the people of Harris to once more turn unto you and for the same pure spirit of worship as brought by St Columba to Scotland to be restored.

Jesus, too, forget not the catholic isles to the south of Harris and set them free from the darkness of the Roman Catholic faith. From your loving heart Jesus show the people of these islands that you and you alone are the way to God. This prayer seeks to bring honour to your name Lord Jesus Christ as restoration is brought to the Church which you said you would build. Amen.
3) And suddenly when they had looked round about, they saw no man any more, save Jesus only with themselves.

St Mark chapter 9 verse 8

Lord Jesus Christ may all who call themselves Christians see you in all your glory just as Peter, James and John saw you on the mountain. May our thoughts always be centred on yourself as we give you your rightful place in our lives.
On 23 July 2012 your friend prayed at Ness Point on the Isle of Lewis looking out to the Atlantic Ocean. What a great privilege it is to be able to pray. May we never forget yourself in the midst of our daily lives and acknowledge you for whom you are, the Lord of Life.

Jesus thank you that the devil’s works through free masonry on the Isle of Lewis were cast out through the prayer. Thank you Jesus that as prayer was made for the restoration of the true Church then I know this will take place. Thank you Jesus that the Isle of Lewis will be used once again as a place of intercession but this time for the whole world as I follow your word of prophecy to establish a place for intercession on Lewis.
Thank you Jesus that all you have called Pentecostal Holiness Church to do on Lewis will take place for when we are obedient then we know that all you have asked of us is safe for our eyes and our faith are centred on you and you alone.
This prayer seeks your honour for your honour is at stake to be able to fulfil the command to take the Gospel to every creature. Amen.
4) We have left all, and have followed thee.

St Mark chapter 10 verse 28

Lord Jesus Christ you are worthy to be worshipped, praised and adored. May our thoughts always be centred upon you and our words reflect your love which fills our every moment.

Let there be none of self and all of you. Praise you Jesus that when we place you as first and last in our lives we are so filled with yourself that we know that we have all things which pertain unto life and godliness.
Through laying hold in living faith the exceeding great and precious promises we have an expectation of an exhibition of God’s power whenever you call us to act through your name.

On 24 July 2012 you called upon your friend to pray on the edge of a wood close to Inverness. The place had an awful sense of the power of evil as Inverness for many years has been given over to Satan and his evil powers.
Praise you Jesus that the power and authority of your name and the power of your shed blood destroyed the works of the devil in and around Inverness. No longer can freemasonry, witchcraft and any other scheme of the devil interfere with the spread of the gospel.
Praise you Jesus that the way is now open for the spiritually blind to have their minds open and turn to you in repentance and faith. Jesus build your Church of living stones through restoration of a pure faith instead of all the disobedience which does not give you your rightful place as Lord of our lives. This prayer does give honour to your name. Amen.
5) For all they did cast in of their abundance; but she of her want did cast in all that she had, even all her living.

St Mark chapter 12 verse 44

Lord Jesus Christ just like the widow who gave her all to you so may we give our all to you as you gave your all to us. May our thoughts, words and body together with all we have and are always be yours to be used for your glory.
On 25 July 2012 you directed your friend to the town of Dunkeld. Lord in Dunkeld you had shown that the Cathedral was a throne room of Satan which for many years had held Scotland in its grips and you were being robbed of your rightful place as Lord of all.

Masonry and Presbyterianism had come together as one in Dunkeld Cathedral!
Repentance by those taking part must now follow by participents or
leave the National Church to be the one John Knox founded.
Praise you Jesus that at your name devils fear and fly. As the Holy Ghost prayed through your friend Satan and all his devils were cast out which had been working through free masonry in this Cathedral.
Praise you Jesus that every evil power which was destroying the spread of the gospel in Scotland has gone.
Lord Jesus I ask in your mercy that the blindness which has prevented to be able to hear and understand the gospel message be removed so that sinners will know that they are sinners and repent of their sin and accept you as their Saviour.
Lord please build your Church in Scotland, the Church of those who surrender their all to you; a Church of those who are holy and untouched by personal interests.
Lord Jesus may your Church of those who are your living stones be as pure as in the days of Saint Columba and live to bring glory to your name.
Lord Jesus Christ your honour had been at stake through the Satanic influence from Dunkeld Cathedral but now you have been restored to your rightful place. This prayer is offered for your honour and glory. Amen.